Saturday, December 24, 2022

Things To Do In San Diego: Saturday, December 24, 2022-Sunday, January 1, 2022: Exile on Kettner | Christmas | Marujah | Lady Dottie | Starcrawler | The Greyboy Allstars | Trombone Shorty | Swami John Reis | NYE |

Exile on Kettner Blvd (Taken 2019)

It's officially Christmas Eve and there's so much to do, but as I mentioned in the last post, I stayed up all night and figured it's a chill week so I may as well do the listings through New Year's Day. I was actually kinda surprised how many venue calendars don't update whether or not they're open on Christmas and New Years, but I'm sure you're all smart people and can figure it out. I got some NYE stuff in here, but I'm guessing there are dozens more that I didn't include...reach out to me on socials if there's something you think is relevant to this audience. As for me, I'm on the fence about Saturday morning zoo time or crawling into bed now that I've endured both a Christmas and a Hanukkah movie in the time it took to compile these listings. Whatever I end up doing will be great because it's the weekend and it's Christmas and my only obligations are a couple trays of deviled eggs, getting some sleep, and not letting my social/COVID anxiety overtake me and getting my ass to Exile on Kettner tonight. I gotta tell you though, it isn't reassuring when people who I know were at the Casbah on Monday for the big party are now reporting that they're sick with COVID.

Whatever the day brings, be safe out there. Merry Christmas. And check back, I'll definitely be updating NYE listings as I see more things roll in. 

COVID-19: Avoid a COVID Christmas | USPS Free COVID Tests | Senate & House Pass Omnibus Budget | Massive Arctic Blast Engulfs US |

I haven't posted in awhile and I could lie and say I've been super busy, but the truth is that I have been slowing down. I do my daily zoo trips, I binge bad television, I run errands, I sleep when I'm tired whether that's a normal night's sleep or just napping here and there, and we're still running down to Chula Vista a few times a week to help my parents. We did finally get a tree last week and it took a couple days for Nova and I to be home at the same time to decorate it, but I love it and I love how cozy the house feels when we have it. Darren took a few days off this week to be able to spend time with Nova before she left to St. Louis, and obviously from the storm it almost didn't happen, but Southwest assured us that her flight would be unaffected besides a slight delay. She arrived and is safe, though the "feels-like" temperature there is like -19 degrees Fahrenheit so hopefully the California wardrobe she has is adequate. 

Since Darren had taken the day off to get her to the airport, after he got caught up on sleep and I did my daily zoo trip, we actually went up to the Safari Park. It's really beautiful right now and they did an amazing job with lighting it up, though it's not really worth taking photos ---better to be seen in person. Today was his first full day on trams and he did seven tours, came home to eat and grab a nap, and then worked at the Casbah. He went to bed at 3:30 and will be getting up at 6:30 to do the same double shift for Christmas Eve, working a full Safari Park day and then a full Casbah night, so hopefully he can power through and get the rest he needs, because Exile is gonna be busy. I am just trying to give him the room to sleep peacefully, since I zonked out the entire time he was at Casbah and I really want to get next week's listings done. 

I feel like at the end of the year I want to recap everything, this site being my version of the family Christmas letter, but suffice to say that we made it and I'm content and comfortable with my little orbit and that feels good. We got the amazing news this week that my dad's doctors no longer consider him on hospice care -- maybe that's an insurance thing because they're tired of paying for his home care but he sounded hopeful, that his doctors don't think he's further deteriorating. He's not well, but he's stable. Compare that to last December when he was telling me all the things I needed to know before he died and I'll take the current prognosis anyday, even if it means we have to step up our game to help transfer him if he loses his nurse who was coming a few times a week.

It feels like my social feeds are just full of people being sick, so hopefully everyone can stay healthy through the holiday and new year. I ordered our free COVID tests the first day they were available and they arrived this week. Get yours if you haven't already. 

Stay safe out there. Merry Christmas.  

Friday, December 23, 2022

Things To Do In San Diego: Friday, December 23: The Cure Christmas Dance Party | Cash'd Out | Trio Gadjo | Infected Mushroom |

I'm really trying to do listings for the next week, but in case I can't get them done, all you need to know is that Exile on Kettner is at the Casbah tomorrow with Andrew McKeag at the helm and it's free! So maybe you'll catch me at the Casbah tonight or tomorrow or both, I haven't quite committed yet, but either way, happy holidays and stay safe out there. Friday listings after the jump. 

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, December 22, 2022: La Diabla Cumbia Posada | Crashing Forward |

I completely spaced and did not plan on listings for this week. I definitely should've just done last week's listings through Christmas, then I wouldn't be in this predicament, but it's almost 3pm which is my zoo time, so I busted out listing for today and will follow up with the rest of the weekend later. Nova is now in St. Louis for the next week and Darren and I have a bunch of work shifts coming up between us, but hopefully we can all have a chill Christmas nonetheless. I love you all. Merry Christmas. 

Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, December 15-Wednesday, December 21, 2022: Courtney Marie Andrews | Thee Sacred Souls | Palm | Baby Bushka | White Buffalo | Earthless | Fear | Benefit For Porter | X | Berkley Hart |

Me & Porter (Taken 9.26.2017)

As I mentioned in my last post, I am so ready for the holidays. We've been so busy, we haven't even gotten a tree yet but I'm in that mode where I just want to be in pajamas all day and let the shows take care of themselves. I've already watched four terrible Christmas movies and am on the hunt for more, not to mention the second half of the Harry and Meghan docuseries. I know I still have work to do and can't completely check out. So that said, I got listings done for this week and realized I maybe should've just done them through Christmas but I don't expect it will be quite so much work next week. 

Besides my near-daily zoo visits and maybe going to Sea World for their Christmas stuff, the Casbah is having our holiday brunch this weekend, which is always a great time. But more importantly, on Monday night we're having a benefit for Porter. He was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery and can't work for awhile while recovering and getting treatment. It's gonna be a fun bash, but if you can't make it, you can still donate to his Go Fund Me here. Porter has worked for the Casbah for decades and everyone loves him and we're all pulling for him to get back to full health soon.  

Of course there are a ton of great shows this week, many already sold out, so if you wanna catch something, consider buying advanced tickets. I expect that The White Buffalo, Baby Bushka, Earthless, Fear, and the second Gilbert Castellanos show will all sell out before the night of those shows, so don't wait. There's lots of holiday stuff peppered in, too, if you're feeling festive. If I find some more stuff, I'll add it in as it comes. 

Stay safe out there. 

Monday, December 12, 2022

COVID:19: Cases Rise Sharply In San Diego| Tsk, Tsk!! Only 18% of San Diegans Have Gotten Bivalent Booster | Chef Bill Bradley Earns 3 Michelin Stars For Addison | Griner Back Home |

Super Star Gas in La Mesa is under $4 Cash Price

"It's the most wonderful time of the year." 

I have to tell you, I am in the Christmas spirit. There was a point this summer when we were running our a/c around the clock and I would look at my over-the-door rack which holds my numerous hoodies and thinking I would never need any of them again. Instead, I've actually gone out to buy a couple new weatherproof jackets, have dug through the drawer of gloves and scarves and beanies, and I'm loving it. 

Obviously I've been taking advantage now that the San Diego Zoo is open until 8pm nightly, so I pack up my bag of goodies and try to get there early enough to say hi to the orangutans, Karen and Aisha, then hang with the gorillas until they go into their bedrooms, and then I wander. Darren has been a little sick this weekend...I think his long days, early training, and the freezing cold of the Safari Park caught up with him. He's negative for COVID and his symptoms are more in line with just an annoying cold, but we're keeping an eye on it, we've got our air purifiers running, and I'm a hoarder so we have ample supply of cold and flu medicine, pain relievers, Emergen-C, Alka Seltzer Plus tablets, honey, soups and all the stuff. Mostly he's just been sleeping so it's no big deal when I stay extra long at the Zoo. 

We also took advantage of him going to bed early by going shopping. This is the time of year when Ross is open until Midnight!! So I took Nova to our favorite store (La Mesa, Lake Murray Blvd) because she needed a new jacket before she flies off to St. Louis for Christmas with her grandparents and mother. While on our way, we hit the Super Star gas station on El Paso and Lake Murray and got gas for $3.99. Thanks, Joe. Funny how those gas companies really tried their best to influence the election and now they're fucked because they're California is going to push for windfall taxes for their shenanigans.

So yeah, I'm feeling festive and everyone's asleep and it's almost midnight and I just might help myself to a bottle of pinot noir, because why not? I'm not sick and the less we're sharing air, the better. The studio worked for me when I had COVID but it is way too cold for anyone to stay down there this time of year. I'm still masking up because everyone everywhere seems to be sick. You might want to consider doing the same if you're not already. 

OHHH! And I meant to post about Chef William Bradley last week but I ran out of time, so CONGRATULATIONS, Billy!! We were friends in high school and he was always so sweet and I'm so impressed and happy for his massive culinary accomplishment. Dinner at Addison is like a months rent in San Diego, but I'm glad he's making a huge mark for the City. 

Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, December 08, 2022

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, December 8-Wednesday, December 14, 2022: The Sheepdogs | JVN | Hembree | Chelsea Handler | Schizophonics | Tiltwheel | The New Pornographers | The Woggles | Harry Connick, Jr. |

Ugh. It took me all day to do these listings. It's way easier to do in the middle of the night without distractions, but they're done. I'll sprinkle in anything else I see that comes up, but know that San Diego Zoo will now be open until 8 starting on Friday, Safari Park has Wild Holidays on select weekend dates and they're open until 7 on those nights, and Sea World is having their Christmas Celebration with entertainment, too, so they're open later on select dates (and unfortunately doing fireworks for several days). There's some really fun stuff happening this week as far as live music goes. Check Pacific SD for even more holiday stuff that I'm not listing here. 

Flu and Covid are still on the rise. Stay safe out there. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

CoViD-19: "Everyone Is Sick Right Now" | 'Free' Vaccines & Therapeutics Won't Be In 2023 | Warnock Wins Senate Seat | Kroger's Albertson's Buyout Is Bad News |

Kaja's Big Adventure (Taken 12.6.22)

This always happens. I intend to do a weekly post and then by the time I get around to finishing it up, new data is about to come out. I got super busy...between family stuff and work stuff and going to the zoo and holiday stuff and just trying to get through the bazillion emails that come in around Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and the torturous filtering through 3 reminders from literally every non-profit I've ever looked at on Giving Tuesday, I just try to keep up. It's a good busy though, mostly. 

I was quite vocal on Twitter about how pissed I was about December Nights charging for parking, for bus routes being diverted from the park, and because Florida and Morley Field Drive had been repaved but still hadn't been striped, I didn't think I was going to partake at all. But, as it turns out, besides some extra light cycles, I was still able to get my zoo time in on Friday and Saturday, and got first row parking at the Zoo both nights, so I held my spots and did end up walking around December Nights for a couple hours each night. It was pure chaos as expected, but I'm a sucker for the holidays, so what can I say? I love watching the kid dance ensembles, both in the Prado building and the dancing at the International Cottages. It reminds me of being a kid and getting all decked out for the Chula Vista Starlight Parade for baton or tap or whatever thing we were doing any given year. The kids are so enthusiastic and diverse and it's way better than the polished life-long dancers on Dance Moms or whatever. Darren did not have the same experience, however, and when he tried to bus to meet me, experienced the shitshow navigation which left him feeling -- well, let's just say I was calling him Scrooge McGrinch -- which did not make the situation any better. But he survived and was a trooper for even making the effort. 

Since the last post, Darren and I got to do a Cheetah Safari at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, we went to see Lucius at Music Box and Modest Mouse at Observatory, I picked up a couple merch gigs for Drugdealer at Soda Bar, and I did finally get back for a morning zoo session, when I got to see Kaja crawling on the grass. It was my first time seeing him do that, and rumor is it was his first time doing it, but my sources vary on that information. Darren is in his second week of training for driving the guided tram tours at the Park which is especially exciting. Wild Holidays is open at Safari Park on select days, so I'm going to have to drag Nova up on a weekend to visit, and this weekend Jungle Bells kicks of at the San Diego Zoo, which means they'll be open late again, until 8pm every night through January 1st, with the exception of Christmas Eve. My advice: get there before sunset if you want to see any primates, as they're all in their bedrooms by 4 or 5pm. Cats, elephants, giraffes and hippos are all out and often active at night. I always try and catch the Aye-Aye, who is super elusive except at night, and the ambassadors animals at Explorers Basecamp are worth hanging out with. Right now there's a tamandua, a caracal, and a binturong, but sometimes they swap in the porcupine. 

The big news this week is that Raphael Warnock won a 6 year Senate seat, so that is a huge relief. It still kinda pisses me off how close it was, but the eloquent Rebecca Solnit gave it some much needed perspective in this Facebook post.  Besides that, obviously it feels like everyone is sick right now, so make sure you sign up for Covered CA before the end of the year and get the boosters and flu shot if you haven't already. There's finally tons of actual research...not just anecdotal...that vaccines are helping to prevent Long-Covid, besides the fact that both will likely keep you out of the hospital if you do get sick.  

Stay safe out there. If you hear someone coughing, turn and run in the opposite direction. 

If you're looking for listings, I may not get them done until later Thursday since I'm working tonight and it's a little too complicated to compile on my Chromebook when I'm busy. Rest assured, I'll get around to them as soon as I possibly can. 

Thursday, December 01, 2022

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, December 1-Wednesday, December 7. 2022: Lucius | Lemonheads | Lee Fields | December Nights | Modest Mouse | Psychedelic Furs | Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam | Social D | Bartees Strange |

Lucius (Taken 11.19.2016)

Doing this week's listings took me nearly twice as long as usual because there are so many holiday things mixed in with regular live music and stage performances, so I don't know how motivated I'll be to do a complete holiday guide after all this. I worked until after 4 am and exhausted all of my new Bravo episodes. 

This weekend is December nights and I'm not very happy about it because the City was supposed to have completed the repaving/restriping of Park Blvd in time for it and they didn't, so now it's going to be a total cluster, my bus is being rerouted, parking in several of the lots is $45, which means that everyone will be taking up the free zoo parking. I've already made a stink about it on Twitter so I'll spare you the dirty details. 

There are so many incredible shows, and these listings kick off with a jam-packed Thursday night: Lucius, Lemonheads, Lee Fields, Landon Pigg and so many others all on the same night!! Ugh. Spread it out, people!! Anyway, maybe I'll get around to a generic holiday guide, but don't count on it before the weekend as we've got shows lined up with Lucius and Modest Mouse, plus zoo time, plus, you know, doing my actual job.  

Stay safe out there.