Thursday, September 28, 2023

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, September 28-Wednesday, October 4, 2023: The Chats | Coldplay | Odesza | Oktoberfest | Bad Religion | The Tallest Man On Earth | Local Natives | Brant Bjork | Moon Hooch | P!NK & Brandi Carlile | L7 | Sting | Rev Peyton |

Happy birthday to me! Yay. I've had a really great week and I finally feel like I caught up with work and things enough that I'm good taking off from my laptop for a bit. I feel like I deserve it because (besides work) I finally moved nearly 1TB of stuff off of it and then it overheated because I think the fan isn't working so that's gonna be fun to try to sort out and find someone to fix or drop a grand on a new laptop when I'd rather not. And also I got locked out of my password so there was a point where I was working on Darren's laptop, checking email on my Chromebook, and having to use two-factor authorization to get into it to move the data in the first place. So yeah. Besides the Casbah newsletter, I'm hoping to be offline as much as possible the next few days. 

My zoo days have been awesome, the weather has been perfect and it's been really empty before October "free kids month" returns. I'm certain that the apes are all empaths and I got a little birthday lovin from the gorillas, the orangs, the langurs, and a little head nod from Loretta, the bonobo. I hope to spend Thursday with them all again. The red panda cub has re-emerged from the den, so I've been able to see her a few times, and it's just been really nice being able to work on my phone and laptop when needed but walk and get steps in between. 

I'm super excited to go to the Troubadour to see Lauren Eve Mayberry from Chvrches on Friday...I bought the tickets as a birthday gift to myself when they went on sale, and I'm also super excited to see The Tallest Man On Earth at the Observatory on Saturday. You may not remember this, but the Casbah presented him at The North Park Theatre ages ago when it was first being renovated and still had seats. I worked the door and was blown away by him and stoked on the venue being reactivated for concerts. After that, I ended up working there for a few years for David as it evolved from The North Park Theatre to Observatory and it was a really magical time in my life. Anyway. Amazing stuff happening this weekend. Maybe I'll make it to Oktoberfest or some other shenanigans, too. Or maybe I'll treat myself to sleep. That's always good, too. I love you all. Enjoy this beautiful week. 

Oh...and remember how they shut down the I-5 South between the 8 and 163 for the whole weekend a few weeks ago? It's happening again, but this time on the NORTHBOUND lanes starting at the 15N origin at the 5 near National Avenue. It's supposed to be closed from Friday night to Monday morning, so plan accordingly. Check out more from Caltrans here

Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Thing To Do In San Diego: Thursday, September 21-Wednesday, September 27, 2023: Jockstrap | Ambar Lucid | Inspector | Super Girl Surf Pro | Sweeping Promises | Miya Folick | Adams Avenue Street Fair | Generationals | Goth Babe | Little Dragon | Coldplay |

I am super bummed I didn't make it to the Casbah last night for Fools & Fables because I really wanted to see my old pal Brian Holwerda, but it was my mom's birthday and we had a big old family dinner and by the time we were all done, I was knocked out and was in bed by 10pm. That also means I woke up at 3:45am so I could get these listings done. THERE IS SO MUCH GOING ON THIS WEEK!! Holy shit. We're gonna need a weekend after the weekend just to recover from the weekend. I always look forward to Adams Avenue Street Fair, and for the first time in several years, it doesn't look like it's gonna be a crazy hot weekend, which should make it much more tolerable (though you should still leave your dogs at home because it's gonna be nuts to butts). I won't get to see everyone I want to see, however, because I'll be working at Quartyard for The Generationals show. It's also a really good year to make it up to the Super Girl Challenge if you've never been, because Aloe Blacc is one of the featured performers. It's also CRSSD Fest with lots of CRSSD After Dark events, the Miramar Air Show might make driving up the 15 a challenge, and then two nights of Coldplay at Snapdragon will make traffic an issue around Mission Valley, though you definitely want to take the trolley if you're going for either night. 

My internet is driving me crazy so I'm gonna sign out for now. 
Stay safe out there. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Newsy Things & Rosey's Diary: New COVID-19 Boosters Are Here | Point La Jolla To Be Closed Year Round | Waterfront Park Getting New Amenities | Student Loan Repayments Resume | Airbnb Has Ruined Everything |

Point La Jolla (Taken 7.16.23)

I guess I started this post a couple weeks ago and never posted, so I'll put this up before I get to my listings. I'm currently watching "Wilderness" on Prime and am super into it, so hopefully a good binge will help me get some work done. 

Things have been going pretty great these days. I've been working a lot which is good since the Zoo is back to closing at 6pm and I have the time. I'm not on any big fitness kick, but I have turned back on my Samsung Health step counter and have been doing really great if you don't count Tuesday, in which I spent the day recovering from Monday, when SDZWA had their annual Employee Appreciation Party. This year it was at Belmont Park and we had a great time, but after we got home I couldn't resist a little tequila and stayed up way too late. So I never made it to the Zoo on Tuesday, but I did sling merch for Cut Worms which was pretty chill for being a sold out show. 

Besides that, everyone seems to be doing good. Wednesday is my mom's birthday, her first without my dad, so we're going to have a big to-do to try and make it special and fun and steer away from the sadness. My birthday is coming up soon, too, and I'm looking forward to a trip to The Troubadour to see Lauren Mayberry, my gift to myself that I actually bought tickets for. 

Anyway, life is good, I'm gonna get back to this murder show and get some work done. I didn't choose to cover all the news of the past few weeks because, well, yawn, but new COVID boosters are out, so I'll hopefully be getting mine soon, and also the San Diego City Council voted to close Boomer Beach and Point La Jolla year round. I was not a fan when it was proposed because I had a little special cliff spot I loved to shoot photos from, but people are assholes and ruin everything for everyone else, so I completely understand why this is the necessary solution. 

Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, September 14-Wednesday, September 20, 2023: PLOSIVS | Mrs. Magician | Wolfmother | Lucy's Fur Coat | Mo Lowda | The Pixies & Modest Mouse | Mapache | Yoke Lore | Cut Worms | The Baseball Project |

I really thought listings wouldn't take long this week, but I found it a little hard to focus and there's all kinds of stuff all over town -- as will continue to be the trend for the next 4 weekends or so --- because Local's Summer is on in a big way. So many beer fests and food fests and art fests and tastings and free shows and tours and...well, it's pretty exhausting. Get yourself the Pronto App, save money on rideshares and cabs and gas, and get yourself to shows. I'm a little North Park-centric, but Casbah, Music Box, House of Blues, Soda Bar, Til-Two Club, Observatory and a few others are all right on transit lines and NUMTOT-ing might be the hot new trend for bar hopping because otherwise it's so expensive to go out these days, just when all the best shows are coming to town. Try it. Maybe we can get bussing while buzzed to be the hot new thing (just don't be an asshole to your drivers or fellow passengers.) 

Be safe out there, buy your tickets, and do a shot at home before you go. 

Thursday, September 07, 2023

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, September 7-Wednesday, September 13, 2023: Buddy Guy | Ocean Alley | Bit Brigade | Ocean Alley | Nate Bergatze | City And Colour | White Denim | Ben Harper | The Revivalists & Band of Horses | The Silent Comedy | Islands |

I didn't do a newsy post this week because it was a holiday weekend so all the news is either about the weather, TFG (yawn), or that COVID-19 is back on the rise and updated vaccines might get approval as early as this week (fingers crossed). Pretty boring though, in general, though, which is not a bad thing. The San Diego Zoo has gone back to normal hours, so right now they close at 6pm, and Sea World has gone back to 5pm on weeknights, so I have to work a little harder to get my work done and still get in my visits and steps. On the plus side, I'm not working on listings until 4am and I have a ton of Bravo shows to catch up on since I've not been watching TV much lately. 

This week has some great shows and it's fall festival season, so you can pretty much find free street fairs or events for the next several weekends, like ArtWalk, Adams Avenue Street Fair, Oktoberfests, etc. 

It is also worth noting that there's a pretty major freeway shutdown this weekend: 

Due to the scheduled bridge repair by Caltrans, southbound I-5 will be closed at I-8 from Friday, Sept. 8 at 9 p.m. to Monday, Sept. 11 at 5 a.m. 

I think it reopens where the 163 hits the 5 South, but the past couple weekends it wasn't completely closed, just down to one lane, which is still kind of a nightmare. Just take City streets if you're going to the Casbah or Waterfront or downtown in general. 

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and weekend. My allergies kinda kicked my ass the past couple days but it seems to be under control now. Also, today is my dad's birthday, our first one without him, so he's in my thoughts even more than usual. 

Stay safe out there.