Tuesday, August 31, 2021

CoViD-19: California Hits Vaccine Milestone | Covidiots Drag Board of Supes Meeting Past Midnight | EU Tells Americans Do Not Come | Vote NO On California Recall |

9 Day Old Rhino (F) with 1st Time Momma Kianga at San Diego Zoo Safari Park
(Taken 8.31.21)  

I still have quite a few emails to go through so if I find anything else I wanna share, I'll add them to tomorrow's post or maybe another one later tonight, but I have to say I'm watching the County Board of Supervisors meeting and it is just as hilarious and terrifying as the last time.

After Nova got out of school today we went to San Diego Zoo Safari Park and got there in time for the afternoon tram. I was glad we did because most of the rhinoceroses were in the lower area of the savannah, only accessible by tram. It was a gorgeous afternoon out there and I should stop advertising that Tuesdays are the best and most empty day of the week to visit, but it is so nice up there. Our guides lately have been so good, too, and now that most schools are back, it's a good time to go (though I wouldn't recommend it over Labor Day weekend.) After the tram, we went up to our usual lookout point and I got to see the 9 day old baby rhino!! She's super adorable and I look forward to watching her grow up. 

It was nice to get out, especially after our trauma last night when Magnolia had fallen out of our 2nd floor window. We live in a really old building and the screens are held in by just a couple small metal brackets that are too old to really secure them. Hopefully Darren can get out there and fix that sooner rather than later. That's also why some of today's links are from yesterday, I was too distraught to really finish the work, but my soul is better today. 

Stay safe out there. 

Monday, August 30, 2021

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(Taken 8.15.21)

I had it in my head that today was going to be a big post about the end of the war in Afghanistan...how I'm glad it is over, how I protested 20 years ago before we went into Iraq and Afghanistan, and how I understand there are still huge consequences to come in the next few days, weeks, months and generations that will include large scale destruction and deaths of innocent people and still, I'm glad it's over. But what it really got me thinking about is how our human brains can't wrap our heads around catastrophe. Like if we sat and thought about 9/11 or the American soldiers killed or the human casualties of all stripes, of innocent people just trying to exist, and then magnify it across the globe where human atrocities exist everywhere, and our brains just can't understand that toll. 

It's the same as with COVID-19. The US alone has had about 40,000,000 cases, and those are the known ones with a test reported. 636,015 known deaths as of today according to the CDC. We can't wrap our heads around it. So some of us figure, that's an okay ratio between cases and deaths, I'm vaccinated, I'm careful, I'm ready to live life again and go to concerts and restaurants and bars and all the things. And then there's some of us who are like, I'm not getting this thing and will do everything I can to avoid it so even though I'm vaccinated and masking, I'm still going to lay pretty low and not put myself in any situation where I can't by choice maintain personal space from other people. I don't think either is right or wrong, it's just different fight or flight reactions. And those that won't get vaccinated or follow simple mitigation strategies, well, fuck em. I don't have time for them though I will be watching the County Board of Supervisors meeting to see all those covidiots crying about their rights. 

But tonight Darren and I ran to Costco after dropping off Nova and it was such a clusterfuck. I can't believe their employees aren't demanding a mask requirement. Then we went to the San DIego Zoo which was super empty and awesome and joyful and then we picked up the kid and got home and immediately I knew something wasn't right when both littles didn't greet me. I greeted all the others...Fi, Tikka, Jax, and even Kiwi came out but no Magnolia. And then I saw a loose screen was popped out. I was instantly in tears and hysterical and looking in the yard and eventually Darren and I split up in the street, jingling her toy and calling her name. Nothing. 

I got home, sat in the chair below the window where she fell out and started crying again when Darren heard her little meow. She was maybe sleeping in a box in my neighbor's garden. Her little paw is injured though we don't think broken, but otherwise she seems fine. And I'll be fine, too. But sometimes we can't wrap our heads around all the horrible shit in the whole world when we're just trying to get by, our little lives, too, spoiled as we may be. There's no comparison but it doesn't mean we don't all have our own shit. I'm gonna go love on my babies.  

Stay safe out there. 

CoViD-19: Time To Reinstate Restrictions | US Drones Hit Suspected SBIEDs | Ida Hits Gulf Coast | Chapparel Fire Tornado | Vote NO On California Recall |

Orca at Sea World (Taken 6.22.21)

Last night we let Nova stay the night at my sister's. Darren and I went to the San Diego Zoo, but then later while Darren played guitar in the speakeasy, I watched movies on Netflix. I watched Poms, a comedy about women in a retirement community who start a cheerleading squad, and a Canadian movie called The Guide to The Perfect Family. Both gave me the feels and it's been awhile since I completely unplugged from the news like that for four straight hours. 

But then I was right back to my old ways and went right down a Twitter rabbit hole. I was curious about the imminent threat in Afghanistan so was watching latest Tweets with the search "Kabul". It is so interesting because people on the ground and people completely disconnected all have their hot takes on breaking news. There was an explosion near the airport and immediately Biden is blamed again for not getting people out. Then about an hour later the US claimed responsibility for the drone on a suspected safehouse planning suicide bombings and then its his fault for...for I don't know what. It's just "chaos", an "unmitigated disaster", etc.  It was a reminder that when using the "latest" feature to look at each profile for a profile photo, when they joined twitter, how many tweets they have, how many followers they have and what is in their bio. It doesn't guarantee credibility but it can help weed out the crazies, or at the very least remind you that these are not profiles worth replies.  

I used the same to feature to follow Ida as the storm was escalating in power and estimates on when it would make landfall varied. This was actually another lesson reminder on Twitter. The same keyboard patriots who suddenly know a million tactical ways we could've evacuated Afghanistan are also climate and weather experts! Did you know, the government controls the weather!? Oh, the conspiracies I've found! I can't even get into it without sounding like I'm buying in or endorsing the nutty shit I read online today and I don't even want to give them light, but it finally wore me out enough to go to bed. 

Today Nova was back home and getting ready for her first day of high school and I fully traumatized her by asking her what she was going to wear and then vetoing a couple of her options. I did my best to tactfully break it to her that pandemic around-the-house sweatpants/shorts are not out-in-public or school appropriate. I don't need her to stand out as a fashion icon or desperately try to fit in, she definitely has her own look, but I don't want her ostracized or picked on, either. I think I'm more scared about punk ass bullies than she is. Claws out, momma bears.  

I did feel so bad, though, that I thought rollercoasters might help keep her anxiety down, so we went to Sea World and she got her fill of Electric Eel and Manta while I made the rounds on the aquariums. It was kinda crowded in the park, but not in the exhibits so I wasn't freaking out like I sometimes do. Still, I can't believe it would be difficult at all for Sea World to post a few more signs that the State of California still REQUIRES masks indoors for unvaccinated people. It's a shame to see so many young kids with clear comorbidities not wearing masks. (I think this message will be reemphasized a lot more after September 14, and possibly for all people indoors and at outdoor events, theme parks, concerts and the like, regardless of vaccination status.) A few of the dolphins were especially playful and doing little behaviors for me right at the glass, so that is always a special moment. 

Now I'm catching up all over again on the hurricane and I hope for everyone in the region that it isn't as devastating as had been expected. After Katrina I volunteered with the Red Cross and I'll never forget the faces on the displaced people who lost everything who we helped. I do also have to say that my prepper impulses tell me that even though we're far removed, it's always a good idea to have emergency supplies on hand. The hurricane is only adding to supply chain issues, so take advantage of grabbing things you need in case of shortages or price spikes. The North Park Vons had some sparse shelves and it may get worse before it gets better. 

Stay safe out there. 

Saturday, August 28, 2021

CoViD-19: Delta Severity Confirmed: Increased Hospitalizations | US Continues Afghanistan Withdrawal; 117k Evacuated So Far | Evacuation Vote NO On California Recall |


My mandrill friend at San Diego Zoo (Taken 8.19.21)

I was up super late last night for no real reason besides it was cool and quiet and the kittens are especially cute between 2 and 5am. I haven't really been doing anything on weekends, but I'm kinda feeling the itch to get out of the house so I'm gonna keep it super short today. I don't really have anything to say that I haven't been saying all week anyway, so I'll just quietly back away from the laptop. 

Stay safe out there. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

CoViD-19: 1 Unvaxxed Teacher Infected Half Her Class: Your "Choice" Isn't Personal | Vote NO On CA Recall | US Retaliates Against ISIS-K With Drone Strike |


Tell me about it, Satu (Taken 8.19.21)

Feeling like Satu today. I feel like I've been online for 16 hours straight so I'm keeping it short tonight. It was obviously a big news day after every news channel basically let "experts" go on about what a pussy Biden is and then watch them all eat crow after the US killed an ISIS-K target via drone. Ditto for all the stories about "stranded" Americans who are now home or en route. 

What was actually interesting today was the COVID-19 news. States are seeing crazy surges and hospitalizations...I don't think California is exempt because I think when all the schools are back in session, we're going to see drastic problems, and if Newsom loses the recall we're all totally fucked. In an MMWR released by the CDC, one unvaxxed teacher with the Delta variant took off her mask to read to her class and half of them ended up infected and then that spread to secondary infections. It's great that vaccines are being required across numerous sectors but they're not soon enough. By giving everyone so much time we're letting this thing run rampant through communities. The message needs to change: Vax up or stay home. 

Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

CoVID-19: Basics: Vax, Mask, Distance, Clean The Air, Test, Trace, Treat | Kabul Airport Attacked | Golden State Stimmies | Vote NO On California Recall |


International Day of the Dog, Ficus with Jacaranda (Taken 8.3.21)

Today I watched my friend's kids for a couple hours. I've known both since they were littles and now they're going into 2nd and 4th grade and were speaking language I didn't understand as they played each other on a game on their iPads. It made me feel old. So while they screen-timed, I did, too, but without having to limit their time because they quickly fell in love with Magnolia and Jacaranda, who sleep like 21 hours a day but go through bursts of energy and adventuring all over the apartment. 

Besides that, I was bunkered at home because it was hot af outside and I just wanted to chill. The news today, of course, was tragic, and I saw it unfolding on Twitter last night, as people were being warned of an imminent threat and to clear the gates of Kabul airport. I will assume most people didn't catch that Twitter warning; dozens of people were killed or injured by the time I woke up. To be honest, I'm kinda surprised it didn't happen sooner. Of course the news has to feign sadness while gleefully finding every self-proclaimed security expert or war hawk who created this mess with no real plan to ever leave to talk about what a failure it is, while the US has evacuated more than 100,000 people, of which about 4500 were Americans (out of an estimated 6000 Americans). And locally every news channel spoke about the "stranded" San Diego students while also reporting that 3 families have since returned home, the very definition of not being fucking stranded. And, again, these were trips taken when the State Dept warning was level 4, the highest rating of extreme danger and CDC level three of high risk of COVID. So "stuck" "challenged" "unable to secure specific departure details" maybe, but "stranded" is inaccurate. And those district liaisons who encouraged the travel should be ashamed of themselves for putting those families in this predicament in the first place. 

Now I'm fired up, but I have a newsletter to write. if you didn't get the first GOlden State Stimulus for people earning under $75k, the second round starts going out tomorrow so keep an eye on your mailbox or direct deposit. 

Stay safe out there. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

CoViD-19: The Least You Can Do-- Wear A Goddamn Mask | Pfizer Applies For Comirnaty Booster; J&J Seeks Booster Approval | Heat Advisory | Vote NO On California Recall | GI Joe Congressmen Visit Afghanistan Covertly |

Cape Buffalo at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken by Nova 8.25.21)

I was gonna do another rant on the news but Darren always tells me that if I keep watching it, they'll keep making it. And I already had enough of a rant in my listings post about vaccination and in yesterday's post about shmucks who went to Afghanistan this summer and are now crying about being "stranded" so I'm just gonna let it go because I need to just put the laptop down for the night. 

What I will talk about is that Nova went to San Diego Zoo Safari Park today with her conservation camp and not only did they get to go to the Rhino Conservation Center, but they got to do a caravan in the African savannah. I'm so jealous. I let her take my old camera which she still needs lots of practice with but she got a couple cool shots like this one of some cape buffalo. Tomorrow they're going back up there, but there's a heat advisory and it could be 95 degrees in Escondido so hopefully they get to me adjacent to all those misters throughout the park. I bet they get to go behind the scenes by the elephants tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'll be home babysitting for an old friend. 

I'm gonna call it a night. Stay safe out there. 

Things To Do In San Diego: Wednesday, August 25-Tuesday, August 31, 2021 | Carlsbad Music Festival, Punk Rock Karaoke, Electric Six, State To State and More | Music News: SDMA Results and More |

Ozomatli (Taken 2.1.2020)

There is a lot of music news locally, nationally and internationally, but I've tried to limit to just a few interesting links, including the GoFundMe pages for Matt Hoyt and Louis Brazier, the San Diego Music Award winners, and a couple other stories that caught my eye this week. 

This afternoon I had the delight of catching up with Josh Damigo who sounds like he's doing great besides his frustration that he's the only member of his family who is vaccinated and the many excuses his family members make for not getting the shot. I've noticed the news is starting to say things like "he was waiting on a shot because..." instead of calling out the unvaccinated as responsible for their own illness and deaths, not to mention the chances that they spread the virus to anyone and everyone around them. It's irresponsible and it's gross. If you guys are going out to show, you damn well better be vaccinated, you better wear your masks, and stay home if you're experiencing any symptoms, which can be as minor as a headache or the sniffles, until you can test and make sure you're not carrying the virus. I don't want to see more posts from more sick friends who were living their best lives until they weren't because they're unvaccinated and in the ICU. 

Stay safe out there. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

CoViD-19: Delta Dominates; Deniers Die | No Time For Travel | 'Biden Blueprint' Passes House | Vote NO On California Recall | Photos: San Diego Zoo Safari Park |


Mama and Baby Rhino at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 8.24.21)

I don't know if I mentioned it, but Nova is doing an Animal Conservation Camp with the San Diego Zoo. It was one of the options through the Level Up summer options through San Diego Unified and the *FREE* program has been amazing for us. She did a month of band camp at Canyon Hills High School, then did a female leadership camp called Girls, Inc at Hoover, then her high school did three days of freshman orientation, and for her final week of summer, she gets to do Zoo Camp and I am sooo jealous. Monday and Tuesday were behind-the-scenes days at the Zoo, so they got to feed and scratch the necks of tortoises, go on the platform above the polar bears, and see the penguins from inside their enclosure. The next two days are at San Diego Zoo Safari Park and rumor has it they get to go to the Rhino Conservation Center, which is only kinda barely viewable by the tram and the rhinos are never out when we go in the afternoons. But my jealousy was eating at me so Darren and I went today. 

Obviously she didn't want to come being that she's gonna be walking around for two days, but we wanted to hit a sunset there before this expected heat wave hits. We got there later than planned but in time to catch the last 5:15 tram of the day (which didn't actually depart until 5:30) but it was magical! It felt like all the animals were out in bunches and active and our tour guide Cody could hardly contain himself. There were even mule deer crossing the road as we wrapped up the tour. But the coolest thing was that he pointed out to us that another southern white rhino had a baby two days ago!! They were way up on the hill but now I feel like I want to go every day. (I won't) 

The main crash was down by the tram plaza as we wrapped up, so I had low expectations, but sure enough when we got up to Kilima Point, there was a mom and babe rhino duo...I think Holly and Mwezi...and just me (and Darren who usually finds a quiet bench and reads on his phone.) It was awesome and special and made me forget about the sucky day and my sucky phone and sucky emails. I haven't done it in awhile, but photos at the end of this super depressing post full of super depressing news.  

Stay safe out there. 

Monday, August 23, 2021

CoViD-19: FDA Grants Full Authorization of "Comirnaty" FKA Pfizer/BioNTech | Test Positive? Get Your Monoclonal Antibodies | Vote NO On California Recall |


Orangs Indah and Aisha at San Diego Zoo (Taken 8.19.21)

I ruined everything. I decided to watch a tutorial on how to restore my camera, tried all the things, when none of them worked it said to try my camera in safe mode and if that worked I should restore my phone to factory settings, so I backed everything up, reset, and now everything is gone and the camera still doesn't work. It is making me crazy. At the moment I have no social media on my phone and I don't know if I should take it somewhere, call Samsung help, or just call the insurance with ATT and get a new goddamn phone, but it really really sucks. I think I spent 4 hours today trying to fix it, log in, restart, log out, log in, restart, rinse, repeat. 

Eventually I gave up and had to get out of the house so Darren and I walked around the San Diego Zoo while Nova was at derby. We got to watch the trainer feed the orangs and siamangs which was pretty sweet, wandered down Tiger Trail then up the elevator and across the bridge to spend some time with elephants Shaba and Mary before catching the Skyfari back to the exit. We still had a little time before pickup, so we walked through Spanish Village and hung out on the platform of the Moreton Bay Ficus for a minute before heading out east where the moon was blazing orange from smoke from whatever fire is nearest. 

My phone issue will get resolved one way or another and maybe I needn't be quite so dramatic about something so dumb, but it's kinda impeding my job right now, too, so I'll suck it up and call someone about it tomorrow. Tonight, we head to the speakeasy. 

Stay safe out there. Thoughts to my uncle who has COVID-19. He claims to be vaccinated however he was also undergoing cancer therapy the past couple years so it maybe didn't offer full protection, and he's very conservative living in a very red state so who knows if he was taking any real precautions. It sucks. 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

CoViD-19: Hospitals Beyond Capacity Threatens Non-COVID Patient Care; Unvaxxed Outcomes Are Grim | All News Is Climate News |LA Sheriff Gangs Exposed | Vote NO On California Recall |


Malayan Tiger at San Diego Zoo (Taken 8.15.21)

Last week I was cleaning out my phone because it was running out of space. I deleted a bunch of apps that I hadn't used in ages, moved pictures off the phone, and moves some stuff from the phone's memory to the SD card. Somehow in doing all of that, my camera on my phone no longer works. It sucks. I guess I'm gonna have to reset the phone to factory settings but I'm dreading that. I don't like change. I'm technologically challenged at the moment, too, because my laptop isn't charging properly, and when I use my camera, sometimes I get a message that says my lens aren't making a proper connection with the body and it all just makes me crazy. Why can't everything just work how it's supposed to when you need it to? 

At least my laptop works properly sometimes, because I've spent a significant amount of time this weekend shopping online. Petco does this thing where they offer 20% off, but only if you shop online and pickup the order. Do you know how tedious it is buying cat food and dog food online? But I do it because I love a good discount. I can't really say I did much else. I went for a walk to pickup a vase someone gifted on my Buy Nothing group, I watched all the crazy news about the flooding on the eastern seaboard and in Tennessee, and I also found this short documentary about the gangs within the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. The floods are hard to watch not just for the human toll and property damage but because we're in a never-ending drought and would do anything to get a dump of water in the state. The Sheriff Department gangs was eye-opening though not surprising. A high school boyfriend of mine went the full Norse God white supremacist route after high school and became a sheriff and I certainly wouldn't be surprised if he's affiliated with Proud Boys or some shit like that. 

I'm not really looking forward to Monday because to be honest, it's really hard to promote shows when the virus is so out of control. The recall is looming, Darren's EDD will run out soon, and we've got a heat wave expected this week. Unfun. But I'll try to keep my head up. My problems could obviously be way worse. 

Stay safe out there. 

Saturday, August 21, 2021

CoViD-19: Virus Is Here To Stay | US Surpasses 1000 Daily Deaths (Here We Go Again) | Delta Surge Continues To Ravage | Vote NO On California Recall |


Ficus at OB Dog Beach. Today is National Clear The Shelters Day. (Taken 7.10.21)

There is a fly in my living room and for the last two hours, the kittens have been stampeding around and jumping around every surface of furniture and ground trying to catch it with no success. It's a fun distraction juxtaposed with the 2 hour Mayo clinic presentation I just watched on the pandemic which basically summarized that we're all fucked. Dr Poland basically said that kids under 12 won't likely get an FDA EUA until January 2022 at the earliest because the FDA requested a larger study cohort and 4 additional months of data, that sending kids to school right now is a massive experiment because historically we already know kids spread illness and being unvaccinated in poor ventilation without masks and without social distancing is a giant recipe for disaster, and that since we have no control of the current virus variant at large, we're setting ourselves up for years of mutations and perhaps complete vaccine evasion at which point we're back to where we were in 2020. So yeah, happy Saturday. 

Meanwhile, Darren and Nova are outside trying to learn to ollie on their skateboards, it's 4 and I'm still in pajamas, and I just got an urgent call from Tim that the Small Black show tonight is now requiring vaccination or a negative test which is certain to ruffle a few feathers on the short notice, or the poor guy who responded that he doesn't get his second shot until next week so does one shot count? (It does not. "Fully Vaccinated" at the moment means 2 weeks after your second mRNA shot or after your one-and-done J&J. 

So all of that to say I did an early post today so I can go take advantage of whatever is salvageable in my day. I included a post from the Humane Society about caring for your pet as it sounds like next week we're going to have a helluva heat wave again. 

Stay safe out there. 

CoViD-19: Hospitals In Bad Shape | More Looks At Breakthrough| US Extends Sanction On Russia | PETA Alleges Orca Death Caused By Aggressive Orca | Vote NO On California Recall |


Orcas at Sea World (Taken 6.23.21)

I finally worked through my Friday inbox (while catching up on 3 different Housewives franchises) and found some content worth sharing going into the weekend. Most of it is repetitive: if you've watched any newscast, you're well aware of what's going on with COVID, mask and vax wars. hospitalizations, breakthroughs, etc, but maybe new reading will be more clarifying. 

What I was shocked to find in my inbox was a message directly from PETA about a whistleblower report that alleges that Amaya was maybe injured by another orca, Corky, after all 10 orcas were put in the same tank. As I mention below, I've never seen more than 3 whales in any given tank, but obviously there's a lot of unseen areas and practices at Sea World, so in this case, I would agree with PETA that an independent external investigation needs to happen. It's so very tragic and I haven't been quiet about how conflicted I feel even having a membership pass in the first place, but this makes me feel like I need to go visit instead of making me not want to go at all. 

Sometimes things are conflicting and life is so very hard. We're seeing that every day with what is unfolding in Afghanistan. I'm glad we are leaving Afghanistan and ending this senseless war, I wish it had been done years ago, or better that we were never there in the first place, but it doesn't make it any easier to see the anguish and pain happening there. We may joke about it often, but we really are "hashtag blessed" to live where we live. Which is why elections matter. Can you imagine the past 18 months under someone like Elder or Cox or Faulconer or Jenner? No thanks. My ballot tracker already notified me that my vote has been received by the registrar. Make sure they get your no vote, too. 

Stay safe out there. 

Friday, August 20, 2021

CoVID-19: Courts Upholding Mask Mandates | Old Globe Adds Vax Requirement | Prop 22 Struck Down | Vote NO On California Recall |


Hummingbird at San Diego Zoo (Taken 7.8.21)

I have barely made a dent in my inbox today, so I'm sure another post will be coming but I just wanted to get this one up while I was still motivated. Darren asked if I wanted to go on an evening hike and I said yes and instead we ended up at Costco, so that's about how my day is going. And if you want evidence that Delta is bad, Costco was out of toilet paper. So it would seem that my numerous predictions that Christmas is Canceled feel more and more accurate every day. Supply chain issues seem to be less about the manufacturing of products, though those seem to be a problem too, but more an issue with a lack of labor as people keep getting sick, especially in the very places we count on to process our food or make us some extra soft and absorbent toilet paper. 

Anyway, you'll probably hear from me again tonight so I'll peace out for now. 

Stay safe out there.  

Thursday, August 19, 2021

CoViD-19: Vax Up | Music Box Requires Vax or Test | Legendary Lestat's Soundman Louis Brazier Passes | Young Sea World Orca Dies | Vote NO On California Recall |

Orcas, possibly Kalia and Amaya, at Sea World (Taken 6.23.21)

Nova had derby tonight, so Darren and I went to the San Diego Zoo while she skated. It was World Orangutan Day, so I wanted to spend some time with them. But while we were at the mandrills, a helicopter was hovering overhead and all the animals kinda started going crazy and went into their apartment. It remained while we went over to the Orangs. I checked my phone, and Channel 10 was doing a live shot of the candlelight vigil for peace in Afghanistan that was taking place at the fountain in Balboa Park. I wasn't shy about commenting on their Facebook live feed that they were disturbing the primates. I'd like to think that's why they left, though maybe they just needed their live shot and moved on.

After walking around, we headed to pick Nova up and I read news on my phone that Amaya, a six-year old orca at Sea World, died suddenly. We haven't been going to Sea World because their safety protocols are non-existent and I find it irritating, but now I'm sad because I would always spend the last hour of the night with the orcas, who sometimes would come over if I whistled for them and I'd talk to them while the fireworks closed down the night and I waited for Nova's last rounds on the rollercoasters. It isn't normal for an orca to die at 6 years old, so I'll be following to see what their investigation finds in the coming weeks, if they share that information with the public at all.

We picked up Captain Sam's for dinner and as I was contemplating this post, I saw on Facebook that Louis Brazier of Lestat's died. As tributes continue to roll out, nobody has mentioned a cause of death, but the San Diego music scene definitely lost a legendary figure. I didn't really know Lou all that well, but he was always generous with me whenever I was there to shoot a show or he'd save me a spot for nights when Josh Damigo was playing and his impact on local music is immeasurable. 

With all that, it's hard to talk about other news...every pundit continues to diss the situation in Afghanistan, apparently forgetting that humans are generally unruly and there was no way to leave without "chaos." Just think about what it was like in airports during the early days of the pandemic shutdowns, the runs on toilet paper, what it looked like when mass vaccination sites were opened. Think about the images of the January 6th insurrection. Hell, think about what lines for Hall H at Comiccon looked like. Then add a war situation with guns and religious radicals and yes, it is a horrible, terrible situation, but it very much tracks with human behavior. I hope it gets better and I'm sorry that so many are suffering. But the representatives who are now acting like this is Biden's mess should really go watch reels of themselves talking over the past 20 years and shut the fuck up. 

Stay safe out there. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

CoViD-19: California Implements Vax Or Test For 1,000+ Indoor Events | Boosters Are Coming | San Diego's Unhinged County Board Meeting Is Colbert Comedy Gold | Vote NO On CA Recall | Important Webinar on School Reopening Safety |

Red Throated Parrot Finch at San Diego Zoo (Taken 7.8.2021)

It's hard to see the forest for the trees, but sometimes it occurs to me just how much has changed--how much I've changed-- because of this pandemic. It's in big ways, and small ways, too. Like before the pandemic, I had my go-to series I'd watch on TV. Then at the beginning of shutdowns, I would just binge and absorb everything new on streaming as soon as it would go live, and now I'm a YouTube person. I subscribe to dozens of channels and watch news clips and media briefings and city council and county board of supervisor meetings and clips from all the late shows and more. Obviously there are deeper changes, too, but the superficial changes are the more easily observable. 

Wednesdays are data-dump days by the County and the COVID response team had a briefing so there's a lot of news today, but more important, our bonkers Board of Supervisors meeting got the attention of the writers at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, so I embedded the link below. 

It's late, I'm tired, lots of stuff after the jump. Stay safe out there. 


Things To Do In San Diego: Tuesday, August 17-Tuesday, August 24, 2021: Venues Expand Vax/Test/Mask Requirements & Other Music News | Fanboy | Hair at The Globe | Best Of San Diego Party | Descendents @ SOMA |

RIP Matt Hoyt (Taken 1.5.2020)

I'm really sorry that I've been sucking so bad at doing the listings. I may or may not go in and edit these as I discover new events, but I wanted to at least get the basics out there, especially since I fully support artists, venues, and specific events that are taking the steps to require vaccinations or tests for attendance. The kids are still driving this thing and it has to stop. You can see our Casbah post about that here. 

I also wish I had more words about the passing of Matt Hoyt, but I don't. He was awesome, he was always sweet to me and showed me incredible respect and flattery with regard to my work at the Casbah. The San Diego music, art, restaurant, film and the whole city in general will be a little dimmer without him. But I also think he'd want us to carry on and create and live and share and toast and be amazing and live our best lives now and as long as we may be so fortunate. RIP Matt. 

Lots of music news this week in addition to a grip of shows. Be sure to check your events as many are adding vaccine, testing, and mask requirements. Also, lots of places have adopted clear bag policies that LiveNation has had forever, so head to Ross and grab yourself a clear makeup bag or backpack before there's a run on all of them. 

Stay safe out there. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

CoViD-19: School Openings Not Doing So Great. Back To "Swiss Cheese" | Covidiots Maskhole Vocal Minority Flock To County Supervisors Meeting | Jake Sullivan Takes No Shit | Vote NO On The Recall |


Black Cat Appreciation Day (Taken 8.16.21)

I got up super early (for me) again today and I swear I was gonna do listings, but then there was a ton of updates I had to do for my actual job, then I got caught up in media briefings and the County Board of Supervisors meeting and just trying to put out email fires as they arose, then I tried to put the house back together after everything was everywhere for the electrician's work yesterday, and before I knew it, Nova was already back from school, I was sweaty from cleaning and needed a cold shower, and we decided to go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. 

It was hot and muggy in Normal Heights, but by the time we got to the park a little before 5 it was actually really nice. Unfortunately we were walking toward the gorillas and discovered a ransacked backpack, and after reporting it to the security, it turns out someone stole the bag from a trainer, possibly ganked her wallet, and left the backpack strewn about. WHO DOES THAT?? People really suck sometimes. 

Besides that, it was nice to be there since we haven't been most of the summer because of the uncomfortable weather. We only did the lower half since I think Tiger Trail is still closed due to the tiger COVID breakout. Anyway, I'm gonna get to my listings as soon and as fast as I can, so stay tuned. 

I'm gonna steer clear from posting about Afghanistan but Jake Sullivan's comments today were interesting as he tried to navigate a very hostile media room. 

COVID-19 news is what you'd expect...schools are opening so outbreaks are happening all over with some schools scrambling to go back to virtual and others accepting mask mandates after all. You'll hear lots of references to "swiss cheese" which is the idea that layered mitigation works the best. Masks AND ventilation AND vaccination AND distance AND hygiene AND testing AND contact tracing AND isolation AND quarantine. The idea being that if you stack slices of swiss cheese, you can cover the holes the more slices you stack.  

Meanwhile, Governor Abbott has a breakthrough case, and if you can't say anything nice about a despicable piece of shit human being getting sick and then getting monoclonal antibodies while pumping Regeneron, then you shouldn't say anything at all. Good people don't wish ill on people. I'm not always a good person. 

Also, Darren and I both voted today and I love the vote tracker, which sent me an email and text that my ballot arrived, and will do the same when it gets back to the registrar. Lastly, I think it is insensitive to call people crazy or lunatics because they actually may suffer mental illness and most people who experience mental illness are not so outrageous, but the Board of Supervisors meeting was full of covidiot maskholes, and you should definitely watch the clips on the twitter feed of Phillip Molnar of the UT. I wish the posts were in one thread, but instead, watch some of them here, here, here, here, here, here, here, herehere, here, here, and here. I also posted some screen grabs of slides and data that were shared at the meeting. The patience of the supervisors deserves some mad respect.

Stay safe out there. 

Monday, August 16, 2021

CoViD-19: County Recommends Staff Vaccine Mandates For All Businesses; Get Tested At First Sign Of Symptoms | SDUSD Still Sorting Final Protocols | Ballots Are Out: Vote No On Recall | Biden Speaks On Afghanistan |

Malayan Tiger Taking A Dip (Taken 8.15.21)

I knew today was gonna be a cluster but man, was it ever. We were up shiny and early this morning because the electrician came. Darren was kind enough to move everything from our room to make space for the work, but our house looks like a before picture of a house being organized by Marie Kondo or when the team comes to a Hoarders house. If I had the time, I'd take advantage and maybe cull some stuff out of the closet but who has the time? 

It was a busy news day. All day I kept trying to start my listings so they could actually be ready on Tuesday morning, but there was so much going on, and then we had no power, and then I had to do a bunch of stuff for my actual job, and then and then and then. Finally when Darren was gonna take Nova to derby I realized I needed to walk away from my laptop, so we hit the San Diego Zoo until it was time to pick her up again. 

So yeah. Maybe listings will come before tomorrow morning. Or tomorrow night. Or maybe Wednesday. I can't really say. What I can say is that there are a whole lot of shows that are requiring vaccines, several that won't allow a testing out option, so if you know people still stalling on this shit, tell them to get on it. We're done waiting around for them to let the virus continue mutating and making our vaccinations worthless with future strains. This has to end. 

Stay safe out there. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

CoViD-19: Surges "Entirely Predictable, Entirely Preventable" | Afghanistan Disaster | Domestic Terrorist Warning Over...Masks and Vax?? | Vote No On Recall |

Magnolia & Jacaranda Testing Strawberry's Patience on the Catio (Taken 8.15.21)

Today has been a really horrific day of news. The Taliban have completely taken over Afghanistan and while all the news channels talk about the ramifications, whose fault it is, what went wrong, I feel very distant from it other than when we went to war in Afghanistan in the first place, it was the last time I bothered attending a protest. It was really rich watching Liz Cheney barking all over the news. How much money did her criminal family gain on the whole dabacle? Sit down, Liz. 

Anyway, I wanted a low key weekend and I got it. I was in bed by 11 on Saturday, so Sunday morning was peaceful. I spent some time letting the kittens play on the catio, gave myself a pedicure, upped my brow game, made a brunch that would've cost me $30 at any restaurant, and finished some chores around the house before everyone else was even up. I didn't realize Reservation Dogs was only releasing weekly, so instead Nova and I started watching AlRawabi School For Girls on Netflix. 

I'm keeping it short because I'm in for a whole Monday of suck. We've got the electrician coming out at 8 in the morning and to do the work he has to do, we have to move my shelf of shit, my king bed, and everything out of my closet so he can access the attic crawl space. What a freaking nightmare. Then he's gonna leave gaping holes in the wall but we don't know when someone will be sent out to fix those.

Besides Afghanistan, we're still in the midst of a pandemic, Haiti's death toll from the earthquake is rising and they're expecting a tropical storm to hit on top of that, and on Friday the Dept of Homeland Security issued a warning that domestic terrorists may coordinate actions in response to health guidance measures. Even with all the bad news, I'm feeling quite content which comparatively feels like a luxury for which I'm grateful. 

Stay safe out there. 

Saturday, August 14, 2021

CoViD-19: US Cases Continue Drive Upward | Masks Work But Better Masks Work Better | Should You Mask Outdoors? Aussie Outbreak Says Yes | Governor Newsom in San Diego |


Funani and Amahle at San Diego Zoo (Taken 3.3.2020)

It's a really quiet day around the house today. My sister called and they're all out at Balboa Park for another Saturday party on the lawn, but I'm just being overly cautious because it feels like nobody else is. It's all good though because today the new season of The Zoo:San Diego premieres on Animal Planet. It was available on Discovery Plus but we're maxed on streaming services, so I'm watching the first season marathon as it counts down to the new season premiere. It's way better than what I was watching before, which was the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills which is just total garbage, more now than usual. I'm gonna cut it short today because I think I've been a lot this week. I read a story about a girl who survived COVID, but had to have her arms and legs amputated and it's kinda just freaking me out the more I think about kids going back to school.  

Apparently Governor Newsom is in San Diego today, but I couldn't track down where he'd be or when. Ballots are here next week. It is imperative that everyone votes NO on the recall and returns their ballot right away. Not voting is the same as a yes vote. We cannot let this state go to the hell of Florida or Texas.   

Stay safe out there. 

CoViD-19: Test-Type Matters For Asymptomatic | Delta Is Trying To Cancel Christmas | July Was Hottest Month on Record | Cases Continue Rise Across US |

Momma and Pup Sea Lion at La Jolla Cove (Taken 6.15.2020)

Thursday was such a massive news day that I didn't really feel any urgency for a Friday post, which explains why I'm still staring at my laptop at 2:30 am, enjoying the quiet purr of the air conditioner as the kittens have taken residence in the unfolded laundry which is still warm from the dryer. I didn't do a thing today, and don't really have plans for the weekend, either, so it should be mellow times around here. Nova and I started watching Reservation Dogs on HULU and the first episode was great, so maybe we'll binge that this weekend.

I wasn't really feeling ranty about anything in particular today, but I've been thinking a lot about kids. I was thinking how glad I am that Nova is old enough for vaccination, that our state and school district are requiring masks indoors, and that she's going to a newly renovated school that claims to have improved ventilation, because I think if I was a mom of a kid in Florida or Texas or anywhere else where masking is optional, I don't think I'd be sending my kid back to school. In every article, it seems we keep comparing kids to adults, that it isn't that bad for kids, but I suspect the 350 families who lost a kid would disagree, as would the 4400 who saw their kid get MIS-C. 

When Nova was in 3rd grade, she got this hacking cough that wouldn't go away. For almost 4 months she was coughing but without any diagnosis, and we tried everything we could to get her better with numerous doctor visits, changes in diet, diligently cleaning a humidifier every night. Meanwhile, an anti-vax parent had to pull her boys from school after they both got whooping cough and we pretty much abandoned that relationship because you can't be friends with a lunatic. 

All I'm saying is I don't envy the difficult choices a parent of young ones needs to make, but all of us, if we really give a shit about the children, should be doing everything we can to make sure they don't get infected in the first place, including masking, vaccinations, demonstrating hygiene, and our politicians need to stop giving both sides equal sway and do what they need to do to keep kids safe and expand testing for everyone everywhere with greater frequency.  

Also, Christmas is Canceled. The spread of the delta variant and likely expanding of lambda or delta+, the wildfires burning all the trees that weren't already killed by drought, the post office jacking postal rates and slowing deliveries, the rise in consumer prices, product shortages, shipping backlogs, and the end to federal assistance like extended unemployment, expanded SNAP and food programs, and the resumption of evictions, we could be in for a very dark holiday. 

Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

COViD-10: FDA Authorizes mRNA Boosters For Immunocompromised | Beware Minor Delta Symptoms, Breakthroughs | World Elephant Day | County Offers Vital Records Day | Census Data Released | Gloria Signs Infra Legislation | Catholics Say Get Vaxxed | Rant |

A Throwback of San Diego Zoo Safari Park Elephant Herd (Taken 7.9.20)

Today has been a day. So much news. I was up all night and finally snuck in a couple hours of sleep while Nova was at camp, but it feels like today was never ended. Tons of COVID stuff to parse between science and opinions, lots more vaccination and mask requirements, including even the Catholic Diocese San Diego stepping in and asking priests NOT to endorse religious exemptions saying, "...the Holy See has made it clear that receiving the Covid vaccine is perfectly consistent with Catholic faith, and indeed laudatory in the light of the common good in this time of pandemic." It goes on, "In addition, since the declaration (by Colorado Diocese) focuses its moral analysis so exclusively on the rights of the individual to his or her choice and personal benefit in society, rather than balancing those realities with the pursuit of the common good  in a time of pandemic, it presents a radically incomplete picture of Catholic teaching..."

I was also feeling ranty this morning but decided not to post it up top because I was probably delirious from not having gotten a wink all night. All this to say, my only time outta the house today was a nighttime dog walk, but I'm okay with it. My allergies were kicking in hot today, so I don't know if that's from the lack of sleep, the icky weather, or Delta symptoms in disguise, but I guess we'll try to go get tested tomorrow now that county capacity has ramped back up. 

I've got a newsletter to send so I'm gonna call it a night. Lots of reading below. 

Stay safe out there.  

CoViD-19: "This Disease Is Now A Choice" | Put Kids First; California Requires Vax or Tests For School Employees | Senate Passes Budget Proposal | San Diego: Unvaxxed 9x More Likely For Infection, 51x For Hospitalization |


(Taken 5.3.21)
What a day. I told you that on Monday while Darren and I were in the speakeasy, some truck was idling and turns out maybe the guy fell asleep or something, so numerous cops came to handle that situation until like 3 or 4 in the morning. So then Tuesday night I'm working on listings so I was up super late and when I finished, watched some smut on Bravo before going to bed and some prowler comes in my yard (no thanks to Ficus who was sound asleep). He was casing but I yelled and he left. But then he came back at 5am and stole our entire trash canister full of recycling, probably $100 worth of cans and bottles. I called police but a prowler is apparently not an emergency and I wasn't gonna wait around for them to come do a police report. This morning the bin was back, but the jerk actually zip-tied our gate open. Now we have a lock back on it and all the neighbors are aware and I've asked for a security light and I'll be sleeping with one eye open. I'm trying to be compassionate that the person needed the recycling more than us, but you don't get to case a house and steal shit. Not okay. 

Wednesday is the day the County gives all their weekly data and it is kind of alarming, but there is still good evidence that cases in unvaccinated people far exceed by 9-fold breakthrough infections, so businesses considering vax requirements or negative tests should still proceed to stifle infections. 

Nova and I went to the San Diego Zoo tonight and then Darren met us a little later after he worked on his new bike for awhile and it was so muggy and gross but also empty as I guess the summer travelers are diminishing. I met a chatty 4 year old whose family was trying to find the exit, so they followed us to Skyfari as she asked me about my day, what animals I saw, and gushingly thanked us for our help to the "bucket ride". At one point she asked me a question and asked the 3 ladies with her to talk quieter because we were having a very important conversation. And they were all masked, as were we. Adorbs. 

There's a lot today, so sorry to be posting so late. Good news, though. The City of San Diego got the emergency permit to close the sea lion rookery, so barriers went up this morning. 

Stay safe out there. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Things To Do In San Diego: Tuesday, August 10-Monday, August 16,2021 | San Diego Music Awards Showcases | Atmosphere & Cypress Hill | Bad Cop/Bad Cop | and more!!

Sold Out Show At Casbah (Taken 1.18.2020)

I know it's a day late, but here's this week's basic listings. I thought Winston's had closed for good, but glad to see they survived the pandemic after all. More and more venues are mandating masking for all and some are getting onboard with proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test, so be sure to use the googles to find out what restrictions may be in place. With shows starting at Pechanga Arena, it's important to remember California has different rules for "mega-events" so vax or test are mandatory for attendance because of CDPH protocols. I'm still laying low, especially with my dad fresh out of the hospital and unfortunately I only think our numbers are going to up once all the schools are back in session so I may be sitting out for awhile, but after talking with a friend I hadn't talked to since the beginning of the pandemic, I totally get how someone living alone or with no family nearby or who doesn't engage with seniors or kids is feeling the pull to get out into the world, so I'm sorry if I've been narrow visioned. Still, it's a little scary out there so do the best you can to look out for yourself. 

Stay safe out there. 

CoViD-19: Local & National Hospitalizations Rising | Hospital Visitors Require Vax or Neg Test Starting Tomorrow | BIB Passes Senate | CA Schools Expand Educational Opportunities | Cuomo Resigns |

Beautiful Mary at San Diego Zoo (Taken 7.13.21)

Tonight the news was pointing out different health systems in San Diego that will be requiring vaccination or negative tests for people visiting patients or entering premises but if you recall, this was part of the California state order that was published last week, so I'm not sure why this wasn't actually getting more coverage as a general order rather than just the few mentioned in the story. There was also this funny segment on NBC San Diego's 11 o'clock news where an expert was talking about the importance of masking in schools, recommended sending extras with students, and having a clean plastic bag to store the mask during lunch and other unmasked activities, to which Mark Mullen quipped, "because we know that all kids are inherently gross" and it was the truest thing ever said on the news. 

Today was a completely uneventful day. I did webinar training, watched a few media briefings, and caught up on sleep lost last night after there was some police activity in front of my house that went on for hours while Darren and I were trying to enjoy the speakeasy. Hopefully tomorrow I can get my shit in gear and do something fun, though we've been avoiding Sea World because it's been super crowded and I'm pissed they're not enforcing the state mask requirement for unvaccinated people, evidenced by the under 12 kids without masks. 

Once again, I didn't get around to doing listings, I'm not super motivated to do them, but I will get to them eventually. 

Stay safe out there. 

Monday, August 09, 2021

CoViD-19: More Vax Mandates Coming; Delta Still Bad | San Diego Offers More Small Biz Relief | IPCC Climate Report Drops | China's Elephants Heading Home? | SDCCU Offers Financial Wellness Webinars |

Magnolia and Jacaranda Are Growing So Fast (Taken 8.9.21)

I used to make Mondays my day off because I was always at shows all weekend long, and even after the pandemic, I feel like Mondays are still the day I want to be left alone and recharge. Nowadays I wake up, bust through as much work as possible then try to nap while Nova is at camp. So I'm feeling good. While she was at derby, Darren and I wandered around the San Diego Zoo and shared a sandwich in the secluded dining area by Devi the Elephant and it was lovely. Skyfari is back open, too. You know how there's shortages everywhere for everything? Well according to a dude working the Skyfari, there was a super small mechanical problem that needed to be fixed but it took three weeks for the part to be fabricated and delivered. It's all good now as summer hours wind down. 

There was a lot of news today, especially with the 1,500 page climate report that dropped and more discussion of the vaccine mandates for military which will come soon. A few weeks ago I posted how the FDA was going all-hands-on-deck to get through the EUA data for Pfizer's vaccines so they can be officially approved which will then create the leeway of even more entities demanding vaccinations as conditions of employment or general participation in society. 

COVID-19 news isn't really changing, but there is this sort of back and forth that anti-vaxxers are trying to use that if people get breakthrough infections anyway, why even bother with vaccines, vaccine cards, mask requirements and the like and it is just a total facepalm argument. Doctors are now sharing what a scan of a COVID lung looks like on a vaccinated person versus an unvaccinated person. They have to spell out the symptoms of the dying unvaccinated versus the sucky and uncomfortable but usually not deadly symptoms of a breakthrough infection. I'd prefer not to get a breakthrough and I'm doing my best to keep it safe as I'm already pretty risk-averse, but I'd like to believe were I to get sick, I'd be able to drink some water, sleep all day, pop some tylenol and eventually be fine. And the second they call for boosters, I'm on that, too. 

Stay safe out there. 

CoViD-19: US Averages Over 100k Cases/Day | Layered Mitigation Is The Only Way | Olympics Come To A Close | School Reopenings Will Drive Transmission |

9 Years Together Celebrated With A Short Camping Trip (Taken 8.7.21)

We had a really nice time spending Saturday night at the Kumeyaay Lake Campground in Mission Trails Regional Park. It's  a pain in the ass to pack and load everything and set up camp, but once it's done and you get the stillness of the outdoors, you understand why people do it, even if we we were only 10 miles from home. We got our fire going early, had s'mores and hot links, and after we put the fire out after 10pm for quiet hours, we took another walk around the lake. During the stay we saw a massive tarantula, lots of birds, and a bat that kept visiting by flapping around our site and then disappearing for awhile until he'd reappear a little later. The only nuisance was these wasps that were circling when we first arrived but as the sun dropped they went away. 

We packed up around 10 this morning which was nice that it was cool and overcast and we weren't blasted out of our tent with the morning sun. Darren didn't bring proper sleeping gear, so he'd gotten cold in the night and attempted sleeping in the van, which just meant he really didn't sleep at all, so we had a super lazy Sunday getting actual sleep at home. 

Which then leads to this afternoon. My dad was released from the hospital and of course I'm glad he's home and feeling better, but I'm also feeling really angry and frustrated which as a Mexican raised Catholic-adjacent just leads to immense guilt. They were supposed to deliver a hospital bed that could accommodate him but he doesn't want to be in the den, he wants his room at the end of the hall which is impossible for a gurney should he have another emergency, so my parents called off the delivery. My poor, thin mother is handling all of his care on her own but he's the one who gets the say on where he's kept and it is infuriating that he isn't doing everything to put her first instead of his pity party and blaming everyone else for his circumstances. The hospital actually wanted him to go to a rehab facility but my parents vetoed that because there are no visitors allowed to said facility because of COVID protocols. It's frustrating and sad and I love my parents but I don't think my dad sees the damage he's doing to my mom. These are all the things we're not supposed to say out loud, and so we don't. Darren and my sister helped as 4 firemen transported him home while I drove all over Chula Vista trying to find anything to eat that wasn't tacos (because we've had tacos like every day for a week) and ended up just getting pizza and wings from the place right by their house that we've been going to all of our lives. 

I'm frustrated and sad and I burned the shit out of my arm on the fire ring last night so I'm gonna keep it short today. You know the deal: cases are crazy high everywhere including San Diego. Restaurants who were suing about closures last year are now closing on their own because of COVID case transmission and contacts among staff and patrons (looking at you, C-star), and venues contemplating vax requirements may be moot if we all just have to shut down again whenever outbreaks happen. I thought by August I'd loosen up my personal protocols and maybe hit some shows, but as it is right now, I'm gonna have to say hard pass. Any place I want to go would have to (1) require vaccinations (2) require universal masking (3) have improved HEPA or MERV-13 ventilation system (4) have clear CO2 monitors where patrons can see air exchange rates (5) safe space for distancing. Today I almost got takeout until I looked around and not a single person was in a mask. Uh, yeah, no. 

Stay safe out there. 


Saturday, August 07, 2021

CoViD-19: Yes, You Can Get COVID Outdoors | 9 Year Anniversary With My Love | Gonzalez-Fletchers Share Cancer News |

9 Years Together! (Taken 8.5.21)

I wasn't supposed to come online today, but I wanted to gush about my super amazing loving partner Darren. Last night (or tonight?, we can't really remember) marked 9 years from the night we met at Soda Bar and became inseparable. I can't imagine life without him, especially what pandemic life without him, and I'm so grateful for everything he does for me every single day. He puts up with my messes, my horrible sleep patterns, my hours staring at my laptop and is supportive of it all through and through, while keeping our house in order, our yard green, our animals fed and clean, raising an amazing daughter, and finding time for fun and music and good times. I love you, Darren. 

With COVID numbers climbing, the state and county have returned to reporting daily numbers, but this also means that San Diego has increased testing capacity again. If you feel sick or were exposed to COVID-19, get tested! And not just once in case you have an incubation period. Testing is free through the County sites. 

Now I go offline. Stay safe out there. 

Friday, August 06, 2021

CoViD-19: US Surpasses 120K Cases | Delta Will Find The Unvaxxed | Huanglongbing Found in SD | Student Loan Repayment Pause Extended | Pandemic Cave Syndrome |

California Sea Lions at Boomer Beach at Point La Jolla (Taken 5.3.21)

Today I was watching yet another news story giving equal coverage to parents who want their kids back in school with safety and mitigation measures in place versus the parents who don't want masks on their children. A woman held a sign that said "Let Them Breath" and I thought, sounds about right. Today the US reported more than 120k new cases but achieved 50% of the total US population fully vaccinated. Six months ago it felt like we should've easily gotten to 70% or 80% but now I guess we celebrate any minute milestone. 

So a lot of local venues are really in a pickle. With closing down not being a realistic option, places are evaluating whether they should require vaccines or negative test results. Some are even looking into having rapid testing on site. Some are reinstating mask requirements but obviously you can't mask while you're drinking so the enforcement is nearly impossible and an effort in futility. I'm trying to consult with the best information I have; that while vaccinated people can be carriers of the delta variant and carry virus in the nose and mouth, the breakthroughs are still far less than cases among the unvaccinated. And I keep reminding the venues that 20-29 year olds ---the bar crowd --- represent 1 in 4 cases in the County while only representing 17% of the population and this group is still falling under 50% fully vaccinated. It is these holdout that will keep variants circulating and make the rest of us have to get boosters in perpetuity. 

I'm looking forward to the weekend hoping to go off-grid, so I may or may not do data on Saturday since CDC and JHU are the only ones who update anyway. 

Stay safe out there.   

CoViD-19: CA Requires Vax For Health Care Workers, Visitors As Risk Increases to "Very High" | Vote NO On Recall | Mexico Sues Gun Manufacturers | Hooray For Soda Bar |


Hovvdy Played Soda Bar in the Before Times (Taken 11.14.2019)

I was so pleased when I got today's newsletter from Soda Bar that they'll be requiring proof of vaccines or a negative COVID-19 test for entry. With the delta variant as contagious as it is, this won't guarantee no cases will get through the doors, but all the mitigations together should help while also making people who have done the right thing by getting vaccinated feel more comfortable in spaces that are often packed shoulder to shoulder with hot sweat just wafting in the air. I think you're gonna see more venues follow suit, fingers crossed. 

Today was a waste of a day for me. I just couldn't motivate to do much of anything so I mostly just watched news and Olympics while doing my daily reading and then I zonked out, which is why I'm now still writing at nearly 2am.  

Wednesday is the County of San Diego's big reporting day (since they cut back from briefings and daily charts, so today I included one that I find interesting which is the demographics of vaccinated people by age. About 1 in 4 cases in the County is with 20-29 year olds, yet 18-29 year olds are still under 50% fully vaccinated. That is far from enough being as this is the age group most likely to be out at concerts, restaurants, bars, and the like. Hopefully enough venues and restaurants join forces that nudges these ding dongs to get the jabs. Then maybe I can get outta the house and stop being such a hermit. 

Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, August 05, 2021

CoVID-19: Soda Bar Takes A Stand: Requires Vaccination or Negative COVID Test For Attendance

Soda Bar is now requiring proof of vaccine or a negative COVID test for attending any show.  This is MASSIVE! I'm so proud of Cory and the Soda Bar team for taking the steps to keep their patrons and staff safe. I cannot wait for other venues to get onboard. 

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

CoViD-19: Delta Dominates; Lambda Back In The News | #COVIDSafeZones | City Passes Parks Master Plan Update | Closing The Sea Lion Rookery |


Mary The Asian Elephant at San Diego Zoo (Taken 8.4.21)

I was wrong. 

A couple months ago, the Sierra Club was urging the City of San Diego to close Boomer Beach at Point La Jolla to protect the pups of the Sea Lion Rookery. As a somewhat regular visitor in the past, I was firmly against closing the beach. I thought new signs, docents, and lifeguards could help reduce the interactions with selfie-seeking tourists and the sea lions. 

I was wrong. 

Look at how the country has handled COVID-19 and mask mandates. Look at how travelers are acting out of control on flights. Look at how people are treating restaurant and hotel and other service industry sectors. Look at how supposed "Law and Order" people behaved on January 6th. And look how political leaders are still supporting The Big Lie. 

Not all people are terrible and awful. But there are enough terrible and awful people who consistently ruin everything for everyone. The overused refrain is "this is why we can't have nice things," and here we are again. 

So the City is trying to get an emergency permit to close off Boomer Beach below the wall until pupping season is over for the sea lions (which is a separate pupping season from the seals at Casa Beach/Children's Pool) and now I guess I'm on board. I wish it didn't have to happen but people just haven't been able to self-police and so I hope it moves forward. I'm sad, but I guess I should have believed my own eyes and frustration instead of hoping for the best. 

Beyond that, it was a nice and much more tolerable weather day in San Diego. In my Twitter reads, Lambda was back in the news after a study found it to be vaccine evasive...but not with MRNA vaccines so we shouldn't panic yet. But we should be aware and do everything we can in our power to squash COVID-19 now, with the Delta variant and all the others surely to come to our shores. I posted a video below that is worth watching about the current state of the pandemic, even if from an Australian viewpoint (which has far less vaccinations than we currently do.) 

Darren and I picked up some Roberto's tacos and went to the San Diego Zoo and ate at the big open patio by Devi the Asian Elephant. Then we walked them off until the 9pm closing and it was kind of a perfect night out as far as crowd and weather and all that. 

If you are out and about in the world, make sure you've got your vaccine card or get your digital record because every day, more and more places are signing on to vaccine mandates. As it stands, Casbah is reverting back to mandatory masking regardless of vaccination status and I'm still advocating strongly for all of our local venues to collectively require vaccines in every way I can. Fingers crossed. 

Stay safe out there. 

Things To Do In San Diego: Tuesday, August 3-Monday, August 9, 2021: ArtWalk, Lady Dottie Residency, Beer City San Diego Premiere, Beer X and more...

A Sold Out Show at SOMA (Taken 11.17.18)

I said I wasn't gonna do listings but I ended up doing abbreviated ones so you'll maybe notice a few venues I've dropped off and I didn't really look too hard for events at non-traditional or special events. I feel like I have to write a disclaimer: I am not presently going to shows, I don't know that I foresee that happening anytime soon. In my mind, I still live in the state tiers and I don't want to go anywhere until we're solidly back in what would be orange or yellow, not red or purple. (You can see the tiers on this old post) SOMA has just made the move to require masks for all patrons regardless of vaccine status, but that's not gonna do a hell of a lot of good unless they massively overhauled their ventilation, created sections so 2300 kids aren't all smooshing up to the front, and masking is strictly enforced. Probably would be a good idea to cut capacity and mandate vaccinations for those 12+, but I don't see Len jumping on that train. Anyway, everyone has to do their own risk assessment but for me, I'm gonna stick to my mostly bunkered lifestyle and the not- standing-still-among-strangers outdoor stuff for just a bit longer. 

Stay safe out there. 

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

CoViD-19: San Diego Breaks 300k Cases, 3,800 Deaths | Safari Park Tigers Suspected COVID Positive | More On The BIB | Council Votes To Ban Ghost Guns |


Sumatran Tiger at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 6.25.2019)

My brain feels like mush today. I feel like I've been staring at my laptop all day and night and spinning in circles so I'm just going to declare I'm done and be done with it. 

I spoke with my mom today and my dad got a room at Kaiser which is nice because when I spoke to my dad yesterday, he basically said he had to listen to the doctors basically death panel him...deciding if he was worth a room, worth intervention, worth saving...because of the amount of people currently hospitalized. Not cool, Kaiser doctor bros. 

Besides that, there's not much excitement around here. Nova's fully independent now and takes the Rapid bus to and from her LevelUp GirlsInc summer camp at Hoover which goes for another week and a half, and then she'll have a week off during which the school will be open for campus preview for new incoming students, and then she'll end her summer with a LevelUp camp in animal conservation at the San Diego Zoo. I'm kinda jealous. 

And speaking of the Zoo, today it was announced that at least two of the Sumatran tigers at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park are suspected of having COVID, so they're assuming all six do. Which sucks because San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance was vaccinating the animals, but apparently not fast enough. After reading that information on the white-tailed deer yesterday, I wonder if they're testing the scat of our local mule deer, too? It sounds like the cats will be fine, but Tiger Walk is closed in the meantime, and I would imagine they're closing the walkway behind that goes from the base of Australia Walkabout to the epiphyllum garden. It's been so hot, we haven't made the trek in a few weeks. 

While I'm talking about parks, I reached out to the public relations department at Sea World asking why they're not stricter on masks in their indoor aquariums and shops and they responded that they're following CDC guidance, to which I pointed out that CDPH mandates masks for the unvaccinated, which would include every kid under 12. I doubt they'll respond because now I'm just a nuisance, but hopefully there will be enough pressure to follow other large parks in California and do the right thing. 

Today San Diego broke 300,000 known cases since the beginning of the pandemic and 3,800 deaths. Testing sites are once again expanding because of the high demand. 

Stay safe out there. 

Monday, August 02, 2021

CoViD-19: Get Vaccinated, Stupid | Delta Surge | The BIB | San Diego Infrastructure Plan | EDD May End Sooner Than You Think | Heat Advisory |

Kumeyaay Lake at Mission Trails Regional Park (Taken 8.2.21)

I was awakened this morning at 4:30am when my mom texted me that my dad was taken to Kaiser Zion by ambulance. As I've said, his health has been declining a lot lately and we've been trying to get him to go in on his own but he's stubborn and it took an actual emergency for him to go. It's scary and he's not well, but they gave him dialysis today which seemed to at least make him feel temporarily better and lucid enough to chat. 

While I'm of course worried about him, I'm even more worried about my mom because she stays by his side night and day and ignores her own self-care, so we were in continuous contact throughout the day. All of this made me feel especially ranty about COVID-19 because we can't visit and he waited over 6 hours before getting a bed because the hospital is full of COVID patients. My tolerance for the unvaccinated, if it ever existed, is completely gone. You can see that rant at the end of this post. 

This evening Darren and I went for a quick little walk around Kumeyaay Lake because the campground opened and I wanted to check it out. It was so nice we decided to make a quickie little one night reservation. Beyond that, I'm kind of on phone standby just waiting to hear updates on my daddy and trying to keep my brain from scrambling in the heat and stress of it all. I'm on the fence about doing listings this week. If I find time tomorrow maybe I'll do abbreviated ones, but my heart isn't into promoting hundreds of people crowding into small rooms at the moment until our venues get together and require vaccinations. 

Stay safe out there.    

Sunday, August 01, 2021

CoViD-19: US Sees 2nd Day Over 100k New Cases; Getting Worse Before It Gets Better | Infrastructure Bill Complete | SDPD Arrest Shithead Cop | Libraries Expand Hours |


A Colobus at San Diego Zoo (Taken 7.16.21)

I took full advantage of a quiet Sunday, with Nova still at my sister's house most of the day. Some days just call for doing absolutely nothing, though I did kinda wanna go to the 30th Street Bike Lanes ride, I just couldn't motivate. Plus the kittens are at this super cute and lovey stage and demanding attention that I often fail to give when I have my laptop in my face all day. 

COVID-19 news is pretty much the same as always...Florida is leading the country with cases, and while the news reports "spikes", that would indicate a sharp rise and then immediate decline, and I don't think that's what we're going to see...I think we'll see sustained high cases though it will vary day to day because, for example, our Monday could see lower cases but it has to be noted that there are only 3 county testing sites on Sunday. I think we'll see breakthroughs increase as vaccination numbers go up, but ideally those are all mild or asymptomatic and hospitalizations and deaths stay low. I was feeling a little shitty today so I may go get a test tomorrow just in case. Whatever. you know the deal. Mask up. Vaccinate. I've even resurrected my goggles for when I go shopping. Trust no one but yourself. 

Be safe out there.