Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Notes from the Smoking Patio

I love time off from work- the time off between Christmas and New Years was great- but sometimes the hardest part is that first full week back- when you've been jamming at work and realize- its only Tuesday?

So the week has gone. I went to the benefit for Riki Watkins at Kadan on Monday and watched Thee Corsairs, though I didn't win one of the tattoo certificates. I did, however, finally get my Thee Corsairs LP which is absolutely beautiful. If you want one, I hear there are still a couple bottles out there from their treasure hunt. Read their blog for clues. I'll post a couple pics of the show and the vinyl later. If you're in North County, there's one final benefit on Friday at Hensley's Flying Elephant.

Today, I met my sister and my niece for dinner at Ponce's and on my walk home, Emily from Bunky drove by and asked if I'd be at the Casbah. "What time are you on?," I asked. "10." "I'll be there," I told her. Then I came home and was instantly taken over by food coma and passed out and just couldn't get up to get down there. My bad. Sometimes this girl just needs to sleep. I have a lot of shows on my radar for the rest of the week, so I'll have more pics later on in the week, I hope.

My "Notes From The Smoking Patio" is back after a one week hiatus in CityBeat. Just one correction- we all know the Ken Club doesn't have wood floors. Still, the red concrete beats that old carpet. If you've got information for my column for next week, be sure to send it my way for consideration.

On to the rest of the week- refreshed and ready to get out and get down.

One last thing- the FM 94/9 About the Music series continues this month at the Belly Up with Rogue Wave. Tickets are sold out, and I've been told all comps are gone, too. If anyone bought tickets they can't use, please let me know. I'm looking to buy a pair (at face) if anyone's got 'em.

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Just to let you know that you can get the Corsairs vinyl from