Monday, June 30, 2008

YouTube: Pig in Boots

I read an article in The Week magazine a couple weeks ago about a pig who suffers from mysophobia, or a fear of mud. The owner's 12 year old daughter suggested they use these boots that had been selling on keychains, and now they have a happy pet pig. Of course, there's video on YouTube. I don't know why this stuck in my head enough for me to search it today, but it makes me happy to no end.

Things To Do In San Diego: Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008:

  • Anti-Monday League presents Swim Party, The Henry Clay People, Writer @ The Casbah
  • Robert Plant, Alison Krauss, T Bone Burnett @ Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
  • Abigail Washburn and The Sparrow Quartet featuring Bela Fleck with Casey Driessen and Ben Sollee @ Belly Up
  • Jay Spazboy’s Rock N’ Roll Trivia Night @ Chasers
  • MA BELLE’S BDAY! Metroid, Chain Smoke Posse, Fight Fair, Zip Zilch Nada @ Beauty Bar
  • Mechanical Bull Riding, hosted by Laura Jane @ U-31
  • DJs Abraham and Jason G @ Wit's End
  • Blues Jam Hosted by Mystery Train @ O'Connell's
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's
  • Open Mic hosted by Jimmy Lungsford @ Lestat's
  • Eve Selis Band @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge

Things To Do In San Diego: Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm working on my full listings for the week, but all you need to know about tonight:

Anti-Monday League at the Casbah featuring three of my favorite bands: Swim Party, The Henry Clay People, and Writer. It's only $6 and it is going to be amazing.


Stricken City "Tak o Tak"

I've got dozens of press releases and promo CDs I'm going through, and honestly, there's no rhyme or reason why some catch my eye while others don't, but this band is worth posting because (a) the video is funky, (b) the song is catchy, and (c) you can download the full e.p. for free online, just for submitting your e-mail address.

For the free e.p. click here.

And from the press release:

This is classic indie-art-pop, influenced by Life Without Buildings, Young Marble Giants and The Sundays. Rebekah Raa is an awesome lead singer, a beautiful lady and massive talent who draws comparisons to iconic females like Siouxie Sioux, Chrissie Hynde, Karen O, Bjork. She's is also a skilled designer and made all the clothes in the Tak o Tak video
They're not touring anywhere near us but I'm going to try to post more press releases, particularly the ones that allow free downloads because they do no good just sitting in my inbox.

Radio Sophie 1 yr. Anniversary feat Ingrid Michaelson & Greg Laswell

When I babysat on Tuesday night, I didn't get home until after 2 am, so I was looking forward to a short nap after work before heading to the House of Blues, but at the end of the day, my friend who works over at Sophie, called to invite me to the private pre-show performance and party at the Delta Room, so how could I say no? I had enough time to drive home, let my dog out, change, and went to House of Blues. I got princess yellow-curb parking and tried to pick up my tickets and photo pass, but the list hadn't been submitted, so instead I went to the other side of the House of Blues and gave my name to get into the party. The performance was supposed to start at 6:30, but fortunately they were running a little late, so my 6:45 arrival was still in time to catch Ingrid as well as catch up with other friends at the station.

Ingrid took the stage and sounded perfect. She sang a few songs that were interspersed with an interview by Jennifer White and broadcast on the station's website. You can see the session in it's entirety here.

After the session, I caught up with Kallao and finally met Jen, had some more of the free champagne, then went upstairs and waited in the lengthy line at the box office to get my tickets. By the time I got in the venue, Greg Laswell had just started his first song. Unfortunately there was no photo pit and there were camera guys in the tiny space between the railing and the stage, but some kind people let me up front when they saw my photo pass. It's really nice when people are nice, so thanks to those anonymous strangers who let me in.

It had been a while since I've seen Greg, and it's so clear that he's embracing the spotlight he deserves, owning the stage and playing strong enough to drown the HoB chatty crowd. He joked about how sad his songs are by introducing "Sing Theresa Says" with a story. "I had a dream I was visited by my grandmother and she told me to sing a happy song. So I wrote another sad one."

After his set, I got a quick chance to say hi to him before he whisked off backstage. I hung out in the Delta Room between bands, and talked to Dave about pictures, so he gave me the go ahead to get in the space between the stage and the railing, and I talked with the camera guys to make sure I wouldn't be in their way. They were cool and shot mostly from onstage so I was never in their way. I was happy to be the only one in that space with a photo pass because otherwise I might not have been able to get close.

Ingrid Michaelson and her band took the stage to some excited fans. The crowd was probably 80% female with a significant lesbian following which I only mention because there were a lot of sighs, like 'this is our song' when she played "Breakable".

Standout songs of the night were "Die Alone", "Oh What A Day", and of course, "The Way I Am." Oh, and my favorite part of the night was an all crowd singalong to Death Cab For Cutie's "I will follow you into the dark," which is the lullaby I've been singing to Johanna since the day she was born. For her encore, she played a song solo on the Eukelele which was pretty damn awesome, too.

I was really happy to finally have the chance to see Ingrid and especially happy to see Greg again. I got home relatively early, so decided to take my laptop to the Ken, but unfortunately I couldn't get a signal, so I hung out with some friends before finally calling it a night. I probably should've gotten more sleep for my Thursday plans, but I'll get to that later. time for sleep.

Oxford Collapse, Frightened Rabbit, Austin James Band @ Casbah, 6.23.08

Oh, Tim Pyles. How much do I love you and your Anti-Monday League? Let me count the ways. Honestly, the mix of local bands and occasional touring bands, knowing the regulars are going to be there, chatting and hanging out with some of my favorite local bands...they're just always perfect nights.

I had been looking forward to this particular show for a while because I love Frightened Rabbit. They did not disappoint. While I've been to many great shows this year, their performance is easily one of my top performances by a band this year. They're that good. And again, my inner groupie kicked in and I was imagining what my life in Scotland would be like when I marry them. All of them. Seriously. Don't worry, I'll still blog when I'm there.

The show started with the Austin James Band. Natalie wrote about their carnival cum Queen sound and it had been a while since I'd seen them. I dig their harmonies a lot and note to other bands, these guys personally e-mailed a handful of San Diego bloggers to their show. I was already going to the show, but when you're personally invited, there's more reason to show up on time for a show. Just a hint to other openers... bloggers are easily bought :)

Frightened Rabbit took the stage and I think part of what made me love the performance was that even though they had a good crowd, it wasn't packed in, so there was room to move around and really take in the band. They are so good. Seriously. If you haven't jumped on board for this band, you're missing out. I recorded a song, so I'll youtube it later.

And then poor Oxford Collapse. They were so good and sounded great, but Frightened Rabbit was a tough band to follow, especially since last time they came, they played with Swim Party so had gained a lot of Swim Party's fans. It was also a Monday night, so it appears a lot of the crowd had cleared out by the time they took the stage. Those of us who stayed got a great performance, however, so hopefully next time more people check the out.

Of course, after the show, the amiable boys in the bands (and their tour manager)hung out and chatted with everyone. I cannot wait to see these bands again.

Johanna's Baptism 6.22.08

Last Sunday, my niece Johanna was baptized at St. Brigid's Catholic Church in Pacific Beach. I promised my family and our friends and guests (particularly those from out of town) that I would post some of the pictures here. Because it's my site and I can do what I want. :)

I was raised Catholic, but after they asked my mom to pull me from CCD for "asking too many questions", let's just say I broke up with religion. Or it broke up with me. Since then, I've been to church only a handful of times, mainly for weddings, a couple funerals, and a few baptisms. I was greeted by this bumper sticker to remind me why I have no religion.
This is my god brother Johnny and his girlfriend Erika on the left, and Brie and Jasmyne on the right. I love the look of mischief.

Here's my sister, brother in law and of course, Johanna. And then the required group family shot with the new Godparents, my cousin Connie and Billy's buddy Tom.

Jasmyne is such a pretty little girl. It's hard to believe that just a few months ago, she was attacked by a pit bull and had stitches all over her nose, chin, and lips.
The picture on the right was this awesome slip and slide that these guys at Kate Sessions Park had set up. Apparently they do this frequently, because groups of people showed up with bathing suits to join in on the fun. A couple guys were going down the slope on surfboards and bodyboards which was especially cool to see.

Johanna was allowed to attack a cupcake. Or rather, it attacked her. But a couple wipees later, and she was back all smiles.

The babies got in a round of infant wrestling. Shortly after this picture, Luciana took Johanna down. We now have Johanna on weights so she'll be ready next time. And last, here's Valentina with a PB&J face.

It was a very good day. Kate Sessions has got to be one of my favoite parks in San Diego and the weather was perfect (and a nice break from the heat wave.) I think I might have to join the slip and sliders one of these days.