Thursday, June 05, 2008

Random Stuff

It has been a relatively mellow week around here for me. I was sick on Monday and didn't even work on my computer except to watch YouTube videos while fighting a fever in my bed, but I got plenty of rest and was feeling better after loads of sleep. Tuesday night found me at the Ken Club for the return of Punk Nite and it was fun though that's usually a quiet blogging from the bar night and looks like it won't be anymore since they're lining up different djs to play music on Tuesdays. I might even do an iPod night there since most of my vinyl consists of Morrissey & Smiths singles and a ton of Rolling Stones and Beatles but not much else. We'll see...

Last night I took it easy and stayed in, which brings me to now. I'm gonna have to grab a bite on my way to Natalie's then off to TNT followed by the Beauty Bar. I'm in a pretty good mood. I've got a 3 day workweek next week then I'm off to Vegas and Disneyland with my family for a week. And don't worry, I should have plenty of time for writing since I have no money for gambling. I went to the Mission Valley library today and picked up two Douglas Coupland books I haven't read and used their free wi-fi at lunchtime, and besides tonight, this whole weekend should be full of good times since I plan on being at Art Around Adams for most of Saturday and will be at Independence Jam for the greater part of Sunday. I'm suddenly feeling very smart for taking next Monday off of work.

Anyway, inspired by Natalies stream of consciousness post, I just wanted to check in since most of my posts this week have been heavily reliant on press releases. And AmateurChemist got a pic of me in photo action at The National which is a brilliant photo because it captures me in all my dorky wannabe photographer glory.

I'll check in this weekend...maybe live blog from the Ken Club on Saturday.

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