Sunday, August 01, 2021

CoViD-19: US Sees 2nd Day Over 100k New Cases; Getting Worse Before It Gets Better | Infrastructure Bill Complete | SDPD Arrest Shithead Cop | Libraries Expand Hours |


A Colobus at San Diego Zoo (Taken 7.16.21)

I took full advantage of a quiet Sunday, with Nova still at my sister's house most of the day. Some days just call for doing absolutely nothing, though I did kinda wanna go to the 30th Street Bike Lanes ride, I just couldn't motivate. Plus the kittens are at this super cute and lovey stage and demanding attention that I often fail to give when I have my laptop in my face all day. 

COVID-19 news is pretty much the same as always...Florida is leading the country with cases, and while the news reports "spikes", that would indicate a sharp rise and then immediate decline, and I don't think that's what we're going to see...I think we'll see sustained high cases though it will vary day to day because, for example, our Monday could see lower cases but it has to be noted that there are only 3 county testing sites on Sunday. I think we'll see breakthroughs increase as vaccination numbers go up, but ideally those are all mild or asymptomatic and hospitalizations and deaths stay low. I was feeling a little shitty today so I may go get a test tomorrow just in case. Whatever. you know the deal. Mask up. Vaccinate. I've even resurrected my goggles for when I go shopping. Trust no one but yourself. 

Be safe out there. 

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