Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sea Wolf, Jealous Girlfriends, Patrick Park @ Casbah, 6.20.08

Despite loving the EP and full length album by Sea Wolf, the past few times they played San Diego I wasn't able to catch them so I had to make the decision to skip some of the really good local shows happening around town and made my way to the Casbah. I arrived just as Patrick Park started. He was backed by a full band and they sounded amazing. I know I should care about credibility here, but whatever. I just have to mention how incredibly hot Patrick is. I'm such a groupie sometimes.

Jealous Girlfriends were next up and the singer's voice was gorgeous, but I didn't stay up front for all of their set. I guess I wasn't feeling the hiding behind the hair thing going on. I like a band to engage the crowd, not hide from it. Still, their music was good and I'll definitely check them out again were they to come to town.

Last up for the night was headliner Sea Wolf and I waited a little too long to try and grab a spot up front. The show was a sell out and it was packed. Fortunately Jeff was near the front center and allowed me to take a few pics, but honestly, my past 3 weeks or so of photos at the Casbah have all really sucked. Those blue and red gels on the lights are killing me and force me to use flash which I was trying to ween myself from doing. The set was great and pretty much sounded exactly like the recordings. I really enjoyed the show, but it was a little too crowded for me so I retreated after about half the set, watching from near the bar most of the night.

I ended up hanging out on the patio for part of the night and took some pictures of Patrick Park and his band. Yes. Like I said. I'm a total groupie at times. Swoon.

I left after the show and was happy to have absolutely nothing to do on Saturday. Vacations aren't supposed to be so exhausting, are they?

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