Monday, June 09, 2008

Team Abraham, The Grams, The Shambles @ HOB 6.1.08

I completely spaced and forgot to post my pictures from the House of Blues from last week. The show was early in the night and the bands were given free tickets to hand out, which was cool, but it would've been nicer if they had those tickets a few days early instead of getting a stack at their soundcheck. We all know I have my issues with HoB but I'm over it...corporate clubs are always gonna be hard for me to love, but I have friends there and things usually end up working out for me so I just have to deal.

Before the show, I wandered with Team Abraham over to Stout where they did a couple quick shots before the show. There weren't a ton of people at the House of Blues but that also meant people weren't talking through the whole show, so I actually liked it. I was taking pictures until security told me no pics were allowed. Why that is true for local bands will never make sense to me, but the stage manager was able to get me one before the next two bands and it was a little satisfying when the same guard tried to talk shit to me.

I was happy to finally see The Grams because for some reason or another I always miss them. They remind me a lot of The Coyote Problem and are more like a Humphrey's/Anthology country/blues/Americana band. Don't expect to see them at Chasers anytime soon is all I'm saying. I like their roadhouse sound and was glad to have seen them.

Last band of the night was The Shambles and they're just always pros onstage. Songs alternate vocally between the four guys up front all mixed in with some group harmonies. It's fun catchy music that feels like summer.

After the show, we swung by the Casbah but I decided to call it a night and headed home without going in. In retrospect, I might've just as well stayed out since later that night I tossed and turned all night with a fever and then missed work on Monday. My week was pretty mellow after that...stayed home all day Monday, did punk nite at the Ken on Tuesday, did nothing on Wed, and then TNT on Thursday. Those pics up next.

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