Monday, December 29, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: December 29, 2014 -January 4, 2015

I managed to carve out time to get this week's listings started. I say "started" because though I did them through Sunday, there are still some calendars for venues who haven't updated past NYE. As for New Year's, I didn't link to many of Wednesday's events because (A) I have loyalty to the Casbah and our event at The North Park Theatre, (B) because there are a ton of events that are for people who would never ever read this site regularly, and (C) because for me, family is always first, and with my dad still hospitalized (though doing unbelievably well compared to last week) and Darren's mom and nephews in town, I just don't have the time. Hopefully you can figure out something fun and buy tickets/make reservations accordingly. Monday through Sunday archives are after the jump.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: December 26-28, 2014

This week my lovely friend Tim Pyles posted about my site on and there's definitely been more traffic here, so if you're new around here, listings for the weekend are below. For my friends and family that have been around for a while, I can say this Christmas has definitely brought the unexpected, as my dad has been hospitalized since Monday. It was looking pretty dire, but he's hanging on and talking and alert and he's looking much better than he did in the beginning of the week. Yesterday we brought Christmas to him until he was pretty exhausted and overstimulated, and then my mom stayed with him and we did dinner at my parents' house with just the kids. I'll try to update as I can. Friday through Sunday archives are after the jump.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: December 22-25, 2014

Christmas is here! It was such a great weekend. I saw The Pastorela at the Lyceum on Friday, then had a blast at the Casbah for Ziggy Shuffledust and the Spiders From Mars. Saturday was pretty sweet at the Hideout with Eric Canzona & The Narrows, and Sunday was a day of shopping and wrapping and geting ready for the holiday. We're celebrating Christmas on Monday with Nova and I'm also looking forward to lots of family time later this week. Listings for Monday through Thursday archives are after the jump.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: December 19-21, 2014

This week kicked off with the Ryan Adams show, and despite the idiot couple who puked in the seat behind me, all was mostly forgotten as he played his two hour set. This week I also went to my Dave & Buster's for my nephew's birthday, went to Jungle Bells at the San Diego Zoo, caught Francisco The Man at Soda Bar, attempted a second trip to Adobe Falls, and also had some nice home time as it rained earlier in the week. And also, Serial ended, so I can get back to my life now. In case you hadn't heard, Lucinda Williams is playing The North Park Theatre on February 21. Tickets are on sale today at 10am if you didn't get the presale. The Casbah event at Silo was cancelled. We also announced two shows with The Growlers at the Belly Up coming up on Monday and Tuesday, so make sure you grab your tickets. Saturday and Sunday listings are after the jump.

Friday, December 19, 2014:
  • Lobster Party, Inspired and the Sleep, Paper Days, Bakkuda, The Chili Banditos, Big Bad Buffalo @ Soma
  • Ziggy Shuffledust and the Spiders From Mars, Chinese Rocks, DJ Mike Delgado @ Casbah
  • The Paper Thins, Telling Lies, Swift Beats @ The Tower Bar
  • Where's The Band? with Dustin Kensrue, Dan Andriano, Casey Crescenzo, Matt Pryor @ House of Blues
  • Willi Watson, Ypsitucky, Jake Loban and the Bender Band @ Soda Bar
  • Royal Heart, Chocolate Revolution @ The Merrow
  • Eukaryst, Sentinel @ Brick By Brick
  • Grex (SF), w/Nathan Hubbard/Passengers, Blackberry Tongues (LA), Tan Tien @ Bancroft
  • The Peripherals, Granpadrew, Luke Johnson @ Tin Can
  • The Loons, Schitzophonics @ Til Two Club
  • Turn It Loose w/ Mr. Blow @ Bar Pink
  • Atomic Groove, Who's Bad @ Belly Up
  • Besos De Coco @ Croce's Park West
  • COMMON @ Fluxx
  • Funks Most Wanted, DJ Lya @ Gallaghers
  • Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Nancarrow @ Cheers (Ramona)
  • Hip Hop Roots @ The Hideout
  • Dylan Gardner, Josh Damigo @ House Of Blues
  • Lee K, Boys Don't Disco @ Bang Bang
  • Winter Wonderland @ House Of Blues
  • Lotus the Band @ Humphrey's Backstage
  • My Name is You, Katie Leigh and the Infantry @ Lestats
  • Jon Runion @ Sycamore Den
  • 12th Planet, Antiserum, Starkey, DJ Beatnick @ Bassmnt
  • Serious Guise @ Tio Leos
  • Kid Wonder @ U31
  • Red Not Chili Peppers, Concrete Project @ Winstons

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: December 14-18, 2014

It's Sunday and today is Josh Damigo's first day as the host of the local show on KPRI, TJ's debut as permanent host on FM 94/9, so I thought I'd post my weekday listings a little early since. It has been a pretty awesome weekend so far and I'm presuming Darren will want some karaoke action tonight since he won't be able to do Ryan Adams with me tomorrow. Sunday through Thursday arvhives are after the jump.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: December 12-13, 2014

It was a great but exhausting week. The North Park Theatre and Casbah had me plenty busy as we announce tons of 2015 shows and try to make sure we get the information out and the onsales to work properly. Darren and I made a last minute decision to go to LA for tUne-yArds at The Wiltern and it was pretty great, since our friend Jake is tour manager and put us on the list with passes to the after show. But man, it is not cheap to go to a show, even when it's free. We got a hotel ($115), bought some beers and shots at the venue ($79 for 4 beers and 2 shots), then had drinks after ($48 for 4 small craft beers and 2 shots), plus Lyfting to and from the show ($18) not to mention gas, time on the road, etc., but it was definitely a fun adventure and better than any Christmas gifts we could offer each other. This weekend is going to be jam packed, with Wrex, Allah-Las, our NBC holiday party, College, and lots of work to catch up on. Friday and Saturday archives are after the jump.

ICYMI: Casbah Show Announcements

As I mentioned, I was pretty busy yesterday working on some new shows we have coming to The North Park Theatre. We have one more big announcement tomorrow, then another next week (so far), so make sure you're getting our newsletter for presales and such. Here's a whole bunch of new Casbah presents shows:

December 27- Get Back Loretta, Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact, Madly, Creature and the Woods @ Casbah
Dec 30 - Hot Chip DJ Set @ Casbah
Jan 11 - TIG NOTARO - Boyish Girl Interrupted @ The Irenic
Jan 14 - Pinback @ Casbah
Jan 19- Casbah 26th Anniversary Show with Mariachi El Bronx
Jan 21- Waters @ Casbah San Diego
Jan 29 - The Hood Internet, Big Wild
Feb 13- Saints of Valory@ Soda Bar
Feb 24- Brett Dennen @ The North Park Theatre
Mar 5 - JMSN, Rochelle Jordan @ Casbah
Mar 13 - Carl Barat and the Jackals @ Casbah
Mar 13 - 2:54, Honeyblood @ Soda Bar
Mar 31 - Shlohmo @ Casbah
Apr 2- TV On The Radio @ The North Park Theatre

Monday, December 08, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: December 8-11, 2014

I love December. I kinda can't believe we haven't gotten our tree yet because I've been ready since before Thanksgiving but we have just been so busy. We had a good weekend with an awesome night at the Merrow for the Al Howard Spectacular and then Saturday I worked at Brick By Brick and closed the night at Ken Club because it always feels like home during the holidays. This week we are announcing two massive shows at The North Park Theatre so make sure you're signed up on for our newsletter. Monday through Thursday archives are after the jump.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: December 5-7, 2014

I am really looking forward to the weekend. After laying low for the better part of a week with a stupid cough and cold, I'm ready to get out after dark. I can't complain about the week, however, because of course it rained, and as an occasional River Rescuer, it was awesome to see water flowing through Mission Trails during a misty day hike and then again as we may or may have not trespassed to Adobe Falls. If we had, it was probably a muddy hike but probably the coolest thing ever with so much water flowing through the San Diego River. We also had some good family time despite the completely disappointing Coronado Holiday b.s. (TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS PER PERSON TO SKATE AND ADULT IS REQUIRED WITH CHILDREN UNDER 12!!!), and got to see my sister dance at her high school which was super impressive. Still, I'm looking forward to some good music and perhaps some adult beverages while we spend the weekend organizing, shopping, working, and choosing and decorating our tree. Let me know if anyone has any crashable corporate Christmas parties. Those are my favorite. Friday through Sunday archives are after the jump.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Acoustic with ChannelSound: The Burning of Rome "Melina"

This video came to me via ChannelSound, a video production company located here in San Diego. They shoot stripped down, acoustic videos with artists in a variety of locations. They shot this video of The Burning of Rome at Kensington Video. Be sure to see The Burning of Rome with Barbarian and Low Volts at SILO at Maker's Quarter on December 21 for the Casbah 25 Holiday Wrap Party presented by 91X and CityBeat. Tickets are available here.

Holiday Things To Do In San Diego

Speaker of the Assembly, Toni Atkins, has a very thorough newsletter. Some staffer or intern put a lot of time into collecting these events, and in no way am I trying to claim that this is my work, but they did a really good job and one would hope that the point of including these in the newsletter is to get the word out about free family events throughout the 78th District and County. I'll sprinkle in more as I find them. [I've already updated this 3 times today, so I decided to make a separate page tab for these listings. If you're on mobile, this is accessible with the pull down menu by the word blog. Still, full post after the photo.

Celebrate the holidays in San Diego – and do it for free!

Monday, December 01, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: December 1-4, 2014

I wish I could say I had an amazing week off, but in reality I was mostly sick the whole time, so besides Thanksgiving with my family and seeing Hunger Games, I didn't do much of anything except watching crap television and working. I'm hoping to kick this cold soon and get back to the slow crawl of December. I'm hoping this is the month I finally clean out my studio to make it a functional guest space/office, but it's got a long way to go to get there. Tonight is our last show at the Theatre until New Year's Eve, so maybe I'll find some time to make some progress. Monday through Thursday archives are after the jump.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Casbah 25 Year Wrap Holiday Party at SILO in Maker's Quarter

SILO in Maker's Quarter: Casbah 25 Year Wrap Holiday Party
The Burning of Rome, Barbarian, Low Volts

December 21, 2014
6pm - 10pm

Presented by 91X and Citybeat 

Tickets are only $5 from 8pm today (11/30) to 10am tomorrow (12/1)!

Tickets will go to $12 at 10am Monday and day of show they will be $15.

There will be food trucks, vendors, bar, etc. 
This event is 21+.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: November 29-30, 2014

It's #SmallBusinessSaturday and North Park is bumping today with sidewalk sales, local pop-up shops, and all the regular great boutique shopping that line the streets around 30th and University. Stop by The North Park Theatre for $5 off and no service charges to our New Year's Eve show with The Mother Hips and Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers. The box office is open Noon-5pm. Every holiday season I always like to give at least one shout out to Susie and her awesome and creative gifts at Today she has a pop-up shop at Low Gallery (3778 30th St) so stop by. There are only 22 tickets left to Meat Puppets as of 11:48am, so if you're thinking about the Casbah tonight, grab your tickets online. Saturday and Sunday archives are after the jump.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: November 27-28, 2014

I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving. It was less than a month ago that we feared the worst for my dad and he's still here with us so it is awesome to have most of the family home and we're definitely thinking about my brother who is on deployment. There's a lot of cool stuff happening around town this weekend and the listings are after the jump. We also have a Black Friday/Shop Small Saturday offer for The North Park Theatre- $32.50 for New Year's Eve tickets! That's $5 off and no service charges if you buy tickets in cash (small processing fee for credit cards) at the box office during their hours on Friday and Saturday for The Mother Hips and Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers. Keep us in mind before you blow your spending money.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Upcoming Casbah Presents Calendar:

I had to work on some Casbah stuff and since I was already grabbing links, it seemed simple enough to just give you a glance at the Casbah presents calendar for the next few months. I don't think people really grasp how lucky we are that Tim Mays is juggling all of these things and booking the best music in San Diego, even as touring acts dwindle and and the holidays approach. Lots of cool stuff to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. Click the links to buy tickets or just check out the site at

Mon Nov 24 - Island Boy, The Black and the White, Bakkuda @ The Casbah
Tue Nov 25 - CAUSERS, Poontang Clam, Revolut-Chix, Desolace @ The Casbah
Wed Nov 26 - Cash'd Out, The Bedbreakers, Stephen Rey @ The Casbah
Fri Nov 28 - The Paladins, James Intveld, The Sleepwalkers @ The Casbah
Sat Nov 29 - Meat Puppets, Cass McCombs @ The Casbah
Sun Nov 30 - OFF!, NASA Space Universe, Gay Kiss @ The Epicentre
Mon Dec 01 - Glass Spells, PRGRM, Dancing Strangers @ The Casbah
Mon Dec 01 - Chet Faker @ The Belly Up
Mon Dec 01 - John Waters @ The North Park Theatre (SOLD OUT)
Tue Dec 02 - Jonathan Richman @ The Casbah
Wed Dec 03 - Author & Punisher, Archons, Red Wizard @ The Casbah
Thu Dec 04 - The Wild Wild, FMLYBND @ Soda Bar
Fri Dec 05 - Supersuckers, Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Screamin' Yeehaws @ The Casbah
Sat Dec 06 - Horse Feathers, Sara-Jackson Holman @ The Casbah
Sat Dec 06 - Moving Units, All Leather, Qui, Secret Fun Club @ Brick By Brick
Sat Dec 06 - Pallbearer, Solstafir, Mortals @ Soda Bar
Sun Dec 07 - The Ataris, Teenage Kicks, Floodlove @ The Casbah
Mon Dec 08 - Taurus Authority, Mimi Zulu @ The Casbah
Tue Dec 09 - Bebel Gilberto @ The Belly Up
Thu Dec 11 - X, The Blasters @ The Casbah (SOLD OUT)
Fri Dec 12 - Allah-Las, Tashaki Miyaki @ The Casbah
Sat Dec 13 - My Brightest Diamond, Island Boy @ The Casbah
Sat Dec 13 - Cosmonauts @ The Hideout
Sun Dec 14 - College, Nicky Venus @ The Casbah
Mon Dec 15 - Weight of the Sun, Mursic, Future Age @ The Casbah
Tue Dec 16 - Mystic Braves, Muscle Beech, Swift Beats @ The Casbah
Thu Dec 18 - Manual Scan, NE1, The Bassics @ The Casbah
Sat Dec 20 - Big Sandy and His Flyrite Boys, Sleepwalkers @ The Casbah
Mon Dec 22 - Idyll Wild, Boychick, Casanova Frankenstein @ The Casbah
Mon Dec 29 - Josh Damigo @ The Casbah
Wed Dec 31 - Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, The Mother Hips @ The North Park Theatre
Thu Jan 08 - Sean Watkins, Lauren Shera @ The Casbah
Thu Jan 08 - Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, DJ Abilities @ The Irenic
Fri Jan 09 - Whitey Morgan and The 78's, Jake Loban @ The Casbah
Sun Jan 11 - Flesh Eaters @ The Casbah
Tue Jan 13 - Midge Ure @ The Casbah
Sat Jan 17 - Little Hurricane @ The North Park Theatre
Sun Jan 18 - White Arrows @ The Casbah
Sun Jan 25 - The Coup @ The Casbah
Tue Jan 27 - Mates of State @ The Casbah
Fri Jan 30 - Brooke Fraser @ The Irenic
Sat Jan 31 - Beacon @ The Casbah
Sat Jan 31 - Wale : SIMPLE Mobile Simply Nothing Tour, Doja Cat @ The North Park Theatre
Thu Feb 05 - Hanni El Khatib @ The Casbah
Fri Feb 06 - Generationals @ The Casbah
Sun Feb 08 - Mustard Plug, The Toasters, Oceanside Sound System @ The Casbah
Wed Feb 11 - Hundred Waters @ The Casbah
Sat Feb 14 - The Dodos @ The Casbah
Sun Feb 15 - Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake @ The Casbah
Sat Feb 21 - Wild Child, Desert Noises @ The Casbah
Sun Feb 22 - Cursive @ The Casbah
Wed Feb 25 - Cold War Kids @ The North Park Theatre

Things To Do In San Diego: November 24-26, 2014

I am so looking forward to this week. Stuff at The North Park Theatre has slowed down so I can focus back on all the fun Casbah stuff over the next couple months. Nova's off school this week, and we definitely make the most of the time she's with us before the holiday. It was a great weekend- Friday night at SoundDiego Live was so awesome, and hanging out with the SoundDiego team at Livewire after was pretty great, too. I guess Gmail finally caught up with the Chrome update that was making it so painfully slow, so I spent the rest of the weekend catching up on the backlog of email that had been negging me for awhile, and let me tell you that feels great to work through 2300 emails and feel like I might actually get a couple days off of work. I even snuck in a date night with Darren. I did the listings through Sunday to give Jordan a break. Let me know if I missed anything, especially the places that will be open Thursday night. Monday through Wednesday listings are after the jump.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: November 21-23, 2014

Aaaand exhale. Last night was our last concert at The North Park Theatre until New Year's Eve, and John Waters is going to be an easy peasy performance night, so I can get back to focusing on closing out the year with the Casbah and of course we have a huge SoundDiego party tonight with Mariachi El Bronx. It's first come, first served and you have to have RSVP'ed, so I hope to see lots of my beautiful friends there tonight. Next week is Thanksgiving and I'm definitely giving thanks to all the awesome things that are happening. Casbah has always been so good to me, and you might want to take a gander at all the shows that go on sale today at 10...The Church, Generationals, The Coup, The Districts, plus shows at The North Park Theatre like Little Hurricane, Wale, and Punch Brothers. Saturday and Sunday listings are after the jump.

Friday, November 21, 2014:
  • SoundDiego LIVE Presents: Mariachi El Bronx, Pounded by The Surf, Shady Francos @ U31 (Free with RSVP)
  • Clever Void Presents: YAMFEST: Octagrape, Future Crooks, Inspired and the Sleep, KIDS., Big Bad Buffalo, The Bridge, Mechachief, Paper Thin, Luwejee @ Stronghold (Barrio Logan)
  • Minus the Bear, Mansions @ Casbah (SOLD OUT)
  • Casbah Presents: The 1975, CRUISR, Young Rising Sons @ Soma (SOLD OUT)
  • The White Buffalo, Jonny Two Bags, Salvation Town, The Doobie @ Belly Up (8:30)
  • The Woggles, The Rosalyns, The Diddley Daddies, DJ Tony The Tyger @ Til Two Club
  • The Jackson Price Band @ Sycamore Den
  • Red Dragon Cartel, Seventrain @ Brick By Brick
  • Mr. Blow and Friends @ Bar Pink
  • Atomic Groove @ Belly Up (5:00)
  • Al Campbell @ Spin
  • Nekrogoblikon @ Porter's Pub
  • Tropicool @ Bang Bang
  • Ruby Blue Quartet @ Croce's Park West
  • M'tafiti Imara @ Dizzy's Jazz
  • Dane Drewis @ Tin Roof
  • Sleepwalker, The Goodnight, Showcash, Marielle, 4th n Ceder, Flying Minus Machines, Smallest Dog Ever @ Epicentre
  • Crystal Kingdom w/ DeeJay Al @ Fluxx
  • Michael Dessen Trio w/ Charlie Arbelaez @ The Loft
  • SoMo: The Wide Awake Tour, Francesco Yates, Futuristic @ House Of Blues
  • The Reflectors, Rising Star @ Humphreys Backstage
  • Jesse Daniel Edwards @ Lestats
  • Phutureprimitive, Kaminanda, 9Theory @ The Merrow
  • Richie Kotzen, RDG, Like Mind Protocol @ Ramona Mainstage
  • The Major Minus, Mad Z and the Boones, Sol Remedy @ 710 Beach Club
  • Young Savages @ Tio Leos
  • Natural Vibrations, Sandollar, DJ Carlos Culture @ Winstons

Thursday, November 20, 2014

TV On The Radio at KCRW

A few weeks back, local drummer and one of my besties, Jake Najor, spent a week in LA rehearsing and performing as a fill in drummer for TV On The Radio, who are out on a promotional tour for their latest release, Seeds, which dropped this week. No stranger to the band after recording with them earlier this year, it was pretty exciting news. I mean, as far as I'm concerned they should just take him on tour. And while they're at it, they should just start their tour at The North Park Theatre. Anyway, Hannah from Sounddiego did a great piece on it earlier this week, but now the performance is available in it's entirety. Enjoy!

(If player doesn't load, check out the link here.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Movember Super 70s Yacht Party at SILO in Makers Quarter

Awww, Movember, every woman's favorite non-profit! A chance for men to grow those fuzzy caterpillars above their lips and raise money for men's health initiatives for doing so. If you're looking to attend the Movember party to end all Movember parties this year, then you have found it my friends. This is what you need to know: 

NO COVER, Free Food, Craft Beer, Craft Cocktails, DJ Adam Salter, Raffle Prizes and Smooth Harbor Yacht Club playing only the finest yacht rock jams all night long. 

Thursday November 20th from 6-10pm at SILO in Makers Quarter. All proceeds go to help the Stache Money SD Movember Team defeat Man Cancer! 

Extra Special Bonus: Your wristband from the event gets you free access to the official Stache Money After Party to see Steed Lord destroy the Hard Rock! It's Third Thursday which means cheap drinks and lots of dancing! See you there?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: November 17-20, 2014

The last week has been crazy busy, so I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving and having a couple days off, but not before this week with Ms Lauryn Hill at The North Park Theatre. We're announcing three new shows today, too, so check back in later. Monday through Thursday archives are after the jump.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Pyles Returns To 91X

Pyles Returns To 91X (SD Reader)

Things To Do In San Diego: November 14-16, 2014

Flying Lotus was so sick last night, and our busiest week ever at The North Park Theatre is in effect. Tonight we have The Presets and there will be plenty of tickets available at the box office for all you slackers who wait until the very last minute to buy tickets. On Saturday, Tegan & Sara is super sold out, but if you have a ticket, they're giving out wristbands to the first 30 or so people in line to get VIP wristbands for the orchestra pit. Casbah also has Blonde Redhead at House of Blues and there are still some tickets left, but not many, so don't wait to buy if you want to go. Saturday and Sunday listings are after the jump.

Friday, November 14, 2014:
  • Casbah Presents: The Presets, Le1f, Chela, Frankie Chen @ North Park Theatre (Doors at 6:30, All Ages)
  • Behind The Wagon @ Bar Pink
  • Los Straitjackets With Deke Dickerson, The Outta Sites, Low Volts @ Casbah
  • Say Anything, Saves the Day, Reggie and the Full Effect @ House Of Blues
  • A Treachery of Sound, John Meeks, Crow King @ Tin Can
  • Drew Andrews, Manuok @ Sycamore Den
  • Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, Ashleigh Flynn @ The Merrow
  • The Blackout, Xanadoodz, Neon Knights @ Brick By Brick
  • Sean Forbes @ Porter's Pub
  • Sons of Bill, David Wax, Museum @ Soda Bar
  • Brothers Gow CD Release w/ Groovesession @ 710 Beach Club
  • BoomBox, Ichisan @ Belly Up
  • Toothless George, 10-19, Old English, Aim for the Engine, Djs Sesh Mr Henshaw, Pelegue @ Til Two Club
  • Run With The Hunted, Hollow Earth @ Che Cafe
  • Benedetti Trio @ Croces Park West
  • Joshua White @ Dizzys
  • Engineeer, Anifix, FreqMax ModBetta, and 60's Residue, Rvltion-909 @ Kava Lounge
  • Grey Boy and DJ Question @ El Dorado
  • Art Alexakis of Everclear @ Ramona Mainstage
  • Crystal Kingdom @ Fluxx
  • Driver Friendly, Light Years @ House Of Blues
  • Breez'n, Beta Maxx @ Humphreys Backstage
  • Anne McCue, Josh Damigo, Samantha Aiken @ Lestats
  • DJ Aphrodite @ the Merrow
  • The Ghost Inside, Every Time I Die, Architects, Hundredth, Backtrack @ Soma
  • Groove Mercenaries @ Tio leos
  • Subtropics, Some Kind Of Lizard @ The Whistlestop
  • New Kingston and KL Noize Makers @ Winstons

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: November 13, 2014

Darren and I had an awesome night after I got off work from The Irenic. We went to see J Mascis at the Casbah, then had a couple beers at The Hideout. The only problem is that today it feels like every little thing is super annoying. Maybe a direct correlation. Some people get hangovers, I just want to kick everyone's ass. Tonight should be fun with Flying Lotus at the Theatre. If you're not doing anything later, supposedly Macauley Culkin is doing a DJ set at the Hideout after his show with The Pizza Underground at Casbah. I'll post weekend listings later tonight so you can start planning your weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2014 (SAN DIEGO BEER WEEK EVENTS):
  • Har Mar Superstar, The Pizza Underground, Lizzo, Pony Death Ride @ Casbah
  • Flying Lotus, Thundercat @ The North Park Theatre (SOLD OUT)
  • Bob Schneider, The Wind + The Wave@ Belly Up
  • Takahashi, Javier Escovedo & City Lights @ Bar Pink
  • Twin Peaks, Meatbodies, Criminal Hygiene @ Soda Bar
  • Relient K, Blondfire, From Indian Lakes @ House of Blues
  • Ziggy Shuffledust and the Spiders from Mars @ 207, Hard Rock Hotel
  • MaryJane's Underground with Radios Silent, Glass Spells @ MaryJane's, Hard Rock Hotel
  • The Bites: Beer Week Edition @ Silo, Makers Quarter
  • An Evening with The Tom Ward Combo @ Sycamore Den
  • Tawni Waters Music @ Java Joe's
  • Andrew Duhon @ Lestat's
  • Like Silk Sounds with Golden Goddess Crystalle @ Brick By Brick 
  • Grizzled Mighty, Billy Shaddox @ The Merrow
  • Brethren of the Coast feat. Duane Betts, Superunloader @ Typhoon Saloon
  • Friends of Caesar Romero @ The Bancroft
  • The Travelers Club @ U-31
  • Benedetti Trio @ Croce's Park West
  • The Bayou Brothers @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • OB Hip Hop Social #20 @ Winston's
  • Every Time I Die, The Ghost Inside @ Soma
  • IDGAF with Moti @ Fluxx
  • Sex Panther @ Bassmnt
  • Mercedes Moore @ Tio Leo's
  • Viceroy @ Bang Bang
  • Anthony Smith, Tony Miceli @ 98 Bottles
  • Revival, DJ Reefah, TRC Soundsystem @ Gallagher's Irish Pub
  • Hill Street Stanglers @ Boar Cross'n
  • Live Band Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club
  • Kreator, Nukem, Battlefront, Vanguard, Santa Claus @ Ramona Mainstage

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday Night at The Casbah: J Mascis and Luluc

After hearing the new J Mascis stuff all over XMU, I can't believe tonight's Casbah show isn't sold out, but you know, we're San Diegans and we never plan ahead and we don't subscribe to satellite radio and we only care about a show AFTER it is already sold out. Whatever. Tickets will be available at the door tonight, but it's only two bands, so don't be late because J could start as early as 10:30. If you want to be on the safe side and buy advance tickets, grab them here until around 6pm.
I'll be there after I'm done working at Hot Water Music at The Irenic (which is a REALLY early show...I don't have set times but shows END at 10pm, so do some reverse math and figure it out. Doors at 7pm.)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Craft Beer + Bites (Beer Week Edition) @ SILO in Makers Quarter

UPDATE: Extending a limited discount to readers only. Use discount code SDDICBB to purchase tickets for only $15 (Regular price $20/$30 day of event).


SILO in Makers Quarter will be hosting their third Craft Beer + Bites for its Beer Week Edition on Thursday, November 13th, 2014 from 6 - 9 p.m. 

Get your tickets here:

In collaboration with San Diego State University College of Extended Studies Business of Craft Brewing Program celebration, the event will benefit the San Diego Brewers Guild

Enjoy craft beer from 15 local breweries in a custom tasting glass along with grub from some of San Diego’s best food trucks (food sold separately).

Tickets are either $20 in advance or $30 at the door for 10 beers (4oz pour). Additional indulgences of craft cocktails and wine will be available for purchase from Alchemy Culture Fare.

While you enjoy your local craft beer and delicious food, stay a while and play a few games, because bocce ball, ping-pong, bean-bag toss and life-size beer pong will all be available to make for a great evening at SILO.

Custom tunes from ZB Savoy and Andy Mauser Music will play all night long.

Not only will there be beer, food, music and games but there will also be local fashionists with their great fashion trucks.

Also enjoy live demonstrations of art by some of the best in SD and a home brewing station with Home Brewers. Transportation options will be provided by Brew Amigo tours and Social Cycle.

Feel free to bring Fido, as leashed dogs are welcome at this event. Patrons must be 21+ to attend. See you there!

Check out the full list of SD Beer Week events HERE.

Things To Do In San Diego: November 10-12, 2014

It was a busy weekend and this week is going to be nutso. I loved our Thursday show at the theatre with Rhye and then I was up super late to prepare our onsale for the 2nd Ms Lauryn Hill show at The North Park Theatre. There are just about 100 tickets left, so don't wait to buy. Friday was awesome at the Brewer's Takeover of the Guild Fest and Saturday I got the night off work and cruised around North Park with Eric from SoundDiego. Sunday was awesome bike riding around Hillcrest and Banker's Hill for CicloSDias. We've got killer shows at Casbah, Irenic and The Theatre this week, so I hope to see some of you out and about. Monday through Wednesday archives are after the jump.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

CicloSDias: Hillcrest & Banker's Hill Open Streets on Sunday

CicloSDias is back! For the third time, San Diego is closing 2 miles of streets to vehicular traffic so people can walk, bike, roll, scoot, and skate freely on our city streets. The first two events were incredible, with thousands of pedestrians and bikes taking to the streets for the first CicloSDias that ran from Downtown through South Park, North Park, and ending in City Heights and the second one which closed major corridors in Pacific Beach. This time around, the streets run in Bankers Hill and Hillcrest, which also means easier bike access to Balboa Park. The open streets event is free and open to all ages and abilities and runs from 10am-3pm. For more information, check out the website here.

Friday, November 07, 2014

The North Park Theatre adds second show with Ms Lauryn Hill - November 17

Due to the overwhelming demand for tickets for Ms Lauryn Hill, The North Park Theatre announced a second show on November 17. This will be a 21+ show. There is no presale, tickets are onsale starting Friday, November 7 at 10am. There is a 4 ticket limit per order. Tickets for VIP sold out in 1 minute and the last show sold out in 4 hours, so don't wait to buy! Get your tickets here.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Beloved Newscaster Larry Himmel Passes Away

I guess I missed the news yesterday. I'm not the kind to get sentimental about celebrities dying, especially local celebrities, but there are some personalities that are just larger than life. Most people felt some sadness when Junior Seau died, and this year with Tony Gwynn, Loren Nancarrow, and now Larry Himmel all dying, San Diego is surely feeling the losses but can also be grateful for the talents and gifts left behind by these human beings who were all so devoted to their crafts and their community.
We are saddened to report our beloved colleague Larry Himmel, CBS News 8's legendary reporter, humorist and consummate broadcaster died Wednesday evening following his brave battle with cancer. Larry was 68 years old. -CBS8

CBS News 8 - San Diego, CA News Station - KFMB Channel 8

Video: Young The Giant at The North Park Theatre

On Wednesday, Young The Giant played an FM 94/9 Loud@Lunch show at The North Park Theatre. Somehow my playlist got all jacked around, but here's the video playlist (out of order) of the performance.

Things To Do In San Diego: November 6-9, 2014

So. Yesterday I was trying to put together a blog post with photos from recent shows and I realized that I am averaging about 200 photos per show I attend. Sifting through that is just not something I have time for, so hopefully you follow my Instagrams or Twitter or Facebook to see that I haven't just been slacking around. Between work and shows and my days with Darren and Nova and coping with my dad's ailing health, things have been pretty insane. All that said, life is pretty sweet, and San Diego is abundant with great ways to fill your days, an incredible and vibrant music scene, and this weekend kicks off Beer Week! There are so many events, so I just provided a link to #SDBW events and you'll have to sift through and figure it out for yourself. Friday through Sunday listings are after the jump.

Thursday, November 6, 2014:
  • Rhye, Lo-Fang @ The North Park Theatre
  • Pissed Jeans, Stickers, Teenage Burritos, Keepers @ Casbah
  • Lagwagon, Swingin' Utters, This Legend @ House of Blues
  • The Janks, James Alan, The Donnis Trio @ The Loft, UCSD
  • #Culturadura Presents New Sounds of Latin Electronica feat. Maria y Jose, DJ Saul Q, Viejo Lobo, Abjo @ U-31
  • Deep Sea Thunder Beast, He Whose Ox is Gored, Archons @ The Merrow
  • Marqay, The Flash Hits, Gondola@ Soda Bar
  • Mason Jennings, Lucette @ Belly Up
  • Just Long Enough, ArtMonk, Samantha Aiken, The One And Onlys @ Brick By Brick
  • Sam Outlaw, Nena Anderson @ Java Joe's
  • Be Forest, Tennis System @ The Hideout
  • Fantino, Ashley Pond @ Sycamore Den
  • Pages Matam @ Queen Bee's
  • Rockin Aces @ Tio Leo's
  • Besos de Coco @ Croce's Park West
  • J. Lee, with Bob Boss & N.Scott Robinson @ Dizzy's
  • R: Tyme @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Rebirth Brass Band @ Winston's
  • IDGAF with Dirty South @ Fluxx
  • Shoe Scene Symphony @ Bassmnt
  • Monolith, Red Wizard @ Boar Cross'n
  • Live Band Karaoke @ 710 Beach Club

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Big Bad Buffalo Vs. Sleep Spindles ONE TIME ONLY!

For Fans of Music, Pizza and Birthdays

More specifically... fans of Pavement, Weatherbox, Pinback, Mars Volta, My Bloody Valentine, Cheese, Veggie, Pineapple and J Krimston ( I ). 

clever void presents....

Big Bad Buffalo Vs. Sleep SpindlesLIVE at Lestats Park WestSaturday, November 8th at 9:00PMALL AGES and only $6! 

Big Bad Buffalo- Local Trio: Reminiscent of At The Drive In and Pavement somehow. 
Debut album available here:

Note: They will be playing half old material/half new material at the show. Spent October reworking their live show---Got some trix up their sleeves. #####

Sleep Spindles- Foreign Trio (Foreign meaning Fresno): Reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and Mars Volta(?). This new, upcoming band has a unique sound in the best way possible. 
Live show: very TIGHT and VERY loud. 
Catch them before Pitchfork gives their next release a 9.5 so you can retain yr hipster cred. 
Debut album available here:

If you reference this post at the show you will get a hug and a Big Bad Buffalo EP. 

this is also my bday show- all im askin is fr yr attendance : -- )

- Jordan Krimston

event page for FB :

Monday, November 03, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: November 3-5, 2014

It's a new week and a new month, and after Halloween, perhaps our favorite bars and venues forgot that we still need their calendars to know what is going on this month! So listings this week are limited and short, but there are some gems this week, so don't decide that the rainy weekend marked your hibernation from the music scene. Monday through Wednesday archives are after the jump.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Things to Do In San Diego: October 31-November 2, 2014

It's Halloween and my head is so scattered I completely forgot about SoundDiego Live in the listings. Have fun tonight, be safe, use Uber or Lyft or whatever you have to do to be safe on the roadways and keep our streets safe for trick or treaters. Friday through Sunday archives are after the jump.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: October 30, 2014

I'm not really sure why my listings posted funny last night, but here's an update with your weekend listings. The #SocialFresh conference was sweet, Darren and I had a fun date night after that included stops at Barley Mash, The Hideout, Soda Bar, and Til-Two Club. This weekend is going to be nuts and though I'm not into the whole adults in costume thing, I am sure lots of people are planning some big Fridays. Thursday archives after the jump.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: October 29, 2014

This week has been nuts. At the moment, I'm in the #SocialFresh conference at the #OmniSanDiego learning all about webby stuffs with a bunch of like-minded nerds who are all losing our eyesight by staring at our mobile devices all day long. This week we put tickets on sale for Ms. Lauryn Hill, many of the tickets sold in presale and the rest sold in about 4 hours, so thanks for making my job easy. Don't forget Cut Copy is already sold out and Ziggy Marley is almost sold out, so check out tickets now if you're hoping to go. If you have will call tickets, I'd recommend arriving early to get your tickets, even if you leave for dinner or drinks or whatever. For all the upcoming shows, go to Meanwhile at the Casbah, there's plenty of good stuff happening, too, and Friday is already sold out, so don't snooze on tickets for other shows or you'll be like the girl crying to me last night that I just ruined her life because she didn't get tickets to a show. Wednesday archives are after the jump.

An Update on The Che Cafe at UCSD

The following is a message from The Che Cafe with an update of their eviction from the UCSD campus. While I can't say as a 38 year old woman, I don't spend much time at the Che these days, but it was definitely a destination for me and my friends through high school, into college, and even beyond college. One of my favorite shows of my life, Shelter, was at the Che, as was this amazing performance art piece by Zach de la Rocha preceeding an Inside Out show. It is also the first place I ever got to see Rocky Votolato, who as you may well know by reading this site, is one of my all-time favorite musicians. If you can make it out to support any of the activities of the Che as they fight this out in court, please represent for all us veterans who hoped the torch would be passed on for Millenials and post-Millenials and beyond. Full text of the update below with links, dates, and information to help.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Casbah & The Belly Up present Ms Lauryn Hill at The North Park Theatre!

Casbah & Belly Up have joined forces to bring Ms Lauryn Hill to The North Park Theatre. Presale tickets are on sale today, and regular on sale is tomorrow at 10am. You can grab your tickets now with the password "miseducation". This is a 21+ general admission standing show. For this show, we will also have a front of house VIP section with general admission seats on our orchestra pit. There's only 40 of those, so don't wait to grab tickets.

Things To Do In San Diego: October 27-28, 2014

I had a crazy busy weekend that was super awesome. Alt-J were incredible at Soma- despite it being sweltering in the venue-, the Warpaint show on Saturday was awesome and then I ended up going to Viejas on a whim with my friends which was crazy fun, and then Tennis on Sunday was pretty great, too. We have a big concert announcement for the theatre today, so stay check back around 10 for that. We also have big shows this week, with Tycho on Wednesday, Cut Copy on Friday, Ziggy Marley on Saturday, and Carla Morrison on Sunday. Tuesday through Thursday listings are after the jump.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: October 24-26, 2014

Yesterday was awesome with Bear Hands and Fences at The North Park Theatre. I followed up with some tequila at home while I relaxed for a minute, then went to Seven Grand to meet up with Jake where I caught a set from The Midnight Pine, and then hung out at Bar Pink for a little while before calling it a night. It's definitely a bonus that our theatre shows mostly end so early. This weekend is going to be great, with a private Alt-J show by day, their sold out show by night, and then Warpaint & Vacationer on Saturday and Tennis on Sunday, but tonight, it's all about the besties. got an "honorable mention" in the "best music blog" category, but I was beat by SoundDiego, which I written for nearly every single day (I usually skip New Year's Day and Thanksgiving) since 2010, so it's still a win. Thursday through Sunday archives are after the jump.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: October 22-23, 2014

I'm at the theatre at the moment and it's a show day which means there's lots of energy and everyone is buzzing around getting things ready for Bear Hands and Fences. This is super special because it's the anniversary bash of FM 94/9 as well as the anniversary of Car2Go. If you're a Car2Go member, the first 100 people get an array of catered food and the first 400 get into the show for free. For everyone else, tickets are only like $13 cash at the box office and it's going to be a blast. I hope to see you all down here.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Taste of Bankers Hill - Wednesday October 22nd from 6-9pm

We have a great deal for all the SDDialedIn readers. Only a limited number of these are available. Use the following discount code to save $15: sdDIALED2014bh

The Bankers Hill Business Group invites you to the 3rd Annual Taste of Bankers Hill on Wednesday, October 22nd, at The Abbey on Fifth Avenue in Bankers Hill.

Tickets can be purchased online by following this link:

Each ticket will include a taste from all participating vendors #TasteofBH

Check out the list of vendors for the festival:
Bertrand at Mister A's Restaurant
Croce's Park West
Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant
Pizzicato Gourmet Pizza
Jimmy Carter's Mexican Cafe
Barrio Star
SanFilippo's Italian Restaurant
Wet Stone Winebar
Hornblower Cruises & Events San Diego
Smoker IQ by Gustaf Rooth

Sweet jammy jams provided by DJ Vitamin J

Special thanks to the Metro CDC!

Things To Do In San Diego: October 20-21, 2014

It appears that the massive tours have slowed down and maybe this week is a good one to take a breath after I worked 5 straight nights of shows last week plus going to four others. Nova's fall break is over, too, so we can settle into fall a little bit. Even my cat decided that she doesn't really want to be an outdoor cat anymore, which is great since she never really embraced me moving out of the downstairs studio and into the upstairs. There are still some good shows this week so your listings through Thursday are after the jump.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego October 17-19, 2014

This week has kicked my ass, but it has also been pretty awesome. That Real Estate party on Monday was awesome, then I worked Tuesday and Wednesday at the Irenic then went to Casbah for Mutual Benefit, then we had that amazing Washed Out show at the Irenic, followed by 6 hours of work to get these here listings, prepare for my Yellowcard interview, and send out newsletters and all that really fun stuff. There are cool things all over the place tonight and throughout the weekend. Of course I'll be at The North Park Theatre tonight and tomorrow, but I'm also hoping to make it for some Rubblebucket and/or Perfume Genius tonight and catching my friends Writer who are back in town tomorrow. If I wasn't working, however, I would definitely swing by The Boulevard Market Grand Opening and the IACON open house, so go represent for me. Friday through Sunday arhives are after the jump.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: October 15-16, 2014

I'm getting ready to head to The Irenic to work the Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties show and I thought I'd update listings. It has been a busy week but I love the energy of watching last minute ticket sales or scrambling to buy Ryan Adams tickets or trying to get people excited about multiple shows at different venues on the same nights. This week someone told me that blogging isn't a job. Ha. Ha. Ha. Thursday listings are after the jump.

Mike Halloran Named Program Director at 91X

Halloran teaching Nova how to work the boards back in May 2014
I can't believe I forgot to post this news yesterday! I can't even go into what Halloran has meant to me over the years, back when I was a kid growing up listening to 91X and then through all his other endeavors like The Flash and trying to get his voice in when he was at that weird Y-something station in Riverside, and when FM 94/9 first flipped and I called in and was the official 13th listener. Of course he's been back at 91X for a while now and over the past 6 weeks or so, many wondered if the Program Director spot would go to someone from San Diego and within the 91X staff (as it should) or if the station would try to bring in new blood. Clearly they went with the right choice by choosing someone already in the family. He's a mentor to many, and I'm happy to call him a friend. 

Here's the press release:
Mike Halloran will take the reigns as Program Director at 91X, effective immediately.
“Halloran,” as he is known on-air, came to San Diego from Detroit in 1986, to work on-air on 91X when the station was still adapting an alternative rock format. He quickly became known for his encyclopedia-like knowledge of music, eccentric presentation, and ubiquitous presence at local concerts and lifestyle events. 
After leaving the station in the 90’s, Halloran returned to 91X in 2012 as the afternoon drive DJ from 2:00 – 6:00 PM. Halloran will retain the same on-air shift while inheriting PD responsibilities. 
“Does this mean I get to finally know where the keys to the prize closet are?” said Halloran. “In all seriousness, I am more than honored.” 
“Halloran’s knowledge of the brand, the city, and the music are a huge asset to the station,” said Joe Lindsay, Director of Operations and Programming. “He is passionate and has a deep respect for 91X and the staff. I am looking forward to him leading the team to another level and exceeding the expectations of the audience.”

91X (XTRA-FM) is owned and operated by Local Media San Diego, a privately held San Diego-based company. LMSD also operates Z90.3 (XHTZ-FM) and Magic 92.5 (XHRM-FM).

Monday, October 13, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: October 13-14, 2014

Last night was awesome. Rob Crow was hosting karaoke at the Hideout and we had a blast, and though I'm not a big fan of Mondays, today was nice because Nova came home bright and early in the morning since she has another week off school for Fall Break.

Everyone is asking about tonight's Casbah event, so I'll tell you that doors are at 8pm and they allowed way more RSVP's than capacity will allow, so get there early. Show should be over around 11. I also thought I'd mention that Ryan Adams announced a show in San Diego at Symphony Hall on December 15. There's a presale on Wednesday at 10 and the official onsale is Friday at 10. I can't be certain, but the password I've been hearing is GIMME. A ticket buying secret is once you have tickets in your cart, BUY THEM. If you change your mind or decide you want more tickets or you want to see if there's another section, you forfeit your tickets and go to the end of the digital line. Don't let this happen to you!! Monday and Tuesday archives are after the jump.

91X Announces Wrex The Hall 2014 @ Valley View Casino Center 12/12/14

91X Wrex the Halls
Friday, Dec. 12
@ Valley View Casino Center

Cage the Elephant
Billy Idol
(and a local band TBD)

On-Sale Friday, Oct 17 at 10:00am

91X listeners have access to an Internet pre-sale to buy tickets starting today at 10:00am, so keep an eye out for the email with the password.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Things To Do In San Diego: October 12, 2014

It has been such a great weekend. On Friday night I caught Dawes at the Casbah and Saturday did Taste of North Park and went to Long And Short Of It's record release at Soda Bar, then convinced Darren to quit work early to hang out for some drinks. I bounced out of bed today feeling great and productive and cleaned all morning and got the listings done so that I can try to go work on cleaning my office/storage/studio (finally!). Thanks to ACL for broadcasting all weekend or I probably would've been much less inspired. Sunday archives are after the jump.

Friday, October 10, 2014

October Shows

Sometimes I feel guilty that I haven't been posting as frequently, or that I haven't been posting videos and photos and stuff. And then I remember that there are only 24 hours in a day, and I look at the rest of the month and my mind kind of explodes. Busy is an understatement. But holy shit! Look at all this amazing stuff to look forward to for the rest of the month. I've bolded the shows I know I'll be at, working or otherwise. These are just "Casbah presents" shows, so it doesn't include all the other venues or shows coming up.

Fri Oct 10 - Dawes, Henry Wolfe @ The Casbah (SOLD OUT)
Fri Oct 10 - Drowners, Dictator, Roxy Jones @ Soda Bar
Fri Oct 10 - TACOCAT, Colleen Green @ The Hideout
Sat Oct 11 - Shake Before Us, The Loons, Shady Francos, The Grim Imperials @ The Casbah
Sun Oct 12 - Young Rebel Set, Kera & The Lesbians, Jimmy Ruelas @ The Casbah
Sun Oct 12 - Ana Tijoux @ The Belly Up
Mon Oct 13- Private Party with Real Estate @ Casbah (Last chance to RSVP HERE)
Mon Oct 13 - The Horrors, Moon Duo @ The Belly Up
Mon Oct 13 - The Drums, Beverly @ Soda Bar (Sold Out)
Tue Oct 14 - Polica, Web of Sunsets @ The Casbah
Tue Oct 14 - David Bazan + Passenger String Quartet @ The Irenic
Wed Oct 15 - Mutual Benefit, Julie Byrne, CHILL PILL @ The Casbah
Wed Oct 15 - Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties, Steady Hands, Matt Brasch, Brian Marquis @ The Irenic
Wed Oct 15 - Wayne the Train Hancock, Rip Carson and the Valiants, Action Andy & The Hi-Tones @ Soda Bar
Thu Oct 16 - The Slackers, Sammy K @ The Casbah
Thu Oct 16 - Washed Out, Talk in Tongues @ The North Park Theatre
Thu Oct 16 - Fujiya & Miyagi, Magic Touch @ Soda Bar
Thu Oct 16 - Turquoise Jeep, Yip Deceiver, DJ Artistic @ The Irenic
Thu Oct 16 - Whiskey Circle, American Cream, Tolan Shaw @ 207 - Hard Rock Hotel
Fri Oct 17 - Rubblebucket, Royal Canoe, Bakkuda @ The Casbah
Fri Oct 17 - Yellowcard, Memphis May Fire, Emarosa @ The North Park Theatre
Fri Oct 17 - Perfume Genius, Matteah Balm, Island Boy @ Soda Bar
Sat Oct 18 - Rubblebucket, Royal Canoe, NIcky Venus @ The Casbah
Sat Oct 18 - The New Pornographers featuring A.C. Newman, Neko Case, and Dan Bejar (Destroyer), The Pains of Being Pure at Heart @ The North Park Theatre
Sun Oct 19 - Nina Persson (of the Cardigans), El May @ The Casbah
Sun Oct 19 - Metronomy, Dawn Golden @ The Belly Up
Sun Oct 19 - Federico Aubele, Pablo Nouvelle @ Soda Bar
Sun Oct 19 - PINS @ The Hideout
Mon Oct 20 - Pup, Hard Girls, Mini Death @ The Casbah
Wed Oct 22 - Sinkane, Helado Negro @ The Casbah
Wed Oct 22 - Bear Hands, Fences @ The North Park Theatre
Thu Oct 23 - Wildcat! Wildcat!, White Hinterland @ The Casbah
Thu Oct 23 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. , Miniature Tigers, Madi Diaz @ The Belly Up
Fri Oct 24 - Karl Denson's Tiny Universe presents A Night of Rick James, DJ Artistic @ The North Park Theatre
Fri Oct 24 - Melvins, Les Butcherettes, Death Eyes @ The Casbah
Fri Oct 24 - Afghan Whigs @ The Belly Up
Sat Oct 25 - Vacationer, Brick + Mortar, Monster Rally @ The Casbah
Sat Oct 25 - Warpaint, LOLAWOLF @ The North Park Theatre
Sat Oct 25 - Jenny Lewis @ House Of Blues
Sun Oct 26 - Tennis, Pure Bathing Culture @ The Casbah (SOLD OUT)
Mon Oct 27 - The Preatures, Hills Like Elephants @ The Casbah
Tue Oct 28 - FREEMAN (Gene Ween), Arc Iris @ The Casbah
Tue Oct 28 - Tycho, Com Truise @ The North Park Theatre
Thu Oct 30 - MC Chris, MC Lars, Spose @ The Casbah
Fri Oct 31 - The Creepy Creeps, Burning of Rome, Cramped, Schitzophonics @ The Casbah
Fri Oct 31 - Cut Copy, Gemini Club, DJ Adam Salter @ The North Park Theatre (SOLD OUT)