Sunday, August 17, 2008

Overdue Post: The Hold Steady, The Loved Ones, Casbah, 8/1/08

I already wrote about the Strate Session I went to with Natalie to see The Hold Steady, but I never really got around to posting about their Casbah show later that night.

I kinda have mixed feelings about the band. I wasn't sold on their music until I saw them live at the Independence Jam, and as much as Natalie (and others) rave about them, I really try to get it. Their day session was amazing and I was feeling like I finally got it, but then their show at the Casbah happened, and I was back to being back to "huh?". I like their energy, and the crowd was going insane, and Natalie and I were right up front holding our spots for a while, but then one of the promo guys from FM94/9 was asking his girlfriend to grab him a beer which were at our feet, and Craig freaked out. "Are we done here?" I seriously cannot stand self-righteous people onstage. As rude as it is to carry on conversations (especially cell phone calls) while musicians are playing, I thought he was being a dick. Incidentally, the guy from 94/9 told me he didn't care, saying he was being a dick or he deserved it or something, but he was right behind me and I didn't see shit. That was enough for me to realize I should get out of the way and let the real fans enjoy their band and for me to find better happiness on the patio.

I loved the opening band, by the way. The Loved Ones are from Boston and reminded me of the 90's emo/hardcore scene and the garage shows I used to frequent. They had a hilarious superfan up front who dissed San Diego, and the singer called him out for his over-enthusiasm, but I really dug their set from beginning to end, and I liked how as I attempted to take pics, they'd kinda smirk and put on their rock n roll faces. Unfortunately none of those really came out too well, but here are a couple and a video of one of their songs.

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