Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Ting-Tings, Casbah, 6.7.08

I got to the Casbah right around 8 and met The Ting Tings and their manager. I know for the fans, it might've been better if they had merch but all they were selling were CDs and vinyl. We started the night with 26 cds and 6 signed vinyl, but at the end of the night I had to restock on the vinyl and sold about 10 more. I was enjoying the patio and hung out with two of the promotions guys from FM 94/9 who were really sweet. They also helped and covered the merch so I could get some pics of the show. The opener was really mellow considering how high energy The Ting Tings were, so no pics of her. But here's the band and some other random photos. The band does this thing where they set up the covers of all their vinyl on the floor, then when they dance around and muck them up a bit, they're signed and sold. Pretty cool and I got to take some pics before they started.

It was a really fun night and I was appreciative that I got to see some of it since I had the guys helping out. I'm glad the CD had arrived in the mail this week as it was the perfect soundtrack for the BBQ. Chickrawker kept the setlist...you can check it on her site. The band was a pleasure to work for and the manager was a really nice dude and when the end of the night came, I was super excited that I'd be seeing the band again on Sunday.

More pics after the jump.

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