Thursday, January 10, 2008

Benefit For Riki Featuring Thee Corsairs, 1/9/08

As I mentioned, I went to the benefit for Riki Watkins at Kadan on Monday night. Many of her friends were there, so the mood was both somber and festive, including the entire bar singing happy birthday, since it would've been her 26th birthday. I didn't know Riki, but I do know many of her friends, so I felt it appropriate that I should show my support, buy some raffle tickets, and also finally see Thee Corsairs. I don't know if I got there after The Embalmers played or if they didn't play at all, and really I didn't think to ask.

Thee Corsairs play a kind of surf punk that goes well with The Creepy Creeps and the like. Greaser is just awesome; if you don't know him, you should go say hi when he's working at Lou's one of these days. I didn't take too many pics; mostly because it was really loud up close and like and idiot, I forgot my earplugs at home. Ringing ears just don't have the same charm they had when I was a kid. The band played a relatively long set, including "Rocket 88" which was pretty damn cool.

This is Heather, who was cool enough to let me interview her for my story about Riki.

I finally got my Vinyl from Greaser for finding the bottle in their scavenger hunt at Livewire. There are still bottles out there, check the blog for clues. As you can see, the vinyl is absolutely beautiful, even if you don't have a record player.

Tales of Rum And Whiskey, Thee Corsairs

Anyway, it's hard to say it was a fun night because of the reason we were there, but it was a good night, even if I didn't win a tattoo in the raffle. Being ink-free, that might've been a good reason to stain my skin. Maybe next time.

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