Sunday, January 06, 2008

Stormy Weekend in San Diego

All week we were warned about the Storm. Of. The. Century. about to hit San Diego, and while it has certainly rained a lot, it's not been all crazy. Or maybe that's how it seems when you can do everything you want within two blocks of your home. I love this weather; the sound of the rain hitting the ground outside, the cars wheels turning over the wet street, bundling up under mountains of blankets. I enjoyed a leisurely Saturday with lunch at Ponce's, some afternoon margaritas at the Ken Club and movies at home, then a nap as I attempted to watch the presidential debates. Unfortunately, that nap went a little longer than I expected, so when Andrea called me to meet at the Ken, I'd already missed The Soft Hands and The Roman Spring. Still, it was the perfect night at the Ken Club, with so many of my favorite friends all there. It felt kinda like a reunion, since everyone was either out of town or celebrating the holidays with family.

Roxy Jones ended up cancelling, but Darren's brother was in town from China, so he played. I've never seen the Ken Club like that...everyone sitting on the floor while he played...well, as anyone there can attest, there's no way to describe it, you just have to see it for yourself. If he plays again while he's here, I'll be sure to post about it. Anyway, I wanted to post some pics from the night, and thank everyone who came over.

After the bar everyone came over to my house. And by everyone, I pretty much mean everyone who was standing outside the bar after closing time- my friends, friends of friends, and a few of my neighbors. Somehow we all managed to squeeze into my small apartment through the night, until everyone left just before 4 in the morning.

Today has been a pajama day for sure, cleaning the house, watching the Chargers, reading, writing and just hanging around. I certainly cannot complain about the weekend. Now, if I can get my column done, I'll be off to the Tower Bar to catch The Muslims

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