Tuesday, June 10, 2008

FM 94/9 Independence Jam, pt. 1

I really wanted to get to Indy Jam in time to catch Nortec Collective and Santogold, but Kristian drove down from LA and there was still some discussion as to wheter we were gonna take the magic bus or drive, but taking one car made the most sense for us. Velvet has been living in Montana, so she had a sweet convertible and the ride to Chula Vista was sweet, just chilling into the back with my hair whipping my face. We arrived and had no problem getting right into the venue.

Santogold was finishing up on the mainstage, so we made our way to the upstairs beer garden while The Wrong Trousers hit the local stage. I think they really impressed the crowd that was trickling in, and how could they not with their innocent stage banter, particularly with the story about "Calvin"?

We listened from the beer garden for the remainder of the set, then made our way downstairs for The Ting-Tings. They mentioned again being jetlagged, but it wasn't evident in their performance at all. They were high energy all over again and I was glad we didn't miss their set. They played most of the jams from the album and I ran into some friends as they finished up, so Daye and I busted out some 80s dance moves before heading back upstairs.

The bands alternated all day between the upstairs and mainstage, so as soon as one band finished, it was up the stairs to catch all my local band peeps. The only one I missed was The Muslims but when they played I really needed to get some grub in me. To whomever commented that I didn't look like I had fun, you're sadly mistaken. The bands were great, I was with some of my favorite friend, and I had a nice buzz all day long. It was an amazing kickoff to summer in San Diego, and I'll post more of the pictures in the next couple days.

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Daye619 said...

Always a pleasure to dance w/ you Rosey.