Thursday, January 31, 2008

San Diego Represents (Kinda) At SXSW

San Diego, perhaps lacking a cohesive "sound" gets little love in the grand scheme of the music world. The Coachella lineup is thin with San Diego bands (Grand Ole Party & Slightly Stoopid) and the lineup of San Diego bands expected to be a part of the actual South By Southwest showcases is a pretty short list, too. I really wanted to go this year, but it looks like it just might not be in the cards for me, but congrats to those bands expected to play.

These are the San Diego bands rumored to play SXSW, as published by Austinist. For the complete "rumors" list, click here. Also, it should be noted, that on the official SXSW page, Republic of Letters is the #2 friend of the festival. Whether this is a sign or coincidental, we have yet to find out, but either way, the band will be in Austin.

Delta Spirit
Greg Laswell
The Night Marchers
Vena Cava

And, not on the Austinist list, but confirmed via text message:

Louis XIV
Angela Correa
Truckee Brothers

Hi Speed Soul Records Signs Lady Dottie & The Diamonds

Talk about local love! Hi-Speed Soul is the label owned by the peeps over at M-Theory. Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver) is on the label, and they've also reissued an early Nada Surf EP. Now, they've announced that they've signed Lady Dottie & The Diamonds, giving some local love all around. Details on the release are forthcoming.

In other M-Theory news, mark your calendars for some great in-stores they have lined up...Tuesday, February 5 at 6 pm, they've got Grand Ole Party, with an after party at Starlite. A week later, on Wednesday, February 13 at 6, they'll have an in-store with Louis XIV who will be playing an acoustic set and hanging around for autographs.

I have a feeling Heather and Eric might have to keep growing that store...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things To Do In San Diego: January 31, 2008

I finally got my power cord, but I think my cold is coming back, so I've been taking it kinda easy this week (well, except for my late night urge to head to the Ken Club last night.) I was prepared to upload some of my pics from the last week and Photobucket is down for maintenance. I swear, sometimes I can't win. I also attempted to reformat my site since I realized people who use a standard screen (instead of a widescreen) have to scroll to the bottom to of the site to see my links, but it got all jacked, so I went back to how it was and am on the hunt for a better template than the one I've got. I also hope that within the next couple weeks I can unveil a new logo. One small improvement, however, I claimed sddialedin as my new g-mail account. So, if you'd like to reach me, use sddialedin AT gmail DOT com. Because 7 email accounts just weren't enough.

Thursday, January 31, 2008:

  • Rogue Wave, Midnight Movies, Manuok @ Belly Up
  • Matt Costa, Delta Spirit@ The Casbah
  • Batwings, Battlehooch, History of Premature Burial, Brother, The Beatless @ Chaser's
  • Chaser, Pour Habit, Vagrance@ Zombie Lounge
  • Vonda Shepard @ House of Blues
  • Joey Youngman, Terry Mullan, Wes Hoppe, Phon @ Brick By Brick
  • The Shake Shack @ Bar Pink Elephant
  • Scott Carter & New Breed @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Chris Robley, Melissa Vaughn, Kenny Eng @ Lestat's
  • Robben Ford, Birdie @ Anthology
  • Porter Batiste-Stoltz @ Winston's
  • The Jukes Family, Pushing Rope @ 710 Beach Club
  • The Expendables,Voodoo Glow Skulls, BFoundation & Josh Fischel of Bargain Music @ Cane's
  • Palomar Performing Arts presents improviser/composer/pianist Larry Karush with world percussionists Randy Gloss & Joey De Leon @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)

Things To Do In San Diego: January 30, 2008

My computer issues have escalated to a full on cyber-crisis. I found out yesterday that Gateway took down my address incorrectly and thus my delivery didn't arrive. I had to stay late at work (from 9 am to 9 pm!) so I was too late to pick up the package at UPS. More or less a week without a computer has really, really sucked. I'm sorry especially to the bands I promised pics to, I'm hopefully going to have my problem settled today. If you're looking for shit to read while you're supposed to be working (*ahem*), check out CityBeat for the unveiling of "Nightgeist", the new version of Locals Only. I think all the naysayers might find themselves pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, here's what's up tonight and hopefully I can roll out full updates for the weekend and even into next week later tonight. If anyone reading this is jobless and bored and would like to contribute to this site, hit me up. I've got a lengthy list of things to cover that I just don't know when I'll get to.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008:
  • Castanets, Rafter, Fantastic Magic, The Vision of A Dying World @ Casbah
  • The Modlins, Anna Troy Band @ U-31
  • The Wrong Trousers, Pick Up Girl, The Smart Brothers @ Lestat's
  • Merkaba Bandits, Dogsmile @ Brick By Brick
  • Black Dahlia Murder, 3 Inches Of Blood, Hate Eternal, Decrepit Birth @ Soma
  • Mad Martigan, Deaf Zero @ 710 Beach Club
  • The Bravery, Switches, Your Vegas @ House of Blues
  • The Bravery afterparty feat. DJs Gabe Vega & Saul and band TBD @ Beauty Bar
  • Joe Wood @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Vegitation @ Winston's
  • Monchy y Alexandra @ 4th & B
  • The Soul Persuaders @ Anthology
  • The Hayriders + free swing lessons @ Martini Ranch
  • Federal Funk @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • NSD Presents: Local Band Showcase @ Cane's
  • Mary Gauthier, Mark Olson @ Acoustic Music San Diego

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Troy Johnson is Back On Channel 4

This time around, however, Troy will be hosting "Brainwave", which I think is what we used to call Academic League or Academic Olympics. You know, a couple high schools go head to head answering math equations, trivia, etc. Check it out here, or just tune in Sundays at 4:30 on Channel 4 SD (The Padres Channel).

thanks, Bart for the head's up.

Body Found In City Heights Believed to Be Dane Williams is reporting the a body found in a City Heights alley is possibly that of Dane Chandler Williams, the 23 year old Hurley rep who went missing during ASR.
Read the story here.

Update: News 8 has announced that the body has been confirmed to be Dane Chandler Williams. See video at

Update: SignOnSanDiego has the story here. KFMB has changed their language from "confirmed" back to "may be", however all sites are reporting that the appearance and clothing match Dane.
FYI, City Heights is not that far from downtown. A cab ride or a hop in someone's car, and according to mapquest, it's less than 7 miles and would take less than 15 minutes by car. For a frame of reference, where his body was found is just east of the Tower Bar (which is at Euclid and University), and relatively close to San Diego State housing.

Free Movie Tickets to see Nanking

(sorry for the press release)

Lou Reed has recently written a couple of fantastic new songs (”Safety Zone” and “Gravity”) inspired by the film, Nanking, a really moving documentary about the Japanese invasion of Nanking, China during World War II. Nanking premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2007 and was the winner of the 2007 Sundance Documentary Editing Award.

The story is told through emotional interviews with Chinese survivors, archival footage, and chilling testimonies of Japanese soldiers, interwoven with staged readings of the Westerners’ letters and diaries as performed by Woody Harrelson, Mariel Hemingway, Jurgen Prochnow, and Stephen Dorff, among others.

The film will be released in San Diego on February 1 for a week-long run at Ken Cinema.

I've got two pairs of tickets to see the film anytime between Feb 4-7.
Send an email to divebarchick AT gmail DOT com with your first and last name, phone number, and e-mail address.
Enter today, I will notify the winners after 6 pm tonight.

Listen to the Lou Reed tracks here.

Louis XIV On Conan performing "Air Traffic Control"

Louis XIV performed on Conan O'Brien last week. I've been really digging this song. I would like to see Brian take vocal leads more often, and I'm certainly loving the violin stylings of Ray Suen.

Things To Do In San Diego: January 29, 2008

My UPS tracking says that I'll have my new laptop power cord on Tuesday. Hopefully that means I can catch up with all of my pictures and get the Things to Do list done for the week. Send your listings my way.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008:
  • White Williams, Health, Tribal Tats @ The Casbah
  • "Cinema Lounge" feat. short films, music by Kill Me Tomorrow @ Basic Urban Kitchen (7-10p)
  • The Mars Volta @ Soma
  • Molotov, Enjambre @ House of Blues
  • Anna Troy @ Gulf Coast Grill (University Heights) 7pm
  • Nathan James, Ben Hernandez @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Tiki Tuesdays feat. Monsters From Mars @ Bar Pink Elephant
  • Jeff Moore & Friends @ Anthology
  • Chi Club, The Blackbirdz, Brain Buckit @ Winston's
  • Modern Day Moonshine @ Martini Ranch

Monday, January 28, 2008

Jade Theater - Biggest Rip In Downtown?

Derrik Chinn (from SignOnSanDiego) reviewed downtown's new Jade Theatre megaplex last week in Street. Thankfully he was clear in his descriptions as well as listing out some of the menu prices. What a joke.

We all know I wouldn't likely go there anyway- my one night out downtown for ASR last week was plenty to tide me over till, um, forever- but I wanna be really clear about the douchebaggery of this place. Perhaps you saw my listings last week that originally included Jade. Guttermouth, Agent Orange, and The Strangers Six were supposed to play the Emerald City ASR party. The show was moved to 4th & B a week prior to the show.

Somebody close to the situation explained the move in an e-mail, paraphrased below:
God, the guy from Jade was such a prick. He made all of the
bands have a "meeting" with him Sunday regarding the
show. When the bands arrived, he said he didnt have a key
to let everyone in to talk to him at his own club.

The remainder of the e-mail explained that some chick finally let everyone in the club while the guy tended to other things and made everyone wait for over half an hour before he finally sat down to talk to them.

The kicker was that Jade wanted all the bands to sign a contract saying that they would be personally liable for any damages done to the club during the show. A place that charges an arm and a leg for drinks and food isn't insured to cover the entertainment? What in the world were they thinking inviting punk bands to perform in a venue that wasn't willing to assume responsibility for the show? As far as I'm concerned, bands and entertainers should steer wide and clear of Jade, forever and ever Amen.

ASR Missing Person

Weird shit, but I thought worth the repost.

Missing: Dane Chandler Williams
Date of Birth: 10/13/84
Race: White
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 175
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Black shirt with white stripes, Blue jeans.

Dane Williams was last seen at 6th & K St at 2AM on January 26th, 2008. He did not return to his Hotel room or show up at work. Please call the San Diego Police Department at (619) 531-2000 if you have information on his whereabouts.

Inc: 08010054181
Case: 08005032

Things To Do In San Diego: January 28, 2008

Holy heck- am I exhausted. I've got over a gig's worth of pictures to sort through and I'm still waiting on my power cord for my laptop. It was certainly a great weekend and I hoped everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did. Anyway, it will take some time to catch up with everything, but in the meantime, here's what's up tonight:

Monday, January 28, 2008:
  • Anti-Monday League presents: irradio, Sky Parade, The Buzzkill Romantics (CD Release/Farewell Party) @ Casbah
  • The Grass Gypsys, Jordan Reimer, The Formerly Brothers, Marie Haddad, Astra Kelly @ Dublin Square
  • Lady Dottie & The Diamonds @ Tower Bar
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's
  • Blues Jam hosted by Mystery Train @ O'Connell's
  • Sue Palmer & Her Motel Swing Band @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Mitch Budd @ 710 Beach Club

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Things To Do In San Diego: January 26-27, 2008

Sooo, I chose sleep over ASR. If you were at the Casbah last night, you know we witnessed an amazing show. I can't wait to post the pictures and video clips that I captured, but I'm still on low laptop juice and have to save it for my CityBeat piece that I'll be writing later. I think after all the drama with Local's Only, people might like the new direction the section is gonna take, so be fair and give it a chance. Anyway, here's the stuff for the rest of the weekend. I should just take a sleeping bag to the Casbah, I swear. Big loves and happy weekending.

Saturday, January 26, 2008 (ASR Day 3):

  • MEX @ San Diego Harley Davidson (5600 Kearney Mesa Road. Noon. Rain or shine)
  • Liar's Club Alpine Official Grand Opening feat a shitload of awesome beers. (No entertainment license as yet)
  • Newport Nights in OB, 7-10pm
  • Vitro, Mondo Bizarro DJs @ Infectious Threads (4967 Newport #12, OB, 7-10pm)
  • Matt Costa In-Store @ Lou's Records, 2 pm
  • Secret Apollo @ Eclipse Chocolat Cafe (2121 El Cajon Boulevard 92104, 8pm)
  • Gram Rabbit (CD release show), The Viewmasters, The Blakes @ The Casbah
  • The Fascination, The Frantic Romantic (CD Release), Long Live Logos @ Ken Club
  • Midnight Movie Tom Waits- Big Time, pre movie performance by Paddle Boat @ Ken Cinema
  • Big Muffins Music and Art Show feat. The Seasaw Ensemble, Anna Troy @ Black Box Studios (2469 Broadway)
  • Booty Bassment feat The Prayers, Magic Bullets @ Whistle Stop
  • Tiltwheel, Grabass Charlestons, The Tim Version @ Tower Bar
  • Scarlet Symphony, The Soft.Lightes, Irradio @ Che Cafe
  • Two Word Name, The Dreaming, Magnolia Black @ Brick By Brick
  • Fuzz (CD Release), Anna Troy @ San Diego Sports Club
  • Merkaba Bandits @ Rileys (2901 Nimitz; Point Loma)
  • Ozomatli, Cava @ Belly Up
  • LabWaste @ Roseary Room
  • ASR After Party feat. KRS-One @ Aubergine
  • Pleasure Device, Early Autumn, The Beautiful View @ Alibi
  • Saba, Josh Damigo @ Lestat's
  • The Buzzbombs, Thee Corsairs, The 454s, The Honkys @ Zombie Lounge
  • Buddy Akai, A.I. @ U-31
  • The Toasters, Buck-O-Nine, Hub City Stompers, Fabulous Rudies, Skank Agents @ Soma
  • Stanley Clark @ Anthology
  • Cubensis, Rhythm and The Method @ Winston's
  • Sprung Monkey, Faded Chroniclez @ 710 Beach Club
  • KPRi Homegrown presents: The Homegrown Comedy Hour, The Smart Brothers, Astra Kelly & the 47's and Endoxi @ O'Connell's
  • Help! (Beatles Tribute) @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Ramsey Lewis Trio @ Birch North Park Theatre
  • Cash'd Out, The Handsome Devils, Babes In Sin @ Cane's
  • Salsa Latin jazz from a 12 piece ensemble led by Gene Perry on conga/percussion/vocals celebrating his new CD "My Drum Says It All" & featuring Allan Phillips keyboards/vocals, Joaquin McWhinney vocals, Rene Camacho bass, Justo Almario & Bob Campbell saxophones/flute, Harry Kim & Derek Cannon trumpets, Arturo Velasco & Alejandro Carballo trombones, Mike Holguin timbale, & Charlie Chavez bongos @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)

Sunday, January 27, 2008:

  • Liar's Club Alpine Official Grand Opening feat a shitload of great beers. (No entertainment license as yet)
  • The Local 94/9 Presents a FREE SHOW w/ Hotel St. George, Desert Diamonds, The Tighten Up's and Team Abraham @ The Casbah
  • Mountain, Shock and Awe @ Belly Up
  • Kelly McGrath, Nathan Weldon, Regina Dawn @ Lestat's
  • Stereo Summer, Shooter, Prosthetic Arms @ Zombie Lounge
  • Talib Kweli, DJ Demon @ House of Blues
  • Jazz 88 Allstars CD Release @ Anthology
  • Envy On The Coast, Danger Radio, Another Day Late @ Soma
  • Troubador Open Mic @ O'Connell's
  • Jose Sinatra's OB-o-ke @ Winston's
  • George Winston @ Birch North Park Theatre
  • Reggae Sundays @ Cane's

Friday, January 25, 2008

Site Going Down

My site might be down for a little bit. Under temporary construction.

Things To Do In San Diego: January 25, 2007

Friday, January 25, 2008 (ASR Day 2):

  • Yeasayer, MGMT, Calico Horse plus Brainticket DJ's @ The Casbah
  • Emerald City ASR Afterparty feat. Agent Orange, Guttermouth, The Stranger's Six @ 4th & B (doors @ 8:30, free before 10 pm)
  • Pocket Utopia & friends @ Ken Club
  • Villains with Whisky Pete, DJ Edgartronic @ Beauty Bar (No Cover)
  • Sara Petite & The Sugar Daddies, Joey Harris & The Mentals @ Whistle Stop
  • A Scribe Amidst The Lions, The Holy Rolling Empire, Apes of Wrath @ O'Connell's
  • Ozomatli, Cava @ Belly Up
  • Momoo Benefit for Heifer International, featuring Timmy Curran, Escalera and more @ La Paloma Theatre (Heifer's goal is to put an end to hunger while caring for the earth)
  • Club Pop Noir @ Static Lounge (18+ Dance Party)
  • Feral Children, Dave The Butcher, and guests @ Chaser's (Feral Children moved From Scolari's)
  • The Oaks, Lady Sinatra, Who Rides The Tiger, Dali's Llama @ Tower Bar
  • Jon Jones, Aaron Bowen, Mimes of Minds @ Lestat's
  • Grim Luck, Duckfood, Dun Bin Had, Bedpost Buzzard @ Zombie Lounge
  • Staring At Strange, City Likes Addiction, Wickhead @ Brick By Brick
  • This Is The Hospital, The Haven, In Fear+Faith, The Day Sets Fire, Planes Crash, A Legend Unknown @ Soma
  • Fred Eaglesmith (and band) @ Acoustic Music San Diego (4650 Mansfield St.)
  • Barbara Nesbitt, Blue Sky Blonde, AJ Long, Veronica May, Heloise Love, Skyler Day @ San Diego Boat & Ski Club
  • Thieves & Liars (CD Release) @ Epicentre
  • Hot Buttered Rum, Rev. Payton's Big Damn Band @ Winston's
  • Superunloader, Yesterday's Papers, Cheeky @ 710 Beach Club
  • Stanley Clark @ Anthology
  • Rockola @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Tango Fire, Estampas Portenas @ Birch North Park Theatre
  • Pepper @ Cane's

Coachella Tickets Onsale

I said I wouldn't post about coachella anymore, but thought I should at least post that tickets are now on-sale.
Tickets for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival go on sale Friday, Jan. 25 at
10 a.m. at all TicketMaster retail outlets, online and charge-by-phone

The festival will be held at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, on
Friday-Sunday, April 25-27. Three-day passes are $269. Single-day passes are
$90. Overnight camping is available and there is no charge for parking for the
And just for kicks, I pretended to buy a ticket:

Tickets (Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival - 3 DAY PASS)
3 Day (Fri- Sat- Sun) General Admission Ticket US $269.00 x 1
Total Building Facility Charge(s) US $12.00
Total Convenience Charge(s) US $22.20

Order Processing Charge(s) US $5.10
Standard Mail No Charge


Huge Casbah Weekend

I wasn't expecting to hit the Casbah last night, but after overdosing on the Gaslamp I just needed a REAL drink poured by a REAL bartender with REAL alcohol in it. That's the thing about downtown that I hate; it wasn't the d-bag factor that everyone talks about- I mean, everyone has the right to like what they like- but if I'm paying $6, $8 or even $10 for a drink, I expect more than a two count pour. That's not the point of this post, however, and I'll have to get to all my recapping some other time when my computer is functional again and I can piece together all the pictures that go with the posts (The Long and Short of It, Shaky Hands, Lonely H, Rafter, ASR, Iglu & Hartly, A Scribe Amidst the Lions).

Anyway, it appears that I'll be at the Casbah for the next three nights straight.

I already posted about MGMT, who are performing with Yeasayer and Calico Horse (both awesome in their own right). The show is tonight and is a show I've been anticipating for a while.

Saturday night is the CD release party for Gram Rabbit. Time to pull out your bunny ears and your cottontails and get ready for the mayhem that always ensues at their shows. Last time there was wrestling, near nudity, and a crazy as hell after party. I think I'm still recovering from that one...I got an advance of the CD and it's just as awesome as their live shows, so bring some cash to pick up merch when you're at the show.

I would also be remiss if I didn't mention The Frantic Romantic's big CD release show at the Ken Club. If the Casbah lets out early, I'll be heading over for sure. (Their CD is definitely worth picking up, too. Pyles has been playing a lot of it because it's so damn good.

Sunday night is the big FM 94/9 Local Pyle show. It's free, it's early, and has not only some of my favorite local bands, but some of my best friends performing. Hotel St. George, Team Abraham, Desert Diamonds, and the Tighten-Ups.

This weekend is gonna be a doozy, which means please refrain from calling me anytime before noon :)

Congratulations to Cullen & Sarah!

My friends Cullen and Sarah got engaged (finally!!) And as expected from Cullen, no simple proposal would do.

See the proposal online here (click on "Undersea Proposal") or here.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Writing About Music: AdAge Rips Pitchfork

I freaking love this article.

I've been thinking a lot about "the scene" and "hipsters" and "douchebags" lately. I guess the rapid growth of North Park...with all the new bars, remodeled bars, bars bought and sold, paired with swings in crime in the neighborhoods where I hang, the expectation that my writing be more critical and snarky, paired with my simultaneous excitement and disdain of the whole ASR thing has got me thinking about all the cooler than thou & hipper than thou attitudes.

Frankly, its fucking boring.

Talking shit about "Bros" infiltrating a scene, complaining about hipsters, a certain bar, a type of music, bands vs. djs, the punkboard trashing anyone and everyone, and Ken Leighton being the ass who lurks and publishes it all for the masses. Snooze fucking fest. I'm tired of haters hatin. As someone who feels equally comfortable at pretty much any place that can pour vodka, there's a simple solution for those of you who can't stand (insert stereotype/label here)- stay home. Those of us out to enjoy our fair city don't need your bad juju fucking up our vibe.

Anyway, here's my favorite quote from the aforementioned article:
My problem with Pitchfork boils down to this: Its contributors don't seem to
like music very much. Rather, they revel in the role of tastemaker, sternly
lecturing the audience as to why Band X is cooler/more worthy of an opening slot
on that super-awesome Band of Horses/Cass McCombs double bill than Band Y, and
why anyone who only recently happened upon "Neon Bible" (raising hand) is a
mainstream poser who totally doesn't get what Arcade Fire is all about, man.

Comedian Zach Galifianakis Is Coming To San Diego

Comedian Zach Galifianakis is coming to San Diego. He'll be performing at 4th & B on April 11. Tickets for the performance go onsale tomorrow (Friday), January 25, 2008 at 10 am through ticketmaster. He's pretty damn funny and big among the indie kids.
The pre-sale is in effect now, but you'll have to dig around for the code yourself.

Just don't go thinking he's looking for audience participation...

Things To Do In San Diego: January 24, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008 (ASR Day 1):

  • Steve Poltz In-Store @ Lou's Records, 6 pm
  • Steve Poltz (CD Release Show), Tim Bluhm (of the Mother Hips) @ Belly Up
  • The Roman Spring, Fing @ Beauty Bar
  • Rockit presents A Scribe Amidst the Lions, ASTRA, The Material @ The Casbah
  • Iglu & Hartly, DJ Set By Jeremy Dawson of Shiny Toy Guns @ Bondi (333 Fifth Ave)
  • Rich White Males, Live Fast Die, Big Fun @ Tower Bar
  • Citizen Video Local Filmaker Showcase feat. The Sess @ Whistle Stop
  • Finch, Tera Melos, Sound The Alarm, Reeve Oliver @ Soma
  • Earthless @ Bar Pink Elephant
  • Cotton Fever, Lindsey Cook @ Lestat's
  • Behind The Wagon, The Under Classmen @ Winston's
  • Talib Kweli @ Belo
  • Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler, Hugh Cornwell @ House of Blues
  • Qwiksand, Close Enough, Irieside @ 710 Beach Club
  • Anthology House Band @ Anthology
  • Ruby and The Red Hots @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Poison The Well, The Locust, Dance Gavin Dance, 3 @ Epicentre
  • ASR Private Party @ Cane's
  • Singer/songwriter Zosia @ 8PM, Santa Fe guitar wizard Larry Mitchell @ 8:30PM, followed by singer/songwriter Michael Muldoon performing with Larry & the band: Martin Greaves piano, James East bass, Charlie George drums, & featuring special guest Lovely Previn violin @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)

ASR Activities

While it looks like I'm going to miss the majority of the actual Action Sports Retailers trade show, there are a lot of associated parties going on that I hope to catch at venues I should at least check out even if I can predict that they won't become regular stomps for me, like Bondi and The Hard Rock Hotel. I mean, who am I to decline free boozin and schmoozin? My only celebrity sighting I'm hoping for is Rob Dyrdek, Big Black, and Meaty. Fingers crossed.

For a full list of activities, click here for the ASR party guide. Most require ASR badges, but some, like the show at 4th & B, are open to the public.

Computer Emergency

My laptop's AC adapter took a dump on me. Fortunately, I work with someone who has a similar Gateway, so I have one full battery charge, but my blogging may become sporadic until the new adapter arrives from Gateway, since my coworker's charger won't be available to me for the remainder of the week.

If anybody has a universal AC adapter I can borrow, or perhaps even a laptop that is gathering dust in the corner that you don't need for a couple days, please let me know. If the new one doesn't arrive by the weekend, I just might have a nervous breakdown. The Internet is my heroin.

Things To Do In San Diego: January 23, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008:

  • Steve Poltz In Store @ M-Theory, 6 pm
  • Republic of Letters, Eight Minutes To Twilight, The Midwinters, Black Patterns From Saturn @ U-31
  • Will Hoge, Jason Isbell, Jeremy Fisher @ The Casbah
  • Mike Keneally, Tom Griesgraber, The Larry Mitchell Band @ Belly Up
  • Red Hot Wednesday with Robin & Gary Shuffledust @ Bar Pink Elephant
  • Wendy Bailey, Christina LaRocca, Lindsey Cook @ Lestat's
  • Diablo Dimes @ Beauty Bar
  • Modern Day Moonshine @ Winston's
  • Project Analogue, Dapper Dans, Maddox Revolution @ Brick By Brick
  • The Highlines, 4 Minutes Till Midnight @ 710 Beach Club
  • PB Dumpsters @ Zombie Lounge
  • The Howlin Jupiters, Illuminatus Trio, Dogsmile @ O'Connell's
  • Stone Wall Mind, Deaf Zero, Kerri Dopart, Astra Kelly @ Dublin Square
  • Debbie Davies @ Anthology
  • David Jacobs-Strain, Chris Ayer @ Acoustic Music San Diego (4650 Mansfield St.)
  • The Soul Persuaders @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Guava Belly,Ricksha, Broke On Friday, Monday's Alibi @ Cane's

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scolari's Out; Chasers In

After a night at the Casbah, Andrea and I scouted the hood in search of T-Bone. It's been a couple weeks since I've seen him and I wanted to get to the bottom of the Scolari's sitch. My attempts to reach him at the club have been unsuccessful.

So anyway, we got to Scolari's really late. T-bone wasn't there, but another guy was, who told us he was gone, but tried to convince us to stay. He told us we might find him at Chaser's.

I haven't been to Chaser's since they kicked The Long and Short Of It off stage and refused to go there since that bar fight that went down a while back. Well, the place has changed. I mean, there was still some creepy menacing guy at the bar giving icky looks...but we talked to Donny and the bartender (from the Screamin Yeehaws). Turns out that Donny and T-Bone will become regular fixtures at the bar. The bartender also assured me that the bar is safe, that the problems from before are gone. I'll get to updating my Things to Do, and will start including Chaser's in the listings once again. I believe many of the shows that were booked out at Scolari's will now find placement there. All this is great for me personally, since Chaser's is just a hop, skip and a jump from my house in Kensington. Yay.

Everyone's Got A Boner for John Reis

Good lord, you RFTC fans are a rabid bunch. You certainly loooooove your John Reis.
I mean, I get it, but I don't really get it. Anyway, as I announced a few weeks ago (courtesy of the Adam via the Swami board) John Reis has a new project. They're called The Night Marchers, their debut will be at Bar Pink Elephant on February 8, then they're playing the next night at the Casbah. This is going to be the ticket to get your hands on, since if you read the boards, diehard RFTC fans are flying in from all over just to see it all; some fans even plan on getting to the Pink Elephant at noon the day of the show just to make sure they get in.

Anyway, Adam is all over this situation and informed me that you can now hear three tracks from the debut album from The Night Marchers on their MySpace page here.

Stop hyperventilating; it's all going to be ok. Sheesh. And you scoff at the 12 year olds who love Hannah Montana.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Changes Afoot At San Diego CityBeat

People have been asking me what's going on with the Local's Only/Notes From The Smoking Patio column of late. I'll do my best to explain what I know of the situation, since I have been writing the column since September 2007.

Troy Johnson, who was music editor for CityBeat (and SLAMM before that) for approximately five years, left CityBeat for Riviera magazine in the late summer/early fall. From what he told me, he'd grown tired of the scene, and when the plug was pulled on both of his TV shows (Fox Rox and Outta Left Field) in a span of less than a month, well, Troy needed to be able to pay rent in this town just like the rest of us. He asked me- as a friend and as the outgoing music editor- to take the helm of the Notes From The Smoking Patio. I was both flattered and overwhelmed. Blogging is one thing. Writing for a publication is something different entirely, and I hadn't, at that point, ever considered myself a writer, let alone a journalist. I mean, I really created this site both as a personal outlet and as a way to disseminate information that I thought other local music junkies like myself would want to know but maybe didn't have 4 hours a night to read in MySpace bulletins, Google Alerts, and other blogs.

And so it went; I took over the column, Troy quietly slipped out the back door, and I was left with a lot of freedom. Write 600-1000 words per week, get it in by Monday at noon. It took a few weeks for the paper to hire the new music editor, Nathan Dinsdale, and a few more for him to fully adjust to the paper. In that time, my unemployment came to an end and I was back working a full time day job, sometimes putting in up to 11 hours a day, all the while still trying to maintain my blog, go to shows, and somehow fit in some sleep here and there.

Writing the Locals Only column was really exciting. With bands it gave me a little more credibility than "I'm a blogger" ever did, but it also limited my ability to write about news as I heard it. During November, December and January, band news dries up a bit, and sometimes I'd spend all day Sunday calling and e-mailing bands, scouring MySpace and Google, all to barely hit my 600 word target, emailing it sometime around 4 am and hoping I'd still get enough sleep to be at work by 9 a.m. on Monday. It should be no surprise that I was worn out and beat down, and that my body had a total shutdown last week when I got sick.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the column had been cut a couple times in the last few weeks. While it gave me a break, the absence of the column has stirred rumors, and in some cases downright resentment from people who read the piece regularly. You can see examples by reading A Coat of Red Paint In Hell, Dirtbag's Delight, and now, Catdirtsez. These don't even touch on the number of people who vented to me with a giant "WTF?" when they'd see me out on the smoking patio. My only response and recommendation was that people should express their concern with letters to the editor.

Last week, when I couldn't even pull myself out of bed, I asked if there would be a column this week (1/23/08) since I'd been sick, and was told that there was material to fill the space and I could have a break. I was also told that there were discussions of "the new direction of the column." Until today, I didn't know what that direction was.

As we all know, this is a small town. A couple clicks, a couple e-mails, a couple conversations and news is out there. I received a forwarded e-mail from Scott (CatDirt). Somebody had written a letter to the editor to complain about the lack of the Locals Only (I don't know the person, as they only used their initials) and they received a response from Dave Rolland, the head editor at CityBeat:

We're actually working on a replacement feature that would incorporate some of what Locals Only offers. Beauty, as always, is in the eye of the beholder. Some people like to read about the same local bands every week; others like to read about touring bands coming through town. We've begun to tire of the Locals format. Over the last couple of years, it's come to feel a little too much like public relations for local bands, and we'd like to make better use of the space. Sometimes you have to kill your babies and try something new to keep things fresh. Hopefully, you'll like the new feature.

38 minutes after receiving the forwarded e-mail, I received an e-mail from Nathan Dinsdale, the music editor, who informed me that the editorial staff had come to a consensus about the direction of the column. The column will take a new shape, into something more inclusive, and will be the work of several contributors, to make better use of the space.

So what does that mean for me? Well, I'm not sure exactly. If asked, I would still be honored with contributing to whatever the new column becomes- I cannot speak to how that situation will be handled by CityBeat, the editors, or Kinsee Morlan, who will probably take the reins on the new section.

What I can speak to is this site. I can get back to covering music- the local stuff, the local shows, music news, touring bands coming through town, San Diego related information, random political information, my "things to do" listings, and the occasional post of how cute my niece is, and best of all, I can do it when I hear it and not have to sit on information that I have to 'save' for the column.

Eventually, I'd like to grow this baby (as opposed to killing it). I'm open to contributors (editorials, reviews, photography, and news.) I'm open to a site redesign if somebody has the Internet prowess to make it better. I'm still looking for a logo and have a couple entries but would like to see a few more designs before I make a final decision. But mostly, I'm just gonna keep on doing what I've been doing. If you enjoy this site, spread the word- not just about this site, but all of the blogs that are doing similar things in this town, all linkable on the right side of this page. I guarantee you have friends who want to know what's going on around town and judging by the number of e-mails I get from people who continue to discover my site, I guarantee some of them don't even know what a blog is.

So we're alright. CityBeat is gonna be just fine. I'm gonna be just fine. This site will continue to grow in content and in readership as time goes on. I'm still open to news, press releases, CDs, and if you wanna continue to throw me on your guestlists, that would be cool, too. SD:Dialed In isn't going anywhere. I still chug along with faith in this city that I love.

Things To Do January 22, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008:

  • M-Theory Presents - The Lonely H, Shaky Hands, FING, The Rafter Band @ The Casbah
  • Todd Snider, Anna Troy @ Belly Up
  • Fast Tuesday Presents Mosquito Bandito, Goddamn Gallows @ Chaser's (Moved from Scolari's)
  • Flatfoot 56, Rat City Riot, Last Hope, The Underclassmen @ Zombie Lounge
  • Tiki Tuesday feat. Craig Prior and His Hawaiian Sounds @ Bar Pink Elephant
  • C-Money and The Players @ Winston's
  • Aces and Eights, The Rotten Livers, The Abrasives @ O'Connell's
  • Exodus, Goatwhore @ House of Blues
  • "The Game" featuring Freddy Herrmann, Eben Brooks, Randy Chiurazzi, Diane Michele (THE GAME song title: Good for Something) @ Desi n Friends
  • ESP Band @ Anthology
  • Trade Winds @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge

All Scolari's Shows Cancelled

T-Bone posted this on MySpace:


I am so sad to have to post this bulletin. I just received a phone call telling me that all entertainment at Scolaris office has been cancelled. I have been told that it has something to do with complaints and police reports. The bar was recently sold, so I think this may be a major factor. I have expressed to the management how this will affect bands tour schedules and how much time, effort and money bands have put into playing at Scolaris. We are working on moving everything to another bar and will let you know as soon as something develops.

Bands, please feel free to message me and I will do my best to find you somewhere to play. Unfortunately due to the number of bands that this will affect I can't guarantee anything

Actor Heath Ledger Found Dead In New York Apartment

Oh, TMZ, sometimes you really break my heart.

Heath Ledger was found dead in his NYC apartment this afternoon. Story here.

More to the story here.

and now for that crushing music from Brokeback Mountain...

Eat At Sizzler

Today Sizzler is having a deal. If you order and entree with a steak, you can get a second steak for a penny. It certainly takes me back to my tennis days when we had an $8 a meal stipend and Sizzler was the only sit down place we could afford. C'mon, you know you miss the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and that just-like-home mac n' cheese in the kids salad bar.

Dynamite Walls Tour Diary

Never having any musical talents of my own, the closest I've ever come to "touring" would probably be my college soccer and tennis days. But waking up for 7:30 a.m. matches is certainly light years away from hitting clubs and playing and partying and just the adventures that come with traversing the country. That's probably why I love tour diaries... Tristen Prettyman has some good ones, so does Transfer.

I got a call from Tom Pritchard of Dynamite Walls who was calling from New Orleans and wanted me to share the band's tour diary with the readers of SD:Dialed In. You might recall from some of my past entries that they bought a biodiesel bus and road tested it in the fall. They're back on the road and you can check out the first three of their videos here. To follow along as they continue on their tour, you can subscribe to their videos here. And of course, you can always visit their MySpace page here.

Safe journeys! Catch them when they return home in February for a big show at the Belly Up on February 17.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Coachella 2008

Here's the official Coachella 2008 poster. I think this is my last mention of Coachella ever, unless tickets fall into my lap. The saturation of coverage on the net just doesn't necessitate me saying anything about it except that most of the bands I would want to see are still playing Casbah sized clubs for the most part, so I'd rather see them there.

Update: For those of you reading an RSS feed, here's the list of all the bands on the flyer (San Diego connected bands in bold):

FRIDAY, APRIL 25: Jack Johnson, The Verve, Raconteurs, The Breeders, Fatboy Slim, Tegan and Sara, Madness, The Swell Season, The National, Animal Collective, Slightly Stoopid, Mum, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Stars, Battles, Aesop Rock, Midnight Juggernauts, Does it Offend you, Yeah?, Minus the Bear, Spank Rock, dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip, Diplo, Adam Freeland, Santo Gold, Jens Lekman, John Butler Trio, Vampire Weekend, Dan Deacon, Architecture in Helsinki, Sandra Collins, Busy P, Cut Copy, Black Lips, Datarock, Professor Murder, Reverend and the Makers, The Bees, Porter, Rogue Wave, Modeselektor, American Bang, Lucky I Am.

SATURDAY, APRIL 26: Portishead, Kraftwerk, Death Cab for Cutie, Cafe Tacuba, Sasha & Digweed, Rilo Kiley, Dwight Yoakam, M.I.A., Hot Chip, Cold War Kids, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, DeVotchKa, Flogging Molly, Mark Ronson, Turbonegro, Scars on Broadway, Islands, Enter Shikari, Calvin Harris, Boyz Noize, Junkie XL, Cinematic Orchestra, Jamie T, The Teenagers, VHS or Beta, Carbon/silicon, Erol Alkan, Yo Majesty!, Little Brother, Bonde Do Role, St. Vincent, Akron Family, MGMT, Institubes DJs (Surkin, Para One and Orgasmic), James Zabiela, Sebastian, Kavinsky, Dredg, The Bird and the Bee, Grand Ole Party, New Young Pony Club, 120 Days, Yoav, Electric Touch, Uffie

SUNDAY, APRIL 27: Roger Waters ("Dark Side of the Moon"), Love & Rockets, My Morning Jacket, Spiritualized, Justice, Gogol Bordello, Chromeo, The Streets, Metric, Danny Tenaglia, Simian Mobile Disco, Booka Shade, Murs, Dmitri from Paris, Autolux, The Field, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Les Savy Fav, The Cool Kids, Sons & Daughters, Sia, Holy Fuck, Black Kids, Black Mountain, The Annuals, Kid Sister w/A-Trak, Man Man, Duffy, I'm from Barcelona, Manchester Orchestra, Deadmau5, The Horrors, Austin TV, Shout Out Louds, Plastiscines, Brett Dennen

Things To Do In San Diego: January 21, 2008

Woo-hoo! Three day weekends rule!

Monday, January 21, 2008:

  • Anti-Monday League presents: Roses On Her Grave, Thieves & Liars, Firethorn @ Casbah
  • MLK Celebration feat. Elijah Emmanuel & The Revelations, Resination, more @ World Beat Center (Free, 11a-6p)
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ Tower Bar
  • Mitch Budd, Aaron Blyth, Allegra @ 710 Beach Club
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's
  • Lil Wayne, Dago Braves @ House of Blues

Ryan Adams, Spreckels Theatre, 1/19/08

After a lazy Saturday- a late lunch/early dinner with my sister, brother in law and my niece at Ponce's, some cleaning and just hanging around and I was finally ready to head downtown for the Ryan Adams show. I was trying hard not to get too excited about the show. The last show I caught at the House of Blues left a lot to be desired for me, so this time around I didn't know what to expect. I was happy when I got into the venue to discover Andrea was able to find tickets at the show in the row directly in front of me, so I sat with her.

Ryan was already onstage, tooling around by himself. Or rather, "JJ Bouillabaise" was onstage tooling around, playing some songs on piano, then doing an impromptu song about San Diego. It was clear he was in a good mood and was going to be quite entertaining. He played briefly, then the houselights came up for about 20 minutes before the actual show started.

From the first note to the last note, Ryan did not disappoint. The band sounded beautiful, as most bands do in Spreckels. The cacti onstage were a little cheesy but allowed for some pretty lighting throughout the night. He jumped around between guitars and his piano, but my favorite songs of the night were the ones he played without any instruments because it was during those songs he was really able to bust out his amazing voice. I took notes for the setlist, so here's the best I got:

Please Do Not Let Me Go
Off Broadway
Rescue Blues
This House Is Not For Sale
Elizabeth, You Were Born To Play That Part
Everybody Knows
Stars Go Blue
? (this is when security was buggings us about our seats, even though we were in the right place)
Goodnight Rose
The Sun Also Sets


A Kiss Before I Go
The End
(song performed by guitarist on lead vox)
Easy Plateau
Bartering Line
Beautiful, Sorta
Cold Roses
Peaceful Valley

After the show, a bunch of people were waiting for setlists or whatever, but I just jumped over the little barrier and got the attention of a stage hand and asked him for the list. He was pulling it up for me when he got scolded by an older dude to not ever give anything away from the stage. Boo.

Didn't matter, though, because it was a beautiful show and I felt all giddy the whole time. With Ryan, you never know what you're gonna get. When he's off, even just a little, the shows can be really disappointing. But in this case, when Ryan is on, he is sooo on, and I certainly feel like I was lucky to be there.

After the intermission, the row in front of us was empty, so I took the opportunity for some shaky/poorly lit recording. Andrea didn't know I was recording so you can hear her a little but it's still a pretty good representation of the show.

A Kiss Before I Go, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

I also uploaded some sound files from the show from my nifty digital recorder. I recently bought it so I wasn't sure how well the sound would come out, and it picked up talking and stuff, but here were some of my favorite songs of the night:

This version of "Cold Roses" actually got a standing ovation and it wasn't even the last song of the night.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday Recap: Shuffleboard Showdown, Drew Andrews, UBUV

After returning to work on Friday, I was still feeling kinda weak, so I took a nap after work and was planning on sleeping right up until I was going to head to the Whistle Stop. That plan changed when I woke up to my mom's voice yelling into my voicemail that I hadn't answered her calls all day and was I ok. It was kinda funny, actually, but being awakened from my nap gave me the momentum to get ready early and go catch up with the Shuffleboard Showdown, which was already at the Jewel Box. Frank won the first game at Downtown Johnny Brown's and the competition was entertaining to the rest of us who were there to witness. I never realized how long one game can go. We were there for a while, until eventually Larry took game 2.

From the Jewel Box we went to Hamilton's which was pretty crowded so our group was spread out in the bar. There was some dude- I guess he gave up the shuffleboard for them- but he thought that gave him the right to dictate the rules and then he talked shit about how long they were taking. Other than the ass, Hamilton's was a good time.

It was getting late, so I said my goodbyes and went to the Whistlestop. Drew Andrews was already playing, so I grabbed a drink and maneuvered around the side to get up close. Unfortunately from where I was, my camera just wasn't doing very well focusing, so I only got a couple decent shots. Drew sounded great and the full band helped drown the Whistlestop talkers. I'm really looking forward to his record coming out and hopefully he'll get a handful of shows in before he heads off to tour Europe later this spring.

Youtube of Drew covering "Send Me An Angel"

After the band I hung for a little while then headed back to my hood. Over at the Ken Club, the last band was finishing up. They're called UBUV and were really cool. Maybe a little more Kava Lounge than Ken Club, but interesting. I don't know how to describe the music...definite Eastern influences with their instrumentation, complete with a couple belly dancers, all backed with a DJ on turntables. I would definitely check out the band again. Plus, the Belly Dancers had live snakes which you just don't see very often.

Finally it was time for my night to be done so I came home and went to sleep. I woke up to a text message from Larry, who informed me that he took the shuffleboard championship in 5 games. I'm ready for them to have a ping pong tournament myself...I'll take them all.

John Stewart (The Kingston Trio) Passes Away

John Stewart, one third of the legendary folk trio, The Kingston Trio, passed away on Saturday night. According to the band's website, he suffered a massive stroke or aneurism. Stewart was a member of the trio for six years. In that time he recorded 13 albums with the band. After leaving, he had a solo career and gained notoriety for writing The Monkees' hit, "Daydream Believer."

Thing To Do In San Diego: January 20, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008:
  • The Start, Actress @ Beauty Bar
  • Jay Wiseman, The Baja Bugs @ Tower Bar
  • The Legendary Shack Shakers, Whole Hog, Whiskey Dicks @ Casbah
  • Tribute to David Fuentes of Hepcat feat. Dirty Reggae Bunch (members of The Aggrolites, Hepcat and surprise guests) @ Belly Up
  • Jose Sinatra's OB-o-ke @ Winston's
  • The Robin Henkel Band @ Lestat's
  • Tower Of Power @ Viejas Dreamcatcher Lounge
  • School of Rock @ Epicentre
  • Social Distortion, Gallows @ House of Blues
  • Knock Galley West, Rusty Sheriffs Badge @ Zombie Lounge
  • Jazz Benefit Concerts for Carl Evans Jr., Hosted by Larry Himmel. Jazz musicians including Charles McPherson, Brian Lynch, Gilbert Castellanos and Nathan East gather for a benefit for local jazz legend Carl Evans Jr., founding member of Fattburger @ Anthology

Do Not Miss MGMT Casbah, January 25

There's the occasional record that crosses my path that just stops me dead in my tracks. MgmT is a New York duo, and their debut album, Oracular Spectacular is one of those albums. The physical CD will be released on Tuesday, but it was made available digitally back in October on iTunes, when the band was asked to support Of Montreal on their fall tour. I guess my real introduction to the band was when they performed on The Late Show a few weeks ago. The very next day I got an e-mail from Marco Collins, whose music opinions I respect and value.

I just spent the last night listening to a CD that I'm pretty amazed by. The band is called MGMT and they are definately one of the cool kids on the block right now. Typically, I am skeptical about the underground "buzz" on any band, but this new CD is fuckin amazing.

They are a two piece from Brooklyn and are equal parts Bob Dylan, Beck, Ween, The Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, some weird 60's psychedelia shit mixed with killer electric mayhem.

This kid's lyrics are great. I love the lyrics of "Time To Pretend" (I looked em up) and "Kids" and 'Youth"! The record just feels so timely... kinda the voice of a new generation. OK... maybe I'm going overboard, but I really like this CD!
I got the digital download and have been hooked ever since. And they're coming to the Casbah this week! Do not sleep on this band.

By the way, I have no idea if they'll be a full band or just the duo, but either way, I'll be up front and center for their set.

Monday Photos: The Weather Underground, The Roman Spring, Fing

I started feeling sick on Sunday, but I chose to ignore my body. By Monday, I was a little achy and my chest felt hollow, but I wasn't quite convinced I was sick. I worked, I took my nap, then went to the Casbah for The Weather Underground and the Roman Spring, and while I was sad to hear that The Secret Stolen had canceled, I was stoked to hear that Fing had been added to the bill to take their place.

The crowd was pretty sparse in the beginning, but it slowly filled throughout the night. I wish more people were there for Fing, because they are such a funky rockin dancey band. The also made me believe that any band I see with a Korg from now on should be required to do the robot to at least one of their songs, as Pascal did. If you get a chance to pick up their CD, it's pretty awesome.

The Roman Spring were up second and by that point the room was more crowded. I think people not only like the band's music, but Jake's contributions to the music community generates a ton of good will from other musicicans. In the crowd were Swim Party, some of the Modlins, and Manuok among others. I really like the couple of covers that they've been rotating in their recent sets. I think local bands should take the lesson...establish your band with originals first, then later it's ok to mess around with a couple covers.

The final performance of the night came from The Weather Underground who are from LA. Abraham swore I wasn't at their Beauty Bar show back in September, but I was and have the pics to prove it. The band is really good; fans of Delta Spirit should definitely check them out. Turns out they're incredibly nice guys, too, so we chatted briefly before the bar closed down.

It was still kinda early, so I stopped by the Jewel Box since I hadn't been in a while. Little did I know that I was a night's sleep away from getting more sick than I've been in at least four years. Hopefully now I can safely say that is behind me, but man did it suck. Fortunately I was somewhat better by Friday, and was back at work and back on the town by Friday night.

Go, Stan Miller!

My man just told the Massholes to show some class. Stan is hands down my favorite newsanchor.

The Chargers lost. Can we move on?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Help Blowupnihilist

MySpace and the Internet are supposed to make the world smaller, right?

Well, we in San Diego love Prize Country, so any friends of theirs are friends of ours. And their friends need help. This is a repost of a repost (the first part is from Prize Country, the second from Blowupnihilist. If you've got a couple bucks to spare, Consider sending it their way.

My good ol' pal Andre (and co) have had a bit of misfortune, to say the least, and need some help. Dig deep and pull something together for the man and his band - this is the guy will be responsible for changing the world.


Saturday night at around 5:57pm in a snowstorm on I-84 Eastbound; on the way to a show in Boise later that evening, my van flipped and rolled three times.

In the vehicle were myself (Andre), David Mullis and Jon Wayne Rebello; tour manager and Roadie extraordinar, respectively.
Doing 40mph in the right hand lane we felt the rear end swerve to the right, I turned into the slide, it slowly shifted to the left and then we were sliding on black ice in the middle of the two lanes going straight. Things seemed to be doing well. Suddenly the rear spun around which had us sliding backwards to which we then flipped and rolled three times into the ditch in the center of both lanes.

Windows busted out; snow was inside; most of the gear was destroyed or damaged; including a lot of the merch I just had made for this tour; personal belongings, etcetera. We three however are alive. Thank fuck.

The van is totaled and bills are at upwards of $6,000.

To some this might not be that big a deal. I however don't make that much in a single year. Disabled cats like myself seldom do. Tour is over.

Though I hate this to sound like a handout, I've known this to work for some bands/people at times of crisis like this; so I've set up a paypal account (at) in hopes to possibly help recover some of the loss. God damn it, that's just what it looks like as I type this.

I've got over 6,200 "friends" on this social culture/teen popularity site, and if half of them sent $1.00 or so, things would be much better for the future of Blowupnihilist. As of now, live performances and recordings aren't happening.

Sending more, I'd include copies of my new periodical (and/or) my CD's I have left, tee-shirts and other weird shit I know you'd love.

If you don't feel like 'donating' Relapse and Interpunk have several copies of my album still available.

The paypal is simple, just go on, choose make a payment, enter the e-mail address, select "service/other" and whatever you want to donate. Just think of it as buying a couple drinks for a friend in need.

Things To Do In San Diego: January 19, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008:
  • Ryan Adams & The Cardinals @ Spreckels
  • River City, Silverbird, Red Feathers @ Heavy Press, 2312 El Cajon Blvd, 9 pm
  • The Long and Short of It, Demasiado, Vitro, Pen and Ink @ Casbah
  • Writer, The Northstar Session, The Fling, Joel P West @ O'Connell's
  • The Del-Fi's, The Atomic Three, The Sidewynders @ Ken Club
  • Long Live Logos @ Beauty Bar
  • Death On Mars, Guerilla Transammo @ Bar Leucadian
  • Midnight Movie Feat. Stop Making Sense, performance by The Atoms @ Ken Cinema
  • Mods vs Rockers @ Tower Bar
  • Sue Palmer presents SOPHISTICATED LADIES featuring Sue Palmer piano, Sharon Shufelt drums, April West trombone, & Evonna Wascinski bass - with special guest vocalists the inimitable Toni Price, Laura Jane, Janell Rock, & sassy Deejha Marie @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • Stranger, Iration, Stone Senses @ Cane's
  • The Lou Dog Trio (Sublime Tribute) @ 710 Beach Club
  • The Gibbs, The Prey, Nuclear Tomorrow @ Alibi
  • Bane, Silent Drive, Outbreak, Trashtalk, Teenage Kicks @ Che Cafe
  • On The One, Sharp Three @ Winston's
  • Faded Chroniclez, Blue Sky Blonde, Haven Born, The Outside View @ Brick By Brick
  • Lisa Sanders & Friends @ Lestat's
  • His Irate LifeTerrorspell, Murder On The Dancefloor, Forever Days, Forgotten, Comes The Horsemen, From The Break Of Dawn @ Soma
  • "Independent Throw Down" @ Epicentre
  • Social Distortion @ House of Blues
  • Dead Man's Party @ Belly Up
  • Tim Raldo & The Filthy Fuks, Lewd Acts, Blood Stained Reality, The Lugers @ Zombie Lounge
  • Sinatra and Martinis featuring Archie Thompson's New Moon Flyers @ Anthology

Tonight's Silverbird Show is on at Heavy Press

While I haven't gathered more info on the situation over at Scolari's I have been informed that tonight's show has found a new home.

River City, Silverbird, and Red Feathers will now be playing at Heavy Press, 2312 El Cajon Blvd. Because Heavy Press is a print shop, the show is now open to all ages (though grownups can BYOB). Plan on getting there around 9-ish.

The bonus is that the print shop has this wood on the walls that should really complement the organic sounds of these amazing bands. I know there's a lot going on tonight, but if you haven't checked out Silverbird and Red Feathers, this would be a great place to finally do it, and while I haven't seen River City, they sound awesome, too. (Hear them on MySpace) Plus, who isn't a fan of bands playing in non-traditional venues every once in a while?

Friday, January 18, 2008

All Scolari's Shows Cancelled This Weekend (Or moved to other venues)

I haven't had the chance to talk to T-Bone yet, but I've been notified that Scolari's has had to cancel all shows this weekend and Monday. Apparently the cabaret license expired and it was either not paid or the county just didn't get it in time. Either way, it appears to have nothing to do with the recent sale of the bar and shows are expected to resume once the bar can settle the error with the county after the holiday weekend. (or city?- not really sure whose domain that falls in).

Regardless, the result is that the two touring bands that were supposed to play there tonight- Ice Age Cobra and Rusty Sherrif’s Badge- have been moved to Chaser's; Firethorn is canceled. I'll get a better grip on the situation tonight and update with the rest of the shows that were planned when I get the info.

Big Night Friday!

I'll be at the Whistle Stop for the big solo debut of Drew Andrews (Via Satellite, Album Leaf), but some other noteworthies tonight...

The Motels are playing at Brick By Brick. The show is $25 but is gonna be a total party, with John from Monsters are Waiting and Clint from Gnarls Barkley playing in Martha Davis' backup band.

Before I go to Whistle Stop, I might try to swing by the ultimate shuffleboard showdown if anyone else wants to join the fun...

Things To Do In San Diego: January 18, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2007:
  • Drew Andrews (Album Leaf, Via Satellite) @ Whistle Stop
  • The Yiffs, Endless Bummer, ManMiracle @ Habitat House (21st & Broadway)
  • The Downs Family @ Tower Bar
  • Circa Now!, UBUV, Science Fiction @ Ken Club
  • Arm The Angels, Spell Toronto @ Beauty Bar
  • Wendy Bailey Band, Roxy Monoxide @ Tiki House
  • In Perfect Agony, Building Better Monsters @ Kadan
  • Wild Child (Doors Tribute), Dazed & Confused (Led Zeppelin Tribute) @ Cane's
  • Fu Manchu, It's Casual, Get Yr Death On @ Casbah
  • Dilated Peoples, LMNO @ Belly Up
  • Bane, Outbreak, Trashtalk, Constrict, More Than Words @ Che Cafe
  • DPI, Homeless Sexuals, Pig Champion, Death Mickies @ O'Connell's
  • Born Tonight, In Every Breath, 3 Against 1 @ 710 Beach Club
  • Kush and Jah Bloodfiyah Angels @ Winston's
  • The Motels, Cathryn Beeks, Astra Kelly @ Brick By Brick
  • Rusty Sheriffs Badge, Age Cobra, Firethorn, The Living Deadbeats @ Scolari's
  • Young Goodman, Quiet The Moon, Jordan Reimer @ Lestat's
  • Pat Green with the Emerald River Band, Patrick Davis @ 4th & B
  • Tiger Army, The Dear+Departed, Revolution Mother @ Soma
  • Luke Kinney @ Epicentre
  • Social Distortion, US Bombs @ House of Blues
  • XX Sports Radio Presents Scott & BR, Live and Wired @ House of Blues
  • Left Alone, The Black Rose Phantoms, Deadites Revenge, Critical Me @ Zombie Lounge
  • Chuchito Valdes @ Anthology
  • Latin & Brazilian jazz pianist/composer Danny Green & his Trio featuring Justin Grinnell bass & Dylan Savage drums @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chargers Mania

The Chargers' big game is on Sunday in New England. While everyone is getting all caught up in the crazies sports mania, you might've noticed an event in my listings at the House of Blues on Friday. I have more info on that, so I thought I'd repost here in case any of you psychos want to get up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow morning.

XX Sports Radio 1090am and 105.7fm's Scott and BR, Live and Wired

Join us this Friday at the House of Powder Blues for a live broadcast and early morning party. There will be live music, contests, prizes, food and drink specials with surprise guests.

We will also have live performances by Skanic and Bolts Idol winner, Marcus Preciado. Help us send our team off as they travel to take on a soon to be defeated New England Patriots. Get out of bed early and kickoff your playoff weekend.

Doors open at 5:45am.

For those that missed it, last week San Diego's own Brad Bohensky (drummer of Transit War) and Chris Armes (former frontman of Agent 51) stepped into the XX Sports Radio show on 1090am and 105.7fm. Brad not only called the score of 28-24 Chargers, but took third in the Bolts Idol contest. Brad and Chris entered the Frightening Lightning song into the contest with a chance to win a paid trip to last weeks playoff game. When asked his prediction this week for Chargers vs. Patriots and he said 31-21 Chargers. Lets all rally starting tomorrow morning bright and early at the House of Powder Blues downtown on 5th ave.

Random Notes

Ah, yes. My third day of sick. Lovely. Thought I'd post a couple things while I'm back at home. (I went to work today but was sent home because I "look like shit")

A few weeks back I wrote about the passing of Ike Turner in my
Notes From The Smoking Patio column. I tried to keep the column as straightforward as possible with regards to Ike's musical legacy, and to focus on the time that he was a resident of San Diego. Tonight, his band will be performing a tribute show in La Jolla. How sad, then, that the toxicology reports came back from his autopsy and attributed his death to a cocaine overdose. To me it's sad, it's pathetic, and the more I think about it, sounds like it might've been deliberate.

In other stuff, I appreciate all the feedback I get from this site as well as the column. I alone control the content, layout, photos, and opinions on this site, and if anyone ever has issues with me, there are certainly plenty of ways to contact me on this site, including my direct e-mail. At the paper, however, I'm but a tiny piece of a big puzzle. Issues there should be directed appropriately. A fellow blogger has weighed in

In case you missed it, Kallao was back on KROQ on Wednesday night for round 2. I guess he's being tried out, so if you get a chance to call in when he's on air, I know he'd love the feedback.

And, it's been all over the other blogs and I'll try covering it in the Locals column, but 91X has a new incarnation of Loudspeaker. It will be on late Sundays, and available for streaming 24/7 on

that's all for now...back to my misery.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Things To Do In San Diego: January 17, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008:

  • SD Fire Relief CD Release Show feat: Tim Flannery, Bushwalla, Married By Elvis, Get Back Loretta, Carlos Olmeda, Molly Jenson, Alex Woodard, Voices Of Prayze @ Anthology (7:30 pm)
  • Ike Turner Tribute Concert feat. The Kings of Rhythm @ Garfield Theater (at the Jewish Community Center in La Jolla) For a free pair of tickets, e-mail me.
  • Vena Cava, Bloody Hollies, Nothingtons, The Modlins @ Casbah
  • Aspects of Physics, Rob Crow DJ Set @ Pink Elephant
  • Army Navy @ Beauty Bar
  • MEX, Rob Deez, Jo-El @ Lestat's
  • Cross Canadian Ragweed, The Farmers @ Belly Up
  • Iron Works, One Thread, Sirens of ShipWreck @ Cane's
  • Noiz Carbine @ 710 Beach Club
  • Gary Lammin (of Cocksparrer) @ Tower Bar
  • Indubious, Raiz Muzik @ Winston's
  • J Emery Blatchley, The Pink Snowflakes, ASTRA, A Scribe Amidst The Lions @ Scolari's
  • Ben Kenney, DJ Kilmore (of Incubus) @ House of Blues
  • Shining Through, The Lost, Eclipse 79@ Zombie Lounge

Got Mana?

I'm still home sick and mustered the energy to run to the store to buy every variety of Zicam/Airbourne/Nyquil/Dayquil and Robitussin available, along with smoothies, juices, gatorade, tea, and cans of soup. I'm working on my third box of kleenex. With this time, I decided to load more CDs into my iTunes. When I got to Mana, I opened the cases to find my CDs are missing! I have Revolucion de Amor, but what kind of cruel joke is it for someone to take my Unplugged CD and replace it with Puff Daddy's Shyne? Or to find Suenos Liquidos replaced with Clubbers Guide to...2000? Anyway, I have no idea who could've borrowed my CDs but if anyone has them and doesn't mind burning me copies, I'd appreciate it.

Things To Do In San Diego: January 16, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008:
  • Mitchell Cornish, Mojo Nixon @ Beauty Bar
  • The Electric Prunes, The Prayers @ Belly Up
  • Sole and the Skyrider Band, Telephone Jim Jesus and guests @ Casbah
  • Zak Ward, Sam Bybee, Vanja James @ Lestat's
  • The Bankhead Press, Steph Johnson Band @ U-31
  • Battle of the Bands: Fiffin Market, Bedford Grove, Kennedy's Curse, Blue Spring @ 710 Beach Club
  • Twista @ Cane's
  • Kiddus I, Earl Chinna Smith, Kindle to Ember, Kush & The Bloodfiyah Angels @ O'Connell's
  • Destructo Bunny @ Winston's
  • Sheila Sondergard, Gerald Villanueva & Lifted Roots, Aaron Blythe & The Men of Leisure @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kensington Terrace: Mixed Feelings

I am so sick. The kind of sick where you suppress the cough because you know how much it's going to hurt, where you become aware of just how many cells make up your skin because each of them aches. I came home from work at noon today and after eating some pozole, I fell asleep and stayed that way for 8 hours. Being home during the day has got me thinking about this whole Kensington Terrace project that is almost certainly going to be constructed directly across the street from my house.

I got some new literature about the project this past weekend. What is startling about that is that I have lived in my apartment eight and a half years. Eight and a half! And these pricks have the freaking nerve to send a "show your support for Kensington Terrace" letter addressed to a person who doesn't exist...My college boyfriend's first name and my last name...a name he used on a magazine subscription when he lived with me the first 6 months back in 1999. I vote every election; I receive newletters from my Councilmember and my Congresswoman, and Kensington Terrace can't find me. No wonder the ONLY notification I've ever received from the project was the day before the Ken-Tal Planning Committee voted (despite the claim that residents within 300 feet were notified as far back as 2006.)

The thing about it is that while obviously personally I dread two years of construction and trucks and hammering and a rerouted path home, I'm not totally against the idea of having more businesses in my vicinity. The literature promises to bring in locally owned businesses, like a bakery, a pharmacy, a gourmet mini store like Whole Foods on a smaller scale (supposedly), and some sort of yogurt, ice cream, or smoothie type business. Today, feeling so terribly sick, on the one hand how cool would it be to go across the street to a pharmacy to get some NyQuil, then head next door for perhaps a Jamba Juice or something. Then I have to remember that it's going to take two years for that to happen and I get all bent out of shape all over again.

When the apartments next to me underwent a condo conversion, trucks parked in my lot, contruction would start sometimes at 5 or 6 in the morning (which is illegal, by the way) and when I'd get home, I'd find some new form of disaster in my yard, like the time they sand blasted the wall, leaving a thin white dust on my patio furniture and lightly dusted around my entire kitchen because they didn't have the courtesy to warn me that I should close my windows. I had to complain to the developers and realtors repeatedly for damage to my personal property.

So here I am again, faced with developers who don't give a shit what I think. Is that because I'm only a renter and not an owner? Is it because they'll find a way to get rid of my block after they're done across the street? I don't know. But I'm a little pissed.

Things To Do In San Diego: January 15, 2008

I feel like shit. How the hell did I get the flu? I'm only gonna do Tuesday listings until I can get back to feeling normal.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008:
  • Tim Pyles hosts "Big Sonic Chill Night" @ A/C Lounge
  • Archons, Earthless, Oaks @ Casbah
  • The Americans Maniacs, C.D.M, Moral Decline + Djs Buddha, and Sid @ Zombie
  • Ya Ya Boom @ Scolari's
  • Jeff Moore and Friends @ Anthology
  • Lupe Fiasco, Optimus @ Belly Up
  • Meet and Greet with Lupe Fiasco @ Lou's Records (5 pm)
  • Crime In America, Nuclear Tomorrow, Down We Go @ O'Connell's
  • Pleasure Devices, Early Autumn @ Winston's

Monday, January 14, 2008

Things To Do In San Diego: January 14, 2008

I don't know when I'll be adding my weekly listings, so in the meantime, here's Monday's happenings:

Monday, January 14, 2008:
  • The Anti-Monday League feat. The Weather Underground, The Roman Spring, The Secret Stolen @ The Casbah
  • Jamie Muehlhausen @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Dead Western, Virgin Rosemary @ Gelato Vero
  • Lady Dottie & The Diamonds @ Tower Bar
  • Guava Belly, Shant, Kurt Vatland, Colin Clyne, Astra Kelly @ Dublin Square
  • Michele Lundeen @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's