Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Fun Recap

I'm just gonna bundle the last few days into one post since it's past my bedtime and I didn't go quite as camera crazy as I sometimes do.

My Thursday started with some old friends at happy hour at Acapulco's in Old Town where we ate, drank, and caught up with each other's lives since we haven't all been together at the same time and place since we worked together 5 years ago. Imagine one of those Sex and The City moments with the four girls in their regular diner and you've got some idea how it went. We even got silly laughing about the phallic tequila bottles.

From Happy Hour, I stopped home to check on my dog, then headed out to Bar Pink Elephant to see Douglas Lee, but I only caught the end of his set. I'm glad he got a few gigs in while he was in town because I think people were blown away by his craft.

After that, I decided to take my laptop to the Ken Club and hang out with my neighborhood friends until it was sleepy time. It was a good night.

Friday, I got back into my Friday night napping and somehow slept much longer than I'd planned. By the time I got ready and had some dinner, stopped for gas, and made it to the Casbah, it was almost midnight. Fortunately, Greg Laswell played a very long set and I was happy he saved some of the 'hits' for later in the set which I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately for me, the Casbah was sold out and packed to the gills, so I didn't attempt any photos, but I got to see Greg a little in the back bar when his set was done.

From the Casbah, Abraham and I went to Saul's birthday at U-31. I actually liked the place a lot, and the DJs(Kid Lightning and others) played a great mix of new stuff, dance club stuff, some oldies, and some 80s and 90s stuff. Gabe told me the bar would be working on building a stage this weekend so I know I'll be going back for shows. The space is huge and allows for a spacious dancefloor and the drinks prices are reasonable. The room felt like a dance and moist and sweaty, but it made a kinda cool effect with the couple of pics I took.

After U-31, Abraham and I went to Saul's house. His brother told us there would be an after party and told us how to let ourselves in. There wasn't, in fact, an after party, but it was nice having a beer on the stairs looking at the palm trees against the dark night sky, until we called it a night.

Saturday was a lazy day of internetting and laundry and taking down my tree, organizing my shed, and finally getting rid of the TV that was taking up so much space, all the while watching football. By nightfall, I snoozed a bit then headed to the Casbah for Black Heart Procession. I missed Calico Horse, and the bar filled up a ton, so I spent most of the time with friends in the back bar, catching a bit of Fantastic Magic, but mostly catching up with people I hadn't seen in a while.

I had originally planned to just stay local and go to the Ken Club, and when I got a text from Matt, I couldn't not go..."Ken Club without Rosey is like smokes without a lighter." Black Heart sounded amazing, but I had to get back to the hood. Fortunately I made it in time to catch most of Hotel St George's set, and get some good drinks in before we were ushered out of the bar at the end of the night.

By that point, more friends from the Casbah had arrived at the Ken, so we had another little after party at my house. A great night indeed.

Of course, getting up early enough for the Chargers game was challenging, but my parents called and picked me up at halftime and we watched the game at my sister's house. Or, really, they watched the game, I watched pieces of it while I played with my niece. We spent most of the day there, and when I came home, I lost any motivation to go out or to do my things to do listings, so I guess I'll get to them tomorrow. Hope everyone else had a fun weekend and I hope everyone turns out for The Roman Spring at Monday's Anti-Monday League at the Casbah. Till then, sleep tight...

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