Monday, June 30, 2008

Oxford Collapse, Frightened Rabbit, Austin James Band @ Casbah, 6.23.08

Oh, Tim Pyles. How much do I love you and your Anti-Monday League? Let me count the ways. Honestly, the mix of local bands and occasional touring bands, knowing the regulars are going to be there, chatting and hanging out with some of my favorite local bands...they're just always perfect nights.

I had been looking forward to this particular show for a while because I love Frightened Rabbit. They did not disappoint. While I've been to many great shows this year, their performance is easily one of my top performances by a band this year. They're that good. And again, my inner groupie kicked in and I was imagining what my life in Scotland would be like when I marry them. All of them. Seriously. Don't worry, I'll still blog when I'm there.

The show started with the Austin James Band. Natalie wrote about their carnival cum Queen sound and it had been a while since I'd seen them. I dig their harmonies a lot and note to other bands, these guys personally e-mailed a handful of San Diego bloggers to their show. I was already going to the show, but when you're personally invited, there's more reason to show up on time for a show. Just a hint to other openers... bloggers are easily bought :)

Frightened Rabbit took the stage and I think part of what made me love the performance was that even though they had a good crowd, it wasn't packed in, so there was room to move around and really take in the band. They are so good. Seriously. If you haven't jumped on board for this band, you're missing out. I recorded a song, so I'll youtube it later.

And then poor Oxford Collapse. They were so good and sounded great, but Frightened Rabbit was a tough band to follow, especially since last time they came, they played with Swim Party so had gained a lot of Swim Party's fans. It was also a Monday night, so it appears a lot of the crowd had cleared out by the time they took the stage. Those of us who stayed got a great performance, however, so hopefully next time more people check the out.

Of course, after the show, the amiable boys in the bands (and their tour manager)hung out and chatted with everyone. I cannot wait to see these bands again.

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Natalie said...

You're marrying all of them? Can I borrow the drummer on the weekends? :-)

Awesome show. I'm still buzzing from it. I think they're going to end up soundtracking this Alaska trip.