Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things To Do In San Diego: September 30, 2010

Thursday September 30, 2010:

  • Live Party feat. d/wolves @ West Coast Tavern (Free! Hosted Karl Strauss and appetizers from 8-9pm)
  • Daydream Nation Presents: Transfer, The Silent Comedy, Jared Mess and The Grown Children, Little Hurricane, DJ Claire @ Fluxx
  • Fountains of Wayne, Jill Sobule @ Casbah
  • Writer, Cuckoo Chaos, Sezio @ The Loft
  • Jackson Browne, David Lindley @ Humphrey's Concerts by The Bay
  • Pete Yorn (playing new record in it's entirety), guest @ Belly Up
  • Kera and The Lesbians, The Nauticals, Ray Mo @ Soda Bar
  • Aids Wolf, Drug Wars @ Bar Pink
  • Culture & Cocktails feat. Keyhole Cabaret @ San Diego Museum of Art
  • Fuck Yeah, Riververb, Rolled Numbers @ Tin Can
  • Kelsea Rae Little, Ok at Best, Rob Deez @ Lestat's
  • Manual Scan (2 sets) @ Eleven
  • The Jazz Crusaders @ Anthology
  • Riddle the Roar, tba @ Ruby Room
  • The Lady Luck Revue @ Winston's
  • Riviera Jazz Sessions @ Riviera Supper Club
  • The Blue Moonies @ Donavans Circle of Fifths
  • Fire Corner @ Club Kadan
  • Northstar, DJ Swoll @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • Private Domain @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • Jamuel Saxon @ El Dorado
  • Monette Marino-Keita,Allan Phillips, Mike Holguin, Nathan Brown, John Rekevics,Nikki Campbell, Brad Steinweh, Keli Ross-Ma'u @ Dizzy's
  • Vamp Presents: "The Future" @ Whistle Stop
  • Sandy Chappel @ Cafe La Maze
  • The Flock of 80's @ Henry's Pub
  • Johnny Vernazza @ Patrick's II
  • New Boyz @ On Broadway
  • Buzz Campbell & Hot Rod Lincoln @ Valley View Casino
  • Ease Up @ Gallagher's
  • Gilbert Castellanos and The New Latin Jazz Quintet @ Croce's
  • Natural Heights @ Hennessey's Carlsbad
  • Karaoke @ O'Connell's
  • Live Band Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club
  • Missy Andersen @ Marble Room
  • Stoney B Blues Band @ South Park Abbey
  • Kali Roots, 7 Seal Dub-Who Dem Band @ Queen Bee's
  • Sade Slavery, Squirrelly Arts, Eternal Unborn, Starcrossed @ Second Wind Navajo
  • Hendrix Lives @ Second Wind Santee
  • Lyrical Skoolyard, Eligh, Deep Rooted, DJ Charlie Rock @ Boar Cross'n
  • Broken Fingers, Kris lager band, Normandie Wilson, Norml Flora, Catcher & The Rambler @ Dreamstreet Live
  • Locked Out of Eden @ Tiki House

Vote Local: Lesands & Italian Japanese

I don't have the energy to talk about all of this goodness that is coming upon San Diego bands except that Italian Japanese is up for Freshman of the week on MTVu and Lesands is up for band of the month on The Deli, a popular LA music blog. Please take 2 seconds to vote for our locals.

Thursday Night Kills!

Tonight is 30th on 30th, a bunch of killer shows, and two events that I'm sponsoring. I know where I'll be. Do you?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things To Do In San Diego: September 29, 2010

Wednesday September 29, 2010:

  • Canceled: Justin Townes Earle, Jessica Lea Mayfield @ Casbah
  • Sara Bareilles, Greg Laswell, Javier Dunn @ House of Blues
  • Mount Carmel, Lord Juggernaut, Swore @ Soda Bar
  • KPRI Presents: Blues Traveler, Nate Donnis, Rodellos Machine @ Belly Up
  • White Hills, Magic Triangles @ Bar Pink
  • Young & Broke with DJ Crystal Mess @ Tin Can
  • Commune Wednesday presents The Death Eaters, Grand Tarantula @ Whistle Stop
  • Ludo, There For Tomorrow, The Graduate, Tommy High Pilots, The Material @ Soma
  • L.E.D. Presents: Vitalic, DJ Krassy @ Voyeur
  • Chris Holmes, Jordan Reimer, Jessica Lerner @ Lestat's
  • School of Rock Allstars Children Concert @ Worldbeat Center
  • Po' Girl @ AMSD
  • The Lambs Bread, Chief Ragga, DJ Carlos Culture @ Winston's
  • Ruby and The Red Hots @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • 6 String Samauri, The New Lead Detectives @ Brick By Brick
  • Live Wednesdays Presents: "Acoustic Lounge" w/ Steve Harris, Zank, Colin Clyne @ U-31
  • Mahaba jazz Artists @ Anthology
  • Zapf Dingbat, DJ Groundfloor @ El Dorado
  • The Mashti's @ Riviera Supper Club
  • TRC Sound System @ O'Connell's
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ Gallaghers
  • Tribe of Kings, DJ Artistic @ Ruby Room
  • Missy Andersen @ Patrick's ll
  • 30-30, Motion to Sever @ Dreamstreet Live
  • Frankie-Dee & The Funk-Natra @ The Kraken
  • Gilbert Castellanos w/ The New Latin Jazz Quintet @ El Camino
  • Citizen Band @ The Stage Saloon
  • Wednesday Night Shakedown @ Henry's Pub
  • Knight Vision @ Club Kadan
  • Sue Palmer @ Croce's
  • Firehouse Swing Night @ Queen Bee's
  • Oceanside Sound System @ 710 Beach Club
  • Boneyard, DJ Gary @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • Open Mic @ Kava Lounge
  • Laguna @ McP's Irish Pub

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Menomena, Suckers, Tu Fawning at the Casbah, 9/17/10

First off, happy birthday, Rosey! If you see her out tonight, make sure to buy her a birthday drink!

Tu Fawning and Suckers opened up for Menomena recently.

Tu Fawning at Casbah 91710 © Michael Klayman-020

Suckers at Casbah 91710 © Michael Klayman-004

Menomena photo after the jump.

Menomena at Casbah 91710 © Michael Klayman-011

I liked one of the openers way better than the other. See more photos and what I thought of the show here.

Michael Klayman

Things To Do In San Diego: September 28, 2010

It appears that the window of opportunity to head out to Pappy & Harriet's has closed, so now I don't really know where I'll end up tonight. I'm sure I'll find something...

Tuesday September 28, 2010:

  • Three Mile Pilot CD Release/Listening Party @ Starlite
  • Vampire Weekend, Beach House, The Very Best @ Soma
  • Dragonette, Jump Jump Dance Dance @ Casbah
  • Jukebox The Ghost, Hooray For Earth, AB & The Sea @ The Loft
  • Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, ZZ Top @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre
  • Tiki Tuesday feat. Craig Prior @ Bar Pink
  • Analog Wave w/DJS BLK PNTS, Autumn Child, Music by Trudgers, Ghost Shores @ Tin Can
  • Jamie Lidell, Twin Shadow @ Belly Up
  • Ely Guerra, Los Hollywood, Orlando @ Brick By Brick
  • 90 Proof Pissers, The Fairmonts @ Eleven
  • Local Brews Local Grooves: Robin Salmon, Jenny Wood, Big Magnet, Mind over Matter & Medicine for Madison @ House of Blues
  • Anthology House Band @ Anthology
  • Cattle Decapitation, Devourment, more @ Ruby Room
  • Nena Anderson and Friends @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Jesse Davis @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • Street Fighter II Tournament of Champions! @ Soda Bar
  • The Midi Mafia, Pittsburgh Slim, DJ Schoney @ Voyeur
  • The Stilettos @ Henry's Pub
  • Darkwave Garden @ Club Kadan
  • Train of Thought @ Queen Bee's
  • Comedy Night @ Lestat's
  • Chet Cannon & The Committee @ Patrick's ll
  • Dave Booda Acoustic @ Tiki House
  • Tomcat Courtney @ LaGran Tapa
  • Open Mic w/ Jefferson Jay @ Gallagher's
  • Friends Chill @ Whistle Stop
  • Doug Allen, Suzy Bongo @ The Kraken
  • Open Mic @ O'Connell's
  • Karaoke @ Cafe La Maze
  • Karaoke @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • Fish Out of Water @ Winston's
  • Dainty @ Second Wind Santee
  • Ron Wheeler @ McP's Irish Pub

Conor Oberst @ the Casbah, 9/27/2010

So I tweeted a week ago that Conor Oberst would be at that Casbah with the Felice Brothers and perhaps you didn't pay attention or maybe you didn't believe me, but either way, when we were able to officially announce it, the show sold out. I diligently stood up front to hold my ground and locked in my position. I seriously couldn't have had a better night. I caught the whole set on video, and througout the course of the night I made plans to follow the tour to Pappy & Harriet's, I got my drink on, and I got a birthday slow dance and a sloppy wet kiss from Mr. Oberst. All in a night's work, I guess, and if that's work, then consider me happily employed.

I put all of the videos in a playlist, so click the arrows to see them all. And super special thanks to everyone who made my night so magical...Pyles, Mr. Mazee, Andrew, Ben, Paz, Emily, Blayn, Kera, Michael, Doom, Malinda, Mookie and everyone else. Thank you all. You all make getting old really fun.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tonight! Anti-Monday League feat. Felice Brothers & Conor Oberst

This morning I finally got confirmation that Conor Oberst will, in fact, be performing tonight at the Casbah with the Felice Brothers. Conor has four scheduled dates in California, so apparently tonight will be the warm-up show at the Casbah.

I don't know if he'll be playing a full set, or if he'll be opening or closing the show, but for a $14 show, I'd say it's gonna be pretty special regardless. Conor was last in San Diego for the Monsters of Folk tour. This photo is of the back of his head as I stood behind him at Coachella 2009 after he performed...I think he was as enthralled with Leonard Cohen as anyone in the crowd that night.

At this moment, tickets are still available to the show, but as it's been tweeted by @CasbahSanDiego, @FM949sd, etc., I wouldn't wait if you're considering attending. I do not have a guest list, so don't ask, though my birthday is at midnight so I'll be doing some celebrating if you wanna buy me a drink :)

(Update: It is my understanding that Conor will be playing a full set with the Felice Brothers as his backing band.)

Canceled: Justin Townes Earle at the Casbah, 9/29/2010

A few people have asked me why the Justin Townes Earle show was canceled at the Casbah and so I thought I'd share the information that I was given. Below is the press release from his publicist, Sacks & Co.


Justin Townes Earle has decided to suspend the remaining dates on his tour and enter a rehabilitation facility. Earle is strongly committed to confronting his on-going struggle with addiction and thanks his family, friends and fans for their
continued support through this difficult time.

In regards to the misdemeanor charges recently filed in Indianapolis, Earle released the following statement earlier this week: “Unfortunately, reports surfacing online about the incident in Indianapolis are not accurate. I have been advised by counsel that I should not comment on a pending criminal matter, but suffice to say that I am looking forward to having my day in court. I would also like to say that I oppose violence against women in any form.”

Earle looks forward to resuming the tour in support of his critically acclaimed third album, Harlem River Blues, on independent record label Bloodshot Records. The album enters this week at #47 on the Top 200 in overall Soundscan.

Naturally, after reading the release, I was curious and had to find out more information about the incident leading to his arrest. I spent a couple hours reading articles, reviews, blog posts, facebook comments, and tweets, and was fascinated by all sides of the story. You can read what went down via Pollstar and My Kentucky Blog (I recommend reading through all of the comments, too.)

Obviously without being there, I can't speak to this incident, however I have some things to say about it. First, nothing justifies hitting a woman, so if that happened it should be dealt with appropriately, obviously. Reading about this incident made me think back to when Evan Dando choked me nearly 15 years ago. Because of mutual friends at Taang!, we've hung out a few times since then. I've seen him in amazing form and I've seen him drugged out beyond all recognition and it's terrible seeing an idol fall. The last time I saw Evan, I was sure he'd be dead within a year. Apparently JTE has a history of alcohol abuse and I hope that he is successful in his rehab because his music is amazing and it would be tragic if he can't overcome his issues.

Second, the crowd sounds like a bunch of dicks. Nothing makes me more crazy than the one or two or five people at a show that have to open their mouths. A concert is not a time to have a dialogue with a band; I even find song requests annoying unless they're solicited from the artist. And for the moron who yelled "Freebird", as some piece of shit usually does at every show, someone should've punched you in the nuts. I've been to some amazing shows, especially lately, and this attitude that "I paid for the ticket" somehow justifies acting like an asshole is beyond me. I love for people to support live music, but if you're that Freebird prick, or the guy who tries to make everyone else around him dance, or the high-fiving beer-cheersing fist-pumper who thinks the show is all about your enjoyment at the expense of the people around you, do us all a favor and stay home.

I hope that Justin Townes Earle gets the help he needs and can get back on the road soon. The Casbah has been assured that after rehab, the full tour will be rescheduled, so it's just a matter of time and healing, and I imagine the legal issues need to be dealt with as well. In the meantime, tickets will be refunded directly to the credit card accounts from which they were purchased.

Things To Do In San Diego: September 27, 2010

September is always a crazy month for me, and this year has been no exception, and while I know some people feel that summer skipped San Diego this year and are happy with the heat wave, I absolutely hate it and it resulted in me skipping the Adams Avenue Street Fair on Sunday...and I so wanted to see Mariachi El Bronx. It's all good though because this week is going to be pretty nuts. My birthday is on Tuesday, but I'll be doing it up nightly so come have a drink with me. On Monday night I'll be at the Casbah for the Felice Brothers and the not-so-secret rumored appearance of Conor Oberst that Pyles and I have been tweeting about. On Tuesday I'm getting a massage and will probably head to Starlite for the Three Mile Pilot CD listening party and I might head up to The Loft. Funny, my birthday is the one thing I'm not sure about...Wednesday I'll likely hit Commune Wednesday at the Whistle Stop, and on Thursday I'll of course be at West Coast Tavern followed by FLUXX. You can always keep up with me by following my tweets @sddialedin.

Monday September 27, 2010:
  • Anti-Monday League Presents: The Felice Brothers, Conor Oberst @ Casbah
  • Hooray For Earth @ M-Theory Music In-Store @ 6:00
  • Bryan Adams @ Spreckels Theatre
  • Marianne Dissard, Françoiz Breut, Miss Erika Davies @ Soda Bar
  • Slaid Cleaves, Michael O'Connor @ AMSD
  • Emmylou Harris @ Humphrey's Concerts by The Bay
  • The Styletones @ Bar Pink
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ U-31
  • Despised Icon, Misery Index, Revocation, Globe & Beast, Jeremiah Johnson @ Soma
  • Melly Frances and The Distilled Spirits @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Shari Pourto @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Pyrate Punx Present: Eskera, Holy Tyrant, It Was a Firefight @ Ruby Room
  • Blues Jam Hosted by Mystery Train @ O'Connell's
  • Open Mic @ Lestat's
  • Club MAW @ Henry's Pub
  • Doug Allen, Suzy Bongo @ The Kraken
  • Delta Heat @ Patrick's II
  • Electric Waste Band, Drunk Poet's Society @ Winston's
  • Ron Bell @ Cafe LaMaze
  • Karaoke @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • The Get Down @ Club Kadan
  • Dave Scott @ Croce's

New San Diego Projects: Nature's Kid, DUDES, TV Girl

[note: My friend Joel Williams of d/wolves told me he was thinking about starting a blog of his own. When I told him he could write about music here if he wanted, he decided to give it a go. Joel's only 18, and I love his enthusiasm and his music, and I hope my readers enjoy his fresh perspective and voice. I mean, if it wasn't for Joel, I would've never seen this amazing gem. ]

Earlier this year, a band I'm in called D/Wolves played a show with Da Bears at the Tin Can Alehouse. We didn't know these fools at all at that point. A day later we had an email from Grizzly Records asking us to do a joint tour with Da Bears. A couple months after that we were on tour with a bunch of older dudes we didn't know. Long story short, I became pretty connected to their music, maybe because it reminds me of driving to a new place every day and playing for new faces, or maybe because I started to think of them as good friends.
Sadly Da Bears broke up a couple days after we got back, but they all still play music, and even with no memories to tag along with the new audio, I enjoy what they're doing.

Ryan Solomon currently has two groups- Nature's Kid and a project called DUDES.
In Da Bears Ryan sang and played guitar. In Nature's Kid he's doing neither. Its Ryan and his desktop computer chopping up samples of his favorite artists so they almost sound like a CD skipping, but he ties it all together by mashing the samples together to make a solid jamming song drenched in psychedelic phasers and delays. The music is repetitive, head fucking, spaced out greatness. Nature's Kid has a show coming up October 2nd at the Che Cafe and you can download a whole Nature's Kid album from bandcamp.

Ryan's other project is called DUDES. The concept behind this one is pretty rad. He writes these stoney songs with guitar and drum loops, and then he samples Youtube videos over them. Even cooler is he wants to release all the songs on youtube with videos for each song. No mp3s to download for free at this point, but DUDES should be putting an EP out sometime soon. I like when music confuses me and the first time I heard this song the vocals really confused me. For the first couple syllables I thought maybe he pitch shifted his voice to make it squeaky but its all natural besides some added reverb. Ryan's just not afraid to full out moan into a mic I guess... beautiful.

Last but not least is a band called TV Girl. Trung Ngo played guitar and keyboard for Da Bears. Now he and bandmate Brad Petering are singing over some bumping beats and samples. This is just straight up fun. When I hear it so many things come to mind. The drums are deep and grooving, the instrumentation is smooth and made up of sampled guitars, brass, percussion, etc.. Trung's voice is mellow and modest, he's not trying to impress, he's trying to relate to the listener, which is so much more important than any amount of technical ability. Don't get me wrong though, he's actually quite the singer, he's just not trying to make you feel like you suck at singing yourself. Brad's voice is an interesting partner to Trung's, low and very rhythmic. I also really enjoy these songs lyrically. Lines like "You only want it when you're drunk" or "Give me some advice and I'll tell you where to stick it" are bratty but they make me feel great, like something you wish you would have said to a person that just really pisses you off. I've talked to Trung about live shows, but at this point they're still trying to figure out how to perform the new material live. Here's Trung singing "If You Want It" and here's Brad singing "I Don't Care". If you're wondering where the sample in "If You Want It" is from, it's from my good friend Todd Rundgren.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jeff's Weekly Pick: Jukebox The Ghost @ The Loft Tuesday September 28, 2010

Washington DC born and Philadelphia based indie band Jukebox The Ghost is touring in support of their recently released sophomore effort Everything Under The Sun. Led by keybordist and vocalist Ben Thornewill, the three piece seems to have their formula well in hand, which is consumer friendly indie pop songs which work well in the live setting. Constant touring over the last four years with only taking time off to record has worked well for the band. Playing on The Late Show With David Letterman earlier this month was just the boost the band needed. It will be fun to see the students (and non-students) interchange with the band this Tuesday @ The Loft on the UCSD campus. A note to those who have not ventured to this venue: the lighting and sound are excellent while maintaining an intimate feel with beer, wine and food available. Watching a band gain the audience it deserves is what the music industry is all about. Enjoying the music without having to overthink is the perfect way to watch a live show. A great way to start the week ahead.

Hooray For Earth and AB & The Sea set the stage.

Watch a video of Schizophrenia below.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Things To Do In San Diego: September 25-26, 2010

aargh. I really wanted to write a full post preview of the awesome festivals this weekend. I was supposed to tell you how Facial Hair Expert Wahl is bringing its Let it Grow Tour and mobile barbershop to the Adams Avenue Street Fair. For every guy who comes out to get a free trim (and advice), Wahl will donate a buck to Movember – a 30-day mustache-growing fest that raises money for cancer research. And I was also supposed to tell you about Astra Kelly's benefit for Becky's House tonight at Queen Bee's. But I've been offline living the life so you'll just have to take the listings and figure it all out. I should already be at the Adams Avenue Street Fair, but after my sunburn from last weekend, I'm trying to dodge the sun for a bit. I'll be there in a while.

Saturday, September 25, 2010:

  • Adams Avenue Street Fair @ Normal Heights (Free, All ages, 10am-10pm)
  • Pacific Islander Festival @ Ski Beach (Free, All ages, 10am-4pm)
  • Carlsbad Art Splash @ Armada Drive above the Flower Fields, Carlsbad (Free, All ages, 10am-6pm)
  • Carlsbad Music Festival @ Schulman Auditorium, Dove Library, Carlsbad
  • Casbah presents The Black Keys, Nicole Atkins @ Soma (Sold Out)
  • Helmet, Bison BC, The Makeup Sex @ Casbah
  • Little Hurricane, Republic of Letters, Taming The Fox @ House of Blues (Voodoo Stage)
  • Becky's House Benefit feat. Astra Kelly, Sheila Sondergard, SABA, Podunk Nowhere, Wendy Bailey, Gayle Skidmore, Lindsay White, Emmy@ Queen Bee's
  • Archery For The Blind, Wagner Logic, Up Died Sound, Gran Sasso @ Tin Can
  • C.A.M.P. (Community/Art/Music/Photography) Awesome feat. Jaws Went Swimming, Griefshare, Butch Rosser @ Community Building, 413 Olive St, San Diego (4-10pm)
  • The Bertos, City Mouse, Turkish Techno, DJ SkullcRusheR @ Beauty Bar
  • Booty Bassment @ Whistle Stop
  • Adams Avenue After Party/BBQ "Barrio Arts District" with Brwn Bflo, Fam Royal Crew (J. Blow & Hippo) @ The Roots Factory (1878 Main St, San Diego, Free, 6pm-12am)
  • Mr. Rock Dude Nite feat. Earthless, The Loons, Joy, Operation Mindblow @ Soda Bar
  • The Bandits, Loose Nuts, Back 2 Black @ The Shakedown
  • Claire's End of the month Happy Hour @ Whistle Stop (3pm)
  • Back Yard Pimps, Diversifyd, Martin Hall @ Ruby Room
  • Bartenders Bible @ Riviera Supper Club
  • "Mexico Lindo" feat. Sarah Carpio, Soulwater, DJs Figueroa St. & Alba, live art and installations by Karen Ramirez, Abril Ibarra, Ingrid Tomassoni, Carlos Nowotny, Samuel Orozco, Invisible God, Frances Verduzco, Enrique "chikle" Lugo, Eric Nunez, Adrian Carillo, Natalie Garcia, Chris Skopec and Emerson Nowotny @ Posh Bar (683 Broadway, Chula Vista)
  • Red Not Chili Peppers, Joker Face @ 710 Beach Club
  • Noche Cubana feat. Saoco Son, Omo Ache, DJ Saoco y mas @ WorldBeat Center ($10, 7pm)
  • Island Tat presents Fortunate Youth, Pali Roots & Friends, DJ Kutmaster Spaz, B.E.T. (Bless Every Time) @ WorldBeat Center (Outdoor concert, $25, 7pm)
  • Immovable Objects, Mundy Knights @ Eleven
  • Katchafire, Tribe of Kings, Polynesian Underground @ Soundwave
  • Dietrich, Dead Animal Mod, Shawline Drive, Slowmotion Airplanes @ O'Connell's
  • Aziz Ansari: Dangerously Delicious Tour @ House of Blues (7 & 10pm)
  • Adam's Avenue Street Fair @ Lestat's
  • The Business, Hollowpoints, Rat City Riot, Gross Negligence @ Brick By Brick
  • South Town Generals, Raiz Muzik @ Winston's
  • Jamies Elsewhere, Scarlett Ohara, Casino Madrid, Eyes Like The Sea, For The Legends, Southern Lights, Raven Like A Writing Desk@ Epicentre
  • A Book About Elephants, The Endless Bummer, Agatha, Falling Trees, The Cookie Dough Extracts, Go Home Elaine, live DJs @ Che Cafe (6 pm)
  • Videodrome with Gabe Vega & Groundfloor @ El Dorado
  • No Sucker DJs present Spinn Cycle @ Portugalia
  • Pearl & Jodi V, Kareem & Fourth Wave, Bed of Nails, Alliance, Flourish @ Dreamstreet
  • Brittany Knott @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (5-7pm)
  • Ronnie Baker Brooks @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (9:30 pm)
  • Voodoo Glow Skulls @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Hip Hop Luau Afterparty feat. Tha Dogg Pound, Samoan Irok, Battlecat and more @ 4th & B
  • Lee Rocker @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm)
  • n'Dambi @ Anthology (Late Show 10 pm)
  • Sacha Boutros @ Donovan's Circle of 5ths
  • Gigi @ Birch North Park Theatre
  • Islander Festival feat. Kahilofa @ Gallagher's
  • Art: Jennifer Karmin & John Plueker @ Agitprop (2837 University Ave, 7pm)
  • Villains @ Voyeur
  • Underwear Party with Kimberly S @ Spin
  • Sid Vicious, DJ Mac Luv @ Fluxx
  • Radio Karma @ Jimmy Loves
  • Sweet Adelines International: Raised on Rhythm @ Balboa Theatre

Sunday, September 26, 2010:

  • Adams Avenue Street Fair @ Normal Heights (Free, All ages, 10am-6pm)
  • Pacific Islander Festival @ Ski Beach (Free, All ages, 9am-4pm)
  • Carlsbad Art Splash @ Armada Drive above the Flower Fields, Carlsbad (Free, All ages, 10am-5pm)
  • Carlsbad Music Festival @ Schulman Auditorium, Dove Library, Carlsbad
  • Thread Show @ Horton Plaza Event Center
  • Goodbye Beauty Bar Party feat. DJs Gabe Vega, Saul Q, Morgan Young, Shark Attack, Get Ugly, Adam Salter. Hosted by: Rosemary Bystrak (bday party!), Lindsay Danger, Kat Dente, Dana Issa, Norton, DJ Skullcrusher, May Star, Volker Hessian Speckhardt, & Matt Torres @ Beauty Bar (9pm, free)
  • The Pixies (performing Doolittle), Fuck Buttons @ RIMAC Arena, UCSD
  • TV Buddhas @ Bar Pink
  • School of Rock @ Worldbeat Center (1-3pm)
  • Willie Nelson @ Open Sky Theatre, Harrah's Rincon Casino
  • Republic of Letters @ Rady's Children's Hospital
  • Sezio after-Thread Show with Little Deadman, Young Prisms @ Tin Can
  • The Local Pyle & FM 94/9 presetn The Amalgamated, Unsteady, Ottley Mercer, Fire Corner Soundsystem DJs @ Casbah (Free! Doors at 7pm. Free food drom Lucha Libre)
  • 91x's Next Big Thing feat. Authority Zero, Bankers Hill, The Sun Doctors, Thousand Yard Stare @ 710 Beach Club (91 cent show)
  • Radio Sophie's Unsigned Sundays feat. The Hypo Twins, Emersen, Summer Watson @ Belly Up (Free, 2pm)
  • Collie Budz, New Kingston, Shoreline Rootz, The Holdup, DJ Carlos Culture @ Belly Up
  • Local Showcase feat. Higher Minds, Boombox Renaissance, Tre Elite @ Soundwave
  • Lost Weekend Band (playing Abbey Road in its entirety), Mosaic4, Greg Gibson, Baja Bugs @ Winston's (5-9pm)
  • Klub Isolation feat Bryan Pollard & AmBones @ Ruby Room
  • Mark E Quark & Pavlick @ El Dorado
  • Karaoke with Daryl Johnston @ Soda Bar
  • Tribe of Kings/Reggae Vibes @ U-31
  • Wild & Tame Comedy Presents Monique Marvez, Kyle Fitzgerald, Jiavani Linayao, music by Rees & Riley, LoveMason @ Dreamstreet
  • Knock Out Bell, Kenny Eng, Karaoke @ O'Connell's
  • Adams Avenue Street Fair @ Lestat's
  • Luigi (aka YoungSlicc), Wes Johnson (aka Wes Cleveland), 420 Deep, O.F.I., D'Poitt, Braydlez and D-ragz, Philip Banks, Kenny Vic, Benito Alfredo & Guests @ Brick By Brick
  • Jose Sinatra's OB-O-ke @ Winston's
  • Colony, Bravo Miro, Del Stone, Forest, James Curry, Lovemason @ Che Cafe (6 pm, Free)
  • Dick Justice, Baghdad Buddha, The Blue Moonies, Southern Storm @ Dreamstreet
  • Tocadisco, Yusef, Johnny James @ Voyeur
  • Aubrey Fay @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge Brunch (10a-2p)
  • Fattburger @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (8pm)
  • UB40 @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Kina Grannis, Ry Cuming @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm)
  • Gigi @ Birch North Park Theatre
  • Phillipine National Dance Company (Bayanihan) @ Copley Symphony Hall

Friday, September 24, 2010

Brawley at Bar Pink, 9/16/10

Brawley makes music to drink whiskey to.

Brawley at Bar Pink 91610 © Michael Klayman-009

Brawley at Bar Pink 91610 © Michael Klayman-005

Brawley at Bar Pink 91610 © Michael Klayman-013

It's always a pleasure to see Nena perform.

Click over to me for more photos.

Michael Klayman

Things To Do In San Diego: Septemver 24, 2010

Thanks to everyone who checked out Meg & Bryan last night at West Coast Tavern. I wasn't there because I was selling merch for Dungen at the Casbah (and developing a crush on the tour manager), but I heard it was a great night. Sadly I've been up all night to get these posted so hopefully I covered everything. If I didn't, please let me know via comments, e-mail, or twitter.

Friday, September 24, 2010:

  • Carlsbad Music Festival/Village Music Walk @ Carlsbad Village (5:45-9:30 pm, free)
  • Easy Star All-Stars, Cas Haley, DJ Emmanuel @ Belly Up
  • Johnny Brown's 23rd Anniversary Party @ Downtown Johnny Brown's (Free food, raffle)
  • BLOWOFF feat. DJs Bob Mould & Rich Morel @ Casbah
  • The Fabulous Pelicans @ Belly Up (Happy hour, 5:30 pm)
  • The Fremonts @ Whistle Stop
  • Fool's Gold, Hosannas, Mattson 2 @ Soda Bar
  • Bonkers feat live remixes by Junior & Atari @ Bar Pink
  • San Deviants, Back Alley Hooligans @ The Shakedown
  • The Heavy Guilt, Shady Maples @ Portugalia
  • Centerlight Pop, Hotel St. George @ Eleven
  • The Woggles, Creepy Creeps @ Tower Bar
  • Hipster Hop feat. Lucy Ryder, Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra, Ocelot Robots; DJ sets from Shark Attack, Erik Diaz, DJ Mazz @ Onyx Room
  • Artfag Recording presents Frankie and the Outs, Hunx and His Punx, Colleen Green @ Tin Can
  • Longstay, Incomplete Neighbor, Napoleon Complex, Vibeout #3 @ Beauty Bar
  • Thee Skank Bastards, The Fink Bombs, Secret Samarai @ Ken Club
  • Feel The Noise w/DJs Gabe Vega, Havok, Saul Q, Hosted by Trevor Dean @ U-31
  • Gym Class Heroes @ Open Air Theatre, SDSU ($5 students, $10 guests)
  • The Memphis Murder Men, Pass The Axe, The Watchmen, Hands Down South, Best Evers @ O'Connell's
  • The Dan Band @ House of Blues
  • Denard Clendenin and The Brothers Blood Blues Band @ Worldbeat Center
  • Tribal Theory, Hazmatt, Tribe of Kings Soundsystem @ Soundwave
  • Carl Durant, Scott Mathiasen @ Lestat's
  • Yukmouth Live, The Dough Nation, Submission, I-Rocc, No Face, Beat Shop, The Committee, SL500 and more @ Brick By Brick
  • The Screamin Yeehaws, Compton SF, Jonny Castle @ Winston's
  • The Farmers @ Tio Leo's (Morena Blvd)
  • The Great Commission, Betrayal, Parallels, Colossal, World of Pain, Kenova, Endure The Fall, Oh Vanquished Foe @ Epicentre
  • So Long Davey, Mr. Fahrenheit, Stereo Summer, The Years Best, The New Nostalgic, The New Lead Detectives @ Soma
  • The Weener Pigs @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (6-8pm)
  • Atomic Groove @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (9:30 pm)
  • Margaret Cho @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Old Man Markley @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Berlin, Dirty Leslie @ 4th & B
  • Sandollar, DJR2 @ Gallagher's
  • Live Tango concert feat. Camarada & Tango Alma @ Tango Del Rey
  • Jazz Club @ Donovan's Circle of 5ths (4pm)
  • Audioleague @ Donovan's Circle of 5ths (8pm)
  • Down To The Bone @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm)
  • Ryan Star @ Anthology (Late Show 10 pm)
  • Gigi @ Birch North Park Theatre
  • Christine Lavin @ AMSD (Acoustic Music San Diego)
  • Grand Masta Rats, Charlie Rock @ El Dorado
  • Green Velvet, Virgin Tears, Barback DJs @ Voyeur
  • Reid Speed, Osal8, B2B, Reactivity, Ghost MD and more @ Spin
  • DJ Cobra with Rico Delargo (trumpet(, DJ Mac Luv @ Fluxx
  • DRI, Unloaded, One Theory, Birth A.D., Mutants of War, Tormentor @ Ramona Mainstage

Aaron Thompson Joins Fenix TX for European Tour

The other day I stopped in to Analog Bar and caught up with my old friend Aaron Thompson, who you might have seen in Pacific Magazine. Aaron ("A-Fresh") used to front The Stranger's Six and has been working on a new solo record for a while, but he shared with me that his friends in Fenix TX asked him to join them for a European tour. Apparently the band's bassist can't make the tour for whatever reason, so Aaron will be filling in with the pop-punk band. The tour is selling out all over Europe and Aaron has promised that he'll update us with photos and road stories.

Here are the tour dates and what Aaron has to see about the band.

October 1, 2010 Sommercasino Basel, Switzerland
October 2, 2010 Selig Chur, Switzerland
October 3, 2010 Dynamo Zurich, Switzerland
October 4, 2010 LA Marquise Lyon, France
October 5, 2010 Batofar Paris, France
October 6, 2010 Schlachtof Wiesbaden, Germany
October 7, 2010 Zwolfzehn Stuttgart, Germany
October 8, 2010 Het Front Vroomshoop, Netherlands
October 9, 2010 Chez Heinz Hannover, Germany
October 10, 2010 MTC Hannover, Germany
October 11, 2010 Backstage München, Germany
October 12, 2010 Garage Saarbrucken, Germany
October 13, 2010 Wild at Heart Berlin, Germany
October 14, 2010 Kaiserkeller Hamburg, Germany
October 15, 2010 Melusina Luxembourg, Luxembourg
October 16, 2010 Haus Spilles DüSseldorf, Germany
October 17, 2010 Magasin4 Brussels, Belgium
October 19, 2010 Wedgewood Room Portsmouth, United Kingdom
October 20, 2010 Rescue Room Nottingham, United Kingdom
October 21, 2010 Sugarmill Stoke-ON-Trent, United Kingdom
October 22, 2010 Fibbers, York York, United Kingdom
October 23, 2010 the Academy Manchester, United Kingdom
October 24, 2010 Cathouse Glasgow, United Kingdom
October 25, 2010 O2 Academy 2 Newcastle, United Kingdom
October 27, 2010 Slade Room Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
October 28, 2010 Corporation Sheffield, United Kingdom
October 29, 2010 Six Feet Under Newport, United Kingdom
October 30, 2010 Academy 2 Oxford, United Kingdom
October 31, 2010 Freeze Festival London, United Kingdom

Fenix TX came together on the north side of Houston, TX in the balmy southern autumn of 1995. Originally known as Riverfenix, the band moved their operation to sunny San Diego, CA in late 1999 and after a string of successful DIY tours the band released its first full-length album on Drive Thru Records. Riverfenix merged their association with the indie label together with MCA Records, after the album's first single “Speechless” hit full rotation on LA’s legendary rock station KROQ. The band remixed and rereleased their self-titled album with two new tracks produced by Ryan Greene (Megadeth, NOFX.) With a new album came a new name. Looking to leave behind the drug-free image of their former namesake, and also to avoid a lawsuit from the estate of the late River Phoenix, the band dropped the River and added the TX to become Fenix TX, paying homage to the state that spawned them. Fenix TX continued to tour extensively and 4 years later with a new line up, the band went back into the studio with producer Jerry Finn to work on their sophomore album “Lechuza.” Featuring singles “Threesome,” “Phoebe Cates” and “A Song For Everyone” the album showed the bands versatility and evolution towards a bigger and better sound. After a few more years of touring the world the band decided to call it quits while in the studio writing their next record. The band went their separate ways in 2003 citing creative differences as the reason for the breakup. Fenix TX reunited in 2005 to record the live album “Purple Reign In Blood.” They continued to tour with a better outlook towards the future. Since then the band has been busy in the studio and with individual side projects, but with the 10-year anniversary of their sophomore release ‘Lechuza’ in 2010, the band is commemorating by touring the world once again starting it all off in Europe!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thread Show! Details & Ticket Giveaway

It's probably pretty obvious that I'm not much of a shopper. My wardrobe consists mostly of band t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies, and I haven't been shopping in a mall in San Diego in probably five years, but for the fashionistas out there who pay a bit more attention to their appearance, Thread Shows are a great place to find unique apparel and goods. And for those not so interested in shopping, they've added NOSH to their show, which will offer small plate offerings from local eateries for $1-$3.

The Thread Show takes place on Sunday, September 26 at the Horton Plaza event space at 4th & Broadway from 11am-6pm. The cost is $10, or $5 if you RSVP, but I've got THREE pairs of tickets to giveaway. Just send me a tweet "@SDdialedin I wanna go to @ThreadShows on Sunday!" and I'll pick three winners before Friday. Click the flyer for more info, or click 'keep on reading' at the bottom of the post for the full press release.

THREAD Show Brings Indie Fashion, Art, Music and Food to San Diego this Fall
THREAD Show presents NOSH at THREAD Show, a new concept incorporating food tastings from San Diego restaurants, in its September 2010 show

San Diego, THREAD Show is proud to introduce NOSH to the September 2010 show. NOSH is an event concept featuring local restaurants selling sample-sized portions for $1 - $3, as well as small plates. THREAD will still feature the independent designers, shopping, art, house wares, fashion shows, live DJs and all-day giveaways the show is known for but NOSH will feature an additional 15,000 square feet of great food, all-day DJ entertainment and free restaurant giveaways, all included in the entrance fee to THREAD Show.

“San Diego is one of our most popular markets for THREAD Show and the perfect place to introduce this new concept,” said THREAD Show spokesperson, Danielle Gano. “Sustainable fashion and the slow, local food movement go hand-in-hand and we’re excited to bring San Diego its first pop-up local shopping mall, complete with a food court!”

Although NOSH is a new concept for THREAD, supporting local business is not. Every THREAD Show hosts independent designers, artists, musicians and now restaurants to display and sell their wares to attendees. This event allows people to shop and purchase clothes, art, house wares, and eco-friendly designs, listen to live bands and DJs, watch fashion shows, receive complimentary styling in the THREAD Style Lounge, recycle their old clothes and sip, eat and mingle to their heart’s content. Attendees can expect high-quality and high-creativity designs in a more comfortable, energized and interactive shopping environment than conventional retail spaces offer. What truly differentiates THREAD designers from their mass-produced competitors is their commitment to the traditional beauty and art of design, with passion and quality that is second to none.

By allowing shoppers to skip the third-party retailer, THREAD gives trend-setters an opportunity to meet the designers face-to-face, feed the local economy, be kind to the environment and ensure products are locally-made and ethically produced. This one-on-one connection also allows designers to get direct feedback from their consumers.

THREAD Show has also introduced a new, lower ticket price this year. Admission is $10 in all cities – or $5 if you RSVP on the THREAD website. The September 26 event will be held at the Horton Plaza Event Space from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. For regular updates, to visit the THREAD blog, RSVP to a show or subscribe to the email newsletter, please visit

About THREAD Show // Good Style. Good Value. Good Karma.
THREAD Show is a travelling juried showcase of the best independent fashion and home designers on the West Coast, and the music and art that rock their world. This dynamic one-day retail environment has showcased more than 7,000 emerging designers since its inception in 2003. THREAD allows consumers a unique opportunity to support their local economy, reduce their carbon footprint and discover emerging designers while scoring deals and purchasing one-of-a-kind wares in a fun and unique setting. For more information, visit

Things To Do In San Diego: September 22-23, 2010

I'm buzzing on coffee and all of the exciting things coming up in the next couple of weeks, including my birthday on Tuesday and a whole slew of ways to come party with me to celebrate my shrivelling ovaries. I hope to get the weekend listings done tomorrow, but until I do, keep in mind that the Adams Avenue Street Fair is this weekend, as well as a Thread show on Sunday (stay tuned for a ticket giveaway).

Wednesday September 22, 2010:

  • The Jim Jones Revue, Coasting, Low Volts @ Casbah
  • Muse, Passion Pit @ Viejas Arena
  • Dynamite Walls, Republic of Letters @ The Saloon
  • Lindbergh Skies, Dying To Wake, Paper Rock Tiger, Dead Animal Mod @ Beauty Bar
  • Elefante, Zur Band @ House of Blues
  • Paul Collins Beat, Baja Bugs, Jungle Fever @ Soda Bar
  • Chairs Missing, Screening of "District 9" @ UCSD Price Center, East Lawn (Free, 7pm, bring blankets for viewing)
  • The Carlos Rock Experience @ The Tiki House
  • EOTO, MiMosa, MartyParty @ Belly Up
  • Wise Monkey @ Bar Pink
  • Aspects of Physics, Felt Drawings, Great Willow, Shimomitsu @ Tin Can
  • Bianca Paras, Chris Wilson, Johnny Shoebox @ Lestat's
  • Stone Senses, Oceanside Sound System, DevOcean @ Soundwave
  • Club Kingston, Roots Covenant @ Winston's
  • Barfly Promotions Presents @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • 36 Crazy Fists, Straight Line Stitch, Taking Dawn @ Brick By Brick
  • Problumz, Mz Chief, The Nutty Buddies, Submission, No Face @ Dreamstreet Live
  • Live Wednesdays Presents: "The Sevens Tour" w/ AudioGraffiti, Anomalie & The Speakeasy Earth @ U-31
  • Tab Benoit @ Anthology
  • Dub Dorado Presents: DJ Chefal, Biggs, Head$hake, Austin Speed @ El Dorado
  • Roy Rapid and The Rythem Trio @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Jason Mann, Liveagai, Cardiac Kidz, Trashaxis @ O'Connell's
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ Gallaghers
  • Downspell, Fury Never Fades, Caskets on Parade, Trumpet The Harlot @ Ruby Room
  • The Burnsville Blues Band @ Patrick's ll
  • Jeff Moore and The Witchdoctors @ The Kraken
  • Jam Session feat. Gilbert Castellanos w/ special guests Justin Grinell & Charlie Chavez @ El Camino
  • Off The Wagon@ Second Wind Santee
  • Octorox @ Second Wind Navajo
  • Wednesday Night Shakedown @ Henry's Pub
  • Knight Vision @ Club Kadan
  • Christopher Dale @ Postcards Bistro @ Handlery Hotel
  • Firehouse Swing Night @ Queen Bee's
  • Icebox, Session 73 @ 710 Beach Club
  • Rhythm Method, DJ Gary @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • San Deviants, Nods to Nothing @ The Office
  • Carlos Rock Experience @ Tiki House
  • Liquid Geometry Presents: Griefshare, Mike Gao, Demon Slayer, Slowhand @ Kava Lounge
  • Gene Warren @ McP's Irish Pub

Thursday September 23, 2010:

  • Meg & Bryan @ West Coast Tavern
  • Dungen, No Joy @ Casbah
  • What Laura Says, Skybox, Jamuel Saxon @ Soda Bar
  • Michael Franti & Spearhead, Tamarama @ House of Blues
  • JJ Grey & Mofro, Pimps of Joytime @ Belly Up
  • Riverboat Gamblers, Victor Ship, One F @ Bar Pink
  • Living Room Live feat. The Howls @ W Hotel
  • Illuminauts, Blissed Out, Jeans Wilder, Mystery Cave @ Tin Can
  • Hearts and Minutes, Roswell That Ends Well, Swore, One I Red @ Beauty Bar
  • Allen Stone, Joe Gil @ Lestat's
  • Dave Liebman @ Anthology
  • The Riot Before, Breaker Breaker One Niner, The Getdown @ Ruby Room
  • Makeout Weird feat. Vegetarian Werewolf, Innerds, DJs Eg War & Disc Jockey Pants @ Whistle Stop
  • Chase Dreams Ent, ATO, Mike Snow, Bomb Squad @ Brick By Brick
  • JJ Grey (solo) @ Lou's Records @ 5;30
  • Happy Hour feat SweetTooth, Humble Tripe, Bill Liscomb @ Winston's
  • Codi Jordan Band, Natural Hights @ Winston's
  • Riviera Jazz Sessions @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Fire Corner @ Club Kadan
  • Bozzani Brothers, DJ Swoll @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • The Sound Doctors @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Passafire @ Soundwave
  • L.E.D. Presents: Drop The Lime, Gabe Vega @ Voyeur
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ El Dorado
  • Helen Sung & Her Quartet @ Dizzy's
  • Sandy Chappel @ Cafe La Maze
  • The Flock of 80's @ Henry's Pub
  • Bill Magee Blues Band @ Patrick's II
  • The Fabulous Pelicans @ Valley View Casino
  • Natural Incense @ Gallagher's
  • Karaoke @ O'Connell's
  • Live Band Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club
  • Missy Andersen @ Marble Room
  • Ragdoll City, Lessons From Zeke, Red Hand @ Boar Cross'n
  • Rock Paper Tiger, Habitat, Aventale, Metatonic, Schmaltz @ Dreamstreet Live
  • Generations Party w/ DJs Artistic, Cros1, Felt1, Mr Hek @ U-31
  • Jet Wash @ Tiki House
  • Tommy & Tina @ McP's Irish Pub

Where Have You Been?: A Weekend Recap

Over the weekend, I had three people tell me they missed me actually writing. I tweet and update all the time, and I do little headers here and there, but I've maybe gotten more self-conscious about bleeding my whole life on the internet. But today I feel like writing. Some psychotic person is harassing my family and friends on Facebook and some other looney is harassing my friends while some troll feels the need to berate me on Twitter, I guess mostly reminding me that I live out loud and gushing about my life is what I do. To read all about it, click 'keep on reading' at the end of this post.

So I'll say it was a brilliant weekend for me. And by "weekend", I'll start with Thursday. After I went to the zoo for the Galapagos Turtle event, I headed to the Hard Rock Hotel for the San Diego Music & Technology Conference. I mostly sat in the back as I listened with one ear as I tried to get some work done on my laptop, but I found the panels to be interesting and informative. Electronic music and the culture are things I try to understand, because even as the panelists agree, watching someone turn knobs or push buttons is insanely boring, but the discussions about new technology and instruments and the innovation around that world were incredibly fascinating and I was happy to be there. I even won a prize from SoundCloud that I gave to Josh, but apparently it would serve me better as a blogger than he as a musician, so we'll see what it entails and I might look into using it here.

After SDMT&C, I headed up to the San Diego Woman's Club. I was selling merch for Mason Jennings and I got there an hour before I had to be there, but was able to catch Mason soundchecking on the grand piano, which was pretty amazing considering there were only 3 other people in the room. By the time we opened up, Mason played for about 90 minutes, after which he stayed until the very last person got a photo and autograph. I was joking all night that Mason Jennings deserves his own chapter in Stuff White People Like which is not a criticism, but there was a very specific demographic at the show. Coming from an advertising background this fascinates me; it's something I pay attention to regularly.

After the show and the final autographs, I made my way to West Coast Tavern, where Brett from Emersen had finished his set and Republic of Letters were setting up. They played a stripped down set without Nick on drums, and though I love their full sound with the whole band, it was great hearing this iteration of the band as well. After the set we stuck around a while before calling it a night.

On Friday morning it was back to the Hard Rock Hotel for the San Diego Music & Technology conference. They had a great social media panel that went above and beyond the usual obvious twitter and facebook information, and some rad panels on lighting, sound design, and Moldover was just fascinating discussing his homemade instruments. I had to leave before closing remarks to get to the post office before closing, but decided to wander over to Analog for happy hour. Aaron Thompson was there and he shared that he's been asked to play bass on a European tour with Fenix TX, so stay tuned for some guest blog posts as he shares his stories and adventures from the road.

After some tasty food, I went to the Casbah where I was able to see Menomena soundcheck. The show was sold out and all of the bands were fantastic, but I felt a bit claustrophobic and left during Menomena to catch Judgement Day at the Soda Bar. They totally kicked ass per usual. Afterward me and the band headed to Malinda & Jake's where they were staying and hung out for a couple hours until I called one of my favorite cabs and called it a night.

On Saturday I sold merch for the early show at the Casbah with Southern Culture on The Skids. I always forget how great this band is live and they're an absolute pleasure to work for, with all of their merch organized and they have a great wireless credit card machine which allowed for a successful day of sales, even though they were running low on merch at the end of their tour. After the show, I stuck around for some Booty Bassment before heading up the hill to the final House Party Girls party. Apparently cops had already broken up the bands, but the party was in full swing when I arrived so I stayed until the last shot of tequila was consumed before heading home (with wet feet after stepping into a small pond in the backyard). Good luck to Heather and Amanda as they jetset around the world for some awesome travel through Mexico, Thailand and Europe. We'll be here ready to party when you come back to visit.

Finally Sunday was the KPRI harbor cruise on the Hornblower with Dawes. I don't think I've ever watched videos so much in my life...these guys were so great and though in my mind I imagined big burly bearded Portland-ish duded, they're LA boys and adorable as all hell. I look forward to their full band set in November at the Casbah.

From the cruise terminal we crossed downtown to hit up Artwalk By The Bay and to see The Heavy Guilt play. If you haven't seen them perform, they're playing at the Adams Avenue Street Fair this weekend and I suggest you catch them.

After heading home and taking a nap (and realizing that my face was tragically sunburnt, complete with sunglass marks like a raccoon), it was up to the Belly Up for Local Natives. I love those kids and it was an awesome show.

Needless to say, I was completely worthless on Monday, though I went back to the Belly Up for an amazing show with Calexico and a fantastic opening band called Sergio Mendoza y La Orkesta from Tucson. Go see them when you can. I hope to get some videos up soon, but with nearly a dozen people on stage, they don't quite capture the awesome.

Last night I went to SDSU to see Phoenix and Neon Indian, and I'll post those pics soonish, too. The craziness never stops, as tonight I'll be checking out the Gaglione Brothers media party, a Pyles session with In Transit Audio, and The Jim Jones Revue at the Casbah. Tomorrow night while I urge you to go check out Meg & Bryan over at West Coast Tavern for a free show, I'll be selling merch for Dungen at the Casbah, and though I haven't completely mapped out the weekend, I know I'll be at the Adams Avenue Street Fair, at the Beauty Bar on Sunday night for their closing party (and one of a few of my birthday celebrations). Monday I'll be at the Felice Brothers who are awesome on their own, but even better knowing that there's a possibility that Conor Oberst will be there...can't ring in my midnight birthday a better way! There's a lot of other birthday celebrating happening for me next week, but make sure you RSVP for the SoundDiego Live event at West Coast Tavern next Thursday with my boys d/wolves as well as an hour of hosted Karl Strauss beer and apps. That should make for a great pre-party before heading to FLUXX for another FLUXX live show with Transfer, The Silent Comedy, Jared Mees and the Grown Children, and Little Hurricane.

and you wonder why I haven't been writing??

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In The Red, Terremoto, Rats Eyes, The Long and Short of It at the Casbah, 9/4/10

The best heavy music show of September happened a couple weeks ago at the Casbah. Here's what you missed:

In the Red, in the Atari Lounge:

In The Red at Casbah 90410 © Michael Klayman-008
(Click 'keep on reading' below for more photos)

Rats Eyes:

Rats Eyes at Casbah 90410 © Michael Klayman-009


Terremoto at Casbah 90410 © Michael Klayman-001

The Long and Short of It:

The Long and Short of It at Casbah 90410 © Michael Klayman-033

Click to see more photos.


Local Natives @ The Belly Up, 9/19/2010

I'm trying to recap my whole weekend but that's slow coming, so instead, I'll just post my videos from the sold-out Sunday night show with Local Natives. I've loved the band for a long time and have seen every San Diego show they've played, and even went up to LA for one. You may or may not know that I tried to book them at last year's North Park Music Thing, but they had a scheduling conflict, and frankly I knew back then that they were too good for the Radio Room where they had been scheduled to play. It's great to see that good people who make great music succeed, and the band has been all over the world touring with awesome bands and playing the largest festivals in the world. And it's also nice that they come back and play a 600-700 capacity venue like the Belly Up as well as a free show earlier in the day at dog beach. I was still on my harbor cruise with Dawes, so I missed it, but I heard it was a lot of fun and very well attended.

So anyway, the show was awesome, minus the douchebags to my right. I'm all for people enjoying the show, but your fun shouldn't ruin anyone else's fun, and when you're jumping up and down with a full beer and spill it on a photographer, you deserve to get your ass kicked and you don't deserve to be at the show. There are shows where that is the norm and to be expected, like say The Bronx or Pennywise or a gazillion other bands. Local Natives are not that band, and when the singer calls out the crowd for being "the rowdiest Sunday night crowd (they've) ever had" he wasn't complimenting you, which is why he followed with, "and that you're proud of it?!"

So the band played a great set per usual and the crowd sang along per usual and naturally I can't wait to see them all again. Below is the playlist of all the video I took. You can click the left and right arrows on the side to scroll through.

Things To Do In San Diego: September 21, 2010

Here are the goods for tonight.

Tuesday September 21, 2010:

  • Phoenix, Holy Ghost, Neon Indian @ Open Air Theatre, SDSU
  • Signal Path, Blockhead, Nocando w/ Open Mike Eagle @ Casbah
  • Tiki Two's Day with Adrian Demain, guest @ Bar Pink
  • Local Mediums Art Show feat. Zapf Dingbats @ El Dorado
  • Saccarine Trust, Neo, Tribraco, Pea @ Soda Bar
  • Paper Forest, Young Mammels, D/Wolves, Bruisecaster @ Tin Can
  • James McMurtry, Jonny Burke @ Belly Up
  • The Fairmounts @ Eleven
  • Local Brews Local Grooves: Chris Zach, Lenny Morris, Driver Ed Band, The Plastic Revolution & Tori Roze and the Hot Mess @ House of Blues
  • Anthology House Band @ Anthology
  • Duchess, Red Octopus, Luna Is Honey @ Ruby Room
  • Nena Anderson and Friends @ Riviera Supper Club
  • 52nd Street (Billy Joel Tribute) @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • The Stilettos @ Henry's Pub
  • Darkwave Garden @ Club Kadan
  • Train of Thought @ Queen Bee's
  • Comedy Night @ Lestat's
  • Open Mic @ O'Connell's
  • Delta Heat @ Patrick's ll
  • Dave Booda Acoustic @ Tiki House
  • Tomcat Courtney @ La Gran Tapa
  • Open Mic w/ Jefferson Jay @ Gallagher's
  • Friends Chill @ Whistle Stop
  • Doug Allen, Suzy Bongo @ The Kraken
  • Open Mic @ O'Connell's
  • Karaoke @ Cafe La Maze
  • Karaoke @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • The Movement @ Winston's
  • Jackson & Jesus @ McP's Irish Pub

Monday, September 20, 2010

KPRI & Hornblower present Dawes

On Sunday morning I was scooped up and headed down to the cruise terminal to catch another KPRI Hornblower cruise, this time with the band Dawes out of Los Angeles. Most of the cruises happen at sunset, so I knew that a free Sunday cruise (while the local Chargers game was blacked out) would be crowded. Fortunately photographer Steve saved me a seat so that I could shoot the show. Wylie, the bassist was unable to attend because he had to fly to New York for his grandfather's funeral, so Taylor played guitar with the rest of the band (brother Griffin and bandmate Alex) helping out with harmonies. It was an amazing set (despite my sunburnt face) and though it was unfortunate that Wylie couldn't be there, we got an incredible performance. Taylor's guitar wasn't even plugged into an amp, just had a single mic on it. He tried out a couple new songs on the crowd, too. The band will be ending their full fall tour at the Casbah on November 27 and I highly recommend getting your tickets for the show. Be sure to check out their site for lots of great videos, an awesome performance on Yours Truly, as well as their most recent Daytrotter session.
These were a few of my favorites of the day:

Here's the full playlist from the day. Click the right or left arrows to navigate through them.

Great American Beer Festival: San Diego Wins Big

My beer blogger extraordinaire, Jonathan, has been in Denver all week for the Great American Beer Festival. Judging by his tweets, it was a helluva a week for a beer geek so I'm sure his recap will take some time. In the meantime, I thought I'd post the winners since San Diego walked away with several medals. Most of those were by Pizza Port, but Ballast Point, Karl Strauss, Lost Abbey, and Stone all got some honors as well. To see the full list, click here. Below are some of the San Diego area winners...I included the Pizza Port San Clemente wins because a win for any Pizza Port is good for all of us, as well as a Black Market win (from Temecula).

Large Brewpub and Large Brewpub Brewer of the Year: Pizza Port Carlsbad
Small Brewpub and Small Brewpub Brewer of the Year: Pizza Port San Clemente

Gold Medals:
  • Out of Category/Traditionally Brewed Beer: Fathom IPL, Ballast Point
  • English-Style India Pale Ale: Beech Street Bitter, Pizza Port Carlsbad
  • Irish-Style Red Ale: Red Trolley Ale, Karl Strauss Brewing Co.
  • Scotch Ale: Reed’s Wee Heavy, Pizza Port Carlsbad
  • Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale: Revelations, Pizza Port Carlsbad
  • Rye Beer: BMB Rye IPA, Black Market Brewing Co. (Temecula)
  • American-Style India Pale Ale: “Pseudo” IPA, Pizza Port San Clemente
  • Imperial India Pale Ale: Doheny Double IPA, Pizza Port San Clemente
Silver Medals:

  • Coffee Flavored Beer: Coffee Monster, Pizza Port Carlsbad
  • Other Strong Beer: Panzer Pilsner, Port Brewing Co.
  • Herb and Spice or Chocolate Beer: Stone Smoked Porter with Chipotle, Stone Brewing Co.
  • English-Style Mild Ale: Skidmark Brown, Pizza Port Ocean Beach
  • English Style Brown Ale: Good Grief Brown, Pizza Port Carlsbad
  • Imperial Stout: Night Rider Imperial Stout, Pizza Port Carlsbad
Bronze Medals:
  • Out of Category/Traditionally Brewed Beer: Hot Rocks Lager, Port Brewing
  • American-Style India Brown Ale: Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale, Stone Brewing Co.
  • Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout: Port Truck Stout, Pizza Port Carlsbad
  • American-Style Sour Ale: Red Poppy, Lost Abbey

Jeff's Weekly Pick: Frankie Rose and The Outs @ Tin Can Friday September 24, 2010

It has been increasingly common for indie band members to play in more than one project at the same time. There are several reasons for this: economic necessity, creative differences, filling the calendar to name a few. Case in point...Frankie Rose and The Outs, a Brooklyn based all female band fronted by the seemingly controversial Frankie Rose (hence the name). Her resume includes drumming for high profile New York indie bands Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts. Rose's most recent affiliation was with LA buzz band Dum Dum Girls. Going from garage to lo fi to a more pop oriented song structure brings the listener up to date. The eponymous debut full length doesn't totally abandon Rose's musical past, but gives her creative control in the finished project. Moving from one band to another has been good and bad for Frankie. Currently living on the east coast (California born and raised) has afforded Rose many opportunities in the busy NY indie scene. It is also interesting to get one's perspective on all female bands. Rather than enter that discussion, I would rather focus on the music, and this band is definitely worth a listen. The opportunity to watch the band perform is this Friday at the very intimate Tin Can in Banker's Hill. A good way to usher in the weekend.

Hunx and His Punx and Colleen Green set the stage.

Watch a video of Candy below.

Things To Do In San Diego: September 20, 2010

Monday September 20, 2010 (Happy Birthday, Mom!):
  • Calexico, Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta @ Belly Up
  • Anti-Monday League Presents: Taming The Fox, Echo Revolution, Byron Blocker & The Offbeats, Deluka @ Casbah
  • Yeah Great Fine, The Moviegoers + guest @ Soda Bar
  • The Styletones @ Bar Pink
  • Melly Frances and The Distilled Spirits @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ U-31
  • Endoxi @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Pyrate Punx Present: Solis, Blood Stained Reality, more @ Ruby Room
  • Mary Barranger and Diane Snodgrass @ Athenaeum Music & Arts Library
  • Blues Jam Hosted by Mystery Train @ O'Connell's
  • Open Mic @ Lestat's
  • Club MAW @ Henry's Pub
  • Doug Allen, Suzy Bongo @ The Kraken
  • Blue Largo @ Patrick's II
  • Electric Waste Band, Drunk Poet's Society @ Winston's
  • Ron Bell @ Cafe LaMaze
  • Karaoke @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • The Get Down @ Club Kadan
  • Trivia Night @ Whistle Stop
  • Dave Scott @ Croce's

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things To Do In San Diego: September 18-19, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010:

  • Bon Voyage/Last House Party feat Northern Tigers, The Sundelles, New Mexico @ San Diego House Party Girls (2220 Front Street)
  • Artwalk By The Bay The Heavy Guilt, Steph Johnson, Josh Damigo, Neon Cough, Wendy Bailey & True Stories, Justin James @ Hilton Bayfront
  • Early show: Southern Culture on the Skids, The Fink Bombs, Low Volts @ Casbah (Doors at 6:30 pm)
  • Late show: Booty Bassment 8 Year Anniversary feat. Rob and Dmitri, Jeff Graves, Dan Sant @ Casbah
  • Casbah presents: The Walkmen, Japandroids, Dan Mangan @ Belly Up
  • South County Music & Arts Festival feat. Quino (Big Mountain), Roots Covenant, Montecristo, Azucar, Stranger, Southtown Generals, Riverbottom Rockers, Bredren, Revival and many more @ Eastlake Design District
  • Revival Electronic Music Festival feat. Jason Blakemore, Thee-O, Huggie, Merlyn Martin, Havok (nyc), JON E THIN, Baquai?, Nate Arkon, Peacemaker, Jeff Carroll, Adiva, Austin Speed, Sandman, Scaffa, Mantis, Ubiquitous, Tallin vs Sill"e", Fingers, Kellen Holt, Chuy Fresno, Device, Luminous, Freestyle Research, Barons of Bass, Dano @ South Bay (For location, call 619.677.3500 on Saturday. 18+, 4pm-7am)
  • Paramore, Tegan & Sara @ Viejas Arena, SDSU
  • Oktoberfest Feat Z-Band @ Mile High Ballroom (3038 Udall, San Diego)
  • Harow, Violent Pacifist, Black Milk @ Beauty Bar
  • Billy Midnite, Travel By Sea, The Shade @ Tin Can
  • SHFL (Shuffle Hard For Life) feat. DJs Pornscore, Bass Freq, Badd Neighbor, Casey Carlson, Myron Eugene, Cyber Shock, Nesquik, Kuest @ Cabo Wabo Grill (2994 Main St., 92113. 7p-2a. All ages till 12am, 18+ til closing)
  • Neon Beat feat. Junior theDISCOpunk, Mr. Atari @ Bar Pink
  • 80s vs 90s- Gabe Vega vs Saul Q @ Whistle Stop
  • SD Union feat. Wallkrawler, Delano, Reactivity, Miss Brisk and more @ Ruby Room
  • Get Back Loretta, Stripes and Lines, Mini Mansions @ Soda Bar
  • QUIVVER, Stircrazy, Bacon Bits @ U-31
  • The Jams with J. Blow, Hippo, Adamnt @ Bluefoot
  • The Spells @ Eleven
  • Reclaim Summer: Hillcrest Takes Over Mission Beach feat. DJ Nikno & DJ Taj @ Soundwave (1-7pm, Rooftop Deck)
  • Hodad's Audio Overload feat. Behind The Wagon, DPI, Downspell, Throatcloser, Moment of Silence, Gross Negligence, Awaiting Samsara, Imbalanced@ O'Connell's (6pm)
  • SuperKaraoke feat. Inner Voyage Music hosted by Aaron Thompson, Cheyenne Giles @ Analog
  • Hanson, A Rocket To The Moon @ House of Blues
  • Alison Lonsdale @ Lestat's (6-8pm)
  • Haley Plotnick, Lakin, Nikki Lang @ Lestat's
  • The Browne Sisters, George Cavanaugh @ San Dieguito Methodist Church Hall
  • Pato Banton, Without Papers, Rough and Steady @ Brick By Brick
  • Uproar Fest feat. Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre
  • liquid foundation Benefit feat. Madd Traffic, Uncle Junkie, Soul To Soul, Death on Wednesday @ 710 Beach Club
  • Boys & Girls Presents Adam Salter, Pleasure Victim, Squid Vicious @ El Dorado
  • Leperkhanz, DJR2 @ Gallagher's
  • The Mayors of Sexytown, Dr. Skavra 2Tone Collective, The Demeanors, Ottly Mercer, Sherm The Band @ Soma
  • The Afterparty (Glam Rock & Metal) @ Winston's
  • Electrik Boogaloo Dance Crew Competition feat. Tyga, Poreotix, Audio Push @ Epicentre
  • Ou Yang Fei Fei @ Open Sky Theatre, Harrah's Rincon Casino
  • Sacha Boutros @ Donovan's Circle of 5ths
  • AIDS Walk benefit feat. Roxy Blue & The Handful, Rhythm & The Method, Joshua Napier, Joalby & Esjay, DJ Marcel Hetu @ Dreamstreet
  • Fred Benedetti & George Svoboda @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • Kelly Tshritter & Sir Touby @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (5-7pm)
  • Rising Star @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (9:30 pm)
  • The Black Pacific (Jim Lindberg, ex-Pennywise) @ Hensley's Flying Elephant (2 show: 6pm All Ages; 9pm 21+)
  • Phil Perry @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm, Late Show 9:30 pm)
  • Felix Cartal, Gina Turner, Bubblegum Sci-Fi @ Voyeur
  • Beach Party with DJ Boys Michael Paul & John Joseph @ Spin
  • DJ Melo D @ Fluxx
  • Second Sun @ On Broadway
  • Little River Band @ Ramona Mainstage

Sunday, September 19, 2010:

  • FM 94/9 Pop-up concert Local Natives @ Dog Beach, Ocean Beach, Free, All Ages, 2pm
  • Artwalk By The Bay feat. Chuck Schiele & The Science of Soul, The Heavy Guilt, Steph Johnson, San Diego Symphony, Robin Henkel @ Hilton Bayfront
  • Film School, d/wolves, Dreamtiger, The Mashtis @ Casbah
  • Casbah presents: Local Natives, The Love Language, Union Line @ Belly Up (SOLD OUT)
  • Casbah presents: Ratatat, DOM, Bobby Birdman @ House of Blues
  • MEX @ Eleven (Matinee show, 3pm with BBQ!)
  • Local Showcase feat. Hershel Abram, Lady X, Double Dragon @ Soundwave
  • The Bloodflowers @ Tower Bar
  • Ty Segall, Tyvek, The Northern Tigers @ Soda Bar
  • San Diego Media Arts Center Fundraiser @ El Dorado
  • Microtia, Ghost Come Back, Death on Mars @ Ruby Room
  • Benny Benassi @ On Broadway
  • Tribe of Kings/Reggae Vibes @ U-31
  • Open Mic @ Cafe Libertalia
  • TRC Soundsystem @ O'Connell's
  • Eben Brooks, Heroes Against Heroes @ Lestat's
  • Jose Sinatra's OB-O-ke @ Winston's
  • Stelita @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge Brunch (10am-2pm)
  • Reggie Smith @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (8pm)
  • NBC's "Last Comic Standing" Live Tour @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Eliza Gilkyson @ AMSD (Acoustic Music San Diego)

Friday, September 17, 2010

San Diego Zoo: Galapagos Tortoise Opening Party

The San Diego Zoo is constantly evolving and growing. Within the confines of Balboa Park, I'm constantly amazed by the new ways that the San Diego Zoo can use their existing land to create new enclosures and natural feeling habitats for their animals. They redefined the Polar Bear Plunge, created Elephant Odyssey, and this month is ReptileMania and they opened a new habitat for the oldest residents of the Zoo, the Galapagos Tortoise. They have animals that are 150 years old and it's about time they get their due.

Yesterday I had the oppportunity to check out the exhibit, and with my mom, sister, nieces and two of my mom's daycare kids, got to enjoy a morning at the zoo. The enclosure itself is spacious and gives a good focus on some sun-basking iguanas, small reptile houses, and of course, the lovely Galapagos Tortoise. (For all of the photos, click 'keep on reading'.

(no live tortoises were injured in the taking of this photo)

The "ribbon cutting" involved a giant tortoise biting through a carrot, seen here with the benefactors of the enclosure.

There's a ReptileMania show, too, where the trainers bring out a ton of rattlesnakes and this hostile snapping turtle.

My niece Nadia at her favorite time of day...lunch. A view of the Balboa Park bell tower from the Skyfari.

Things To Do In San Diego: September 17, 2010

The weekend is finally here! This is a big weekend for double-dipping and triple-dipping because there are a ton of worthy shows. If you're not already, you'll wanna be sure you're following @FM949sd on Twitter as it appears they're gonna have a daytime pop-up show with Local Natives on Sunday.

Friday, September 17, 2010:

  • SDMTC @ Hard Rock Hotel
  • Menomena DJ Set @ M-Theory (free, all ages, 7pm)
  • Menomena, Suckers, Tu Fawning @ Casbah
  • Judgement Day, Sleep Lady, The Burning Of Rome @ Soda Bar
  • Swim Party, Ghost Shores, Scruffles, Chilltown DJs @ Tin Can
  • The Northern Tigers, The Sundelles, The Last Years @ Tower Bar
  • The Howls, Low Volts @ Ken Club
  • Baja Bugs, DJ Hector Penalosa (The Zeros) @ Eleven
  • A Scribe Amidst The Lions, Incomplete Neighbor, Sundrop Electric @ O'Connell's
  • wild child, Jumping Jack Flash @ Belly Up
  • Candye Kane @ Belly Up (Happy Hour, Benefit for Casa Feliz, 5:30 pm)
  • Dirty Sweet, Geezer From The Crypt, Uber Monk @ Bar Pink
  • F#%king in the Bushes feat. Rob Moran @ Whistle Stop
  • Thrillrazr, Watchlist @ The Shakedown
  • housejunkie feat. DJ Carlo Arvizu, Figueroa St, Ricker, Tim Rosier, Bobby O-nerom @ Beauty Bar
  • Uptown/Ocean Beats with Ana Sia, Djunya, Inspired Flight, CRMNL & Austin Speed, Dr. Nickel & iD @ Ruby Room
  • Feel The Noise Electro Dance w/DJs Gabe Vega, Erick Diaz, Saul Q, Qenoe hosted by May*Star @ U-31
  • All Things Rad feat Profile & Irons, Jay Dread @ El Dorado
  • Mike Posner, Far East Movement @ House of Blues
  • Marlon Asher, Psydecar @ Soundwave
  • Joey Ryan, Ari Herstand, Kenneth Pattengale @ Lestat's
  • Celtic Chaos "Halfway to St. Patty's Day" feat. The Mighty Regis, Lexington Field, Hard Fall Hearts, Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band, DJ Amadeus @ Brick By Brick
  • Destructo Bunny, Afro Classics with The Foundation, Cizflow, Audios @ Winston's
  • The Nautics @ Winston's (Happy Hour)
  • Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Justin Moore @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre
  • Los Temerarios @ Open Sky Theatre, Harrah's Rincon Casino
  • Halfway to Patty's Day: Dannicus Live, California Celts @ Gallagher's
  • Organika Music Present: Robert French, Cualli, APR Creation Sound System, Chunky Roots & Selecta Fari @ 710 Beach Club
  • Stay Hungry pre-release feat Mah Name Amon, Seph, Uncommon Value, Nathan Tabs feat. Josh McNeal, Shiny, Wang The Emcee, ProVenFactz @ Epicentre
  • Forever Ends Now, Thy Kingdom Come, Comes The Horseman, Colossal, At The Surface, Mortify Your Enemies @ Soma
  • Incan Abe, The Shade @ Che Cafe
  • The Nautics @ Tango del Rey
  • 321 Stereo, Crashing Marbles @ Dreamstreet
  • Daniel Jackson, Marshall Hawkins, Gilbert Castellanos @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • Rockola @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • The Fab Four- The Ultimate Tribute @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Fight The Quiet, Good Morning Milo @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Jennifer Knapp @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm)
  • Roy Rogers & The Delta Rhythm Kings @ Anthology (Late Show 9:30 pm)
  • Tommy Lee & DJ Aero @ Voyeur
  • Glamour & Glow Black Light Fashion Show, Art & Music Experience @ World Beat Center
  • Sian, Android Cartel, Paul Najera, James Curry @ Spin
  • Wynter Gordon @ Fluxx
  • Live 90's Party feat. Paperboy @ Belo
  • DJ Who @ Analog
  • Junior theDISCOpunk @ AC Lounge
  • Comedy Legend Gallagher @ Ramona Mainstage
  • Gregory Michael @ Donovan's Circle of 5ths

Free Music Roundup

I feel like I've been hoarding some new music and if I keep waiting to get through all of my e-mail, I'll never be finished, so for now, here are some free downloads for bands with upcoming shows. Some of them are coming to San Diego, some have their closest shows in LA, but either way, keep them on your radar and download away, little puppies!

Menomena "Taos" & "Five Little Rooms"
Sept. 17 @ Casbah

Film School "Heart Full of Pentagons"
Sept. 19 @ Casbah

Paul Collins "Do You Wanna Love Me?"
9/22 @ Soda Bar

The Wagner Logic "Waiting For Snow"
Sept 25 @ Tin Can

TV Buddhas "Fun Girls"
Sept 26 @ Bar Pink

Hooray For Earth "Surrounded By Your Friends"
9/28 @ The Loft at UCSD

Jukebox The Ghost "Empire" & "Empire (Freelance Whales Remix"
9/28 @ The Loft at UCSD

Sebatien Tellier
9/30 @ El Rey Theatre

Heavy Young Heathens "Sha La La La La"
Oct. 3 @ Belly Up with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Voxhaul Broadcast "Leaving On The 5th"
October 7-10 - Los Angeles, CA Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide Festival

Cloud Nothings "Hey Cool Kid"
10/10 @ Soda Bar

The Acorn "Kindling To Cremation (Megafaun Remix)"
Closest show: Oct. 13 @ The Echo, Los Angeles

Shadow Shadow Shade "Say Yes"
10/15 @ Soda Bar

Women "Narrow With The Hall"
10/19 @ Casbah

Blood Red Shoes "Light It Up"
Oct. 19 @ Casbah

Ra Ra Riot "Boy"
Oct 21 @ Belly Up

Villagers "Becoming A Jackal"
Oct 21 @ Belly Up with Ra Ra Riot

Envy "Dreams Coming To An End" & "A Breath Clad In Happiness"
10/22 @ Casbah

Weekend "Coma Summer"
11/11 @ The Loft

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things To Do In San Diego: September 16, 2010

I'm really glad I got to doing the weekend listings early because there are a lot of news. The Stone Temple Pilots show at Viejas has been postponed to October 26. I'm trying to confirm whether or not BRMC will still open for that date. Additionally it should be noted that tonight's Mason Jennings show is "An Evening With Mason Jennings". That means there is NO OPENER which means if you get there late, you'll miss the show. Doors are at 7 pm and I imagine Mason will be onstage no later than 7:30 pm. Also, Switch has canceled at Voyeur tonight, citing personal family reasons. Lastly, the Kele (of Bloc Party) show at 4th & B that was supposed to happen on Sunday has been canceled. Refunds are available at point of purchase.

There are a gazillion DJ events in San Diego this weekend and I've posted many of them, but I never intended this site to cover anything but live music, so I'm sorry if the listings don't have your favorite oontz-oontz club listed. Full Friday-Sunday listings are after the jump. If I missed anything (and I'm certainly sure that I have), please leave a comment or shoot me an email and I will update.

Thursday September 16, 2010 (Feliz Dia de la Independencia, Mexico!):

  • Republic of Letters, Emersen @ West Coast Tavern
  • San Diego Music & Technology Conference @ Hard Rock Hotel
  • SDM&TC Daylife Event feat. Grey Ghost, Groundfloor, Craig Smoove, Colour Vision, Ayla Simone, Tara Brooks @ Float, Hard Rock Hotel
  • Jeff The Brotherhood, The Kabbs, Roxy Jones @ Casbah
  • Casbah Presents: Mason Jennings, guests @ San Diego Woman's Club
  • Autolux, Gold Panda, The Dabbers @ Belly Up
  • Tropical Depression, Colony, DJs Jr & Tropicle Popsicle @ Tin Can
  • POSTPONED: Stone Temple Pilots, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Viejas Arena (Show has been moved to October 26 at Viejas. Tickets will be honored or can be refunded at point of purchase.)
  • Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and Friends (Camp Rock) @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre
  • Jaguares, Los Cenzontles @ House of Blues
  • Owl Eyes, Cousins, Dolbies @ Beauty Bar
  • Jesse Nova, Lessons From Zeke @ Prospect Bar La Jolla
  • Tower of Power @ Humphrey's Concerts by The Bay
  • My Dead Body, Last Years, Prosthetic Arms @ Soda Bar
  • Third Thursday with Brawley @ Bar Pink
  • Fish Out of Water, Ease Up, Sand Section, Sticky Funk @ Soundwave
  • Jessica Heine, Kelly Tschritter @ Lestat's
  • Sherm the Band, 2000 Tons of TNT, Ottly mercer, Unsteady @ Ruby Room
  • Tank, Kurt Tha Gaffla, Raw Deal, Rudy Palos, Guests @ Brick by Brick
  • Brick By Brick Presents: Nekromantix, The Howlers, The Mutilators, The Strikers @ Epicentre
  • Bass Quake, Prestune, Smitty J, DJ Cool Breeze, Head Shake, Mr. Biggs @ Winston's
  • Riviera Jazz Session @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Savvy Thursday presents Slick Rick, DJ Seize, Randy Vission @ 207, Hard Rock Hotel
  • Fire Corner @ Club Kadan
  • Red Lane, DJ Swoll @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • Soul Persuaders @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • NiteVision/L.E.D. Presents: Shark Attack, Adam Salter, La Femme Fatale @ Voyeur
  • Milk and Cookies Presents: Toy Selectah, Saul Q, Kid Wonder @ El Dorado
  • Mexican Independence Day Celebration feat. Allan Phillips, Mike Holguin, Bob Magnusson, Coral MacFarland Thuet @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • Caboose, DJ Trail-Mix-A-Lot. more @ Whistle Stop
  • Sandy Chappel @ Cafe La Maze
  • The Flock of 80's @ Henry's Pub
  • DJ Dan @ Fluxx
  • Orbo & The Longshots @ Patrick's II
  • Candye Kane, The Skip Heller Trio @ Croce's
  • Jeffrey Joe Morin @ Milano Coffee Co.
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ Valley View Casino
  • Live Zion @ Gallagher's
  • Karaoke @ O'Connell's
  • Fernando Ebano & Sol e Mar @ Tango Del Rey
  • Live Band Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club
  • Missy Andersen @ Marble Room
  • Social Green, DJ Luminous @ Boar Cross'n
  • Kali Roots, Stone Senses, O'side Sound System @ Queen Bee's
  • Monday's Alibi @ Aztec Center, SDSU (noon)
  • Maitre D', guest @ Second Wind Navajo
  • Slow Motion Airplane, Abandon The Raft, Summerset, Habitat @ Dreamstreet Live
  • Generations Party w/ DJs Artistic, Cros1, Felt1, Mr Hek @ U-31
  • Abadawn, Sarx, Name the Uncanny, Brother Nature, Broken Dreams, Odessa Kane @ Kava Lounge
  • Diving For Earth @ The Royal Dive
  • Pete Johnson- Just Blues Baby @ Tiki House
  • Jackson & Jesus @ McP's Irish Pub