Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Morning Benders & SayVinyl, Beauty Bar, 1/9/08

My plans changed a little today, and instead of a pre-show nap after work, I hung out at Bully's with a client and my coworkers. By the time I got home, it was time to head back out but I knew I couldn't do it without at least a lite nap, so when I got up and headed out, SayVinyl was already mid-set at the Beauty Bar.

They sounded great, but it was pretty cold on the patio, so I listened from inside while chatting with Erika and Gabe. For anyone wondering about the future of the Beauty Bar, Gabe still has some shows coming up at the Beauty Bar, and will also be booking shows at U-31. The Beauty Bar hired a new manager who starts on Tuesday. I got her name, but for the sake of those lurkers who take shit I write here then publish it like it was information they gathered, I'll keep it to myself. I'm a little tired of the methods of some of the writers in this town who don't go out, then write about shit and don't source information when all they do is lurk the blogs and punkboard. I bust my ass to go out, to get information, and aside from my column, I do it all without pay. It grates me especially because it is their job to be reporters and writers. Do the freaking work.

Anyway, enough of the rant. SayVinyl sounded rad, at some points even making me think of Postal Service, but mostly reminding me how many times I've listened to their 3 song EP in the short time I've had it. I need more! I didn't take pics, but I think Natalie might have, so check It's Too Sunny for pics.
In fact, when she's around, I get pretty lazy about taking pics, because I know they are so amateur, but here are some of The Morning Benders.

Matt Binder's doppleganger?

Another shoe pic...

The band sounded great, though they might've benefitted more from a larger crowd. The patio was sparse, though the people there were quite enthusiastic. The singer's range made me think of Vampire Weekend which was great, and at times, I thought he sounded like Paolo Nutini without the accent. They even move their mouths the same when emphasizing words. I almost bought their two EPs online but after asking the band if I should, they wrote back that they'd have them at the show for $5 a pop, so I gladly purchased both.

The show ended later than I planned, so I didn't make it to the Casbah, and I was tempted to hit the Pink Elephant or something, but I thought it better to get home, clean the house a bit, catch up on this blog, and get some sleep since I have happy hour and a show afterward tomorrow night.

I've got some pretty good things in the works for the blog, by the way...I've got some cool ticket giveaways and stuff coming up, so check back. I appreciate all the people sending me their band listings, but the inbox is overloaded, so try not to send me your stuff too far in advance or it just gets buried. I do listings on a week by week basis, anything more and I'd have to quit my dayjob and hold a sign up: "Will Blog For Food." It just can't happen.

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