Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I received some cryptic tweets tonight from Chris Cantore:

8:42 pm: Wow, that was fast...be kind to AWP. I'm sorry. How's the surf?
9:09 pm: "Sorry, but we need to move on without you."
9:45 pm: digesting. again, i am so sorry...
I just logged on to X1FM.com and noticed the absence of the usual Cantore in the Morning promo banners, and if you look at the DJs, the pull down menu only has Trevor Forssell, Jen Wendram, and Rob Molt listed.

The Chris Cantore Show officially kicked off on Monday, May 5, 2008, placing the show at just 3 months old (though the station has been live for over a year). The station has banner ads and sponsorships on the site, but does not currently run any advertising during their broadcasts. Naysayers had their doubts that this business model could sustain the large station staff, two vans (including one that was stolen last week), and a veteran morning show host in Cantore, producer Andrew W.P. , and live music news from Jen Correia. I don't know what went down, and with respect to all the staff and their fate, I'll tread as sensitively as possible here. I suppose in the morning we'll find out what's going on, but it seems easy enough to draw your own conclusions. The chat is going to be pretty crazy, I presume.

Update: Jen and Andrew are at the helm on X1FM this morning. The chat is going off with questions and no answers. Below, a comment from Luis, the owner of X1FM:
Luis Says: We at X1FM Network are working very hard everyday to offer all
our users & listeners the real difference VS the corporate superiority! We
have real honest hard working individuals in front & behind the scenes to
make a real difference! Please hope you undertand this and keep the faith in all
of us! Thank you Luis


That Guy said...

You assumed correct. Cantore is no longer with X1 FM as of this morning.

lyn said...

i was wondering what was up with those too.

Unknown said...

That's freakin' crazy. I just saw Chris down at NBC on Friday (we were doing the same show) and he invited me to come on his show this week. Which leads me to believe that he had no idea this would happen. I wondered why he hasn't responded to my email.

-- Barbarella

catdirt said...

that sucks.