Monday, January 28, 2008

Jade Theater - Biggest Rip In Downtown?

Derrik Chinn (from SignOnSanDiego) reviewed downtown's new Jade Theatre megaplex last week in Street. Thankfully he was clear in his descriptions as well as listing out some of the menu prices. What a joke.

We all know I wouldn't likely go there anyway- my one night out downtown for ASR last week was plenty to tide me over till, um, forever- but I wanna be really clear about the douchebaggery of this place. Perhaps you saw my listings last week that originally included Jade. Guttermouth, Agent Orange, and The Strangers Six were supposed to play the Emerald City ASR party. The show was moved to 4th & B a week prior to the show.

Somebody close to the situation explained the move in an e-mail, paraphrased below:
God, the guy from Jade was such a prick. He made all of the
bands have a "meeting" with him Sunday regarding the
show. When the bands arrived, he said he didnt have a key
to let everyone in to talk to him at his own club.

The remainder of the e-mail explained that some chick finally let everyone in the club while the guy tended to other things and made everyone wait for over half an hour before he finally sat down to talk to them.

The kicker was that Jade wanted all the bands to sign a contract saying that they would be personally liable for any damages done to the club during the show. A place that charges an arm and a leg for drinks and food isn't insured to cover the entertainment? What in the world were they thinking inviting punk bands to perform in a venue that wasn't willing to assume responsibility for the show? As far as I'm concerned, bands and entertainers should steer wide and clear of Jade, forever and ever Amen.


catdirt said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. please either post or fwd me the full email... that's box office GOLD!!!!

Aaron said...


Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Thora Birch's Enid in the film "Ghost World," this is exactly the kind of thing we're trying to avoid.

Let's hope this guy goes out of business, and fast.

Related to your previous "snoozefest" post - my wife just returned from Europe, and she encountered Gaslampian jackasses in Leicester Square (at least two of whom asked her to "show her tits"). This goes to show that knuckleheads exist everywhere; it's not exclusive to San Diego. It's not a matter of where you live; it's a matter of where you go in your city, when you go there, and with whom you go there (or who is there). We may have a slightly larger representation knuckleheads in SD, but they're easy to avoid. One thing SD has over other cities is that it's easy to figure out where not to go, when not to go there, and who not to be around.

My wife and Juliancito's girlfriend will be at the Raveonettes gig. We will all be at the Dirtbombs/Dan Sartain gig if we can get tickets in time.


Anonymous said...

Just another point of view, I actually know a few of the guys at jade and I am a bit familiar with the events. One of the lead cooks at Jade is George from battalion of saints, and he's a friend of mine. His band was considering playing the venue as well, but the place is smaller and not fit for a performance of that magnitued.

guttermouth reps wanted the meet to avail any concerns of damage to the newly built place. In the meet comments were made that stuff would probably get beat up and they wouldnt be responsible for it. Outside of that the meet was on the day of thier employee appreciation party so the palce was closed down to the public.

George has had me over and the food is amazing, and the prices are cheaper than many other downtown haunts. Not sure why you would give such a bum rap to a place you have never been. Dont those guys have the right to protect thier place?

Unknown said...

I've been to this place,and would highly recommend it to everyone.
However this place aint for ghetto people like the one who posted all this contents....why the hell would you want a band in the club
and not accept to any liability...dude you sound so damn
cheap and unrealistic.
Take your band to an open air park
you'll have no responsibility.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

I'll let your grammar speak to which of us is "the ghetto one".
If Jade wants to be a nightclub/restaurant, that is fine by me, but if they want to get in the realm of hosting shows then they need to step up and accept all that comes with it, but as far as I've seen at shows- in the 4-5 I go to every week- other than a couple broken glasses, I've never seen crowds get out of control. To assume that the punk/ASR crowd would bring a riot is pretty ignorant.

the ghetto writer of these contents,


thequeenbrie said...

Okay, lets look at this in more detail....

Jade Theater does not want to start hosting "shows" per say. Guttermouth and their cohorts were a part of the Emerald City 20th anniversary party. The Buddha lounge would have been the venue for the show, but seeing as thought hundreds of thousands of dollars had just been put into the beautiful new decor, there was no way that the club would ever assume responsibility for damages.

Guttermouth is not the kind of band that Jade Theater is well suited for. If anyone on this blog had even stepped foot in the venue, they would realize this fact. The bands following would not be a good fit for the venue either. I am all for seeing a good show, but not in a beautiful club like Jade or Stingaree... for the prices...

you get what you pay for. If you are used to crap, find a place that serves crap, at a minimal price. If you want excellent service and quality, Jade's doors are open 7 days a week!!

Anonymous said...

First Off, you better fake an accent if you want to get in. The only people getting past the rude doormen were Euro Trash. I actually saw a pregnant Euro Trash get in before some hot blondes did.

Once inside, the main bar is nice looking but lacks atmosphere and a DJ. The bar was also permeated by a foul odor. Most of the people in this room looked like they were waiting for something to happen or were looking for the way out.

Downstairs in a dirty unimpressive basement, where most of the people were hanging out, the ceiling was leaking in several areas including the "VIP" section. The leaks were actually streams of water pouring down.

The dance floor is also located in the basement, but the DJ is playing tired tunes.

I would definitely recommend skipping this place.

Anonymous said...

Rosemary:The ghetto writer

I have to agree with rhoda
"if you cannot accept liability're not worth anything.
personally i would have done the
same thing the owner of jade did.
I've been to jade and never in a
million years would i host a punk
band...especially when the club is
new in town.On a business aspect
you'll be changing it to ghetto club and if anything this is not
the kind of crowd fit to be at such an elegant club.
To anyone who's not been to Jade

check them out online and you'll see exactly why punk bands would not be fit for this kind of luxury.
When i toured through their website
i could not resist experiencing it in person and now i frequently attend their events.Am organising a fashion show and hope to have the
event at Jade,Rosemary you're
invited but please do not show up
with your bam/band.