Monday, June 09, 2008

Calico Horse, The Donkeys, Swim Party @ Casbah 6.6.08

Friday night had a lot of good stuff going on, but since I finally got the digital advance from Swim Party and missed The Donkeys the last few times they've played, it was a no-brainer to spend Friday night at the Casbah, especially because in addition to those bands, it was Calico Horse's CD. Yes, Emily, it's about time!! We've been waiting for this one forever.

I didn't take Swim Party photos but instead really just took in the music which sounded perfect. I'm so excited for everyone in SD to get their hands on the new album at the end of the month when it's released.

The Donkeys sounded really great too. They still won't let me talk about their record deal and I haven't heard anything new since December. I just occurred to me I should've bought the music they did have on Friday. Gonna have to get my hands on those. They sound like they've embraced their country sound a little more and I really loved it.

Between bands, Joey Barro of The Antiques performed in the Atari Lounge. Here he is with Jesse of the Donkeys. I blushed when we spoke; he is one good looking dude.

Calico Horse finished the night strong and Emily owned the stage with her command of the stage and soaring vocals. I've had the advance for some time now, but hearing the songs live just gives that something extra that you can only get from a live performance. Really, really good stuff.

After the show, some friends came over to my place, but I was done, and crashed out. Plus, I had a big weekend ahead...I needed as much beauty sleep as I could get.

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