Friday, June 20, 2008

fkenal @ beauty bar

First let me correct my post from earlier this week, The Vision of a Dying World, Mermaid, Crocodiles and DJ Kelly Alvarez play tonight, Fri 20 June @ Che. Still learning how this thing works

I'm in SF as I write this so am going to be brief(try), so I can run out and enjoy the sunshine and city and show tonight @ Bottom of the Hill.

Whenever I see fkenal live, I think Neo-classical music. That's probably technically incorrect, but, if you haven't seen them before, it's much like watching three or four different composers running miniature symphonies out of each individual instrument... Before we had pop music, before we had opera or lyrics and the voice as an instrument begun to be entered into things, we had instrumental music as art. Sound, out of instruments, and the technique to which that sound can be manipulated by the artist to please or ease or arouse a listener, as art. And that is what Fkenal is. Art. Check 'em out!

SF here I come!

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