Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Newsy Things & Rosey's Diary: New COVID-19 Boosters Are Here | Point La Jolla To Be Closed Year Round | Waterfront Park Getting New Amenities | Student Loan Repayments Resume | Airbnb Has Ruined Everything |

Point La Jolla (Taken 7.16.23)

I guess I started this post a couple weeks ago and never posted, so I'll put this up before I get to my listings. I'm currently watching "Wilderness" on Prime and am super into it, so hopefully a good binge will help me get some work done. 

Things have been going pretty great these days. I've been working a lot which is good since the Zoo is back to closing at 6pm and I have the time. I'm not on any big fitness kick, but I have turned back on my Samsung Health step counter and have been doing really great if you don't count Tuesday, in which I spent the day recovering from Monday, when SDZWA had their annual Employee Appreciation Party. This year it was at Belmont Park and we had a great time, but after we got home I couldn't resist a little tequila and stayed up way too late. So I never made it to the Zoo on Tuesday, but I did sling merch for Cut Worms which was pretty chill for being a sold out show. 

Besides that, everyone seems to be doing good. Wednesday is my mom's birthday, her first without my dad, so we're going to have a big to-do to try and make it special and fun and steer away from the sadness. My birthday is coming up soon, too, and I'm looking forward to a trip to The Troubadour to see Lauren Mayberry, my gift to myself that I actually bought tickets for. 

Anyway, life is good, I'm gonna get back to this murder show and get some work done. I didn't choose to cover all the news of the past few weeks because, well, yawn, but new COVID boosters are out, so I'll hopefully be getting mine soon, and also the San Diego City Council voted to close Boomer Beach and Point La Jolla year round. I was not a fan when it was proposed because I had a little special cliff spot I loved to shoot photos from, but people are assholes and ruin everything for everyone else, so I completely understand why this is the necessary solution. 

Stay safe out there. 

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