Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Notes

Ah, yes. My third day of sick. Lovely. Thought I'd post a couple things while I'm back at home. (I went to work today but was sent home because I "look like shit")

A few weeks back I wrote about the passing of Ike Turner in my
Notes From The Smoking Patio column. I tried to keep the column as straightforward as possible with regards to Ike's musical legacy, and to focus on the time that he was a resident of San Diego. Tonight, his band will be performing a tribute show in La Jolla. How sad, then, that the toxicology reports came back from his autopsy and attributed his death to a cocaine overdose. To me it's sad, it's pathetic, and the more I think about it, sounds like it might've been deliberate.

In other stuff, I appreciate all the feedback I get from this site as well as the column. I alone control the content, layout, photos, and opinions on this site, and if anyone ever has issues with me, there are certainly plenty of ways to contact me on this site, including my direct e-mail. At the paper, however, I'm but a tiny piece of a big puzzle. Issues there should be directed appropriately. A fellow blogger has weighed in

In case you missed it, Kallao was back on KROQ on Wednesday night for round 2. I guess he's being tried out, so if you get a chance to call in when he's on air, I know he'd love the feedback.

And, it's been all over the other blogs and I'll try covering it in the Locals column, but 91X has a new incarnation of Loudspeaker. It will be on late Sundays, and available for streaming 24/7 on

that's all for now...back to my misery.

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