Thursday, July 18, 2024

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, July 18-Wednesday, July 24, 2024: The Decemberists | Pedro the Lion | Ragana+Agriculture| SD Pride | Drug Hunt | Metalachi | Shelbi Bennett | Sun Kil Moon | Comic-Con |

I feel like I'm in the hellish part of my summer that should be the best part, so I'm trying to take a step back, take a breath, and give myself a little wiggle room to feel my feelings and have anxiety and then hopefully get my head together and come out on the other side. 

As you well know, this week is San Diego Pride. Technically, it started last week, but it all culminates in big parties, the parade, and of course, the Pride Festival in Balboa Park. Toby will be playing in the Pride Band in the parade, but shout out to San Diego Youth Services + OSP, HYC, and Ringer's Roller Rink/Derby United, who I believe will all be represented in the parade as well. It is not an overstatement to say that these services, programs, and support systems literally SAVE LIVES. For parents, PFLAG, HRC, and others have also been a lifeline, and we're so grateful. As far as listings go, I put some of the Pride things, but I'm certain Rich's, The Rail, Uptown, Mo's and all the others have their own things going on and will be slammed all weekend. If any of those have specific events that jump out, I'll add them in. 

Then just as soon as it all ends, Comic-Con is coming. The volume of my email has tripled in the last couple weeks, that's the price you pay for getting a media pass, so I'm really trying to work through all those emails and see what are just hyping specific panels or collectibles and book releases and author signings with the stuff we're concerned with on this site --- the parties and activations. So, that said, I know I included Wednesday night listings here, per usual, however, I have not yet integrated anything Con related that is outside of the usual venues included here. I hope to pepper them in throughout the week and eventually update my Con guide, but like I said, things are a little crazy right now. I'm temporarily without a vehicle, wasted half a day going to pick up said vehicle and dropping $1700 only to find out the problem I took it in for in the first place wasn't even looked at. So, another day without a car and no real idea if the issue can be fixed within the umbrella of repairs and service that I've already paid for. Nightmare. 

Anyway, stay safe out there. Like, really stay safe out there. COVID is still a thing coming back strong this summer as our boosters are all really not doing much anymore, MPOX is hitting back strong, and after last weekend's events, lunatics are brazen and even more empowered by all the vitriol and call to arms they've heard spewed at this week's RNC.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Rosey's Diary & Newsy Things: SDPD To Add Surveillance to Pride | Sea Lions Continue to be Harassed | SD Is $$$$$ | Pandas Are Here (But You Can't See Them)| SCOTUS Is The Worst |

Winston, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park's Silverback, Passed Away (Taken 3.13.24)

I had been working on this post and then a bunch of work things and life things came up and I never got around to finishing it and then Saturday happened and I don't want to have anything to do with news at all and am trying to live off-line as much as possible. So if you notice this post is outdated to before the weekend, you are correct, and I'm not even going to post or talk about or link to anything having to do with what happened Saturday because for me, it CHANGES NOTHING. In fact, it verifies even more that Biden is my candidate and I cannot wait for every person with a hot take to move on to the next thing. You want 2A and no rules and open carry and bump stocks and an AR-15 style gun for everyone and all this bullshit? Congratulations. This is the world you get. Fuck you that you never thought it would be used against you while predicting (ordering?) a future "bloodbath" when TFG loses. 

Stay safe out there. Pride is this weekend and EVERYONE needs to be vigilant in looking out for any lunatics that might be out to make a point. 

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Things To Do In San Diego: Thursday, July 11-Wednesday, July 17, 2024: In The Valley Below | The Church | Niis | Marty Stuart | Alejandro Escovedo | Toad The Wet Sprocket |

I'm going to keep it super short because my to-do list is far too long and I just got home from seeing Ducks Ltd. and they were AMAZING. It was a great reminder why you should listen to NEW music and forget about most of the nonsense that charts or whatever you are telling you are the thing to listen to. There's a lot of rad stuff this week, so check the listings, and I'll try to update if I get any new info or realize that I missed a whole bunch of stuff. 
Stay safe out there. 

Friday, July 05, 2024

Things To In San Diego: Friday, July 5-Wednesday, July 10, 2024: Red Fang | The White Buffalo | Harry Connick, Jr. | Avalon Anniversary | Ducks Ltd. |

I'm not gonna lie, not only did I not leave my house on the 4th of July, I'm not sure I even went outside except to maybe grab my cats off the patio when the neighborhood fireworks started popping off. And it was glorious. I needed a day at home without any responsibilities...until I realized I hadn't done listings or a Casbah newsletter. Sigh. So here are this week's listings. The Belly Up is kicking off their 50th Anniversary celebration, but it felt a little redundant to put that label on all of their shows. Otherwise, it's kind of a light week for shows but still plenty going on in San Diego that maybe a summer slow down is just what we need. The County Fair wraps on Sunday, San Diego Pride events will start to pick up, and before we know it, Comic-Con will be here. Enjoy the slower pace before San Diego gets bonkers. 
Stay safe out there.