Monday, June 02, 2008

Swervedriver & Film School, Casbah 5.30.08

Friday night I had to make my way to The Casbah early since I was going to be selling the swag for Swervedriver and Film School. Film School was readying their sound check while Adam, Steve and I rolled shirts. Doors opened shortly after we finished counting out merch and I never stopped being busy. People bought a lot of stuff. We had shirts, posters, buttons, Adam's solo CD, and a tour only 7" vinyl that people bought in loads. It was a little chaotic, but it was cool to see how excited Swervedriver fans were to see them. A couple fans showed up in their 10 or 15 year old Swervedriver t-shirts. The fans were rabid.

Sometimes when I sell stuff I can break and get into the venue for some pictures, but since people were trickling to the stand all night, I didn't leave my post except for a quick bathroom break and a couple drink refills. From what I could hear on the patio, both bands were great, though unfortunately Swervedriver played relatively quiet. They sounded clean, not as fuzzy and distorted as back in the day, but I enjoyed it. Adam was a total pleasure to work for and before their set continued to check on me to see if things were ok.

Alex (from Swim Party) took a couple pics inside for me.

After the show it got really busy at the merch and for the first time I was hoping Ben would sweep everyone out of the Casbah. Eventually that time came till it was just the two bands, Heather and Eric from M-Theory and myself. Adam and I settled the merch, he hooked me up with a CD and a shirt, and he invited me on the bus "for a spot of tea." Outside Film School was hanging out deciding where and what they were gonna do so I said goodbye and joined The Swervies on their bus.

Adam pointed to the cold beer and we chatted and minutes later Film School came onboard. We had a couple beers before the driver got irritated and told us they were leaving in 5 minutes.

It would've been cool to keep hanging out but no such luck, so I was on my way back to Kensington. Then, the unexpected- Adam kissed me goodnight. Nothing pervy or weird, just a nice little peck on the lips. I blushed, said goodnight, then skipped off into the night.

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