Monday, June 30, 2008

The Long & Short of It, Nurses, Idiot Pilot 6.21.08

On Saturday, after a day of chillaxing around the house (did I just write that?) with a fan pointed at my body the entire day, Natalie and I made plans to hit the Beauty Bar and the Casbah. Pete and Natalie picked me up and we enjoyed the A/C at the bar before they finally opened up the patio. I talked to Sara for a while, and she pointed out the fresh paint on the walls as well as the new stage lights and mounted speakers. I still think the stage could use one or two mounted center lights, but the new stuff was definitely an improvement. I'm looking forward to them uncovering the patio for summer, as well.

The bands seemed to get a late jump on the night. Idiot Pilot was first. They're from Bellingham and reminded me of high school hardcore shows I used to go to, before emo was hijacked by dudes in guyliner. The crowd had mixed reactions, particularly to how loud they were, but with my ear plugs, I enjoyed their set, and the singer was really theatrical onstage. At one point he jumped into the crowd and I almost took a mic stand to the head.

They played a long set then their breakdown and Nurses set up seemed to take forever, so unfortunately, we only stayed for a couple songs from Nurses before heading to the Casbah. I remembered the band having a bit more carnival-esque instrumentation, but there was none of that, at least not in the couple songs we saw. I would've liked to see the rest of their set, but my desire to see The Long & Short of It superceded that desire. Maybe they'll come back around soon.

Pete dropped us off at my house, we got my car, and Natalie and I headed to the Casbah. It was such a good night at the Casbah, with pretty much the entire staff there. I was up front trying to keep my camera dry with the drinks that were getting sloshed around from the small group of people I was chilling with. Ben was up to his usual stage antics and we, the parishoners of the church of Ben were there to reap the benefits.

It was an awesome night, though I'm sorry we'd missed Archons and Cabron because I heard they were equally as energetic. I dropped Natalie off and went home and sealed another great night in SD.

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