Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bye-bye Turf Club?

So I've been sitting on this information, but since I saw it in a MySpace bulletin, I guess the info is out there, so I'll repost here:

The bar that we all know and love, the place that one friend calls "The Happiest Place On Earth" may be closing down in November. What is certain is that the current owners of the building tripled the rent and are forcing the current owners out. The bottom line is that the place will never be the same. Ever. I always said that I would chain myself to the door if they ever tried to close it down. So if anyone has any ideas about how to avert this semi-disaster for the neighborhood (and let's face it, the city itself) let me know. we need to stop this.

Who's in?


Unknown said...

Is it still the Turf if it's in la mesa?

Heather Ace said...

Oh no! Were slowly loosing every bar. saw we begin barricading the Casbah immediately!

catdirt said...

i dunno, i've never seen the turf go out of its way to represent for its neighborhood- there is a restaurant space available down the block if they want to stay in golden hill.

it mostly seems like a profit center for the owners.

the main benefit it provides is employment for local residents... it sucks if they don't reopen it somewhere else. Might I recommend National City?

Lazy John said...

I thought Tim Mays owned some of these buildings.

Such is inevitable in SD, though. It's the standard cycle - artists, musicians, bohemians and gays move into a rough area, improve it, then are forced out by yuppies and developers once the dirty work is done.

The smart thing would be to buy commercial properties as the real estate market swan dives so this won't happen again. Of course, that would require money, which is something few people like us have.

Why not start co-ops?

Doesn't Sam own part of the Turf? If so, why not use the old Snippy's for a mini-Turf?

slantview said...

I got the following information directly from Tim. The owners of the Turf Club (the building, not Tim and Sam) are not renewing the lease, so they (Tim and Sam) are going to open a new Turf Club in La Mesa.

The Turf will still exist in Golden Hill, but none of the current staff that I've talked to will be working there after Nov 1st.

Also, the reason the owners won't renew the building lease is rumored to be that they don't feel like they need the staff to make the place what it is.

I can see it now, hopefully they'll redo the inside, start playing shitty hip-hop and change the name to "The Club".

Rosemary Bystrak said...

No, no, no, Slantview. They'll call it turf. All lower-case, and a period. Because that will give it downtown cred.

Lazy John said...

What's next? The Live Wire closes in North Park, then opens in Jacumba?

Mangoose said...

i've only been there once, and it was pretty tasty. but no one told me you cook your own steak there, so i ordered it medium rare.

then, because it's so dark in there, i didn't see the plastic wrap keeping my hunk of meat fresh and proceeded to put it on the grill. five minutes later i saw another patron removing the plastic from their hunk...and it dawned on me. burned my fingers, but salvaged the meat. the plastic hadn't melted yet (too much). Oh well, i'll have to make my return trip before nov. Guess it's time to move to city heights.

pedro said...

I personally won't miss it, because I suck at cooking, so why would I want to pay for an over priced piece of meat or whatever, just so I can fuck it up. I can do that at home. I also don't really drink at all. If it stayed it wouldn't bother me and if it went it wouldn't bother me. I am pretty indifferent, But that is about every single bar here in town. If there isn't a band playing that I want to see, I stay out of them all.

Unknown said...

Eh, guess it was an OK move to get out of Dodge, er, Golden Hill, when I did. Somehow I don't see Denton having these kinds of problems!

Anonymous said...

oh fuck a duck. is nothing sacred? I like drinking massive amounts of alcohol at a place that makes you feel welcome? no turf, no scolaris, no alibi, each little neighborhood enclave is getting sucked into the vortex of...suck.