Thursday, July 31, 2008

YouTube + Politics = MoveOn

My disdain for McCain is no secret and his latest ads make my stomach tie in knots. As a member of MoveOn I was asked to donate money to get an ad on tv to counter McCain's claims that offshore drilling is the cure for our energy crisis, but my pockets are empty, so at least I can do my part by posting the video here. I honestly have no idea how anybody could conceivably support McCain for president. Really, it just floors me.

Please excuse this political interruption. Back to music...

Things To Do In San Diego: July 31, 2008

Thursday July 31, 2008:

  • Greg Laswell, The White Buffalo, Derren Raser @ Belly Up
  • Jay Reatard, Cheaptime, The Sess @ Casbah
  • Casbah Presents Chromeo, Steed Lord @ House of Blues
  • AntiQuark, VW Morgue, DJ Myson King @ Beauty Bar
  • The Dapper Dans @ Bitter End
  • Karaoke @ O'Connell's
  • Shake Shack @ Bar Pink Elephant
  • Boom Box Thursdays @ A/C Lounge
  • Modern Day Moonshine @ House of Blues Voodoo Stage
  • Musical Pursuit Trivia @ Whistle Stop
  • Black & White Party with Bless 619, DJ’s Veep Reekins & Pokkey, Live Art Show @ U-31
  • Jim Bianco, Lelia Broussard, The Predicates @ Lestat's
  • The B Foundation, Ballyhoo, Daniel Wesley Band @ 710 Beach Club
  • Mundo Gris, Los Pocos, Un Dia o Dos, Muralla @ Brick By Brick
  • Jon Mclaughlin, Jason Reeves, Tyler Beach @ soma
  • Stone Senses @ Winston's
  • Skinny Magazine, SHP & NSD Present - Vans Warped Tour Battle of the Bands, Monday's Alibi, High Tide, Livid Virus, Higher Minds, Throwing Seven @ Canes
  • Arturo Sandoval @ Anthology (Early Show, 7:30 pm)
  • The Cash Kings @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Emmylou Harris, Jimmy Gaudreau, Moondi Klein @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Brett Sanders & his trio @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • A Celtic Celebration With Eileen Ivers @ Summer Pops Concert at the Embarcadero
  • Eileen Ivers @ Spreckels

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Normal Heights Shooting

Last night there was another shooting in Normal Heights, and again the victim was leaving the A/C Lounge, only this time, instead of it being random, there was a post-bar altercation and the little punk came back and shot the other dude in the face. Another major difference is that since the shooter was at the A/C, witnesses were able to piece things together and the guy was arrested. I've written extensively about the shootings in my area here and I also attended a community meeting and wrote about it here.

It's not enough to get pissed off. This is OUR community. Do the simple things: keep an eye on your neighborhood, turn on or install security lighting, and, um, don't get in bar fights becuase people are fucking psycho and even more so after a night of drinking. I'd personally like the A/C Lounge to take some responsibility this time around. I don't know how you change the entire clientele of a bar, but something's gotta happen and soon. These situations are unacceptable.

No, No, I gotta tell…

You know, it dawns on me, if I were ever to be and undercover Greek deity, I would definitely want to be Apollo. From what I understand he’s a bit of a renaissance man, and in all the sculptures I’ve seen, he is so cut! To be honest though, I’d probably wear pants more often. So what am I getting at? Well our own Secret Apollo is having a bit of a CD release party this Friday at the Whistle Stop. Now if you have never seen them, you really ought to, and if you have, then you know. Not only do these kids write great pop songs, they deliver live! If you’d like to see an amazing show Friday night, do yourself a favor and check them out. I’ll be there for sure, and yes, don’t worry, I’ll wear pants.

Johanna Franciszka, 1 year old

A post for my family, click 'keep on reading'.

Dear Johanna-
It has been a year since you entered this world and how you have changed our lives. In the year that you were born, your aunt Claudia moved across the country but she was able to hold you in your first days and you have really bonded with her with all the time you've spent with her this summer. Your Uncle Eddy and Aunt Melissa got the chance to meet you, too, right before he was sent to Iraq. Shortly after that, we got the news that you have a cousin on the way and we look forward to you being a big cousin come December. You spend your days with your Grandma and Grandpa, and I know that if they could spend every second of every day with you, they would, but it would probably make your mommy and daddy a little crazy.

You have had a rough summer, with doctors poking and prodding you to find out why you're still so little, but after testing everything, it occurred to them that maybe you're just little. You eat everything. You like really weird stuff, sucking on the core of pineapple or those pickles from the NY Deli in Vegas. You're already a pretty experienced baby- you've been to Vegas what- four times now, and we need to get back in the habit of going to the zoo on weekends. You've also been to Arizona to visit your other grandparents a few times, as well as our fun trip to Knott's Berry Farm. You love the pool but aren't really happy with how cold the ocean can be. You've been to plenty of festival concerts already, and we take in street fairs whenever we can.

I particularly love your look. You stare at me- I think Claudia taught it to you- like you're looking through me, like I can't hide anything from you. When I say, "Don't judge me," it cracks you up. You're a quiet baby, observing everything around you. You already have friends at Ponce's who love seeing you every couple of weeks, and man, do you love their beans!

You've been standing for a while on your own, but you recently started walking, probably because you want to keep up with all the people always on the move around you. You are definitely one of us, as you can't stand to go to sleep early. You already know all the good stuff happens at night. You are always surrounded by people who love you, and all of our lives are better for having you in it.

Happy Birthday, Johannita. I love you.

Things To Do In San Diego: July 30, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008:

  • Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra, Crocodiles, 300% Dynamite @ Casbah
  • 'Sights and Sounds' feat. Republic of Letters, Apes of Wrath, Lanterns @ Radio Room
  • Fundraiser/Memorial for A-Tip @ San Diego Sports Club
  • Mon Marie, Singapore Sling, The Meek, DJ Andrew Decade @ Beauty Bar
  • Kut U Up, Get Your Death On, The Drowning Men - Belly Up 34th Anniversary Series Show @ Belly Up
  • The Widows, Soda Pop Kids, Prima Donna, New Legion @ Tower Bar
  • "Commune" Feat. Buddy Akai and DJ Trevor Young, art, fashion @ Bar Pink Elephant
  • Love & Groove & Guests @ O'Connell's
  • Beres Hammond, Tribe of Kings @ Wavehouse
  • 8mm, Hello Sunshine, Wendy Darling @ U-31
  • Racheal Gordon, Melanie Frontz, Jordan Reimer @ Lestat's
  • CDM, Nuclear Tomorrow, Back Alley Hooligans, Roadside Affair @ 710 Beach Club
  • Absynthe, Frame of Mind @ Winston's
  • Never Say Die Presents - Mean Dinosaur, IrieSide, Inhale, On the Line, Likewise, Lighter Side of Being @ Canes
  • Arturo Sandoval @ Anthology (Early Show, 7:30 pm)
  • Rockola @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Dana Carvey @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay

San Diego Sports Club- SOLD!

I can't even begin about how much catching up I have to do with this website. Seriously, it's the best full time job ever, and yet I don't get paid. Something is wrong with this equation, but nonetheless, I love it and I can't imagine a time when I'm not thinking about fifty other things I need to post about.

So anyway, I got a call from Tony V. at the San Diego Sports Club last night so I decided to pay him a visit tonight where he spilled all the details to me. The San Diego Sports Club has officially been sold. I say 'officially' because it was put on the market a couple months ago but a couple buyers fell through, but now it is official that two guys have partnered and bought the place.

The last official night as it is will be August 22nd and the club will certainly go out with a bang, with DJs, burlesque, perhaps some bands and whatnot. The new owners plan on keeping the bar open and slowly transitioning to their new vision, which might be a nightly burlesque spot. Tony says that other than some bathroom revamping, the club will stay mostly as it is. The new owners, not only buy the bar, but buy the cabaret license that allows for live shows, up to and including burlesque, so there is a chance if you show up in September there will be live dancers nightly. Neal is expected to stay on board as the sound engineer as well as booking talent, and much of the staff will transition and stay with the new club, which as yet, is still to be named the San Diego Sports Club.

That all is to be seen. What is fact is that Tony is taking off to LA to pursue his comedy and acting gigs and the Sports Club is changing hands. I've got plenty more info to write about all of this but it will come slowly in the coming weeks as more news is revealed. And yes, I will have it all covered.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

San Diego: Too Much Yummy Goodness- NXNP

There are so many things I want to write about and so little time to do it. I am really looking forward to using one of my 'summer Fridays' this week because I am in dire need of some chill out time. I'm also really looking forward to North By North Park, and in talking to some people yesterday, I wanted to really encourage everyone to get your tickets now.

To explain a little bit, North By North Park is a new event. It is open to the public. Your registration includes entry to any of the music information panels as well as a wristband for the 15 participating venues and the shuttles that will be travelling between all the venues.

Though I am not a musician, I took away a lot of great information at last year's music panels. They are educational for bands of all levels, as well as anyone interested in music, marketing, promoting, and are a chance to see some amazing talents and icons up close and personal.

The music showcases are also chock full of talent. Admission to the venues will be restricted to people with wristbands so get on it and register now. All venue schedules and times have been posted so you can start mapping out your evening. For full schedule, click here.

If you've ever wanted to show your support for local music, this is the best opportunity to see the richness and diversity of San Diego's music community.

Contests Galore

This week I've still got a bunch of stuff for giveaways:

3 Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra 4 CD Box Sets

1 pair of tickets to Beres Hammond at The Wavehouse on Wednesday

1 pair of tickets to Kut U Up, Get Ur Death On, The Drowning Men on Wednesday

Just added:

1 pair of tickets to AEG Concerts on The Green courtesy of Filter and Paper Route feat. Paramore, Jack's Mannequin, Phantom Planet, and Paper Route

For all contests, include your name, address, phone number and the show/prize you want in the subject of the e-mail. For the Paper Route tickets, I have to have a winner by noon on Tuesday and tickets will be mailed to you. For winners of the box set, you will receive your prize at the Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra show at the Casbah (21+). For the other tickets, you will have to be able to pick up from me before the shows (we'll make arrangements to meet).

Also, I have a +1 for Less Than Jake & Goldfinger. Hit me up if you want to join me Tuesday evening.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Things To Do In San Diego: July 29, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008:

  • Sycuan Presents Less Than Jake and Goldfinger, Big D and The Kids Table, Suburban Legends @ House of Blues
  • A Scribe Amidst the Lions, Big Elf, Astra @ Casbah
  • The Stiletto Formal, Metroid Live, and DJ Heather Hardcore @ Beauty Bar
  • "Connect" members of Fever Sleeve DJing @ The Ken Club
  • The Voodoo Organist, Jimmy Dean and The Sausage Kings, Death on Mars @ Chasers
  • Too Cool For Karaoke @ U-31
  • Another Zeke Productions Presents...Gizzards, The Comrades (LA) @ O'Connell's
  • Tiki Tuesday with Craig Prior @ Bar Pink Elephant
  • John Mayer, Colbie Caillat, Brett Dennen @ Crickit Wireless Amphitheatre
  • Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band @ Pala Casino
  • Game Night @ 710 Beach Club
  • Special Event (call club for details) @ Winston's
  • Industry Night/ Karaoke Night with Levi Strauss - $3 U Call Its @ Canes
  • Anthology House Band @ Anthology (Early Show, 7:30 pm)
  • 52nd Street - Tribute to Billy Joel @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge

Earlimart & Team Abraham at Casbah, 7/17/08

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure to see Team Abraham and Earlimart at the Casbah. I've already posted some video from that night, but thought I'd post a couple pictures, too. The show was a fun one, and I really enjoyed Earlimart. They kinda reminded me of early Death Cab with plenty of eyes-closed moments as I took in their music. They had lights on their keys that brought to mind the few times I've seen Great Northern, and I really dug their performance. Pictures after the jump.

Fuck Yeah Fest Announced in LA, August 30, 2008

LA's Fifth Fuck Yeah Fest has announced their lineup:

Day One: Saturday, August 30th
No Age
Negative Approach
Matt & Kim
Fucked Up
Two Gallants
David Vandervelde
Glass Candy
High Places
Mika Miko
The Strange Boys
Mannequin Men
Best Fwends
Crystal Antlers
War Tapes
Frank Farfield
Graham Forest
+ many more bands that will be announced shortly.

A comedy show will take place with Josh Fadem, Matt Braugner, Jonah Ray + a dozen more comics.

We will be showing the work of 25+ artists.

There will also be a taco eating contest, a kissing booth, probably a dozen vendors selling records, a mariachi band, dozens of street performers entertaining you while you stand in line (for real) & a number of other things that will pass the time.

For more information please check the official site.

@ the Echo, EchoPlex & Jensen Rec Center
1154 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
All Ages / $16 / 4:00pm

Day Two is a Scavenger Hunt, and there's a bunch of other shows associated with the event during the weekend.

Free Tickets

Last night Tim Pyles hooked me up with some tickets to give away on this site. Since there isn't much time, first people to ask will get them. You have to be able to pick them up from me before Wednesday, so include a phone number.

Tickets courtesy of FM 94/9:

1 pair tickets to the Belly Up, Wednesday July 30 to see Kut U up, Get Ur Death On, and The Drowning Men.

2 pairs of tickets to see Beres Hammond & The Harmony House Singers at The Wavehouse on Wednesday July 30.

Funny Robot Stuff: Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra

Since I'm running a contest to win the Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra box set, I've been thinking about robots and was remembering how earlier this year there was some controversy about some researcher claiming that sex with robots will be common in the next decade and marriage to robots will be legalized by 2050. I'm not even kidding. And the awesome thing, of course, is not only that I remembered it, but of course, it's quite easy to find via Google.

Awesome robot books here with killer titles like Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships , How To Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion, Robo sapiens: Evolution of a New Species.

And here's another interview with Dr. Levy.

I think there are people who feel a void in their emotional and sex lives for any number of reasons who could benefit from robots. Other people might try out a relationship with a robot out of curiosity, or be fascinated by what's written in the media. And there are always people who want to keep up with the neighbors.
Please, no sex with the Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra on Wednesday night at the Casbah. I mean, unless they initiate.

Things To Do In San Diego:July 28, 2008

What can I say? I went out and had a great weekend so I didn't get to posting this week's shows. Nonetheless, Monday will be a great night in San Diego.

Monday, July 28, 2008:

  • Anti-Monday League Presents: The Modlins, The Happy Hollows, Eef Barzelay, Apes Of Wrath @ Casbah
  • Hostile Combover, Titanarum, Secretfunclub, Funeral Shock(SF) @ Radio Room (Zombie Lounge)
  • Mechanical Bull Riding Hosted By Laura Jane @ U-31 No Cover
  • "Debaser" journal reading @ Whistle Stop
  • Blues Jam Hosted By Mystery Train @ O'Connell's
  • Grown Folk Music with Lorenzo and DJ Buddha @ Bar Pink (Elephant)
  • "Singled Out" @ 710 Beach Club
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's
  • Dennis Jones @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Are Robots Evil? Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra might be your answer

Petro has been wondering, are robots evil?

Well yes sometimes they are, like when they try to take over the world, but sometimes they are good too, like when they are helping you make music. What I’m getting at here is that there is a pretty cool band in our sunny little burb that I have been getting into recently called Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra. It consist Professor B. Miller and SPO-20, a robot who handles the singing duties. “Wow”, you say, “…but Petro, that name kind of scares me, I mean it has satanic right in the title, wouldn’t that alone make this band evil?” Well no, its just name, they’re probably not satanists. And to this you reply “Well also Petro, the band has a robot, who is the lead singer, and everybody who’s anybody knows that people who want to be lead singers are inherently evil because they want to take over the world” Well, no, maybe, no, no I don’t think so, anyways, your probably thinking about it too much. “but before you said…” Be quiet you!

Anyhoo, I just bought their debut CD, a very impressive four CD box set, complete with a lovely booklet explaining much inside, and some wonderful art. Also, my copy came with a limited edition EP which had a personalized message from SPO-20 as the first track. Now would he have done that if he was evil? Hummmm? They can also be hear on last years San Diego Christmas compilation that Peter (Roxy Jones) put out. Further proof that they are not evil!

You can check them out live 07.30.08 at the Casbah, I’ll definitely be there. Oh, and by the way, if I’m never heard from again, they were probably evil.

Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra

If you've read this far, the Professor would like to give away some free box sets! Shoot me an email at sddialedin AT gmail DOT com and tell me if you think robots are evil (a simple yes or no will suffice), include your name, e-mail, address and phone number and I'll pick 3 winners by Tuesday.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Things To Do In San Diego: July 26-27, 2008

I'm heading to Old Town with family in a few minutes. Get Back Loretta is playing a free show, so maybe we'll check them out while we're there. Happy Saturday!

Saturday, July 26, 2008 (Comic-Con):
  • Chris Clark, The Unusual Bird, Alister M (New Mexico) @ Habitat House (7pm, 21+, Free, BYOB)
  • Kiss Action ComicCon Party - The Fuxedos, Renfield, Dactyl, April Flores, Gunna Vahm @ Casbah (Free show, 7pm)
  • A.M. Vibe, Like a Bird @ Bar Pink (Elephant)
  • Del Mar Race Track Brew Festival feat. perf by Gnarls Barkley @ Del Mar Race Track
  • Danger Danger, DJ Corey Biggs @ Beauty Bar
  • Manganista, Monkey@ The Ken Club
  • Comedians of Comedy feat Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford @ Spreckels
  • KPRI Homegrown Hour Presents..Deadline Friday, Astra Kelly & The 47's, Lessons From Zeke, Nate James @ O'Connell's
  • Minibosses, Automatic Wing Project(Reno), Get Down! to Brass Tacks, Jamuel Saxon @ Chasers
  • The Creepy Creeps, The Amputations @ Tower Bar
  • Missy Andersen @ House of Blues Voodoo Stage
  • Booty Bassment feat DJ Dimitri Dickinson@ Whistle Stop
  • No Sucker DJ’s with DJ Artistic @ U-31
  • Barcelona, This World Fair @ Epicentre
  • 7 Generations (vegan sxe), This Time Tomorrow (Seattle; also vegan sxe), Destroy All Of Them (vegan sxe as well) and speaker/activist/former political prisoner Peter Young @ Che Cafe
  • Josh Damigo Cd Benefit Show @ Lestat's
  • Los Lobos, Los Lonely Boys @ Viejas Concerts In The Park
  • Dread Zeppelin - 20th Anniversary, Gadfly, The Lifters @ Belly Up
  • Stranger, 56 Hope @ 710 Beach Club
  • Aizen, Death Pilot, MNIYIC, Panterad (Pantera tribute), Dying Regret @ Brick By Brick
  • Robert Walter Trio, Pocket @ Winston's
  • Jeepers Presents The Villains, Shark Attack, Tim Pyles (94.9), Harvard Bass, Keep a Breast Foundation, Sk8ology, The Fieldtriplive Art Show @ 4th & B
  • Rifftrax Live @ Balboa Theatre
  • Wild Child (Doors Tribute)Dirty Leslie @ Canes
  • Sophie Millman @ Anthology (Early Show, 7:30 pm, Late Show, 9:30 pm)
  • Jump Start @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (6-8p)
  • Detroit Underground @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (9:30p-1:30a)
  • The Music of Billy Joel - Featuring Michael Cavanaugh of Movin' Out @ Summer Pops at the Embarcadero

Sunday, July 27, 2008 (Comic-Con):

  • The Local 94/9 Presents A Free Show - Japanese Sunday, Syndicate, Fever Sleeves and the Moviegoers - Free Food from Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco @ Casbah
  • McHank presents Post Comic-Con Party feat. The City on Film (Bob Nanna), Abraham (of Team Abraham) @ Black Box Studios ($5, BYOB)
  • Stone Temple Pilots, Wolfmother, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Qualcomm Concerts on the Green
  • Kid Vegas, Xanimo, Mr. Mustache, DJs @ Beauty Bar
  • Peter Lang @ Acoustic Music San Diego
  • Coheed & Cambria @ Viejas Concerts In The Park
  • Kelly McGrath, Jennifer Vazquez, Robin Henkel, Johnnie G @ Lestat's
  • No Fear Presents Bullet for My Valentine with Bleeding Through, Cancer Bats @ House of Blues
  • The Theory of Funkativity @ Epicentre
  • Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band f eaturing Colin Hay, Billy Squier, Hamish Stuart, Edgar Winter, Gary Wright & Gregg Bissonette @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Corina Rose, Chauncey Maynor, Ecosave, Negative Eye @ 710 Beach Club
  • Hot Topic Presents Alkaline Trio, American Steel, The Fashion @ soma
  • Tribe Of Kings/Reggae Vibes @ U-31
  • Salsa Sunday Feat. Orquesta Primo @ Belly Up
  • Jukes Family @ Winston's (5-8p)
  • Too Many Creeps feat Skull Kontrol @ Whistle Stop
  • Jose Sinatra's OB-o-ke @ Winston's
  • 94.9 Presents - Reggae Sundays w/ DJ Tommy - Live music from Kapakahi @ Canes 2-6p Free.
  • Raya Yarbrough with Brendan McCreay @ Anthology (Early Show, 7:30 pm)
  • Willovealot @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (Early show, 10a-2p)
  • Jose Molina @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (late show, 8 pm)

Oh What A Night.

Tonight was one of those nights that goes down in the personal memory bank as one not to forget. It's nearly 8 a.m. and I was dropped off just a short while ago after hanging at a couple different friends houses. There's really no story to tell about any of that except that I've been half-joking for some time that I want someone to write a song about me. I mean really- having a blog, maintaining a twitter account, myspace,'s all pretty narcissistic- like 'look at me! look how cool I am and how much fun I have and don't you wish you were me?' So I've had this idea for a while that I would love my friends to compete and write a song about me. Of course, I haven't really asked anyone to do so because really I'm not that self-absorbed. However tonight, it came up, and I called my friends out, and of all people, it was my dear friend Daye, who is not in a band and honestly, I didn't even know he played guitar, but he came up with a song for me that left me blushing in the end. Daye's song put the punctuation mark on a night that was already pretty amazing.

Friday, July 25, 2008

San Diego Radio & TV News

Lots of shake-ups in local TV and Radio this week.

First, Madison is no longer going to host morning drive, and instead will shift to middays (10a-3p). Maybe he can actually check out some shows now instead of waking up at 4 am everyday. Ex- 91Xer Oz Medina will be taking over in the mornings.

Second, the UT reported that Stan Miller is on leave from Channel 8 (KFMB/CBS) and may not come back. Stan happens to be my favorite news man so I hope if he leaves KFMB he stays in the market. I particularly enjoyed his coverage during the wildfires last fall. I couldn't have had such accurate and up to the minute information had it not been for News Eight's coverage.

Last, congratulations to FM 94/9 which has been nominated for the National Association of Broadcasters' Marconi Radio Awards for best rock station! It's great they're being recognized for kicking ass.

Things To Do In San Diego: July 25, 2008

As if this week hasn't been rad enough, this weekend is going to kick ass, including the Awesome-ness that is the Swim Party CD Release tonight with Writer at the Whistle, but I'll also be catching Hercules and Love Affair at the Casbah tonight. Maybe after I'll wander the streets of downtown taking pics of randoms. Then there's plenty of choices for Saturday and then on Sunday there's the free show at the Casbah on Sunday with the debut of the Moviegoers...they sent me their CD a couple months ago and I've been waiting for them to book some shows. Honestly, if they're even half as good live as they are recorded, they will still kill. Really looking forward to all of it.

Friday, July 25, 2008 (Comic-Con):

  • Swim Party (CD Release Show), Writer @ Whistle Stop
  • Hercules and Love Affair, Shark Attack DJ's @ Casbah (Late Show 10pm)
  • Del Mar Race Track 4 o'Clock Fridays presents Super Diamond @ Del Mar Race Track
  • Buddy Akai, Qu’est-ce Que C’est, DJ Kid Wonder @ Beauty Bar
  • The Life and Times, Nueva Vulcano, Hialeah @ Casbah (Early Show 7pm)
  • Feel The Noise presentsThe Filthy Souls, DJ’s Gabe Vega & Saul Q @ U-31
  • Screamin Yeehaws @ The Ken Club
  • The School Of Rock All Stars @ Epicentre
  • Never Say Die Presents...The Scarry Garry Show With The Deity Girls, Sixth Day, Double FF @ O'Connell's
  • Rich White Males, The Ergs @ Tower Bar
  • The Aquabats, MC Lars, DJ Lance @ House of Blues
  • West of Memphis @ House of Blues Voodoo Stage
  • Minibosses, Get Down! to Brass Tacks, Says Rally @ Chasers
  • Mayfield, Oculus Sinister @ Lestat's
  • Rebelution & Guest @ World Beat Center
  • Rub-A-Dub-Fridays Hosted By Dub Traffik Control, Habitat Sound System @ Belly Up
  • The Big Provider, Tim and The 23s, Mad Martigan @ 710 Beach Club
  • Comic - Con Sci-Fi themed Burlesque show @ Brick By Brick
  • This Is The Hospital, Tragedy & Triumph, A Shattered Hope, Forever Wings Fold, A Hope For Home @ soma
  • Psydecar, Genius of Soul @ Winston's
  • Peter Walker @ Che Cafe
  • Comedy Jam @ 4th & B
  • Junior Reid & The Reggae Angels, Andrew & Wadablood, Lambs Blood @ Canes
  • Lee Rocker @ Anthology (Early Show, 7:30 pm)
  • Hot Rod Lincoln @ Anthology (Late Show, 9:30 pm)
  • Rockola @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Franki Valle & The Four Seasons @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • The Music of Billy Joel - Featuring Michael Cavanaugh of Movin' Out @ Summer Pops at the Embarcadero

Drew Andrews & Manuok At Beauty Bar, 7.25.08

This week was another one where I went out every single night so again I'm backed up with posts and pictures, but I've seen some really great shows this week. Last night I caught Manuok and Drew Andrews at the Beauty Bar, so I decided to capture some video. And then my battery died. Such a rookie mistake. But anyway, here's the video I did capture:


Drew Andrews:

Wanna See Royal Crown Revue?

The Derby Dolls have partnered up with Live Nation and House of Blues to present a free performance from Royal Crown Revue this Saturday. The ladies will be on their skates cruising downtown and handing out tickets during the Zombie Walk, but if you wanna catch the show (and the ladies on skates) and can't make it downtown, you can contact the San Diego Derby Dolls via their MySpace page and they'll hook you up.

Thanks to Karma Elektra for the head's up, and if you wanna see a great list of other things to do in San Diego this weekend, check out her blog.

(By the way, Royal Crown Revue was the band that I did a swing dance performance to in my high school talent show with 7 other couples. Ask me about the time I faceplanted while rehearsing. Wonder if I can track down that video....)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things To Do In San Diego: July 24, 2008

Wow. Made it over the hump. I'm still trying to catch up on all the posts floating in my head from the last week of shows, but in the meantime, here's the listings for the remainder of the weekend.

Thursday July 24, 2008 (Comic-Con):
  • Superhero Exhibition and Show feat The Modlins, SSI, artists, exhibitions, costumes. Free, 21+, 7pm-12am @ 1616 National Ave San Diego, CA 92113 (1 mile from Convention Center)
  • Drew Andrews, Manuok, Sounds Like JFK, The John Francis Impostors, DJ Myson King @ Beauty Bar
  • Howlin'Rain, Earthless, Crystal, John Biz in the Atari Lounge, Brainticket DJ's @ Casbah
  • Owen Roberts and the Dog House Brewer, The Guns of Avalon, The Minor Keys @ Surf & Saddle
  • DJ Mikey Ratt, Batar-Zan @ The Ken Club
  • Citizen Video Presents Shorts, feat. live performance by Christmas Island @ Whistle Stop
  • Karaoke @ O'Connell's
  • DJ Junior, the Disco-Punk @ Bar Pink (Elephant)
  • Venice, Charlie Vaughn, The Daily Routine @ Belly Up
  • Sycuan Presents Who's Bad: The #1 Michael Jackson Tribute Band with DJ LV @ House of Blues
  • You Need New Glasses(MA), Thief Thief, Nautical Diasaster, TBA @ Chasers
  • Japandi @ Epicentre
  • Flight to Athena, Young Goodman, Building a Better Spaceship @ 710 Beach Club
  • Mercy Me, David Crowder Band @ SDSU Open Air Theatre
  • Modern Day Moonshine @ House of Blues Voodoo Stage
  • Shark Attack @ U-31
  • Insomiac Folklore, Soul Junk, Nutmeg @ Lestat's
  • "Original Party Rock" ft. DJSarafin, Sugarbear @ Brick By Brick
  • TerrorWarriors, Death Before Dishonor, CDC, Trapped Under Ice @ soma
  • Gooferman, Cinderella Motel, Angelo Moore of Fishbone @ Winston's
  • Live Boxing @ 4th & B
  • Freedom Sessions- So Long Davey, Whiskey Dicks, Livid Virus, Atoms @ Canes
  • Closed for private event @ Anthology
  • PopRoxx @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Catherine Russell & her Trio @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • Video Games Live @ Summer Pops at the Embarcadero

YouTube: Rocky Votolato "Where Did The Time Go?" (Waxwing)

Rocky Votolato never stops blowing my mind. He's such a talent and it was nice to see the Casbah was packed tonight. Not quite a sell-out, but it was close. There was still room to breathe which was nice after the jammed Lucero show on Tuesday.

Here, Rocky performs an old Waxwing song, "Where Did The Time Go?"

YouTube: Rocky Votolato "Mixtapes/Cellmates"

Rocky Votolato played at the Casbah tonight with Owen and Drew Andrews. I'll post more video when I get the chance, but in the meantime, here's his final song of the night, Mixtapes/Cellmates, from Suicide Medicine.

I was particularly excited because he played a new song, but I need to ask him if it's cool to post it before doing so, otherwise I'll hold on to it till I get the go ahead.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things To Do In San Diego: July 23, 2008

Suddenly I'm regretting that I didn't secure Comic-Con passes. I always forget the buzz this city gets this time of year. It's all good though, since my favorite musician on the planet is playing the Casbah tonight. If you intend to attend any shows at the Casbah this week (or any venue for that matter), even the free ones, make sure to get there early or buy tickets in advance or you will be assed out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008:
  • Rocky Votolato (solo acoustic)with special guest Owen, Drew Andrews @ Casbah
  • The Muslims, Meho Plaza, Wild Weekend - Belly Up 34th Anniversary Show @ Belly Up
  • Another Zeke Productions Presents...Los Kung Fu Monkeys (TJ), Wisecracker (Germany) @ O'Connell's
  • The Fascination, Hot Bike Cereal, and Eyes Around @ U-31
  • Translation: Audio, Death on Mars, Impel @ 710 Beach Club
  • The Warlocks, Vandelles, Lisa the Lush @ Beauty Bar
  • Destructo Bunny, Deep Rooted @ Winston's
  • The Doobie Brothers, Patrick Simmons, Jr. @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Red Hot Wednesday with Robin and DJ Shuffledust @ Bar Pink (Elephant)
  • Sycuan Presents Allison, Luke Brodie @ House of Blues
  • Ernie Halter, Keaton Simons, Matt the Electrician @ Lestat's
  • Manequin Piss, Anihilation Time @ Tower Bar
  • Youth Envy, Don’t Say Vegas & others TBA @ Brick By Brick
  • 8th Annual Haile Selassie Day featuring Prezident Brown , the Rasites @ World Trade Center
  • Rockin Johnny White Presents - The Tiger Sharks, One Lonely Robot, Fuzz Huzzi, Echo Revolution @ Canes
  • Rachael Price @ Anthology (Early Show, 7:30 pm)
  • Ruby and The Redhots @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Amber Whitlock with Anthony Jackson bass, Cliff Almond drums, & Rob Whitlock keyboards @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)

Joseph Arthur, Anthology, 7/23/08

Wednesday night was a long night that started early. With Dagart, my preferred partner in crime (PPIC) in tow, we made our way downtown around 6:30 to attend the beer and sake festival held at the W Hotel and hosted by the Japan Society of San Diego.

I won the tickets from a giveaway on and I really don't know how much I should gush about the event, but it was awesome. Of course, it was 'sampling', so the first couple pours of sake seemed weak, but it didn't take long to realize, between bites of ahi from Jade Theatre and spoonfuls of goodness from Nobu, that those little sips of sake quickly add up. We sampled several sakes before moving upstairs to the Beach for the beer tasting. Once there we found more food and got some heftier pours with the beer sampling. I ran into a couple old friends while enjoying the rooftop. And, for the record, I didn't bring out my camera once at this event.

After a couple hours of drinking and snacking on the various samples, it was time for us to walk over to Anthology. Talk about a change of scenery that smacks you in the face. Where the W was packed elbow-to-elbow, Anthology was virtually empty, with less than 50 people there for the show, and with the set-up of dinner tables, it looked even more sparse and you could hear a pin drop. Unfortunately we missed the opener, but at least our timing worked out and we arrived between acts. We were on the guest list, but I was also supposed to have photo privileges. Not having prior experience at a show for the venue, I wasn't sure exactly how that would work, but the hostess said, "oh, cool, we'll just let the security know". We ran into Jake and Malinda and hung with them for a bit and also Jeff, who was nice enough to buy us a round of drinks.

When Joseph hit the stage, he obviously noticed how empty the venue was and immediately asked that everyone move closer to the stage, which made for a much better show, but it was just unfortunate that he wasn't playing the Casbah or something where he might've had a bigger draw. On the other hand, the sound there was incredible and the few people there hung on every word, every lyric, every note. He played a couple songs then played mostly requests, which was kinda funny to hear how many of his own songs he doesn't remember. It made me remember how much the guy writes. His latest EP was in a series of four released over the last year, but on top of that, I had to stop subscribing to his MySpace blog because he just posted way too much for me to ever keep up with. The guy bleeds and breathes words. And we were lucky enough to be there to watch it happen live.

If you missed it, I posted video here. See more pictures if you 'keep on reading'.

The really crazy part of that night was after Anthology was all said and done, we went to the Casbah. Unfortunately, Aspects of Physics canceled because one of the dudes cut his hand on a glass. It was wrapped but he had to elevate and you could still see it bleeding through the gauze, so it was pretty gnarly. Still, we hung out with some friends before acknowledging it was late and time to call it a night. It's these nights...the 3 venue in one night nights...that make me really love and appreciate this city.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tonight In LA: Chikita Violenta, Summer Darlin, and Writer @ The Echo

I'm not making the trek to LA tonight (I'll be at Lucero at the Casbah), but for those of you who can make it, or who just wanna see what you missed last night, here's some video of Summer Darlin from the Beauty Bar.

At the end of the song, the keyboard fell so that's the weird music you hear through the monitor at the end, but despite that, they gave a stellar performance.

I'll post about the show later.

Things to Do In San Diego: July 22, 2008

If anyone is looking for things to do that are listed here but you don't know the venues, or if you have or know of an event you'd like listed, feel free to email me at sddialedin AT gmail DOT com. (Click 'keep on reading for the weekend listings)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008:
  • Lucero, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Glossary @ Casbah
  • State Radio, Rose Hill Drive, The Urgency, Mondays Alibi @ soma
  • Demonika & The Darklings, Igor Spectre, DJ Ipek @ Beauty Bar
  • Feist, The Golden Dogs @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Too Cool For Karaoke @ U-31
  • "Connect" feat. DJs from The Donkeys @ The Ken Club
  • Bedpost Buzzards, Fuzz Huzzi, Carolina Fever @ Brick By Brick
  • Close Talker, The Erns(PDX), The Press Fire, Tape Deck Mountain @ Chasers
  • Another Zeke Productions Presents...Pushin Rope, Johnny Hootrock (TX) @ O'Connell's
  • Jesse Lacey with Kevin Devine, Brian Bonz @ House of Blues
  • Comedy Night hosted by Mal Hall @ Lestat's
  • Warrior King, Reggae Angels, and Dash Eye of Tribe of Kings @ Belly Up
  • Game Night @ 710 Beach Club
  • Spoonfed Tribe, Alligator Dave @ Winston's
  • Industry Night/ Karaoke Night with Levi Strauss - $3 U Call Its @ Canes
  • KSDS Live SimulcastMundel Lowe Birthday Celebration with: Mundell Lowe, Kenny Burrell, Holly Hoffman, Mike Wofford, Jaime Valle, Ron Eschette, Russel Malone @ Anthology (Early Show, 7:30 pm, Sold Out)
  • Indie By Design @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Night Marchers, The Creepy Creeps, The Cheap Leis @ Belly Up 7.17.08

This is my first time blogging, so I am about as nervous as a guy going up to a random girl at a bar, “How’s it going? Uh, uh, uh,…” But like that guy, I am still going to give it a shot.

It's a long post, so rather than take up the entire page, to read the whole details of the crazy night click on the "keep on reading..."

I had my plans all set for Thursday night, Team Abraham and Earlimart at the Casbah. Then around 2pm a text came through from my friend Ryan “Are you going to the Night Marchers tonight.” It totally surprised me, first off, I haven’t seen or heard from Ryan since he got married about 3 months ago. Second, he is one of those guys that is just… Awesome, but seems just as allusive as his awesomeness. So I made a quick audible and decided to meet up with Ryan and see the legendary John Reis at the Belly Up.

I made my way up to Solana Beach early and stumbled upon what seemed to be the human equivalent of a dog park for kids. The park was teeming with kids, running rampant, jumping on benches, rolling on the ground, these were suburban kids finally able to let loose. Behind all this was a singer-songwriter playing mellow beach-style music, his covers included Sublime and Neil Young. Can’t remember his name, but now I know there is a concert series called Concerts at the Cove by the Lifeguard station in Solana Beach. Being a family scene, it ended at dark and I went for food and drink.

After grabbing a few beers at Tidewater (Pizza Port was too crowded), I headed over to meet Ryan at the Belly Up. We were there early enough to catch The Cheap Lei’s, which was cool because I always wonder how San Diegans playing Hawaiian music would sound. The venue was pretty empty at that point, and the music set a good mood for people who were just getting there and talking with their friends, but I couldn’t help but think how I would love to see them at a day time outdoor show and sip on some Mai Tai’s. They also did a cool Hawaiian rendition of a RFTC song, though I don’t know the name of the song.

Next up were The Creepy Creeps and they brought it hard. All of them had on World War II motorcycle helmets and green zombie masks, and were flanked by two Go-Go dancers with large cartoon eyes on their chests and cartoon monster mouths on their chonies. It was the perfect visual compliment to their organ driven zombie rawk mayhem. Their stage presence was great, I kept thinking the coffin case keyboard would fall to the floor any second with all the rawkous playing. On top of that, there were two giant dudes in grease monkey jumpsuits and Mexican wrestler masks dancing throughout the crowd. The bassist kept the crowd entertained in between songs with banter of “this next song is a dance tune” “this song is a grinding song, you know, like you did in junior high” and finally as a guy was offering the bassist a beer, he said “no, I don’t drink, cause then I would end up sleeping with you.” I couldn’t help but really dig these guys.

Lastly, was John Reis’ band The Night Marchers. Taking the stage slimmed-down and tan, dressed in dark grey polyester pants and a vertically striped 70s shirt, he seemed like the happiest guy in the room. They came out blaring in traditional RFTC fashion, and Reis’ perfect bright-white grill seemed as though it could chomp your head off with every raspy line sung into the microphone. Reis owned his guitar and rocked some great solos that fit perfectly with the songs. In the middle of the set, with dark spots seeping through the polyester shirt, Reis described to the audience how the set was diagrammed, “High, then low, and then bringing it back up even higher to end.” This said, even the low was great, with a kind of funky, bluesy slow song that really had an amazing groove, props to the drummer, he killed it. As they brought back up the energy, the crowd responded with lots of jumping, and beer being thrown in the air, at a “divier” bar the crowd would have gone completely insane. When they ended it seemed like the set had flown by, sure enough the crowd cheered for more and got it. But Reis explained with a huge smile, “You aren’t getting more than you should, we just shortened the front half, so with the encore you are only getting the full amount, not extra. An insider tip into the music business.” They rocked out two more songs and left the stage. I couldn’t tell who had more fun that night, the crowd or Reis. It was a great show and all the bands brought something unique and awesome. And Ryan, you should hang out more.

Good Charlotte? Bad Charlotte!

I'm sure that headline has NEVER been used before.

Good Charlotte were in town yesterday and my friend Sarah asked if she could share her shitty experience with my readers. The band was playing a private show for Radio Sophie listeners at the Liars Club in Alpine- people who won a contest to see them before they were scheduled to play at Viejas Concerts in the Park later that night. (Click 'keep on reading' for the full post)

Radio Sophie was even Twittering about it:
(Radio Sophie Twitter)Metro Station performing LIVE @ 4pm on Then Good Charlote takes the stage at 5pm from The Liars Club in Alpine!!!!! ... ... 03:55 PM July 20, 2008 from txt

(Radio Sophie Twitter)Metro Station on now at 4 pm
Well, apparently Benji is just too much of a rock star to uphold his commitments:

(Radio Sophie Twitter) So Benji from Good Charlotte drove up by himself and is in traffic. That means Sophie's Lounge with Good Charlotte won't start until 6pm
Being late is understandable, especially if the excuse you have is true. However, here's my friend Sarah's take on the situation:

...Good Charlotte was supposed to go on at 5, but lagged and did not take the stage till 6:45. Underage fans sat around with nowhere to go and nothing to do since they couldn’t purchase alcohol. When GC arrived they sat on stage the whole time with sunglasses on while inside the bar, then mumbled an apology. The reason they were late was that Benji slept in because of late night partying in Vegas while launching products in their clothing line...
And Sophie's tweet:

Good Charlotte on now at Log on!!!!!! 6:45 pm
I've been to many private listener shows over the years through several stations in town. There is almost always an element of waiting. There's the wait in line, then there's the planned wait time to get you to eat or drink- the bar or venue that is hosting certainly deserves some business for hosting the events- but there is reasonable and there is ridiculous. The fact that fans showed up at 3 to be there in time for the first band scheduled at 4 meant that they sat in a restaurant/bar for over 4 hours when the event was all said and done. As Sarah points out, there were underage kids there with absolutely nothing to do for that duration of time. (Have you ever been to Alpine???) When Good Charlotte finally played, fans were filtering out to arrive at Viejas in time for the actual concert.

Perhaps these rock stars need to remember that their fame and money is fleeting, that they are only as good as the latest teen craze, and it won't be long before they're forgotten. The way they disrespected this small group of fans, not to mention one of the only stations that supports them in this market, might bring their end that much quicker. And to that, I say good riddance.

You can see the performance here.

Halloween in July?

Naw, that would just be silly! The candy corns would get all melty and get your hands all sticky, and you would probably not have any wet naps to clean them, because really, who carries wet naps these days, well maybe if you have individually wrapped hard candies in you purse you might, but I digress. No friends, there will be no Halloween in July, we’re still going to save it for October, but this year, let me tell you, when it comes, it’s going to be extra special for us San Diego folks!

Our friend Peter from the exceptional local band Roxy Jones will be putting together a compilation Cd/zine of local bands and writers with a loose Halloween theme. Last Christmas he put together an exceptional comp, and with the help of Bluefoot Bar released it for free. Yeah, that’s right, it was FREE. Let me tell you something folks, free is something you just can’t buy.

From the man himself:
It's a comp of only local bands/artists/writers. It all has to be loosely themed about Halloween/spooky shit/horror/dark/you get the point. Music can be original or cover songs. Cover songs are first come first serve, so if you know what cover song you want to do, let me know ASAP so no one else will do it. It is preferable that the songs be previously unreleased. The comp will also come with a zine of spooky stories and artwork by locals. If you or anyone you know would like to contribute to that part, it would be awesome.

“Man” you say to yourself, “that sounds so rad, but I don’t play, write or art, but I still soOoo wish I could be part of this…” Well my friend, no worries! Once everything comes together Peter will need some help to manufacture/assemble/print/press/stack somewhere between 500 and 1000 copies.

Once these babies are in the bag there will be a giant party and they will be distributed for, you guessed it, free! I have a sneaky, sneaky feeling, roughly the lower cackle area, that this baby is shaping up to be just as amazing! Please e-mail hoistudios AT gmail DOT com if interested. Also, if you see Peter out and about, please tell him how rad he is for putting in so much hard work to do something so cool for us!

Things To Do In San Diego: July 21, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008:
  • Chikita Violenta (MX) & Summer Darling @ Beauty Bar
  • Anti-Monday League presents Black Hondo, Atoms, The Shakeups, and Mermaid @ Casbah
  • Halcyonaires, Tape Deck Mountain @ Che Cafe
  • Dropkick Murphys, Civet, The Bleeding Irish @ House of Blues
  • BackYardBoards Midsummer Madness Surf Party w/ Nukl Heads, Back Yard Band, Sticky Situation, Hellbound Band, Morning Riot @ Belly Up
  • Kipper's Pop Culture Trivia @ Whistle Stop
  • The Americans, Abject, Filth Tribe @ Kadan
  • Blues Jam Hosted By Mystery Train @ O'Connell's
  • Grown Folk Music with Lorenzo and DJ Buddha @ Bar Pink (Elephant)
  • Open Mic hosted by Jim Lungsford @ Lestat's
  • "Singled Out" @ 710 Beach Club
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's
  • Chet Cannon @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge

FM 94/9 About the Music feat. Republic of Letters & The Duke Spirit 7.15.08

Tuesday night was a great night. Petro & Andy picked me, we picked up Eric from his place and headed up to the Belly Up. I was looking forward to seeing The Duke Spirit, but mostly because I love the way Republic of Letters sounds on the stage. With a designated driver, I was stoked to see the Belly Up reinstated their 'beer of the month', so we couldn't pass on Dos Equis for $3. We hung outside for a while until Republic of Letters took the stage. The set was great and because it was an "About the Music" show the venue was packed. It made for a great showing for Republic of Letters and I was proud of their set. They played some new songs and it looks like they'll be recording soon. For some reason there were no front stage lights for their entire set, so you'll have to checkout pics on their MySpace page, but I did post video of them here.

After their set, we hung back outside, and by the time we re-entered the venue, it was insanely packed. I liked The Duke Spirit, but I didn't love them. They're good at what they do, there are just a lot of bands doing what they do...The Ting-Tings, The Noisettes, and Killola come to mind. As it was, their CD was a grower for me- it took several listens to get into it. This is as close as I got to the stage.

With that many people crowding the venue, and Petro having to work early the next morning, we stayed for about half the set. On our way out, I ran into Daye, and he suggested I stay and catch a ride home from him, so I did, but we ended up standing in front of the Belly Up catching up with friends for the remainder of the night.

After he dropped me at home, Dag texted me, so we met for a nightcap at the Ken where all my neighborhood buddies were hanging out. Needless to say, I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anti Monday League Feat. Joanie + Secretaries, 7.14.08

Monday night was time for Anti-Monday League. I got to the Casbah later than planned, but still caught almost all of Joanie + Secretaries' set. They were added to the bill late, for that reason they opened up the show, and played with a hodgepodge of bands. They played a full set and it was incredibly fun to watch because Joanie has a lot of friends in the music community, and thus had a lot of support, and additionally it was Ray Suen's last show in town for a while since he headed off to meet up with The Killers as he joins them for their worldwide tour. It was a playful and incredibly entertaining.

After the show I was hanging in the back and didn't even realize I'd missed The Feeling's Mutual, a band I've been trying to see for a while. I guess the band that was supposed to play second canceled so I got mixed up with the lineup. Anyway, once I realized it, their set was over, so I left the Casbah and went to meet Joanie and everyone at Starlite briefly before heading home and calling it an evening. Sorry to the other bands- I'll have to catch you some other time.

Shearwater & Red Pony Clock at Casbah 7.13.08

After chilling out at home for a bit after Claudia's birthday at Kate Sessions, I mde my way to the Casbah. Upon arrival I was told that The Donkeys had canceled because someone's flight was late or something rather, so there was plenty of time to hang out on the patio and catch up with some peeps.

Red Pony Clock played their charming nerd rock, singing songs about it being ok to be uncool, about being unpopular and being awkward. The band sometimes grows and shrinks, and on this night there were 11 people on stage. The lighting at the Casbah is problematic enough, but with 11 people onstage, nobody gets any good light, so I didn't bother snapping any pics. I do really enjoy this band, however, and enjoyed their set.

When it came time to Shearwater, I was there with only the knowledge that this was, at one point, an Okkervil River side project, and that, for me, was enough to go on. I go to a lot of shows, but this night was one of those specatucular shows, where I didn't know what to expect, I was in a chill out mood, and from the first note to the last I was completely captivated. I guess this was what I wanted from Fleet Foxes but with a sold out crowd on a Friday night, I couldn't get into the right place to fully enjoy that night. The music sounded great and the crowd was just the right size. In fact, the front row was made up of about 6 really tall guys who were tall enough that they didn't mind me moving around for pics. Of course it was dark and my pics still suck, but I appreciated their kindness, nonetheless.

I already posted video, but here are a couple pics and more after the jump.

Weekend Recap (rewind) (7.11-12.08)

This is more of a diary post than a show review post, so read if you feel inclined, after the jump.

Thursday was not a good day. At all. Don't really wanna go into it, but after working late, I felt no motivation to do anything. So I didn't. By Friday, however, I was good to go. Only problem was that after a brain blip, I realized I was gonna have to stretch the little cash I had to last me through the weekend. This resulted in me being really, really stupid. I knew I was going to the Ken Club, so I had a beer and a shot before I walked. Then I arrived and my friend Todd took care of my first round at the bar. And another. The night seemed to keep going the same way.

Writer started off the night and sounded perfect. Seriously, with Justin on sound and Andy's gorgeous voice and lyrics, and Ely and Jaime hitting every note, the band was phenomenal. I didn't take pictures since I've captured them frequently lately, but don't sleep on this band. They'll be playing with Swim Party at the Whistle Stop this Friday for Swim Party's CD release.

The way my night was going, I didn't see The Howls or Lisa The Lush, and instead spent the rest of the night hanging out with my friends who were at the bar. Thanks to the generosity of friends, I got sufficiently inebriated and walked home at the end of the night.

Saturday was a lazy day, hung out with friends in the day, napped, cleaned, then decided to spend that night at home watching movies and writing.

Sunday I was up early for Claudia's birthday at Kate Sessions park. It was family day there, so there was a bounce house and an inflatable slip and slide (that I decided I was way too big to attempt). There was a band playing reggae- songs that are supposed to be reggae, and then covers of songs converted to reggae. I'm not really a fan of reggae. Still, it was fun and it was a day all about the kids. Claudia will be going home soon, so it was alittle bittersweet, but we tried to keep spirits up and enjoyed a day in the park.

Von Iva & Astra Heights at U-31, 7.9.08

After Rooney, Longsley, and The Bridges at House of Blues, I made my way to North Park. I walked in as Astra Heights was mid-set. I found Erika and she pointed out some changes at the bar, including digital lights, which was a nice change from all the dark venues I've been attempting to take photos at of late. I still hope Jake or Justin fix the gels at the Casbah soon because I don't think I can take any more of the all red & blue there. Tim Mays was at the U-31 show and I think I mentioned it, but I'll have to bring it up again some other time.

I liked Astra Heights a lot- good energy onstage and they were really nice after their set. I'll have to check them out again without so much distraction. (It had been too long since I'd had the chance to hang with Erika.)

I was glad I did not miss Von Iva, especially after reading the rave reviews from Port O'Brien's blog. And, while it was no centuries year old cathedral, they killed it at U-31. The singer channels something really deep when she sings, like a 60's blues singer, while keeping it fresh and modern with a nice dance feel created by a full all-girl band. They were hot. And, by the way, it was funny to note the singer's tight red pants were exactly the same as the bassist's from Longsley. Red is the new black?

The girls from Von Iva were nice enough to give me a CD which I've been rocking a lot. I'm only sorry it took so long to post about it all...

More pics of Astra Heights and Von Iva when you click "keep on reading".

Astra Heights

Von Iva

Rooney, Longsley, The Bridges at House of Blues 7.9.09

It's been a while since I've done a show recap so I'll do my best to rewind to some of the shows I caught over the past couple weeks.

On Wednesday, July 9, I knew that as soon as I got off work I'd be racing home, taking care of my pets and then zip off to the House of Blues. I got there with a half hour left of happy hour and since the band's guestlists hadn't yet been submitted, I took to the bar for a couple beverages. In all my gripes about the venue, I still always love their happy hour and the bar staff there is always friendly and fun to see. As happy hour drew to a close, I made my way to the box office and got my tickets but there was no photo pass, so I made a couple quick calls, talked to security, they got in touch with the band's drummer who also acts as the tour manager, and I was covered.

I entered the venue and it was what I expected- 80% female. I guess the bands have a big MTV/CW presence as far as song placements go. There was no photo pit, so I had to make myself acrobatic and get in front of the railing. I guess I've gotten used to this, but I still don't like it.

The first band was The Bridges. The band is a five piece with 4 chicks up front and a guy on the skins. I really enjoyed this band with their 60s influenced pop/indie rock and their harmonies blended together while still being layered and complex.

Between bands I hung out in the Delta Room and by the time I made my way back out, all the girls were packed up toward the front, so I had to maneuver through to get back over the railing. Embarassingly and ungracefully made my way over.

Locksley is from Brooklyn, and unfortunately their CD didn't arrive until the day after the show, so I didn't really know what to expect of their set. For local music fans, I'd say they reminded me of The Strangers Six a bit with a little less punk and more garage, dancing all over the stage. These guys did not stand still once. They're songs are short, fast, and catchy as hell, and it was cute to hear the girls choosing their favorite Locksley boy.

After Locksley's set, they signed merch and took pictures with the fans (with those with camera phones or who managed to sneak them in, then they made their way to the Delta Room to chill out. I went in too, because like an idiot, I had put my camera in my back pocket and it dropped out as I'd jumped out of the railing so I busted my zoom. On my new camera. Grrr. It still works, but the shell on the camera condensed and it sticks when I zoom. This is why I do not buy expensive things. They never last very long for me. I've only had this camera a few short months but have already taken over 5000 pictures on it. Maybe by Christmas I can work on another one.

Rooney was headlining the night and I thought I had seen them before, but turns out I had completely mixed them up with another band. They were entertaining for sure, and the chick crowd loved their pop rock tunes but after my 3 song quota, I had my fill of chick-rock and cute bands and wished I'd known more of their catalog.

I stayed through their set but ducked out on the encore and made my way to U-31. I took a lot of pictures of the House of Blues show, so click on "keep on reading" to check those out.

The Bridges