Wednesday, June 04, 2008

SoCo Music Experience: More acts announced

From NME:

MGMT, Gnarls Barkley and Justice have all been announced to play the 2008 SoCo Music Experience tour, which will travel across the US this summer.

The shows which are free and limited to over 21 year-olds, will call at five cities from June to October and each day will feature 10 bands over two stages.

The first show will be in Denver on June 28 and will feature slots from Gnarls Barkley, Blonde Redhead, Bassnectar, Dead Confederate and Eagle Seagull, while the August 23 show will take place in San Diego and features The Black Keys, Kinky, Saul Williams and other acts to be announced. Entry to this show will require a $5 for the San Diego Music Foundation.


Sara said...

So Kevin has got his hand in this one too I see. Why can't a free music festival just be free?

Anonymous said...

The SoCo Fest is set as a donation, not a ticket cost. So if you don't want to pay...then don't!

California State Law does require that any event where there is liquor sold, must have a ticket cost with a value that is the same or higher than the cost of the liquor.

So having a requested donation rather than a ticket cost is actually a pretty sweet deal.