Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Big Bad Buffalo Vs. Sleep Spindles ONE TIME ONLY!

For Fans of Music, Pizza and Birthdays

More specifically... fans of Pavement, Weatherbox, Pinback, Mars Volta, My Bloody Valentine, Cheese, Veggie, Pineapple and J Krimston ( I ). 

clever void presents....

Big Bad Buffalo Vs. Sleep SpindlesLIVE at Lestats Park WestSaturday, November 8th at 9:00PMALL AGES and only $6! 

Big Bad Buffalo- Local Trio: Reminiscent of At The Drive In and Pavement somehow. 
Debut album available here:

Note: They will be playing half old material/half new material at the show. Spent October reworking their live show---Got some trix up their sleeves. #####

Sleep Spindles- Foreign Trio (Foreign meaning Fresno): Reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and Mars Volta(?). This new, upcoming band has a unique sound in the best way possible. 
Live show: very TIGHT and VERY loud. 
Catch them before Pitchfork gives their next release a 9.5 so you can retain yr hipster cred. 
Debut album available here:

If you reference this post at the show you will get a hug and a Big Bad Buffalo EP. 

this is also my bday show- all im askin is fr yr attendance : -- )

- Jordan Krimston

event page for FB :

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