Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fashion Lookout

All week I've been on a hunt for a sensible bag to take to the amusement park tomorrow. I was joking that maybe I should've bought that bag on the infomercial that holds everything in it's own little pocket. I have also been joking that I'm gonna bring back the fanny pack. Well, imagine my surprise when I found this article in the LA Times:
LAUGH ALL you want, but it's time to welcome back the fanny pack.

OK, we're heading back. See you all in a couple days.


Natalie said...

Shudder. Although I will always get a kick out of saying "fanny pack" in front of the Brits I work with...Makes them giggle like small children.

alex said...

ok so after reading that i was totally like "yea, right, no way", and then proceeded to walk out of the office building towards City Pizza for lunch. and on the corner of 6th across from HoB? hipster dude rocking a fanny pack, albeit around his shoulder.

good call.

Juicekey said...

#$@!%^&$&*^ LA. That's all I wanna say.

by Mario S. said...

I saw it coming at Coachella. Lots of fanny packs. I couldn't believe it.