Sunday, January 20, 2008

Monday Photos: The Weather Underground, The Roman Spring, Fing

I started feeling sick on Sunday, but I chose to ignore my body. By Monday, I was a little achy and my chest felt hollow, but I wasn't quite convinced I was sick. I worked, I took my nap, then went to the Casbah for The Weather Underground and the Roman Spring, and while I was sad to hear that The Secret Stolen had canceled, I was stoked to hear that Fing had been added to the bill to take their place.

The crowd was pretty sparse in the beginning, but it slowly filled throughout the night. I wish more people were there for Fing, because they are such a funky rockin dancey band. The also made me believe that any band I see with a Korg from now on should be required to do the robot to at least one of their songs, as Pascal did. If you get a chance to pick up their CD, it's pretty awesome.

The Roman Spring were up second and by that point the room was more crowded. I think people not only like the band's music, but Jake's contributions to the music community generates a ton of good will from other musicicans. In the crowd were Swim Party, some of the Modlins, and Manuok among others. I really like the couple of covers that they've been rotating in their recent sets. I think local bands should take the lesson...establish your band with originals first, then later it's ok to mess around with a couple covers.

The final performance of the night came from The Weather Underground who are from LA. Abraham swore I wasn't at their Beauty Bar show back in September, but I was and have the pics to prove it. The band is really good; fans of Delta Spirit should definitely check them out. Turns out they're incredibly nice guys, too, so we chatted briefly before the bar closed down.

It was still kinda early, so I stopped by the Jewel Box since I hadn't been in a while. Little did I know that I was a night's sleep away from getting more sick than I've been in at least four years. Hopefully now I can safely say that is behind me, but man did it suck. Fortunately I was somewhat better by Friday, and was back at work and back on the town by Friday night.

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