Thursday, January 30, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: January 30-February 2, 2014

What a night! I just came off a bike ride for the David Alvarez mayoral campaign and Nova was a trooper and was the only kid along for the adventure. He said some inspiring words about neighborhood mobility and it was a great event. Now I'm off to work to sell Casbah merch. Just a head's up, if you haven't grabbed the Shepard Fairey shirts, we are in our last run and sizes are selling out. After tonight, I'll be selling merch at Rocket From The Crypt and then at Switchfoot, and then we'll sell any remaining inventory at next week's Vinyl Junkies Record Swap. Listings for the weekend are after the jump...Sunday is game day, so not too much in the way of music, but Yuck is definitely a good option if you don't really care about football.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: January 26-29, 2014

This weekend more than most, I'm completely in awe of life. How do people do it? I used to work day jobs and they weren't always terrible, but life was pretty much work, nap, dinner, go out, pass out, and do it all over again. This weekend we've had Nova and it's awesome because most weeks we do some sort of activity after school, but then have to grind her with bathtime and homework time and reading time. But weekends, she's still up at the crack of dawn, and so after Darren entertains her all morning, and knocking out some homework, then I slowly awake and join them and have a whole day of entertainment, errands, running around town, and then we both have to work, juggling who works when so she's always got trustworthy supervision.

So it sucks a little to have missed UJBOD, but it was great working at the Irenic and seeing Of Montreal, and spending time with family, and meeting my new nephew Evan (who finally got out of NICU last week), and reveling in the Casbah's 25 years and feeling really fortunate that I get to be one of many behind the scenes. I guess I'm feeling some heavy blog posts coming on, so I'm making this week's mission to close out the Casbah 25 with a bang, get a new laptop, and then catch up with the 2000 emails that await from the Casbah's future shows, North Park Festival of Arts booking, Bike Infrastructure meetings, the Alvarez campaign, and all the other tours and bar stuffs I've just simply neglected while I've been laptopless. And then I will commit to writing again.

Ugh. What kind of blogger am I? Sunday through Wednesday archives are after the jump.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: January 25, 2014

I feel like I can almost breathe. This month has been awesome, but also quite exhausting. It feels great to have Casbah day behind us, and the night with Tim Mays and Friends was awesome but stressful, so I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I was really looking forward to Creedle and Fluf on Friday, but sometimes things come up and you just have to lay down priorities. It was a fun week, though, I watched Zane twice which meant two days at the Zoo where I finally got to see Aisha, the baby orangutan who was born in October. There's also a brand new baby giraffe, and several other babies around the zoo. The skyfari is undergoing maintenance at the moment, as are both moving sidewalks, so that makes a stroller-less day at the zoo with a toddler challenging, but workable. As for music, there's so much going on this weekend! I'll be working at Of Montreal and hopefully dropping by to see UJBOD afterward, and there's a matinee at the Casbah on Sunday, which are always fun. Saturday archives are after the jump.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: January 23-24, 2013

I'm late to work, so here are listings. I'm super excited about tonight. The Birch North Park event with Tim Mays and Friends is going to be amazing, so DO NOT MISS OUT. I'll be at the door selling tickets. If you're planning on SoundDiego Live, get there early because there are hundreds of RSVP's for the the party so it will fill to capacity. You must be on the list to get in. Then after both events, Yacht Party closes down the Casbah afterparty. Thursday and Friday listings are after the jump.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: January 20-23, 2014

Earlier today I promised that I'd have these tonight, since tomorrow is a holiday and there's some day stuff in the listings, too. I'm a little bummed my tickets to Volcano Choir fell through, but I am certainly not bummed to have an open date night with Darren. Monday through Thursday archives are after the jump.

Things To Do In San Diego: January 19, 2014

It's 3pm and I'm still in pajamas. Everyone else can have football, I'm watching the ED & IR (Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations) Committee meeting from earlier this week. I am enjoying a day off today and hoping to get down to that Volcano Choir show tonight. The Casbah is sold out tonight, but there are still tickets for tomorrow. I'll be working on this week's listings during the Niners game, so they'll be up later today. If anyone is interested, there's a David Alvarez fundraiser tonight from 7-10pm at the Centro Cultural de la Raza in Balboa Park. My friend Jorge has an amazing mariscos food truck and he'll be there serving up the goods. There's an optional $25 donation to the Alvarez campaign.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Saturday: School of Rock San Diego Best of San Diego Show @ The Irenic

January 2014 has been a pinnacle moment in the history of the San Diego music scene. The Casbah is celebrating its 25th year, and they are hosting a nonstop lineup of rock royalty all month long. In the midst of their festivities, School of Rock San Diego is presenting this weekend's "Best of San Diego Show" at the Irenic in honor of the iconic music venue's milestone. According to School of Rock San Diego's Music Director Tyler Ward, "We are so thrilled that the Casbah and the local music scene have stepped up and wholeheartedly supported the kids for this project. The reason we did this show is because we want our young musicians to see that they don't have to go far to find amazing artists working hard and making great music; it's happening right in their back yard."

Bands being covered include Mrs. Magician, Spider Fever, Octagrape, The Widows, The Locust, Lord Howler, Weatherbox, The Tree Ring, The Nervous Wreckords, Beehive & The Barracudas, The Midnight Pine, Creepy Creeps, The Heavy Guilt, Black Hondo, The Album Leaf, Blackout Party, Night Marchers, Sleeping People, Rocket From The Crypt, Pinback, Rafter and Transfer. Many of these band members have already stopped by the School of Rock studio to meet the kids and run through their songs with them, and many will be in attendance at Saturday night's show which begins at 7:00 pm.

 School of Rock San Diego Presents: The Best of San Diego
 at The Irenic (in North Park)
 3090 Polk Avenue (between Ohio and Illinois)
 Saturday, January 18th
 7:00 pm
 $10 presale/$12 at the door

School of Rock students pose with members of the Creepy Creeps, who brought a truckload of masks for the kids

{This article was written by Josh Krimston, who's son plays with School of Rock. Just an FYI, we'll have the Casbah anniversary merch for sale at this show until about 8:30, cash only. -Rosey}

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: January 16-18, 2014

We're halfway through January and the weather has been unbelievable here. Take advantage of the beauty around you. The full moon and dry air lent itself to a nice nightime bike ride with Nova and Darren and we've just been brainstorming on other fun things we can do on the cheap merely by taking advantage of the weather- Mission Trails, Torrey Pines, San Diego River Bike Path, and Cowles Mountain top my list. It was nice taking last night off, but tonight is the very sold out X show, tomorrow the very sold out Penetrators, and the 4 tickets away from selling out Buck-O-Nine show on Saturday. We'll also be hauling the Casbah anniversary merch to the Irenic on Saturday evening for the School of Rock show. There's other great stuff this weekend- like Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blond at The Griffin and Maria Taylor at Bar Pink. I'm particularly looking forward to Volcano Choir at the House of Blues on Sunday. It's gonna be a good weekend for sure. Thursday through Saturday archives are after the jump.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: January 14-16, 2014

It has been a crazy busy day! We got up super early (8am is super early in this line of work) for the Casbah Day proclamation at City Hall, had lunch at Rei do Gado where I found out about Jon Foreman's surf accident, went shopping, got Nova, went to Cabrillo monument and hiked around the tidepools, and by the time we were having dinner, I found out that the Switchfoot show is, in fact, postponed. So I've begun my mini media blitz by sending emails to media and ticket holders and blogging and Facebooking and Tweeting when all I was hoping for was a nice little nap before tonight's sold out Pinback show, where I'll once again be selling merch. We are running super low on stuff, but we'll get more in a few days. We won't be selling at tomorrow's Switchfoot meet and greet, and we'll be at the School of Rock show at the Irenic on Saturday, so we'll have the Casbah merch at the Buck-O-Nine show, but not until 10pm or so. Plan accordingly. Tuesday through Thursday archives after the jump.

Sold Out Switchfoot Show Postponed To February 3

Jon Foreman suffered an injury while surfing and Switchfoot is going to have to postpone their show til Monday Feb 3. All tickets purchased for the Jan 15 date will be honored for the new date. If a person is unable to attend for some reason, they may ask for a refund.

The band, minus Jon, are still planning on coming down to the Casbah tomorrow night to hang out with their fans and hand out copies of the new #1 record Fading West along with downloads of the new DVD.

Very sorry for any inconvenience - please share this information.

Here's the full press release:






(San Diego, CA – January 14, 2014) Grammy-award winning rock band Switchfoot will postpone their hometown record release show originally scheduled for Wednesday night at the Casbah due to an injury within the band. Singer Jon Foreman was treated for a wound sustained to his face during a morning surf session in Encinitas on Monday, and though he will fully recover, he will be unable to sing for a few days. The concert has been rescheduled for Monday,February 3rd, and tickets will be honored for all current ticket holders.

“You travel all around the world making a movie and record built around surfing, and really push yourself to ride some really challenging waves. So it’s more than a bit ironic to get injured
in your own backyard! Thankful that I’m okay – it could have been much worse,” says Jon Foreman.

Fans with tickets to Wednesday’s sold-out show are still invited to come to the Casbah at 8:00pm for a record signing (a copy of Switchfoot’s new album, Fading West, which was released today, was included in the ticket price) and meet and greet with Tim Foreman, Chad Butler, Drew Shirley and Jerome Fontamillas. Wednesday’s “hangout” at the Casbah will offer fans a chance to casually hang out with the band and get their copies of the new album. Fans should bring their tickets for entry.

"We never want to miss a party, especially not our own. Although Jon is still unable to sing due to his surfing injury, the rest of us will be hanging out, handing out copies of the new CD and celebrating the release of Fading West at the Casbah," said Tim Foreman. In fact, Switchfoot has a lot to celebrate with Fading West holding the #1 spot on iTunes this week.

Happy Casbah San Diego Day! January 14, 2014

It's possible that sometimes my political leanings are a turnoff to some readers, but hopefully today we can all celebrate something our City took action on...proclaiming January 14, 2014 Casbah Day In San Diego. The proclamation will be made today at the City Council meeting shortly after the Council's closed session from 9-10am. It's a pretty cool thing and the meeting is open to the public. We'll be there representing in our hoodies and tees. If you can't make it, the meeting will be broadcast live on City TV (online, Cox & Time Warner channel 24, AT&T channel 99).

Monday, January 13, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: January 13, 2014

We're just about halfway through January and it has been so great working at the Casbah for so many great shows. One of the most exciting things about the month is taking place on Tuesday morning. The City of San Diego is proclaiming January 14, 2014 "The Casbah San Diego" Day at City Council. The meeting starts at 10 after a 9am closed session meeting. We'll be down there in our Casbah merch as Interim Mayor Todd Gloria makes the pronouncement. It will also air on Channel 24 live if you can't make it. Last I checked there were about 10 tickets left for tonight's Pinback show, but the rest of the week is sold out (and no guest list for X or Penetrators!) so hopefully you planned accordingly. Monday archives are after the jump.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: January 9-12, 2013

I'm about to run out the door for my chiro appointment and then an afternoon babysitting, so I thought I'd update listings quickly. This week has been great, I've been selling anniversary merch nightly at the Casbah and it's great to see old familiar faces with every show. As if it you didn't hear, the Coachella lineup was released yesterday and all I can say is, but who is coming to San Diego in the week between? Because really, that is all I care about. I can't wait to find out. Thursday through Sunday archives are after the jump.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: January 6-8, 2014

The holidays are behind us and the Casbah 25 Year Anniversary is in full swing, which means I'm selling merch just about every night this month, so you probably shouldn't expect too many posts from me outside of the listings. This month has a lot of greatness, not just at the Casbah, but Soda Bar has some sick shows lined up, too. Maybe now that life is settling and Nova is back in school I can get my ass in gear and buy a new laptop so I can stop hijacking everyone else's. Monday through Wednesday archives are after the jump.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Casbah 25 Year Anniversary Merch- Available Nightly!

On behalf of the Casbah:

The Shepard Fairey shirts and hoodies are in and will go on-sale tonight. I'm trying to set up Square, but the best thing is to BRING CASH. Shirts are $20, hoodies are $40. I will be selling them at the merch booth nightly. SALES WILL STOP WHEN THE HEADLINER STARTS. I mean, I have a life, too.

We also have two special anniversary features.

We will be selling raffle tickets for a framed Fairey poster. Tickets will be $1 or 6 for $5 and one winner will be pulled at the end of the month. All money collected will be donated to a local charity TBD.

Finally, we want to see your photos! Take photos all month and hashtag #CASBAH25. We will have a panel pick our favorite at the end of the month and the photographer of our favorite will win a ONE-YEAR PASS to the Casbah. (Of course, you allow us to use the photos on Facebook, online, etc.) Post them on our Facebook, Tweet at us, or Shoot them on Instagram and we'll find them.

See you tonight and all month!!

(I'll post a photo of the merch and poster when I do inventory tonight)

Things To Do In San Diego: January 4-6, 2014

2014 is off to a great start. The Lafayette NYE was a blast, and after working there until 1, Darren and I did van pickups until 5 am, slept way in, then picked up a final pair of revelers at Kava before making plans to go to Mexico, where we had a nice little overnight stay exploring parts of Tijuana, eating really great food, and mostly hiding from our smart devices to enjoy some time alone. The weekend is here, and with it starts the Casbah anniversary month and Nova gets back from her holiday trip, so it's full steam ahead for an exciting month. Friday through Sunday archives are after the jump.