Thursday, May 21, 2015

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, May 21-Sunday, May 24, 2015

I had to take a day off from everything yesterday, but then it resulted in a marathon night trying to catch up on work. So Casbah shows and Observatory shows are updated, my email is almost manageable, and I'm about ready to go into the Memorial Day weekend with some calm. Tonight I'll be working at both shows with Gad Elmaleh, who is apparently the most famous French comedian, and then I'll be working merch for X both nights. This weekend is also the grand opening of Park and Rec, the Stones are in town, and you better believe there will be barbeques galore. Friday through Sunday listings are after the jump.

Thursday, May 21, 2015:
  • The Sinclairs, Foreign Suns, Taken By Tomorrow, Setback City @ Soda Bar
  • The Rezillos, Kid Congo and the Pink Money Birds, Shady Francos @ Casbah
  • Casbah Presents: Gad Elmaleh @ Irenic (7pm Early show in French-SOLD OUT. 9pm Late show in English- Tix still available)
  • DJ Greyboy @ Park and Rec (Grand Opening Weekend)
  • DJ Ikah Love @ Bar Pink
  • The Sidewinders @ Seven Grand
  • The Eiffels @ Lestat's
  • Joe Marillo, Caroline Spence, Tattletale Saints, Jeff Berkley @ Java Joe's
  • Gothic Tropic, Life Size Maps@ The Merrow
  • Trio De Janeiro, Lori Bell, Ron Satterfield @ Croce's Park West
  • Hot Lunch, The Great Electric Quest @ Brick By Brick
  • Jody Ellen, Marquis of Vaudville @ Queen Bee's
  • Club 80s @ The Bancroft
  • R:Thyme @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Cassie B Band @ Tin Roof
  • Open Jam, Battle for Warped tour @ Winston's
  • No Limits with Myson King @ The Office
  • Alexei AMrtov, Marquay @ Til Two Club
  • Astrojump @ Whistle Stop
  • Acid Varsity @ Kava Lounge
  • Shoreline Rootz, DJ Reefah @ Gallagher's Irish Pub
  • Dead Feather Moon, Taken By Canadians @ Boar Cross'n
  • Volcano!, Sound Remedy @ Somewhere Loud Studios
  • Feenixpawl @ Bassmnt
  • Brooke Evers @ Fluxx
  • Patrick Rynne, Chris James @ Tio Leos
  • Second Cousins @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Engineer, DJ Shnootz, Californiacid, MaxBetta @ Kava Lounge

Upcoming Casbah and Casbah Presents Shows (Updated 5/21)

It's has been a couple weeks since I've updated the full Casbah calendar and it is quite the feat when we're adding so many shows all the time. There are a lot of shows going on sale Friday and many more that are already on sale now. Links for every show are provided below for your convenience. June shows and beyond are after the jump.

Thu May 21 - The Rezillos, Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Shady Francos @ Casbah

Thu May 21 - Gad Elmaleh @ The Irenic (7pm, Early Show-SOLD OUT) (9pm, Late Show)

Fri May 22 - Sage Francis, Real J Wallace, DJ Artistic @ Casbah

Fri May 22 - Jesse Marchant, Names of War, Gayle Skidmore @ Whistle Stop (FREE SHOW)

Fri May 22 - Pinback, Sleeping People @ Belly Up

Fri May 22 - X performing "Los Angeles" & "Wild Gift" @ The Observatory North Park

Sat May 23 - X performing "Under The Big Black Sun" & "More Fun in the New World" @ The Observatory North Park

Sat May 23 - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Krass Brothers @ The Casbah

Sat May 23 - Sleeping People, KATA, Roland @ The Hideout

Sun May 24 - G.B.H. , Authentic Sellout, Revolut-Chix, Records With Roger @ Casbah

Mon May 25 - Lo-Fang @ Soda Bar

Mon May 25 - Kopecky, Armors, Spero @ Casbah

Formerly Kopecky Family Band, Kopecky perform at the Casbah on Memorial Day

Tue May 26 - The New Regime, Pumphouse, Jara @ Casbah

Wed May 27 - Mystic Braves, Muscle Beech, The Creation Factory @ Casbah

Thu May 28 - Transfer, Wild Wild Wets, Madly, The New Kinetics @ Casbah

Thu May 28 - Neutral Milk Hotel, The Minders @ The Observatory North Park (SOLD OUT)

Fri May 29 - Will Butler, Jo Firestone @ Casbah

Fri May 29 - An Evening With Delta Spirit & Friends @ The Irenic

Fri May 29 - Chris Robinson Brotherhood @ The Observatory North Park

Fri May 29 - HONEYHONEY, John Isaac Watters @ Soda Bar

Fri May 29 - Pinata Protest, Viernes 13, Copper Gamins @ The Hideout

Sat May 30 - An Evening With Delta Spirit & Friends @ The Irenic

Sat May 30 - Diarrhea Planet, Left & Right, Muscle Beech @ The Casbah

Sun May 31 - The Knocks, Phoebe Ryan @ Casbah

June shows and beyond after the jump.

Upcoming Shows at The Observatory North Park (Updated 5/21)

What a crazy week it was at the Observatory. I checked out part of the Lord Huron show, Darren and I went to Passion Pit, he went solo to Little Dragon, and then I went solo to Glass Animals. This weekend I'll be working at both X shows and am looking forward to hearing the band's four records. There are a lot of shows coming down the pike, so always check their full website at

5/22 X (Performing Los Angeles & Wild Gift) 7pm, 18+

5/23 X (Performing Under The Big Black Sun & More Fun In The New World) 7pm, 18+

5/28 Neutral Milk Hotel, The Minders (SOLD OUT) 7pm, 18+

5/29 Chris Robinson Brotherhood 8pm, 18+

5/29-31 FilmOut Film Festival

June shows and beyond after the jump.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Things To Do In San Diego: Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I have had such a cool week so far and it's only Tuesday. Darren got his first photo pit experience shooting at Little Dragon and then going to San Fermin, his enthusiasm beyond what I would have had if I had gone instead, so it was kind of magical. Then yesterday, Darren, Nova and I got a tour of the incredible Sector 9 factory by Rob Molt. I had no idea the volume of boards these guys make- it is mind blowing. We learned every process, from where the wood starts as flat sheets to the presses and molds, to the cutting and sanding and shaping and applying graphics down to the laser printed serial numbers. Rob hooked us up with some swag and gave Nova a complete Liquid Metal deck, which he boxed up for us. Then he showed us the Bread Bowl- their onsite skate ramp- and had one of the Sector 9 team riders demo for us before letting Nova skate around it a little. It was truly an experience we won't soon forget. We took her to OB skatepark to skate on the small pools, had a rad dinner at Phil's, and then I went to Glass Animals at the Observatory followed by Speedy Ortiz at Soda Bar. And it's only Wednesday! Wednesday archive after the jump.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Things To Do In San Diego: Monday, May 18-Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I'm super sorry I didn't have these posted at 6am per usual, but I am still recovering from an insane weekend. My body is still exhausted from the Festival of Arts in North Park because I was zipping back and forth between the 30th Street and Illinois Street stages. It was an awesome day, so no complaints, but just letting you know why I'm a little behind in work. After the festival I did merch for Ex Hex at Casbah who were awesome, and last night Darren and I got to go to Passion Pit together. Tonight he'll be at Little Dragon and San Fermin so I'll be home with Nova, but tomorrow I'll be at Glass Animals and maybe Speedy Ortiz if they don't overlap too much. Thursday I'll be working at the Irenic and I'll be slinging merch at both X shows, so say hi if you see me. Super huge shout out to Jordan for putting together all of this week's listings. Monday and Tuesday archives are after the jump.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's Here: Festival of Arts in North Park on May 16 (Free, All Ages, Family Friendly)

The Festival of Arts in North Park is upon us! Today, Saturday, May 16, the family friendly event takes over the streets of North Park with three stages of live music, a dance performance stage, a kids performance stage, and a small acoustic area. You and your family can spend the day enjoying all of the offerings of North Park and beyond, as food vendors and craft vendors and visual artists fill the streets. The festival runs from 11am to 6pm and is free and all ages (except for the 21+/ticketed Craft Beer Block and two 21+ beer gardens). I booked the Observatory Stage and the 30th Street Stage this year, along with Dang who booked the Bar Pink Stage on 32nd Street, and Alma who booked the Queen Bee's Stage on Ray Street. This year, we also have a full Vinyl Junkies Record Swap on Illinois Street and I have to plug that Nova just joined a dance class, so Move Studio will be performing on the Kids Stage from 2:50-3:20pm.

Hosted by Tim Pyles
11:00 — Jesse LaMonaca & The Dime Novels
12:00 — Mayfield
01:00 — Le Chateau
02:00 — Vinyl Mill
03:00 — Midnight Pine
04:00 — Blue Eyed Son
05:00 — Barbarian

11:00 — Vinyl Junkies Record Swap DJs
12:30 — Erik Canzona & The Narrows
01:30 — Michael McGraw & The Butchers
02:30 — Taurus Authority
03:30 — Afternoon Dream Serum
04:30 — Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects

BAR PINK STAGE (at 32nd St.)
11:15 — Mokoto
12:15 — Bangladesh
01:15 — Flaggs
02:15 — The Rosalyns
03:15 — Schizophonics
04:15 — Swamp Dogg

11:00 — Sinai & Rosie (Belly Dance)
12:00 — Love Boom (Soul Live Band)
1:00 — Dan Gindling Band (Country Rock Band)
2:00 — Daniel Feld (Solo Sinatra Singer)
3:00 — Sinai / Cumbia Singer / Tango
4:00 — Super Groupie (Hip Hop)
5:00 — Zymm Zymm Quartet (Swing Band)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Upcoming Shows at the Observatory North Park (Updated 5/14)

The Observatory calendar hadn't changed much last week, but this week there are a whole bunch of additions, including Lupe Fiasco, J Boog, Barrington Levy, Jungle, author Rob Bell, Father, and Citizen Cope. The Observatory generously sponsored the stage on Illinois street for the Festival of Arts in North Park this Saturday so please show your love at the venue and at West Coast Tavern. There's some cool show announcements in a couple weeks that you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for.

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, May 14-Sunday, May 17, 2015

What a week it has been! Monday was fun at the Hideout for Vikesh Kapoor and Elvis Perkins and then Tuesday I worked at the Irenic for Timber Timbre, then Darren and I went to the Casbah for Vaadat Chagirim- who were AWESOME, by the way. Wednesday night we went to a fat dinner with Jeff at Solare and then caught The Wombats and Life in Film at House of Blues and finished our night at Bar Pink catching Taurus Authority. The rest of the week is crazy, too.  We have Lord Huron tonight, Two Gallants tomorrow, and the Festival of Arts in North Park all day Saturday, then I'm doing merch for Ex Hex that night and then Passion Pit on Sunday. Yikes. That is some serious sleep deprivation. Thursday through Sunday archives are after the jump.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Things To Do In San Diego: Monday May 11-Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I don't know about you, but I certainly had a great weekend. On Thursday I had a long and fun night seeing the Mowgli's at the Casbah and hanging with my friends at the Ken Club. On Friday, Nova, Darren and I stayed in just hanging with the dog, and Saturday we attended Nova's friend's birthday party before I went to work and sold an insane amount of merch at The Observatory for The Growlers, finishing the night at Bar Pink with Tony and Jake. Mother's Day was mostly spent at Gator By the Bay with my mom, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, Godsister, Darren and all of my nieces and nephews so it was pretty awesome though no amount of sunscreen can really protect you from getting fried by the sun.

This week is super busy, too. Note that the Monday night Elvis Perkins show that was supposed to be at the Irenic has moved to The Hideout. The Observatory double-booked and I was told Dipset will be at the theatre and the other show was being moved, so I'm guessing that's at Porter's but I'm not 100% sure. I'll be working at The Irenic on Tuesday for Timbre Timbre and shooting The Wombats on Wednesday and Lord Huron on Thursday, and then hopefully Two Gallants doesn't go too late on Friday because I have to be at the Festival of Arts in North Park at the crack of dawn. Crazy fun week ahead. Monday through Wednesday archives are after the jump.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Upcoming Casbah and Casbah Presents Shows (Updated 5/7)

There are only a couple Casbah updates this week, but I also know there are a few shows announcing tomorrow, so keep an eye out and you can always see the full Casbah calendar at

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, May 7-Sunday, May 10, 2015

We're approaching the weekend and I couldn't be happier about that, just because it means my inbox won't cause me such distress. I'll get over it, I always do, but sometimes I wish I could publish the ridiculous requests I get. I will say outside of the burden of email, life is pretty great. I had a great time at MS MR at the Casbah on Monday, got to catch up on sleep because Darren is awesome, and there's lots of good stuff this weekend, too, including my family's annual trek to Gator By the Bay on Mother's Day. Thursday through Sunday archives are after the jump.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Things To Do In San Diego: Monday, May 4--Wednesday May 6, 2015

What a crazy week it was! I'll have to do some separate posts so I can tell you all about the restaurant tasting we did at Fresh Catch on Wednesday, the sold out Dan Deacon show at the Casbah, the sold out Decemberists and Lucius show on Thursday, the sold out Matt & Kim show on Friday, Nova's birthday party, and the sold out Tennis show on Saturday night. Plus I saw Kodak to Graph, caught my niece's soccer game, and got a ton of work done, too. I would like to sleep for 72 hours straight. But, no such luck. The planet just keeps on spinning. A grip of venues haven't updated their calendars even though we're soundly into May- Hideout, Bancroft, and a few others normally on my list just didn't make the cut this week. Monday through Wednesday archives are after the jump.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Upcoming Casbah & Casbah Presents Shows (Updated May 1)

See new update.

Upcoming Shows at The Observatory SD (updated 5/1/)

Things To Do In San Diego: Friday, May 1-Sunday, May 3, 2015

It has been kind of a crazy week. Work has been a little insane, plus we've been planning Nova's birthday and then Darren and I both worked at the Decemberists last night so it was a long and late night for all of us. I do have to say that last night's show was probably my favorite that has been at the theatre since the ownership change. Part of it was that I was just a merch helper, so all the gruesome stuff like count ins and count outs weren't my responsibility, but even more than that, the band was just on point. They had a diverse setlist that pulled many favorites from over the years and I was happily dancing and singing along as I worked. It was also cool, because I was still able to shoot the show and take little breaks to listen. Darren kind of indulged me by listening to the band before, but after seeing them, I think he understands my lengthy love affair with the band. This weekend has a lot going on, too. I'll be at Matt & Kim tonight and working at The Irenic tomorrow for the sold out Tennis show, plus we've got Nova's party and Old Town's Cinco de Mayo and lots of work and hopefully some rest, too. Friday through Sunday archives are after the jump.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Things To Do In San Diego: Wednesday, April 29-Thursday, April 30, 2015

It has been quite a week already. I guess being a sack of potatoes on Saturday was the rest I needed to get all caught up and on top of my stuff this week. It's nice and cool at night so we're able to do fun afternoon and evening stuff like Dog Park with Ficus and a pool party with some of Nova's classmates on their early dismissal day. Plus we're party planning and I'll be working a ton this weekend, so it is a relief to have control of my inbox even if I respond to at least a few emails a day with AYFKM?! (in my head, of course). Things are good. I'm not sure if I've shared the new love of our lives outside of Facebook, so here's our big baby.

Wednesday and Thursday archives are after the jump.

Upcoming Casbah & Casbah Presents Shows (Updated 4/29)

When I started updating this list, I figured there would be a few new shows and maybe the addition of some openers on existing shows, but I really had no idea just how many shows we've added the past couple weeks! There are so many good ones and I know you all don't like a lecture, but one of the reasons good shows skip San Diego is because there's not enough advance interest. Sure, you sell out Ms Mr in no time flat, but when we add shows like A.A. Bondy, Christopher Owens, Surfer Blood, Joseph Arthur, Fool's Gold and more, the agents see how fast tickets get scooped up (or don't) and it definitely affects who they send down here to brave our tepid market. Stop waiting for something better to come along and make plans to see some shows. And consider this your warning that The Mowgli's and Two Gallants are almost sold out. Get your tickets while you still can. All listings after the jump.