Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Things To Do In San Diego: Wednesday, May 18-Tuesday , May 24, 2022: Havnauts | !!! | Aurora | Peaches | North Park Music Fest | Fiesta Del Sol | Peaches | Eric Bachmann | Strand of Oaks |

Aurora Returns to Observatory This Friday (Taken 2.22.2019)

Hey! Look at me! I actually did listings on Tuesday in time for Wednesday!! I even dug deep into the archives to grab some old photos and um, wow. I can definitely tell a difference from moving from my Cybershot point and shoot to a Samsung point and shoot to the basic Canon DSLR that I use today. Whatever, all good memories, and I always love coming across other shows and looking through pics, like finding a treasure trove of old Frightened Rabbit moments that won't ever happen again. It's about four years and a week since Scott Huchison disappeared and was found dead and I think about him all the time and I feel lucky to have deep archives of music and photos, even if some are really, really bad. 

There is a lot going on in town this week and I am certain that I must've missed a few things, but hopefully you've got your plan laid out, your home COVID tests ready to make sure you're not being a spreader, and some good masks you can keep around for when you're interacting or in close proximity with people not from your own household. It isn't that hard and you might thank me later because COVID-19 is still all around us and new subvariants are 'catchier' than ever, , even if you're vaccinated and boosted.

I do want to note that I have posted about the North Park Music Fest but have no connection at all, had no part in booking or promoting, and have no hookup on tickets, not even for myself, so please don't ask me for guestlist.   

Stay safe out there. 

Monday, May 16, 2022

US Surpasses 1 Million Dead From COVID-19 | San Diego Ballots Out | Gun Violence Terrorizes US |

Mazza, the greater one-horned rhino from San Diego Zoo is now at Safari Park(Taken 5.9.22)

It was a really crazy week. I kept coming back to this post and adding to it and now it's like a whole week of crises that I just kinda need to post it and get it out of my conscience -- shootings, formula shortages, bigots, a fucked-up SCOTUS, rampant white supremacy, attacks on women and people of color and LGBTQIA+ communities and it is a lot. 

Sometimes it can be really hard to keep perspective. Like personally, I actually had a pretty amazing week...for Mother's Day, Darren bought me a behind-the-scenes tour of the Rhino Rescue Center at the Safari Park, I've been more regular about my days so besides Monday and Wednesday when I went to Safari Park, I went to the San Diego Zoo every day for at least an hour or two to get sun and exercise. I got a little sick last week, but I've taken 3 COVID-19 tests and it wasn't that, I think just the drastic swing in weather and extreme allergies ran me down a bit. The week also included seeing Big Thief at the Observatory on Friday, spending Saturday at De Anza Cove for Nova's Lacrosse picnic, and I worked for Wet on Saturday night on the Casbah. On Sunday, we ran down to Ikea and Lowe's and Darren and Nova built our cats a superhighway, I binged the new season of Workin' Moms, and though the marine layer was thick in Normal Heights, we got to see the Blood Flower Super Moon Eclipse when we went to assist my parents in Chula Vista. 

I've got lots of posts I'm behind on so hopefully I can get some of those this week. 

Stay safe out there.  COVID is on the rise and people are fucking crazy.   

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Things To Do In San Diego: Wednesday, May 11-Tuesday, May 17, 2022: Sea Wolf | Sextile | Fruit Bats | Big Thief | Wet | MC5 | X | Anand Wilder | Post Animal | Moon Hooch | Christian Death |

Big Thief (Taken 4.20.2019)

 I don't have a lot to talk about this week as I'm a little backed up with work at the moment, but there are some amazing shows and events this week. For anyone going to the Cruel World festival in LA this weekend, set times have been released and Echo & The Bunnymen has been scratched due to visa problems. I hope everyone has a great week and I'll add more to the announcements as I filter through, so check this post often for any updates. 

COVID numbers are steadily climbing once again. As more gatherings happen- concerts, Mother's Day, etc., be sure to keep some rapid tests on-hand so you can know if that cold or those allergies aren't actually COVID. 

Stay safe out there. 

Friday, May 06, 2022

COVID Cases Rising Again | WHO Estimates 14.9Million Excess Deaths Worldwide During Pandemic; US Approaches or Surpasses 1M Deaths, Depends Who's Counting | Karine Jean-Pierre Named Successor To Press Secretary Psaki |

Nova, Jo, Mom, Christy, Me, Nadia (Taken 4.17.22)

I forgot to share this funny story, so since I'm up late and am tired of doomscrolling and am suffering major outrage fatigue like every other pro-choice American, I'll share it with you now. 

If you read here often, you know my dad is technically in hospice at home. He still takes a ton of medication, but there are no real medical interventions that will help him at this point, so he's in full palliative care mode, which means beyond his medicines, my mom and the support aides try everything - lotions and potions, stuff for itching and pain, things to help him sleep, anything to make him as comfortable as he can be for as long as his heart still chooses to beat. A while back, a friend was working at a CBD distributor, so we had some drops and topical stuff, then we suggested THC remedies...cookies, gummies, tinctures. A relative sent him some cherry gummy strips that seemed to help in small quantities, but they ran out and so we've been on the hunt to find replacements. 

So last Friday, I went to help transfer him from his bed to his chair in the afternoon, and when we were done, my mom said she needed to go to a dispensary and wanted me to go with her. She had one in mind, but a friend recommended March & Ash, which was closer and had a better reputation. 

I should rewind and say I've never purchased weed before. When you're in experimental phases, it just always seemed to be around, and I never much liked the effects, so even when legal, I had no cause to partake. I was a marijuana dispensary virgin. 

Mom and I drove separately to Telegraph Canyon Road, but it wasn't where we thought, so we parker her car in a strip mall, she got in the van with me, and we found March & Ash further up the road. As we walked in, it occurred to me that it was probably cash only, but I had some money on me so I wasn't too worried when this was confirmed by the front desk, who scanned our IDs and told us we'd get a 10% discount for being first-timers. 

We enter the immaculate shop, with it's cases and cases of everything. A guy immediately becomes our concierge, so we tell him about our hunt for gummies. He shows us a few but they're not the potency we're looking for; he says 100mg THC is the California limit. (I later found out our previous ones came from Oregon, another story for another time.) 

We're flustered and overwhelmed and my mom is telling the dude all about my dad's conditions...way too much information for anyone's benefit...but she can't stop herself as she rattles off everything she and he go through in a day. Like everything. He repeatedly suggests tinctures while she wants to make sure she can get his veteran discount (even though it was the exact same as our first-timers discount) before she says, "What about drops?" 

"MOM! Those are tinctures. That's what he's been trying to tell us for the last five minutes!"

So we go to the tincture fridge and there's flavored drops and pure THC and pure CBD and then a million varying combos of THC + CBD and some are for sleep and some are for pain and some are for clarity and some are for general wellness and we must've made the guy read us 15 packages before she settled on two. One ran about $110 and the other about $60. Cool, I think I have enough cash to cover that. 

So we get to the counter and the concierge got the Veteran's discount approved even though my dad wasn't present, and even though it was the same as the first-time discount and he rings us up and it's $180.32. We hadn't accounted for the steep State and City taxes.


Now of course, they have ATMs on premises, but my mom and I are the same in that we will NEVER use an out of network ATM. Like, not ever. Her car was parked at her credit union and we could've just left and come back, but instead, we start counting out our money. I had $173 and some change, which I must've nervously recounted at least four times. She found a $1 bill in her bag. And then another $5 bill in her wallet.  

$179. We're sweating. She starts pulling out change, a couple nickels, dimes. I dump my coin purse into my hand. By some miracle, I had a $1 coin, some quarters and others, to pull off the final $3.32 of the transaction. And if I didn't, I think he just wanted us to get out of there. 

We laughed all the way to the van, then I took her to her bank, where the teller must've thought I was elder abusing my mom and making her pull out cash to give to me. "You're not Christy. You're not on this account. Mrs. Bystrak, am I free to discuss your account in front of her?" "Yes, of course, this is my other daughter Rosemary," as she handed the money over to me on the spot. I'm sure I'm now on some watchlist. 

Anyway, my crazy mom can now make my dad sleepy smoothies again, and maybe get some sleep herself every once in awhile. Happy Mother's Day to her and all the mom's who are batshit crazy but we love all the same. 

Nova has a doctor's appointment on Friday, then a piano recital in the afternoon, then I'm working for Yumi Zouma at the Casbah, and the weekend is full of stuff to do and Mother's Day, so have a great weekend and I'll catch up next week. 

COVID is back on the rise. Stay safe out there.  

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Things To Do In San Diego: Wednesday, May 4-Tuesday, May 10, 2022: THAO | Mariachi El Bronx | Yumi Zouma | Sondre Lerche | Ray LaMontagne | Gator By The Bay | + New Concert Announcements

THAO performs tonight at Belly Up (Taken 4.28.2016)

There are some amazing shows this week, another one of those where you might have to make some tough choices - like Yumi Zouma, Ray Lamontagne, and Sondre Lerche all on the same night. But it's good to have choices, right? For us, I don't have any merch gigs at the moment, but Nova has a piano recital and I might try to hit the Casbah on Friday. Darren will be working all weekend, we'll probably spend the day with my mom on Sunday, and I might try and drag Nova to Sea World for their Viva La Musica series. But that all also depends on how the rest of the week goes. As it is, it is now 7:30 and I'm finally wrapping up these listings after working through the night, so for now, I will sleep until at least 1pm and see where the day takes me from there. 

Stay safe out there. 

| Welcome To Gilead: SCOTUS Extremists Behave Exactly As Expected | COVID-19 Omicron Subvariant BA.2 Coming To Get You | Sea World Announces 40,000 Animal Rescue |

5-1/2yo Mandrill, Ajani, at San Diego Zoo. We spend A LOT of time together. (Taken 5.4.22) 

I guess like everyone, I expected this to be a mellow week. COVID-19 is rising, but just as easily could be falling, either way, nobody seems much to care. Russia continues to attack Ukraine but we get to watch comfortably from our couches; a problem for other people to deal with as far as most Americans are concerned, so long as our prices don't keep rising. And then on Monday night, Politico (which, ugh, nobody can stand in the first place) drops this draft document of the Supreme Court's probable future ruling on Roe v Wade and it feels like everything is just upside down. Like it shouldn't come as a surprise, but we didn't expect it until summer and so much nonsense can happen between now and then. 

I just wasn't ready for it. 

I was looking at the ages of the Senate and there are two women who I guess are still potentially of child-bearing age, but to think those mostly old, mostly white, mostly men could still knock someone up until their deaths is fucking absurd and disgusting and when you find yourself wishing people die, it's time to step away from reading all the feeds. 

So I did. I went to the San Diego Zoo this afternoon and had a lovely time. I guess I have a little pattern I like to catch - get a beverage refill - usually Coke or tea, but today, iced coffee, see if the mandrills are out, check on the African Gray Parrots, see if Denny the Gorilla is out. Today he was and came right up to say hi, look at some photos on my phone, then found some other phones to watch before going behind his hill. Then I make my way to the Bonobos where I eat my lunch in the quiet part, take some photos when they migrate from one side of their habitat to the other, then I'll circle down to see if the hippos are still out (they were already on their beach ready to go in), visit the baby takin, catch the elevator back up. Sometimes from there I'll go around Elephant Odyssey or take the Skyfari back to Explorers Base Camp, but I walked back to the gorillas before they went in at 5, cruised by to see Aisha the orangutan who was playing all by herself late in the day, then sat with the mandrills and the colobus monkeys until it was all closed and I could no longer linger. 

It definitely cleared my head. And I know there's a lot at stake and a lot to fight for and this potential ruling could have massive ripples for so many issues beyond abortion, but for now I'd rather just think that I'm so glad and proud to live in California, in a border town that is far from perfect, but always trying to be better, even if it doesn't always work out that way. My family is close, I have an amazing partner, a kick-ass kid, my rent going up probably means my housing is somewhat secure for now, I have a job I enjoy even when it makes me a little crazy, and I generally get to do what I want, when I want. I'm gonna do my best to get listings done, but it's already 3am and I haven't really started. 

Stay safe out there. 

Monday, May 02, 2022

Free MTS For Youth Starts May 1: What To Do | Greg Abbott Is Full Of Shit | Expect More Global Price Hikes: Indonesia Bans Palm Oil Exports | Mayor Gloria: "Committed To Bike Lanes" |

Nova on her 15th Birthday (Taken 5.1.22)

I started this post last week and then, as expected, I got busy and didn't do much laptopping. Still, there were some news items I wanted to share from last week and then I can kick off the week with a fresh post at a later time. The County of San Diego has aligned with State reporting, so there are only 2 COVID updates a week now, which is a good way to lose track when surges or upticks or increases happening; looking at hospital data is just too late, so maybe just keep an eye on the poop

I had a pretty awesome week. My visits to the San Diego Zoo have become a weekday habit, except for Wednesday when I went to work with Darren and spent the day hanging around the Safari Park. I don't see him much on those days, but my camera has been working overtime and the park has craft beer spots all over, so for me it was like a midweek vacation day before the big weekend. 

On Thursday I worked for Quasi & Jon Spencer and the HITmakers at the Casbah. Though I'd informed the Snail Mail publicist I would no longer be attending the show, they still gave Darren my photo pass, so Nova got to take advantage, although not knowing in advance that would happen, she only had Darren's mobile to shoot with. I'll make her share those photos in a separate post. 

On Friday, I did my usual afternoon Zoo time, then met my sister at my house for some drinks before we caught the bus to Interpol at OAT. She won our tickets and they were in the 2nd to last row, but we had a blast anyway. It's not often my sister and I hang out without the kids or my parents or me going to one of the kids' games just to hang out. We took full advantage and had a blast, Interpol is always great live, and she crashed on my couch for the first time ever. 

On Saturday, Darren was working so Nova did derby in the daytime, then we rode bikes to Adams Avenue Unplugged for a bit before she had a piano lesson, during which I ate and got ready for work, dropped her at the Center, then sold merch for Sleaford Mods. It was a great night and everyone was so nice and enthusiastic and diehard fans. 

By Sunday I was pooped, but we had to help my dad in the afternoon, and it was Nova's 15th birthday. So after my parents', we stopped for ice cream in Barrio Logan and got caught up in their weekend walkabout, then went to Sea World briefly before deciding it was too crowded, then went shopping to get Nova some new clothes, and then closed the night with takeout from Himalayan Yak and Yeti, one of our favorite splurges. 

So it was all good and fun and exhausting and my posts may be infrequent and for this one I'll skip all the government briefings and COVID data because from here, I can only look forward.

Stay safe out there. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Things To Do In San Diego: Wednesday, April 27-Tuesday, May 3, 2022: Snail Mail | Lady Lamb | Blitzen Trapper | Interpol | Oberhofer | Parquet Courts | Adams Avenue Unplugged | ArtWalk | Old Town Cinco De Mayo | San Diego Book Crawl |

Lindsey Jordan, aka Snail Mail (Taken 8.21.2019)

There are some amazing shows this week. Like how did Snail Mail get booked on the same night as Lady Lamb? That is unfortunate. I won't be able to make either as I'm working for Jon Spencer and Quasi at the Casbah, a great show, too, but a much different type of show. 

I'll also be at Interpol on Friday, and if it gets out early enough, checking out Oberhofer at Soda Bar. Sadly, this means I can't make it to The Airborne Toxic Event with Mondo Cozmo opening. Hopefully he'll quickly schedule a small club headlining tour for the summer of fall because he is an amazing performer. 

The weekend is also packed with the San Diego Book Crawl, Adams Avenue Unplugged, Old Town Cinco De Mayo, a Tacos & Tequila festival at Petco Park, Art Alive in Balboa Park, and the classic ArtWalk in Little Italy. Darren will be working at the Safari Park all weekend, so I'll probably drag the kid around town before I have to work on Saturday night for Sleaford Mods at the Casbah. 

Speaking of, Nova turns 15 on Sunday and it is a very big deal around here but everyone is overscheduled so hopefully we can find a way to make her quinceañera special. 

Stay safe out there.  

Monday, April 25, 2022

Catching Up With COVID-19 News: Cases Rising, Funding For Testing & Treatments Running Out | US Secretaries Traveled To Ukraine | Macron Wins French Election |

Nova and Ficus at Fiesta Island (Taken 4.24.22)

I didn't expect to be more exhausted after the weekend than I was after the week. On Friday, I thought I'd take advantage of Nova being at school and Darren working so after getting my work mostly done, I spent a couple hours at the San Diego Zoo, and then went to Sea World because they were open until 8. But while I was there making kissy face with Mitik the walrus, I got a text reminder about doing merch at Soda Bar. Turns out I was asked about the wrong night, but still rushed home to take the job. It was a pretty easy and short night, but after a night of hip-hop it's hard to just go to bed when you get home.  

On Saturday, after Nova's derby, my sister reached out and took us to Record Store Day at Vinyl Junkies Record Shack for awhile before grabbing some grub, then heading home for a nap, because I'd been last minute hired to sell merch for Haliene at Music Box. Again, it was a pretty easy night but super long -- I was there more than 5 hours -- so on Sunday I was just wiped out, but we had to go help my dad twice...move him in the afternoon and then again before his bedtime. In between, Nova and I took Ficus to Fiesta Island, then dropped her off at home and then went back to the bay for Sea World, not realizing they closed at 7pm, not 8. Nova still got a couple rollercoaster rides in so it was all good. 

With Darren working such long hours in the sun all day, he's been pretty wiped out when he gets home, so we're still getting used to all of this. The good thing is that Nova is turning 15 in less than a week, so she can handle being alone, feeding herself, connecting with friends, or navigating public transit to get to GHYC, and I've been making it regular practice to work in the mornings and get out of the house every afternoon. Things may shift up when her lacrosse season ends, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. 

On Tuesday -- supposing I get adequate sleep -- I'll be tagging along with Darren to Safari Park again. This time I know where I can work (Zuest Woolshed or Sambutan Longhouse), where I can chill out and rest while charging my phone (Rest & Relax Tent by the Watering Hole) and that the 2nd to last tram is actually the best one of the day. If not, I guess I can always take the office setup back to the Zoo. 

Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, April 21, 2022

San Diego Surpasses 30k COVID Hospitalizations Since Pandemic Start | Justice Department To Appeal Heinous Judge Ruling | Poisonous Plants For Pets | San Diego Zoo Readies More Changes |


Maza the Greater One Horned Rhino (Taken 4.13.22)

I'm only doing a post today because Wednesday is when the County updates all their COVID-19 info. Even the State has cut back and is only updating on Tuesdays and Fridays, so I'm not feeling so bad about my infrequent updates. Nothing you don't already know...cases are rising in the County, testing is declining, as I said yesterday, follow the poop and do what you have to for your own safety and that of your family. My big gripe of the day is how every news story talking about the judge's ruling striking down the mask mandate on transit seems to only focus on planes...a mode of travel which is really still for the more privileged amongst us. While it is true that "2,900,000 passengers fly every day in and out of u.s. airports" according to the FAA, a more striking statistic is that "34 million times each weekday, people board public transportation," according to American Public Transportation Association's 2019 data. These 34 million are often the most vulnerable amongst us: seniors, people with disabilities, low-income, people of color, many of whom may not even have basic health care coverage or adequate information and resources about the pandemic. Buses, trains, subways, light rail and other modes of transit are not known for their ventilation in the first place, and dropping mask mandates in these spaces is absolutely appalling. We'll see where the Justice Department's appeal goes, but I don't have great confidence in the courts doing the right thing, so ideally the individual transit agencies will implement their own requirements to continue following CDC guidance. 

Update: Just found this article from Time: Should You Still Wear a Mask on Planes, Trains, and Buses? Here’s What the Science Says. - Time (4.20.22)

But what I really wanted to talk about was the hot goss that I got at the San Diego Zoo today. I was lingering by the giraffes and Maza, who I've been calling Henry for over a year,  the Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros at the end of the day and came across a trainer and asked why Henry's crate was out. The conversation was kinda funny but in case he was sharing not-for-public information, I'll just summarize and say that the story for the moment is that Henry is moving to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. When he leaves, there will be some upgrades made to his current San Diego Zoo habitat. Once that is done, Funani and Amahle, the hippos, will be relocated there for 6-7 months while their "Hippo Beach" habitat is upgraded and remodeled. From that you can imagine all kinds of possibilities, like maybe Amahle will be like Fiona in Cincinnati and be introduced to a young male partner after she's 3 next February? It will be a long process for visitors because the pool on the mesa is far inferior to the current hippo habitat, but if it's all for an upgrade, it will be worth it. I'll still be there as much as possible regardless of what happens. 

Stay safe out there. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Things To Do In San Diego: Wednesday, April 20, 2022-Tuesday, April 26, 2022: Hasan Minhaj | Hot Chip | Spellling | Electric Six | Dent May | Earthfair | Orville Peck | Beabadoobee |

Beabadoobee Appears At Humphrey's On Tuesday Night (Taken 10.18.2019)

I was having a conversation with a friend about whether I'll ever get back to the pre-pandemic lifestyle of three or four or seven shows a week and I was quick to answer that it's just not in the cards for me anymore. For starters, I've given up rideshare apps entirely. After they poured millions into Prop 22 and since D quit driving, I'd just rather not support, which makes some shows logistically a little more challenging. I love public transit, but it is made for daytime commuters, not so much late night revelers. Nova is older, so it's not like we can just put her to bed and head out on the town, it has to be a little more planned when we're leaving, or for those all-ages shows she might like, if I can request and secure three tickets instead of just one or two, which publicists generally hate and decline. On top of all that, we're still helping my dad three or four times a week before his bedtime, which ends up taking an hour or so with the drive, right when a headliner would be coming on at most venues, so we just have to arrange too much with our schedules. 

And I assure you, I'm not complaining, but after two years, life is different. I'm different. The risks assessment is different, where none existed before. So you might see me bopping around at shows even if that means fewer of them. And I'll work the shows I'm asked to. But I also may show up 5 minutes before a headliner and cut out halfway through the set just to get by. It's all different. But that doesn't mean that I don't thoroughly encourage massive enjoyment of the great shows coming to town. If this week was pre-pandemic, for example, you'd probably see me at Hasan Minhaj, Wallows, Hot Chip and then racing to catch Spellling afterward, Dent May, Earthfair, Pink Mountaintops, Orville Peck, and beabadoobee. In this life right now, I may actually make it to one or two of those, if I'm really ambitious. It doesn't mean I'm any less grateful that we have amazing options in this City. But I still think if you're inside you should be masking up. 

Congratulations to all the SDMA nominees and winners. I hope it was a great night. 

Stay safe out there. 

Music News:

Wednesday, April 20, 2022:
  • Hasan Minhaj: The King's Jester @ Civic Theatre
  • Marc Cohn, Chelsea Williams @ Belly Up (Seated Show, SOLD OUT)
  • Molchat Doma, Pompeya @ Music Box (SOLD OUT)
  • King Whisker, C.Gibbs, Beech City @ Casbah
  • Value Select, Jazz Emu @ Soda Bar
  • San Diego Gulls vs Abbotsford Canucks @ Pechanga Arena
  • Les Filles de Illighadad @ The Loft
  • Cincinnati Reds at San Diego Padres @ Petco Park (1:10pm)
  • Gilbert Castellanos Young Lions Series & Jazz Jam @ Copley Auditorium, Panama 66
  • Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony @ California Center for the Arts, Escondido
  • The Corncakes Kiki Ball @ The Merrow
  • Tai Verdes, renforshort @ House of Blues
  • Bob Fosse's Dancin' @ The Old Globe
  • Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience @ Wyland Center, Del Mar Fairgrounds
  • Half Hour Late, The Resinators + DJ Apaulo @ The Holding Company
  • Militarie Gun & Mil-Spec, Headcount, Glean, Bent Blue @ Che Cafe
  • Jazz Pocket Swing @ Tio Leo's
  • Open Mic with Whit @ Pour House
  • Carte Blanche - House Music @ Park&Rec
  • Little Stranger, Big Yen @ Winston's 
  • Karaoke @ Rosie O'Grady's 
  • Slam Diego: Pro Wrestling & Lucha Libre @ Quartyard
  • Blues Jam @ Navajo Live
  • Open Blues Jam @ Bancroft Bar
  • Skrewball Comedy Night @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Open Mic @ 710 Beach Club
Thursday, April 21, 2022:
  • Wallows, The Regrettes @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (SOLD OUT)
  • WILLIS, The Hails @ Casbah
  • Dan Andriano & The Bygones, Emily Wolfe @ Soda Bar
  • All That Remains, Miss May I, Varials, Tallah @ The Observatory
  • Tempers & Leya @ Whistle Stop 
  • The Maine, The Happy Fits, Charlotte Sands @ House of Blues
  • An Evening With The Music of Cream ft. Will Johns & Kofi Baker @ Belly Up
  • The Fall of Troy, Hail The Sun, Seeyouspacecowboy, InTheBackground @ Music Box
  • Slappin’ Hands w/ Ric Scales, DJs Root & Dunekat @ Til-Two Club
  • Tony Jaw presents Karaoke Madness Tournament @ Ken Club
  • Twista @ The Holding Company
  • Victoria Robertson @ Plaza Bar, Westgate Hotel
  • Ultraviolet with DJ Instagator, My Digital Habit, Warren D @ The Merrow
  • Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony @ Joan B Kroc Theatre, Kroc Center
  • Bob Fosse's Dancin' @ The Old Globe
  • Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience @ Wyland Center, Del Mar Fairgrounds
  • Aztec Open Mic @ Aztec Brewing Company, Vista
  • Lyrical Exchange Open Mic @ Queen Bee's
  • DJ Mancat @ Mr. Peabody's
  • Latin Jazz @ Border X Brewing
  • DJ Fresco @ Park & Rec
  • Open Mic @ Aztec Brewing Company, Vista
  • Open Jam with Jeff Ousley @ Navajo Live
  • Manzanita Blues @ Tio Leo's
  • Karaoke @ Luau Bar
  • Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club
Friday, April 22, 2022:
  • Hot Chip, Hard Feelings @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Spellling, Carrie Feller, Dear Donna @ Casbah
  • Boy Harsher, Troller, Adam Miller @ The Observatory
  • 91X Inspired By The Music: SKEGGS, Miloe @ Music Box (SOLD OUT)
  • Knocked Loose, Movements, Kublai Khan, Koyo @ Soma (SOLD OUT)
  • MIKE + Na-Kel Smith + Mercury @ Soda Bar
  • Ultra Q, Benches, Fashion Jackson @ Bridges
  • Queen Nation, Lies N Roses @ Belly Up (Sold Out)
  • Adam Miller & Inner Magic (formerly of Chromatics) @ Whistle Stop
  • DakhaBrakha @ Baker-Baum Concert Hall, The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center (SOLD OUT)
  • Rent: 20th Anniversary Tour @ Civic Theatre
  • Zarak Warak Comedy Show @ The Magnolia
  • Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres @ PETCO Park (6:40pm)
  • Padres BeerFest (Dodgers) @ Gallagher Square
  • Decent People, The Gravities, Heaping Teaspoon, Jehlad & Moonshine Soul @ Ken Club
  • Besos Trio @ Panama 66
  • Troubadours: The Music Of Carole King & James Taylor @ The Moonlight Theatre
  • Atomic Groove’s Parents Nite Out Express Soccer Club Benefit @ Belly Up (Happy Hour 5pm)
  • Cold, University Drive, Black Satellite, Dead, In the Headlights @ Brick By Brick
  • Lady Psychiatrist Booth @ Grand Ole BBQ & Asado
  • Haley Mae Campbell @ Moonshine Beach 
  • Lightning Drive @ Moonshine Flats 
  • Rosalyn @ Aztec Brewing Company, Vista
  • Blake Den @ The Rabbit Hole (6-9pm)
  • Spinnie Cooper @ The Rabbit Hole (9pm)
  • Gilbert Castellanos @ Plaza Bar, Westgate Hotel 
  • Rival Squad, Missing Limbs, Sucio, Inner Vision @ Til-Two Club
  • Band of Gringos @ The Holding Company
  • Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony @ Patrick Henry High (2pm)
  • Sonic Tonic @ Fast Times
  • Dj Thomas Fernandez & Stack-Aly @ Tower Bar
  • ONCE @ California Center for the Arts, Escondido
  • Rock En Español Live @ Border X Brewing
  • Bob Fosse's Dancin' @ The Old Globe
  • The San Diego Black Artist Collective @ The Old Globe 
  • Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience @ Wyland Center, Del Mar Fairgrounds
  • Israel Maldonado Live in the Greenhouse @ Park & Rec
  • Mike Pinto @ Winston's 
  • Jeff Dunham @ Pechanga Arena
  • The Mellow Downs @ Pour House (5-8pm)
  • DJ Will Ayyy, Chopper Flynn (album release), Jupiter Flight @ Pour House  
  • Locker Room with DJ Eli @ The Merrow
  • Calisamba @ 710 Beach Club
  • Tube Amp'd @ Mr. Peabody's
  • Parmalee @ Live & Up Close, Sycuan
  • BB & Company @ Tio Leo's
  • DJ Shasta @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (9:30pm)
  • Daring Greatly @ Navajo Live 
  • SD UNION W/ LTJ Bukem & Submorphics, Ghost MD, Horge, DJ Desi @ SPIN
Saturday, April 23, 2022:
  • RSD! Record Store Day! Check out your local shops for DJs, Live Music, and RSD limited releases. Vinyl Junkies Record Shack, Lou's, m-Theory, Reanimated, Red Brontosaurus, and more! 
  • Landis Bikeway Grand Opening @ Park de la Cruz (3901 Landis Street, San Diego, CA 92105)
  • The Evolution of Transportation Illuminated at the Green Transpo Expo @ Westfield North County
  • City of Oceanside “Earth Day of Service and Celebration” @ Buccaneer Park (9am-1pm)
  • Spring Food Truck Festival @ Bate's Nut Farm (10am-3pm)
  • Electric Six, Volk @ Casbah 
  • Dent May, Jimmy Whispers @ Soda Bar
  • Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mercury Rev @ The Observatory North Park
  • An Evening With Grateful Shred @ Belly Up  
  • The Farmers @ Navajo Live
  • Punks for Autism Presents: Hoods, The Cutthroats, Legions, Triste @ Ken Club
  • RIo Peligroso @ Rosie O'Grady's
  • BOOTY BASSMENT w/DJs Dimitri and Rob Moran @ Whistle Stop (8:30pm) 
  • Shawn Rohlf & Friends @ Whistle Stop (4pm)
  • ONCE @ California Center for the Arts, Escondido (2pm & 7:30pm)
  • San Diego Gulls vs Tucson Roadrunners @ Pechanga Arena
  • Pancho Barraza, Banda Cuisillos @ Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre, SDSU
  • Suicide Dies Tonight with Blackcast, Deadrise, Revitalize, Pudre, Mouthguard, Sidewalk Ends @ SOMA Sidestage
  • Tori Roze and The Hot Mess Quartet @ Grand Ole BBQ & Asado (1-4pm)
  • The Chats, Mean Jeans, THICK @ House of Blues
  • Joy Again @ Voodoo Room, House of Blues
  • Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres @ PETCO Park (5:40pm)
  • Rent: 20th Anniversary Tour @ Civic Theatre
  • San Diego Gay Men's Chorus: Broadway, Our Way @ Balboa Theatre
  • The San Diego Sound Project: Alex Arango @ Museum of Making Music (7pm, Live or Free Livestream)
  • Robin Henkel with Horns @ Panama 66
  • Haliene, Escalation @ Music Box
  • Dr. Jordan B. Peterson: Beyond Order @ The Magnolia
  • Chickenbone Slim @ Pour House (5-8pm) 
  • Big Rig Dollhouse, Three Chord Kings, Legendary Swagger @ Pour House (9pm) 
  • Sheku Kanneh-Mason & Isata Kanneh-Mason @ Baker-Baum Concert Hall, The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center (SOLD OUT)
  • Stayin' Alive - The Bee Gees Tribute @ The Moonlight Theatre
  • Fast Times 5th Anniversary Party with Sonic Moonshine, Big Tooth Comb, Left On Everest @ Fast Times (5-10pm)
  • Bob Fosse's Dancin' @ The Old Globe (2pm & 8pm)
  • The San Diego Black Artist Collective @ The Old Globe 
  • Cabaret in the Courtyard: Simply Sondheim @ California Center for the Arts, Escondido (7pm)
  • Comedy Show: Ryan Talmo @ Aztec Brewing Company, Vista
  • Ascension with DJ Robin Roth, DJ Kaerie @ The Merrow (9pm)
  • Hickies & Dry Humps @ Park & Rec
  • Rosecolored Glasses & American Fire @ Queen bee's 
  • Puente @ The Rabbit Hole (9pm)
  • Queercore Show: The Gay Agenda, Middle-Aged Queers, Razor Nights @ Che Cafe (7pm)
  • Nightmare on 80's Street @ The Holding Company
  • IYP Presents: Jagged Baptist Club @ Tower Bar
  • Live Music with Slack Key Ohana @ Luau Bar
  • R&B Block Party: All White Everything - Attire & Affairs @ Quartyard
  • Lightning Drive @ Moonshine Beach 
  • Haley Mae Campbell  @ Moonshine Flats 
  • Throwback Jams w/ DJs Root & Dunekat (80s/90s/hip hop/funk/RnB) @ Til-Two Club (9:30pm)
  • Tim Cappello (Lost Boys, Tina Turner)@ Til-Two Club  (Early Show, 7-9:30pm)
  • Resurrection Radio @ Mr. Peabody's
  • Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience @ Wyland Center, Del Mar Fairgrounds
  • Night Club "Die In The Disco Tour 2022" with Holy Wars @ Brick By Brick
  • Kevi Kev & Pho King present the Hillcrest Variety Pack Cabaret and Drag Show @ The Merrow (6-8pm)
  • Holly Hofman @ Plaza Bar, Westgate Hotel 
  • Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club
  • Diggin Dirt, Lost Monarchs @ Winston's (9:30pm)
  • Kevin Thomas Band @ Winston's (4pm) 
  • Betamaxx @ Tio Leo's
  • Ron Houston & the Berry Pickers @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (5pm)
  • Detroit Underground @ Humphrey's Backstage Live (8pm)
  • bo-lo Presents Alex Kislov @ SPIN 
Sunday, April 24, 2022:
  • 30th Annual Multi-Cultural Earth Day @ WorldBeat Center
  • EarthFair 2022 @ Balboa Park (10am-5pm)
  • Mogwai, Nina Mastasia @ The Observatory North Park
  • Pink Mountaintops, Ashley Shadow @ Casbah
  • Ways Away, Crossing I's Dotting T's, Sparkler, Yujin13 @ Soda Bar
  • The Record Company - Play Loud Tour @ House of Blues
  • Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters, Francis Blume @ Belly Up 
  • Enjoy, Tommy Midnight, The Mainliners @ Music Box 
  • ONCE @ California Center for the Arts, Escondido
  • Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres @ PETCO Park (1:10pm)
  • San Diego Sockers Playoffs Round 2 @ Pechanga Arena
  • Rent: 20th Anniversary Tour @ Civic Theatre
  • San Diego Gay Men's Chorus: Broadway, Our Way @ Balboa Theatre (3pm)
  • #IMOMSOHARD: The Getaway Tour @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • John 5, The Haxans @ Brick By Brick
  • Turnstyled, Junkpiled (songwriters in the Round) @ Til-Two Club
  • Sprague Plays Simon @ Dizzy's
  • Beach Punx Sundays@ Winston's (5pm)
  • Karaoke "Jose Sinatra hosts O.B.-o-ke - San Diego's Best Karaoke" @ Winston's (8pm)
  • Madde, Tarnish, DSCO, The Renters @ Che Cafe (7pm)
  • Mama Cass' Birthday Extravagana - In Concert Variety Show @ The Merrow (6pm)
  • The Cryptics@ Bancroft Bar
  • /si-um/ @ Baker-Baum Concert Hall, The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center
  • Karaoke - Special Early Edition @ The Merrow (12pm)
  • Jazz Jam @ Aztec Brewing Company, Vista
  • The Morning Glory Family. / The Good Gravy Blues Brand @ Sycamore Den (6-8pm)
  • Local Band Showcase Presented by Red Hairing @ The Holding Company (4:30pm)
  • Vic Mean Guitar Licks @ Fast Times (3-6pm)
  • Jungle Poppins @ Pour House (4-6pm)  
  • Rip Carson @ Grand Ole BBQ & Asado (1-4pm)
  • The Sunday Wind Down w/Dj Spinnie Cooper and Cariposadar @ Park & Rec (3pm)
  • Bob Fosse's Dancin' @ The Old Globe
  • The San Diego Black Artist Collective @ The Old Globe 
  • Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience @ Wyland Center, Del Mar Fairgrounds
  • Salsa Sundays @ Queen Bee's (All Ages)
  • Anthony Ortega Jazz Quartet @ Mr. Peabody's
  • Rob Thorsen @ Veranda Bar, Westgate Hotel (10:30am-1:30pm)
  • Jess Wright band @ Navajo Live 
  • Karoake @ 710 Beach Club
Monday, April 25, 2022:
  • Orville Peck - Bronco Tour, Teddy & The Rough Riders @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay (SOLD OUT)
  • Canceled: Ringo Deathstarr, Rosegarden Funeral Party @ Casbah 
  • Supercrush, Mo Troper, Jinx!, Sustains @ Soda Bar
  • James Arthur: It'll All Make Sense Tour, Nina Nesbitt @ The Observatory
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's 
  • Paul Galbraith, 8-string guitar @ La Jolla Athenaeum (7:30pm)
  • Christian Hell (hong kong fuck you), i.O. (canada), Those Darn Gnomes, Zendejas (i.O sitting in on all sets) @ Til-Two Club
  • Ines Irawati, piano & Sophie Webber, cello @ La Jolla Athenaeum (Mini-Concert, 12pm)
  • Chronic Tiger, Ritz Vanity @ Navajo Live 
  • Blue Monday with DJ Camilla Robina, DJ Heather Hardcore @ The Merrow
  • Trivia Night w/Kyle @ Pour House 
  • Monday Blues Jam @ Aztec Brewery, Vista
  • Itzhak Perlman @ California Center for the Arts, Escondido
  • The Bachelor Live @ The Magnolia
  • Open Mic with Jay Cain @ Mr. Peabody's
  • Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience @ Wyland Center, Del Mar Fairgrounds
  • Karaoke @ The Holding Company
  • Caliente Mondays Salsa y Bachata @ Tio Leo's
  • Karaoke @ The Holding Company
  • Writer's Round @ Park & Rec
  • Line Dancing Lessons @ Moonshine Beach 
  • Bancroft Bingo Night @ The Bancroft
  • Mic'd Up at Moonshine  @ Moonshine Flats 
Tuesday, April 26, 2022:
  • beabadoobee, Luna Li, Wallice @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Keb' Mo', Jackie Venson @ Belly Up (Seated Show, Sold Out)
  • Hip Hop Battle Bot @ Casbah
  • Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin: Stygian Bough, Vouna, Abyssal @ Soda Bar
  • together PANGEA: “How to Dye” Tour 2022, Tropa Magica, Sad Park  @ SOMA
  • The Offspring: Let The Bad Times Roll, Radkey, Blame My Youth @ Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre, SDSU
  • Yumi Kurosawa and renowned table player Eric Phinney @ The Loft
  • Ric Scales and Its Raw Poke present a night of Hip Hop @ Winston's
  • Theo & The Zydeco Patrol @ Tio Leo's
  • SKETCH PARTY- Drink & Draw! @ Whistle Stop
  • Reggae Tuesdaze Presents Sandollar & Crucial Blend 4 Krystal Dyers Bday Party + DJ Lexy Love @ The Holding Company
  • San Diego Gulls vs Stockton Heat @ Pechanga Arena
  • Bob Fosse's Dancin' @ The Old Globe
  • Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience @ Wyland Center, Del Mar Fairgrounds
  • Dr. Jordan B. Peterson: Beyond Order @ Balboa Theatre
  • Blues Berry Jam @ Queen Bee's
  • Trivia Night @ 710 Beach Club
  • Karaoke @ The Merrow
  • Karaoke @ Aztec Brewing Company, Vista
  • Comedy Open Mic Night @ The Rabbit Hole
  • Karaoke @ Bancroft Bar
  • Trivia @ Quartyard
  • Terrible Tuesday All Vinyl DJ Night wtih DJ Lexicon Devil @ Pour House 
  • Karaoke @ Peabody's
  • Trivia Night @ Park & Rec
  • Karaoke with Christine @ Navajo Live