Saturday, April 30, 2011

SPJ Conference, San Diego, 4.30.2011

One of the great things about technology is that I can type this post at 3:04 a.m. and set it to post at exactly the same time I'm on a panel at the Society of Professional Journalists (Region 11) taking place right now at Humphrey's. The event is sold out and while I appreciate the invitation to speak, it is a stretch to call me either a journalist or professional. This is the description of the panel I'm on (and in the amazing company of George Varga of the Union-Tribune/Sign On San Diego and Angela Carone of KPBS/Culture Lust):
Does reviewing concerts and movies, interviewing artists and celebrities, and covering the arts world sound like a dream job?
Learn what it really takes to cover the arts at this session. Arts reporters and bloggers will give you the behind-the-scenes story on accepting free tickets, the research they put in before reviewing a performance or arts event, tips and interesting tidbits about interviewing artists, developing the right writing style, controversies in the arts critic world, career options, and how one goes about becoming an arts reporter/critic.
If you really must know, I just got out of the shower and am wrapped in a towel, sitting on my couch next to my dog who, at the moment, won't stop chomping at her tail. I think this is important to say because I suppose the point of the panel is not the "dream job" part of that description, but more of the "(learning) what it really takes" part of the equation. I can't speak for my fellow panelists, but I was just at an amazing show with three great bands and I would've missed them had I not been willing to stay out until 2 a.m. and put my other responsibilities on the backburner for a few hours. This also means instead of going to sleep, I might be lucky to squeeze a nap in before the event. The girl before you is not a well-rested woman. Hopefully I'm not making an ass of myself in a microphone right now, and if you're at the conference and took the time to check out my site (or if you're a regular reader and always wondered how I've learned to do what I do), here are just a few resources I've found for inspiration over time:
  • This guy probably pissed off a lot of band managers and publicists by putting power back into the hands of musicians, but you have to read "Time Management For Bands".
  • For marketing inspiration and advice, I subscribe to Seth Godin.
  • For crazy rants, analysis, and general music analysis, I subscribe to the Lefsetz Letter.
  • For digital marketing, PR, and publicity information, I subscribe to The Future Buzz.
  • To manage multiple social media accounts, I use Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. (mobile apps, too!)
  • I'm a big fan of Twitter search and Google Alerts for instantaneous information.

The other day I was writing about some bands I work with that made me proud. It's not about me, but rather the shared accomplishments of people I've been fortunate to work with. I have a degree in Multimedia Communications and the path to where I am is quite jagged. I've worn many hats: media assistant, media buyer, media planner, administrative assistant, talent buyer, social media community manager, consultant, stage producer, merch girl, door girl, band manager, band momager, band babysitter, publicist, content manager, people connectress, and most of the time I pretend I'm a photographer and videographer. I am not a professional journalist, yet writing was my back door entry into this world. A better writer will make her words generate income. My words are merely a connection to all of the other things that feed my ultimate passion for my city and my music scene.

Everyday I navigate this path. It's challenging and it is around the clock, but I've never been happier and more fulfilled than I am right now. Hopefully the doom and gloom of the future or journalism, the arts, and the perceived destruction of the music industry isn't enough to scare you away from finding your own success in this world. Ultimately it's hard and will kick your teeth in many times, but man, when it works, it is really fucking cool. As I tweeted last night, "This is what happens when you don't know what you wanna do when you grow up."

If you arrived at this article from #SPJ or #SPJSD, shoot us a tweet. @GeorgeVarga, @CultureLust, and @sddialedin. Huge thanks to @jcleesattle for the invitation to participate in SPJ.

Dynamite Walls "Sing Out Loud"

I'm not really sure when exactly I first made contact with Dynamite Walls. I remember seeing the band, maybe at the Beauty Bar, and them reaching out to me from the early days of this site. Over the years, I've seen the bands dozens of times and have developed close ties to the band, especially with the bond that develops when you drive 24 hours in a van straight home from Austin, Texas, as we did last month. It has been really incredible to be a part of the inner circle and share the trajectory of the band as they've grown and evolved and set their own musical journey.

When Dynamite Walls was able to connect with Eric from SoundDiego, it was pretty exciting to not only hear them agree to a SoundDiego Live show, but to connect with The Saloon (HUGE thanks to and make the event a successful video release party punctuated by an energetic live set. If you weren't able to make the party on Thursday night, you can see SoundDiego's photos here and video coverage here. More importantly, the new video is available for everyone to see. I'm making it my personal mission to share this video with the world because it not only highlights the band, but the essence of life in Southern California. The guys are in Dallas at the moment, preparing to play Edgefest. Apparently they just couldn't get enough of Texas in March.

Check out their website, Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, and share their new video with everyone you know.

Things To Do In San Diego: April 30-, 2011

There is so much to do this weekend and just not enough time to do it all, so I will do my best to absorb as much of it as I can and hope that you do, too. I seriously hope that I don't get any unexpected houseguests because my neglected apartment is seriously slummin' right now. Laundry from last Sunday still unfolded, bags from LA still unpacked, dishes in the sink from...well...that's just gross. I have stacks of unopened CDs waiting to be listened to, piles of magazines waiting to be read, and my poor dog is shedding like a mofo so the dark blue rug...well, let's just say has some blonde highlights right now. I might just skip sleep to get this place in some semblance of order while it's quiet and there are no other distractions. I'm doing merch tonight for Mudhoney, so if you're at the Casbah, please be sure to say hi.

Saturday, April 30, 2011:

  • Roots Fest on Adams & Healing Arts Festival @ Normal Heights, 10am-8p, Free
  • Mission Federal ArtWalk @ Little Italy, 11am-6pm, Free
  • Fiesta Cinco de Mayo @ Old Town, 11am-10pm, Free
  • Mudhoney, The Makeup Sex @ Casbah
  • Presents The Donkeys (CD Release), The Tree Ring @ Sushi Art
  • The Heavy Guilt, Caught In Motion, Family Band, Mason Reed @ Tin Can
  • B-Side Players, Social Green @ Belly Up
  • The Underground Railroad To Candyland (Record Release), Slow Death @ Bar Pink
  • The Slow Death, Sunnyside, The Bertos, Jus' Folks @ Soda Bar (Early show, $5)
  • Destruction Unit (LP Release), Ale Mania, Stalins of Sound @ Til Two Club
  • Roxy Blue and the Handful @ Eleven (5pm)
  • Kevin Martin, Emersen, Badwater @ Eleven
  • The Stitches, The Crowd, The Lumps @ The Shakedown
  • Gematria- DJs Eddie Turbor, Prince Zohar and guests @ Whistle Stop
  • Mad Martigan and guests @ Ruby Room
  • Royal Bangs, Superhumanoids, The Paragraphs @ Soda Bar
  • Dying To Wake, Hit Dog Hollar, Reef Bound Sol, "d", The Legacy Pack, Zutra @ Soundwave
  • Big Gov @ O'Connell's
  • Accept, Sabaton @ House of Blues
  • Chad Cavanaugh, Dave Boosa, Harley Jay @ Lestat's
  • "The Win Win Tour 2011" Aaron Kano (comedy) @ Brick By Brick
  • Michigan and Smiley, The Sure Shot Rockers, Peter Sweetness, Piracy and the South Bay Rockers @ Winston's
  • Tilt, Charbra, Soup @ 710 Beach Club
  • Captain Captain, The Rundown, Above Me, The Cost of Salvation, Taking Nasa, The Calefaction @ Soma
  • Ruinist, As Dreams Die, Before The Sirens, Your Hero Is A Villain, Eve of Conviction @ Epicentre
  • Clara C @ The Loft, UCSD (Sold Out)
  • John Foltz @ Marble Room
  • Greenlight Trio @ Donovan's Circle of Fifths
  • Phil & Dave Boroff @ Templar's Hall
  • Challenged America Fundraiser for Dennis Howard @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (1-4pm)
  • Rio Peligroso @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (5-7pm)
  • The Farmers @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (9pm)
  • Red Hand @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Nipsey Hussle, Samoan Irok @ 4th & B
  • John Scofield @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm, Late Show 9:30 pm)
  • Seria Star tribal bellydancers, DJs Michael Be, Skandar, Anthony Blackass @ Kava Lounge
  • DJ Chelu @ Gallaher's
  • Safety Orange @ El Cajon Grand
  • Scorch Muffin @ South Park Abbey
  • OC vs. SD DJs feat. Groundfloor, Adam Salter, Kedd Cook, Patrick Dylan @ El Dorado
  • Sydney Blu, Brazzabelle @ Voyeur
  • Downtown with David Sedaris @ Balboa Theatre
  • Reggae Sundays @ Spin
  • Fluxx*adelic with Sid Vicious + Ricky Rocks @ Fluxx
  • Carmen @ Spreckels Theatre

Friday, April 29, 2011

Brother @ Soda Bar, 4.24.2011

After the April Smith and the Great Picture show on Monday night at M-Theory, we dropped by the Casbah to catch Little White Teeth and then made our way up to Soda Bar to catch Brother. We missed Family Wagon, but arrived in time for Republic of Letters. There weren't a ton of people there. but there it was fun to hang out with lots of my radio friends like Pyles, Robin Roth, Capone, Rowley, and Cory. Brother was once again awesome, even better than SXSW, and with some serious stage swagger, it felt like everyone in the room was thinking we were witnessing something special. Like when I saw Blur at the Backdoor at SDSU. The band members, with all their attitude onstage were super cool offstage once again, and I've already heard some buzzing that Brother will be back at least once, if not twice this year. Don't miss them if that happens to be true.

Here's the video SoundDiego put together:

View more videos at:

Blackout Party in the studio making new record

Hi everyone, Brian from Blackout Party here. I'm excited Rosey invited me to share some about the last week we spent in the studio. Thanks to her, and to all the loyal SDdialedin readers, enjoy...

On Wednesday, April 20th we set up shop at Lost Ark studios to make a record with Mike Butler producing. The whole idea was to cut as much of it live as possible, meaning we were all standing in a circle playing music together, as opposed to slowly layering every sound over the drums. We had made our first record the other way, and figured doing it live would capture the raw energy we wanted, plus be way faster.

The first night we spent about 5 hours getting everything set up. Guitar amps had to be mic'd up and baffled, meaning we built little boxes around them so they wouldn't get picked up by any other microphones. Everyone would be playing together in the main room, except I was in the isolation booth behind glass sliding doors so I could cut the vocals live with the band. We tracked 1 song the 1st night, 2 songs each Thursday and Friday, and pulled a 14 hr. day Saturday. By Tuesday evening we finished the 15th song, all tracked live with minimal overdubs.

We have a few harmonies to finish, as well as some horn parts on a few tunes, then mixing, mastering, but we're really excited about how it's sounding even now before any EQ or mixing. Here's a clip of us listening back to a song Tim wrote and sang called "Casket Robbers". We had alot of fun making the beat with foot-stomps and a chain dropping on a piece of wood. Also if you listen closely at 1:20 you'll hear the sound of Hoth eating a tortilla chip to mimic the sound of a bone cracking. Pretty funny.

Things To Do In San Diego: April 29, 2011

What a week! So many great shows, a great trip up to LA, a killer SoundDiego Live party, and a crazy shitload of work still left to do before sleep is anywhere in sight. I might stay home for a quiet Friday night because I'm on a panel at the Society of Professional Journalists conference (with the wonderful George Varga from the U-T and Angela Carone from KPBS/Culturlust). Of course, I have so much work to do this weekend, but I have to say that I don't know when I'll do any of it because this weekend is Artwalk, Roots Fest, and Cinco de Mayo. All of them are free, so grab an all day bus pass for $5 (because parking sucks anyway), and bounce around the town with me and see how you can enjoy this town on a budget.

Friday, April 29, 2011:

  • Dengue Fever, Maus Haus, DJ Claire @ Casbah
  • dark, dark, dark, y La Bamba, Why Are We Buildings Such A Big Ship? @ The Loft, UCSD
  • Cuckoo Chaos, Gardens & Villa, Shapes of Future Frames @ Soda Bar
  • Maceo Parker, Steph Johnson @ Belly Up (9pm)
  • The Tuggs @ Bar Pink
  • Steve Harris & The Hi-Stax, Midnight Jogger @ Whistle Stop
  • Jason & The Punknecks, The Strikers, Toothless George, Old Devil @ The Shakedown
  • Volar Records Presents: Destruction Unit, Tar Halos @ Tin Can
  • Eddie & The Hot Rods, Primadonna, The Heartaches @ Eleven
  • Sonica (Tribute to Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati), DJs Heber V, La Shante Selektor Dante, BEX @ Til Two Club
  • Lonely Mattress Salesman, Canyon Sets, Lessons From Zeke @ Ruby Room
  • Feel The Noise Electro Dance w/DJs Gabe Vega & Friends @ U-31
  • Revolt Tour 2011 feat. Hollywood Undead, 10 Years, New Medicine @ House of Blues
  • Groove International presents Butcher Babies @ House of Blues
  • Atomic Groove @ Belly Up (Happy Hour, 6:30 pm)
  • Serani, Ding Dong, Bugle, Razz & Biggy @ Soundwave
  • Ben Bartel, John Helix, Will Shine @ Lestat's
  • Almost New, Albatraz feat. Rock, Certified Entertainment feat. Micky Taelor @ Brick By Brick
  • Superunloader, NIAYH @ Winston's
  • Thicker Than Thieves @ 710 Beach Club
  • Curt Owen, James Morris, Little Lamb, Audreal & Kevin, Roxanne Reed and more @ Epicentre
  • Adestria, Secrets, City Delivered, A Shattered Hope, Eyes Like The Sea @ Soma
  • El Lado Romantico de Gilberto Castellanos @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • Fabulous Ultratones @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (5-7pm)
  • Sirens Crush @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (9pm)
  • Green Jackets (CD Release) @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • The Sidekicks Duo @ Donovan's Circle of Fifths
  • Beat Battle Hip Hop Dubstep @ Kava Lounge
  • DJ Quik @ 4th & B
  • Scorch Muffin @ South Park Abbey
  • Big Bad Voodoo Daddy @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm)
  • Radio Latina Fiesta Latina Live feat. Charlie Chavez Afrotruko Orchestra @ Anthology (Late Show 9:30 pm)
  • Dianne Reeves Sings Sarah Vaughan @ Birch North Park Theatre
  • Destructo Bunny @ Gallagher's
  • Missy Anderson @ The Marble Room
  • Starkillers, Yusef @ Voyeur
  • Zenbu Fridays with DJ Leif @ Zenbu Cardiff
  • Combover Collective, Saul Q, Kid Wonder @ El Dorado
  • Chase and Status DJ Set @ Spin
  • Fluxx*adelic with DJ Spryte @ Fluxx
  • Agent Orange, VinDiCtiVe BiTcHs, Big Vinnie @ Ramona Mainstage
  • San Diego presents Faust @ Civic Theatre
  • Carmen @ Spreckels Theatre

Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Smith and the Great Picture Show @ M-Theory, 4.25.2011

On Monday, April Smith and the Great Picture Show returned to San Diego for an in-store performance at M-Theory Records. There was a great turnout for the show, crowded without being uncomfortable, and they played longer than the usual 20 minute in-stores. They also came back yesterday for a KPRI Private Listener Show, which I unfortunately couldn't make because I was in LA. But seriously, I love these kids. April, Nicky, Steve, and Marty are some of the nicest musicians you will ever meet and they're working their butts off to spread their music wherever they can. Here's the full set in video. I'm sorry I haven't added titles, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in a day (or enough free wi-fi hotspots).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Correction: TV on the Radio postponed to MAY 13

In my last post, I said the TVOTR show was postponed to May 12th. It is actually May 13th. Sorry for the error.

Just found out that the TV On The Radio show at 4th & B scheduled for Monday, May 2nd has been postponed until May 13th. All tickets to the show will be honored.
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Things To Do : April 27-28, 2011

ednesday April 27, 2011:
  • Jessica Lea Mayfield, Nathaniel Rateliff @ Casbah
  • Spectrum, The Black Ryder, Mood Ring @ Soda Bar
  • Wendy Bailey, Echo Revolution @ Bar Pink
  • Vanja James Presents: Conceptus, The Color of Glass, Foreign Film @ Tin Can
  • An Evening with The Psychedelic Furs @ Belly Up
  • Joe Lovano @ Anthology
  • House Of Blues, Armory, Rock Hill Entertainment & Seedless Presents: Zion I & The Grouch @ House of Blues
  • Kevin Martin, Gayle Skidmore, Jackson Price, The Scheff Experience @ OB Farmers Market 4:30
  • The Mesa College Big Band @ Dizzy's
  • Tribe Of Kings, DJ Artistic @ Ruby Room
  • Jordan Reimer, Kevin Miso, Savannah Philyah @ Lestat's
  • Much Love @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • The Dope Show @ House of Blues Resauant
  • Urban Underground @ Kava Lounge
  • Stoney B. Blues @ Patrick's II
  • Chris Kelly @ Tiki House
  • Acoustic Fooks @ Dublin Square
  • Jeff Moore & The Witchdoctors @ The Kraken
  • Clay Colton @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • Gilbert Castellanos w/ The New Latin Jazz Quintet @ El Camino
  • Wednesday Night Shakedown @ Henry's Pub
  • Dub Dorado Presents: Kozee, Mr. Biggs, Headshake, Austin Speed @ El Dorado
  • Evolution @ Club Kadan
  • Sue Palmer @ Croce's
  • Knights of Apollo, 30/30, This Very Momemt, The Scoundrels @ O'Connell's
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ Gallagher's
  • Manwhore Night @ Ken Club
  • Firehouse Swing Night @ Queen Bee's
  • Taryn Donath @ Marble Room
  • Karaoke @ Chico Club
  • David Patrone @ The V Lounge Viejas Casino
  • Commune Wednesday @ Whistle Stop
  • Jackson & Jesus @ McP's Irish Pub & Grill
  • Jeff Bristol @ Davina's Cabo Grill
  • Tribe West Presents: The Comedy Show @ The Jumping Turtle
Thursday April 28, 2011:
  • SoundDiego Live! feat. Dynamite Walls (Video Release Party), FMera @ The Saloon
  • Vanja James @ West Coast Tavern
  • Chris Robinson Brotherhood @ Casbah (sold out)
  • Greg Laswell @ Anthology 9:30
  • Lord Howler, Bella Novela, More Bad Luck @ Eleven
  • Dan Padilla, Slow Death @ Til-Two Club
  • Afro Classics @ The Loft
  • Joe Purdy, The Milk Carton Kids @ Belly Up
  • Gail Johnson Band @ Anthology
  • Cabuloan, Brandon and Kenseth, The Speculators @ Soda Bar
  • Podunk Nowhere, The Black Sands, Al Howard & Eric of The Heavy Guilt (acoustic set), The Lovebirds @ Tin Can
  • Rock N Roll Lotto Drawing @ Bar Pink
  • Cry For Us Black Swans @ W Hotel
  • BCMG Presents: Fobia @ 4th & B
  • Hot Club of Cowtown @ AMSD
  • Bang Tango, Rattz, The Strangers @ Brick By Brick
  • John Foltz @ Marble Room
  • The Pennant, Justin Froese @ Lestat's
  • Kenny Eng @ Aztec Center SDSU noon
  • Chum @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Play It Forward Presents @ Ruby Room
  • David "Ram Jam" Rodigan & Mighty Crown, Tribe of Kings, Shotta Crew, Carlos Culture @ Soundwave
  • Bill Magee Blues Band @ Patrick's II
  • Mark Stuart @ Tiki House
  • Hi Roots @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ El Dorado
  • The Ratt's Revenge @ Tower Bar
  • Moonlight Serenade Orchestra @ The Lucky Star Restaurant (54th & University)
  • Endoxi @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Dead Technology @ Kava Lounge
  • L.E.D. Presents : Pendulum (DJ set) @ Voyeur
  • EDM Presents: Gareth Emery, Cowboy Mike, Ayla Simone @ Fluxx
  • Gilbert Castellanos and The New Latin Jazz Quintet @ Croce's
  • The Flock of 80's @ Henry's Pub
  • Currensy, guests @ Epicentre
  • Club 80's @ Club Kadan
  • Karaoke @ O'Connell's
  • Cowboy Jack @ The Kraken
  • Munsuon Keef, The Getdown, Last 2 Know @ Boar Cross'n
  • Generations Party @ U-31
  • Hip Hop Night SD @ Winston's
  • Sax In The City @ Queen Bee's
  • Gregory Michaels @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • The Soultones @ Valley View Casino
  • Zack Carpenter @ Davina's Cabo Grill
  • Ricky Small @ Hennessey's Carlsbad
  • Willie Psycho @ Second Wind Navajo
  • Elaine Faye @ The Ivy Hotel
  • Ease Up @ RT's Longboard Grill
  • Big City Shaman @ McP's Irish Pub & Grill
  • Vamp @ Whistle Stop
  • Roots Covenant @ Gallagher's
  • Pharmacy @ Second Wind Navajo
  • Audiphix Presents: Shocks of Mighty @ Ocen House Carlsbad

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Devil Whale + The Head and the Heart @ Casbah- 04.24.11

Last Sunday the Casbah was treated to and evening of folk-rock jams courtesy of The Devil Whale and The Head and the Heart. More after the jump.

Given that they had sold out the previous evening's show in LA, chances were good that Sunday night's bill would attract a solid crowd. That a significant number of people unable to attend Saturday's show decided to make the trek down to SD for the opportunity to catch these two bands was quite unexpected. As was the case, the Casbah was near capacity before Salt Lake City locals The Devil Whale finished their set and it was shoulder-to-shoulder by the time Seattle's The Head and The Heart took the stage. Both bands share a similar sound, relying on vocal harmonies and layered melodies to carry a room-filling sound punctuated by bass and guitar rhythms and a hefty dose of good old foot stompin'.

The Devil Whale:

The Head and the Heart:

For more from the evening click here and the rest of my concert pix here.
All images copyright © Nate Vandermeulen, All Rights Reserved.
Please ask for permission before downloading or linking to them.

Things To Do In San Diego: April 26, 2011

Yesterday was another kick ass day, I must say. It was so fun seeing April Smith & The Great Picture Show at M-Theory, then seeing Little White Teeth at the Casbah, then finishing the night at the Soda Bar with Brother and Republic of Letters. The dudes in Brother were once again awesome on stage and great talking to after the show, too. Tonight should be another kick ass show so you better be there! Jesse will probably start around 9, so get there early or I'm breaking up with you.

Tuesday April 26, 2011:
  • The Builders and The Butchers, Damion Suomi & The Minor Prophets, Jesse LaMonaca and The Dime Novels @ Casbah
  • Agent Ribbons, Little Hurricane, Street Of Little Girls @ Soda Bar
  • I Am Donald Tour: Don Glover and Childish Gambino @ Belly Up (sold out)
  • Beaches, Reporter, Mystery Cave @ Tin Can
  • Family Night presents: Red Fox Tails @ El Dorado
  • Anthology House Band @ Anthology
  • San Diego Opera Presents: Faust @ San Diego Civic Theatre
  • Micah @ USD
  • Tiki Tuesday feat. Mr. Craig Prior @ Bar Pink
  • Local Brews Local Grooves: Mockingbird, The Socialists, The Flowerthief & Soul Ablaze @ House of Blues
  • Darkwave Garden @ Club Kadan
  • Nena Anderson @ Riviera Supper Club
  • 52nd Street (Billy Joel Tribute) @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • Nathan James @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Danielle Tucker @ Valley View Casino
  • Train of Thought @ Queen Bee's
  • Kendrick Dial @ Onyx Room
  • Comedy Night @ Lestat's
  • Missy Andersen @ Patrick's ll
  • Toothless George, Degero @ Eleven
  • Dave Booda Acoustic @ Tiki House
  • Tomcat Courtney @ La Gran Tapa
  • Tommy Price & The Stilettos @ Henry's Pub
  • Doug Allen, Suzy Bongo @ The Kraken
  • Rightjahs Blend @ Winston's
  • Friends Chill @ Whistle Stop
  • Karaoke @ Kensington Club
  • Stress Free Standup Comedy @ U-31
  • Ron's Trio @ McP's Irish Pub & Grill

Tonight: The Builders & The Butchers, Damion Suomi & The Minor Prophets, Jesse LaMonaca & The Dime Novels

I am sooo looking forward to tonight's show at the Casbah. I've been a fan of The Builders and the Butchers since the first time I saw them play the Casbah in 2008. Their shows have always been some of the most fun shows to attend with all the handclaps and singalongs and such. The last time they came through (in February), they were joined by Damion Suomi (sue-me) and the Minor Prophets and those guys really blew me away. Tonight both are back and Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels are opening, which I had nothing to do with (yeah right). Ed Kornhauser, who plays keys for Jesse, is taking off on a world adventure and tonight will be his final performance, so come out early and plan on staying late. Here's the other thing I wrote about the show. Below is a video playlist of all three bands (click the right or left arrows to navigate). The show is $12 at the door.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday: April Smith and the Great Picture Show at M-Theory

You have 2 hours to reassess your plans tonight unless they already included seeing April Smith and the Great Picture Show at M-Theory. I've seen the band four or five times now and they're not playing a proper SD show, so this is your only chance to see them on this tour (unless you're a KPRI Freeq and catch their show on Wednesday). The show is free, it's all ages (and the music is very kid-friendly), and since they don't have a show, you can probably expect a longer set.

Here are a couple videos from February:

After the show, you can head over to the Soda Bar for Brother, this great band from the UK (if you like Oasis with a side of Blur)

The Head and the Heart & The Devil Whale at the Casbah, 4.24.2010

This weekend I had a conversation with Mike Beebe about the value of music blogging. He was suggesting that most music blogs suck because they just post photos and videos from shows after it's happened, along with it bragging about how cool they are while making the reader feel bad for missing out. He said there's more value in previewing shows, so people know what the cool shows are gonna be. I think both are valid and I hope I don't ever come off as bragging or condescending to people who miss shows. I mean, I tend to not write about the bummer shows so I understand that not every show is going to blow your minds. Last night however, my mind was blown. The Head and the Heart and the Devil Whale both gave commanding performances and I really hope they'll play the Casbah once more before stepping up to bigger venues though from the looks of things, their trajectory will have them in large venues soon. The show was sold out, so thanks to Nate and Natalie for holding a spot for me when I was running around doing my thing. I was waiting to hear back from their tour manager before posting these, but he hasn't responded, so I'm just gonna go with it and pull them later if I have to. Nate said he'll post photos tomorrow, so check back in.

Things To Do In San Diego: April 25, 2011

This weekend was pretty much a perfect weekend. I had a great time in OB on Friday night watching The Heavy Guilt, River City, and The Black Sands over at Winston's. Saturday had lunch at El Comal and then went to the Harp Festival in La Mesa with Jesse LaMonaca which was super cool. That night I went to the Opera and saw Faust! which was really fantastic (review to come) followed by cocktails at Urban and Josh Damigo playing some songs during Jesse's set. From there, Josh and I went to Bar Pink and though I missed the show, I got to meet Strange Vine from Fresno. Then of course yesterday was Easter, so I hung with my family and then closed the night with an AMAZING show at the Casbah with The Head and the Heart and The Devil Whale. Today started with a call about a possible new client and though my laptop has me tied down, I'm doing cartwheels on the inside because this could be good not just for me but for a lot of things I'm involved with. Fingers crossed.

Monday April 25, 2011:
  • April Smith and The Great Picture Show @ M-Theory Music (free)
  • Brother, Republic Of Letters, Family Wagon @ Soda Bar
  • Invisible Children Presents: The Fling, Chairs Missing @ UCSD Price Center East Ballroom
  • Anti-Monday League Presents: Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Parisio UFO, Buzz Or Howl, Little White Teeth, Operation Mindblow Lightshow @ Casbah
  • Make Believe Monday w/ Stevie & The Hi-Stax @ Bar Pink
  • Starcrossed @ Eleven
  • April Ventura @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Verbal Desecration, Spreading Evictions @ Ruby Room
  • Trent Hancock @ Tiki House
  • Stoney B. Blues Band @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Open Mic @ Lestat's
  • Club MAW @ Henry's Pub
  • Doug Allen, Susie Bongo @ The Kraken
  • Chet Cannon & The Committee @ Patrick's II
  • Three Chord Justice @ Bar Leucadian
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's
  • Pro-Invitational Blues Jam Hosted by Mystery Train @ O'Connell's
  • Monday Night Mic @ Club Kadan
  • Mellow Mondays @ House of Blues Voodoo Stage
  • Dave Scott @ Croce's
  • Karaoke @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • Electro Mondayz @ 710 Beach Club

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Things To Do In San Diego: April 23-24, 2011

Last night I went to Winston's for the first time in like, a dozen years. It was really fun... The Heavy Guilt played a crazy long set, River City had all the hippies stomping, and The Black Sands were pretty great. An older guy hit on me by telling me he was a millionaire and I was going to be his next wife, to which I responded with, "Good, then you won't mind buying my drinks." He thought this gave him license ask for a kiss, to which I responded by talking to his sober friend. O.B. is definitely it's own world. Lots of good stuff tonight and I promise you, get your Head and the Heart tickets online because it's approaching sellout and they're telling their LA fans to buy SD tickets because they sold out the Troubadour show happening on Monday.

Saturday, April 23, 2011:
  • The Growlers, Jeans Wilder, Allah Lah, Pearls @ Casbah
  • Movits!, Rafter, Addiquit @ Soda Bar
  • Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, The Grass Heat @ Belly Up
  • Maren Parusel, Strange Vine @ Bar Pink
  • Jesse LaMonaca @ Urban Bar
  • Bad Dad, Cobalt Cranes, Cedar Fire @ Tin Can
  • Nina Diaz, DJ Ethos, DJ Pable Stanley @ Til Two Club
  • Roxy Blue and the Handful @ Eleven (6 pm)
  • RVIVR, Breaker Breaker One Niner, The Bertos, The Getdown, Prosthetic Arms @ Eleven (9 pm)
  • 45 Grave, Social Spit, Social Conflict @ The Shakedown
  • DJ Claire’s End o’ Month Happy Hour, DJ Mr Mazee @ Whistle Stop (5-8pm)
  • Booty Bassment with Dmitri & Rob @ Whistle Stop
  • Hirax, Gravehill, Ritual Torture, Witchhaven, Nihilist, Holy Tyrant, Indiscretion @ Ruby Room
  • Corey Cottrell, Emily Dyke @ Twiggs (2804 Adams Ave)
  • Will Love A lot @ San Diego Harley Davidson Kearny Mesa
  • The Regressions, The Bertos, Ross Hughes @ Tower Bar (BBQ, Miggs’ Birthday, 4-7pm)
  • Johnny Payola Hayride, Jehosaphat Blot, Thee Strychnine DJs @ Tower Bar
  • The Hinges (Improv Comedy) @ Porter’s Pub, UCSD
  • Electric Dynamite, Tracks, DJ Dubwise Sound Machine @ O'Connell's
  • The Burnsville Band @ House of Blues, Salvation Alley
  • MiMOSA, Paper Diamond, Osal8 @ House of Blues
  • Kellen Malloy, Richard Smith, Shawn Rohlf @ Lestat's
  • Dropjoy, Universal Trap, Stereo Motif, James Morris,The Barnwell Shift @ Brick By Brick
  • Agua Dulce, Sandollar @ Winston's
  • Full Blown Stone, Knock-Out @ 710 Beach Club
  • Paper Planet, So Long Davey, Run Hit Run, Sound Of Surrender, The Fixtures @ Soma
  • Like Tyrants, When We Were Gods, Before The Flood, Rum For Pirates, Before The Sirens, Teamwork! @ Epicentre
  • Piano Man John Foltz @ The Marble Room
  • Greenlight Trio @ Donovan's Circle of Fifths
  • Revolt-Age @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (5-7 pm)
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Fundraiser feat. Todo Mundo, comedy by Rocky Osborn, Dante Dumas, Sindi Somers @ Analog (6 pm)
  • Atomic Groove @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (9pm)
  • Galway Hooker Band @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Cold Shower @ El Cajon Grand
  • Gabe Vega, Groundfloor, David Afterlife @ El Dorado
  • Ramsey Lewis @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30p, Late Show 9:30 pm)
  • “Musical Playtime” @ Birch North Park Theatre
  • The Disco Pimps @ Stage Bar
  • DETOUR - Underground House Music w/special guests Manuel Sahagun (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Rick Bones (San Francisco), Glade Luco (San Francisco), Along with San Diego Resident's, JP Richardson, Joe Pea, Ed Paris, Daniel Barajas, Thomas Lendell, Thomaz Nestlehnr, Plus art show w/ Art-holic @ Kava Lounge
  • Lexington Field, DJ Chelu @ Gallagher's
  • Zombie Nation @ Voyeur
  • Fluxx*adelic with Sid Vicious + Rico DeLargo @ Fluxx
  • Stomp! @ Balboa Theatre
  • San Diego Opera presents Faust @ San Diego Civic Theatre
Sunday, April 24, 2011:
  • The Head and the Heart, The Devil Whale @ Casbah
  • Miike Snow (DJ Set), Mr. White, Brazzabelle, Jay Idol, Collin Perry @ WaveHouse
  • Bad Dream, Zillion Happy Volts, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, California Bleeding @ Soda Bar
  • Pit Bull Rescue Benefit feat. The Gore Horsemen, The Bandits, Bang! Bang! Bang!, Media Control, The Postals, Pushin Rope, Old Devil DJs, DJ Goo Goo Muck, DJ Lady Busty Brow @ Tower Bar
  • Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash @ O'Connell's
  • The Cactus Jacks & Friends @ Winston’s
  • FairChildren, Gregory Alan Isakov @ Lestat's
  • Night of the Cookers (Blues & Jazz DJs) @ Whistle Stop
  • Felguk, Rifat Ziadeh @ Voyeur
  • The Hips @ Gallagher’s (3-6 pm)
  • Jose Sinatra's OB-O-ke @ Winston's
  • Tribe of Kings/Reggae Vibes @ U-31
  • Jesse Davis @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge Easter Brunch (10a-2p)
  • Temple of Roots, Roots & Culture Reggae Dance feat. Blackheart Warriors Hifi w/ vocalist Ras Teo & Dub Producer Brizion
  • Foreign Love Hi-Power A.P.S. Soundsystem @ Kava Lounge
  • Patrick Yandall @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (8 pm)
  • Reggae Sunday @ Spin
  • Stomp! @ Balboa Theatre

Jeff's Weekly Pick: Dengue Fever @ The Casbah Friday April 29, 2011

One of the most interesting bands to form in Los Angeles, Dengue Fever brings its Cambodian flavored indie rock to The Casbah next Friday. I reluctantly regret never having seen the band perform live. That will change when the six piece group fronted by Chhnom Nimol hit the stage to promote their recently released full length Cannibal Courtship. The album consists of vocals in both Khmer and English, with songs filled with lush harmonies and a beautiful instrumental piece as well. The result is the most accessible album to date, which hopefully will draw new fans to the band. Formed in 2001 by brothers Ethan and Zac Holtzman after a trip to Cambodia, the odd sound of a Cambodia rock band in America is nothing short of remarkable. The growth of the band is clearly evident with each subsequent album. In short, catch one of LA's best under the radar groups before the rest of the world finds out how great they really are. The Friday night show will be a great way to kick off the weekend.

Maus Haus sets the stage.

Watch a video of Seeing Hands below.

Seeing Hands

Dengue Fever | Myspace Music Videos

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Friends Done Good: Josh Damigo, Jesse LaMonaca, The Heavy Guilt, D/Wolves

As my life has evolved from media assistant to media buyer to media planner to unemployed to this around the clock barely-paying-rent music lifestyle, my refusal to get a day job has forced me to wear many hats...blogger, booker, social media manager, consultant, stage producer, merch girl, door girl, band manager, band momager, publicist, and people connectress. That last one is my favorite...putting people in touch with each other to do good things for San Diego music (though I still haven't figured out how to make that one pay the bills). While all of these things leave me broke as hell, I get to share the pride when my friends do well. Here's a little roundup of some exciting things happening with Josh Damigo, Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels, The Heavy Guilt, and D/Wolves.

D/Wolves recently recorded their EP at Black Box with Mario Quintero. Today they were featured on This Music Doesn't Suck based out of Brooklyn. They were also featured on the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang e-zine last week, getting two "Agents' Number One Bullets" for the week. I posted about our trip to Vegas last week and hopefully they can do some more out of town gigs soon.

Jesse LaMonaca and The Dime Novels have been busy in the studio working on a recording and video for their song "Other Side of The World". He invited guests to watch the process and it was a pretty great night in Pacific Beach. The video is still being edited but will be available soon and then Jesse's got some decisions to make about recording a new record or EP or live album before he heads to the East Coast for an as yet undetermined amount of time. Crossroads, I suppose you could say. For now, along with Jesse's bar gigs all over town, I'm happy to say he's opening for The Builders and The Butchers at the Casbah on Tuesday and will be playing with my twitter friends The Morgansterns on Wednesday at the Redwood Bar in Los Angeles. Hope there's room in the car for me for that one! He also went to Dirty Boulevard Recording Studio and recorded some songs for their podcast. Check it out here (Use the full Podcast download, as I couldn't get the stream to work past 3 minutes).

The Heavy Guilt have recorded a new record and though I only have my paws on an unmastered version, it is AMAZING. Plans are in the works for a big summer release party, but in the meantime, check them out in 944's Music Issue (go to page 60-61) as one of "San Diego's Bands To Know If You Don't Know". They're playing tonight at Winston's if you wanna gimme a ride :)

Last but certainly not least, Josh Damigo has been ALL OVER the place since he's moved to L.A. and it is so exciting to see someone so deserving getting so much love. Whether it's the San Diego Troubadour cover story, Wechter guitars bragging about him or SESAC calling him a "Social Media Powerhouse" or some of the killer gigs he's been getting all over Southern California, I've never seen anyone so aggressively yet gracefully steward their own career.

I'm happy to say that all four bands will be performing on the Main Stage of the North Park Festival of Arts. This is a free all ages event on May 15. There's also a Bar Pink/FM 94/9 stage in the ticketed Craft Beer Block, so I suggest you buy tickets for that portion here.

Keep rockin, San Diego. You make a broke and tired blogger proud.

Fleet Foxes to Release Tickets To Spreckels, May 6

Fleet Foxes return to San Diego on May 6 at Spreckels Theatre. The entire tour sold out at lightning speed, including their date here, however, I just got a call that 15 seats will be released tomorrow at noon. These are the stage wings/opera boxes at Spreckels, so they are obstructed views (your line of vision might only allow you to see about 70% of the stage or so.) The cool thing is these are private boxes, so you don't have to sit smooshed elbow to elbow with anyone.

The tickets are only available at the Spreckels Box Office at noon, so if you thought you'd missed your chance to see the show, well, I guess I know where you'll be sleeping tonight.

Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean from Fleet Foxes on Vimeo.

Things To Do In San Diego: April 23-24, 2011

The weekend is finally here. I can't believe how fast time seems to fly by. I mean, it's already April 22! Per usual, there's a ton of stuff going on this weekend, so be sure to get out and enjoy what the weekend has to offer. Lots of the shows are free or under $10, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a way to rock out. A special happy birthday to Miggs. Go hang out with him this weekend at Til Two or the Tower Bar, and be sure to have your cameras ready because he's known for his Tosh.O-worthy drunk antics.

Friday, April 22, 2011:
  • The Heavy Guilt, River City, The Black Sands @ Winston's
  • Indian, Hotel St. George (Album Release), Handshakes @ Tin Can
  • The Dickies, Jungle Fever, The Lumps, DJs Mikey Ratt & Miggs @ Til Two Club
  • Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels @ La Puerta
  • “Blowoff” with DJ’s Bob Mould & Richard Morel @ Casbah (Doors at 10pm)
  • MarchFourth Marching Band with Vokab Kompany, Solovox and DJ ManCat @ Belly Up
  • I heart SD Hip Hop with AUDIOS, Brendan B, Sighphur One, Destructo Bunny, Left n Company, & Pyro @ Soda Bar
  • Bonkers! EDM dance party with Junior and Vaughn @ Bar Pink
  • Bedbreakers, Blues/Roots DJs @ Whistle Stop
  • 45 Grave, Yeastie Boys & Revenge Club @ The Shakedown
  • 21 Stereo, Standing Shadows, Black Party Politics, The Vein Transfer, Misc. Ailments @ Ruby Room
  • Cumbia Machin with Roots Factory DJs Ana Brown & Bob Green @ Ken Club
  • Full Moon Fever, The Hard Part @ Eleven
  • Fresh Sound: Theo Bleckmann @ The Loft, UCSD
  • Feel The Noise Electro Dance w/DJs Gabe Vega & Friends @ U-31
  • Deeper Purple, Hellbent (Judas Priest Tribute), Smack This (Godsmack Tribute) @ O'Connell's
  • Kottonmouth Kings, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, Saigon, Potluck @ House of Blues
  • Dub Frequency presents Creme De La Creme with Alexander Spit, DJ Mark Marcelo, DJ Julz @ House of Blues, Delta Room
  • In Every Breath, Aghori, Beneath Lanston, My Elysian, Sight Unscene @ Soma
  • Sun Diego’s 30th Anniversary with Shoreline Rootz, DJ Prophecy @ Soundwave
  • The Gregory Page Show @ Lestat's
  • Pato Banton & The Now Generation, Nano Bravo & Mad Lion, Mondorico, Circus Junkies, Native Yit @ Brick By Brick
  • The Devastators, The Concrete Project, ArtOfficial @ 710 Beach Club
  • The Review, New Year, Kissing Youth, Nostalgic People, Stray Children @ Epicentre
  • Red Fox Tails @ The Marble Room
  • Gotham City San Diego feat. Kid-Rockin, Artistik, Dyno, Krucial, Royal Rich, Gooniees @ World Beat Center
  • Battle of the Bands @ Porter’s Pub, UCSD
  • Happy Hour with The Mar Dels Brenda O'Brien Cancer Benefit @ Belly Up (5:30 pm)
  • Blues Night feat. Curtis Salgado @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • Creepy Creeps, DJ Danny G @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Sidekicks Duo @ Donovan's Circle of Fifths
  • Ramsey Lewis @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm, Late Show 9:30 pm)
  • “Subversive 3” Nasty Nasty, indaskyes, Facemelter, Traxmyth @ Kava Lounge
  • Fayuca, Groove Stain, DJ R2 @ Gallagher's
  • Tocadisco, Anthony Ross @ Voyeur
  • Zenbu Fridays with DJ Leif @ Zenbu Cardiff
  • N-Zone @ Stage Bar
  • Charlie Rock, Grandmasta Rats@ El Dorado
  • ELEV8 feat. Arkon, Jason, Austin Speed, B2B, CRMNL, Puppykicker, Osal8, Eshone, Galactic Reign @ Spin
  • Fluxx*adelic with Lupe Fiasco, DJ Brett Bodley @ Fluxx
  • Rocafornia Cartel T.A.P., Z-Row/Seed In Tha Dirt, Blakkat, Lojec & Guests @ Ramona Mainstage
  • Stomp! @ Balboa Theatre

Foster The People Tickets On Sale Today

Foster the People are returning to San Diegoin a show presented by the Casbah at the House of Blues on July 6. This is an all ages show and tickets are $15 +$2.50 facility fee (not sure what the service/convenience charges will be). They go onsale today at 10am. You don't wanna wait as their Belly Up show sold out and their stock is only going up in anticipation of their release. Grab your tickets here.

They shot a music video at their Belly Up show and it looks great. You might see yourself or someone you know. This also explains that dude that stood in front of me through the whole show.

Houdini (Live In Solana Beach) from Foster The People on Vimeo.

Here's my video of "Pumped Up Kicks". My nieces absolutely love this song which makes me endlessly happy. Click 'keep on reading' to see my video playlist from the night.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things To Do In San Diego: April 21, 2011

So I guess I resolved my Thursday night dilemma. My plan is to hit the North Park Main Street Mixer at West Coast Tavern, then head to the Casbah for Porcelain Fangs and He's My Brother, She's My Sister, then hop over to FLUXX for Transfer. I'm gonna miss RoL and Janu and other bands I wanna see, but until I figure out how to be two places at once, sacrifices will have to be made. I haven't even started your weekend listings, so let's just say that it's gonna be a late night.

Thursday April 21, 2011:
  • Colin Clyne @ West Coast Tavern
  • Daydream Nation Presents: Transfer, Rafter, Republic of Letters, DJ Ikah Love, Hosted by Tim Pyles @ Fluxx
  • Beat Connection, He's My Brother, She's My Sister, Porcelain Fangs @ Casbah
  • Janu and The Whalesharks, The Howls, The Smart Brothers @ The Loft
  • Old Tiger, Stevie Harris & The Hi-Stax, The Red Fox Tails @ Soda Bar
  • Twins Entertainment Presents: Movimiento Alterado @ House of Blues
  • 91X Presents: Iration, Mike Pinto, The Holdup @ Belly Up
  • Friends of Ciudad Oculta @ Anthology
  • Mad Rad, Dominique leone, Slpwlkrs @ Tin Can
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds, Low Volts @ Eleven
  • Third Thursday with Brawley @ Bar Pink
  • Civet, Continental @ The Shakedown Bar
  • Dyer, Where Titans Roam, Randy Chiurazzi, Joe Flatt, The Martians, The Filthy Violets, Ron Franklin, The Gospel Swamp Blues Band @ Brick By Brick
  • Missy Andersen @ Marble Room
  • The NFormals, The Winchester Friendlies @ Lestat's
  • Wendy Bailey & True Stories @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Men Seeking Women, Dear Indugu, April Ventura & The Magnolias @ Ruby Room
  • Melanie Devaney & Band @ Claire de Lune
  • Shay Blues Revue @ Patrick's II
  • Full Circle @ Tiki House
  • Steel Foundation, Bozzani Brothers @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • All Things Rad Presents: Irons Going Away Party @ El Dorado
  • Moonlight Serenade Orchestra @ The Lucky Star Restaurant (54th & University)
  • Ruby and The Red Hots @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Celebrate 4:20 @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Galactic Reign, Moly/Poly, Mike Gao, Mystery Cave, L.Ron Butterfly, Misk, Future Experimental Sounds @ Kava Lounge
  • L.E.D. Presents: Nero, Araabmuzik @ Voyeur
  • Soul Jazz @ Croce's
  • The Flock of 80's @ Henry's Pub
  • Club 80's @ Club Kadan
  • Karaoke @ O'Connell's
  • Blame Sally @ The Sunset Temple
  • Danny Langdon @ The Kraken
  • Adam Shenk @ Portugalia
  • Propaganda @ Boar Cross'n
  • Generations Party @ U-31
  • The Isreal Maldonado band @ Winston's
  • Maka @ Davina's Cabo Grill
  • Road Noise @ Hennessey's Carlsbad
  • Its Mental @ Second Wind Navajo
  • Stepping Feet @ RT's Longboard Grill
  • Tommy & Tina @ McP's Irish Pub & Grill
  • Makeout Weird w/ Bumbklaatt @ Whistle Stop
  • Luke Daniels & Friends @ Beaumont's

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thursday: Daydream Nation presents Transfer @ FLUXX LIVE

Tomorrow night there are a grip of great shows to choose from in San Diego, but one at the top of your list should be FLUXX Live. The events have been awesome and this will be the last one presented by Daydream Nation, so grab your tickets and come on out. As usual, there will be drink specials and a relaxed dress code, so I'll be in my "work uniform" of a hoodie and jeans, per usual.

What: FLUXX Live
Who: Transfer, Rafter, Republic of Letters, Ikah Love on the decks, hosted by Tim Pyles
Where: FLUXX, 500 4th Avenue
When: Thursday, April 21, 2011
Click for more Info

Set times:
11:30-12:30 Transfer
10:40-11:15 Rafter
9:50-10:25 Republic of Letters
DJ Ikah Love spins from 9-9:50, in between, and after.

Family Time: San Diego Zoo Safari Park & Orfila Vineyard

Last week I had the pleasure of spending the day with my family up at the San Diego Zoo Safari park. I haven't been up there in ages despite being a zoo member for most of my life. (Though I'm pissed my mom changed her membership so at present I have no card. Boo.) Anyway, it was a beautiful sunny day and the weather was perfect to wander and check out the sights, including the recently reopened Butterfly Jungle. I can't believe I'd never been in the butterfly exhibit. There are thousands of them and they love to land on you, especially if you wear bright colors and fragrance. Apparently they loved my shampoo as I walked around the exhibit with a butterfly riding my ponytail.

We also took the tram ride around the park. It's been so long, I haven't been there since they took out the monorail. The tour guide was awesome. The park has been around for over 30 years, and she's been there for 28 of them I think she said. Anyway, one of the things that really struck me was the facts about the Northern White Rhino. There are only SEVEN left on the planet, 5 females and 2 males. Rhinos can live up to 50 years (or beyond in captivity), but they're only fertile until the age of 12 or so (according to the International Rhino Foundation), which means the Northern White Rhinos will go extinct as we watch them. They're native to the war-torn region of Uganda, Chad, and Sudan, and have been the victims of poaching for their horns. As the guide said, however, poaching is a very complex issue, and when living conditions are extreme, people will do what they feel they need to survive. A tragic situation all around for sure. (For more Rhino info, click here.)

The rest of the tram ride was cool and we enjoyed wandering the park for a while until it was time to go. On a whim, we stopped off at Orfila Vineyard and discovered quite a beautiful hidden gem of San Diego. After a couple glasses of some tasty "grape juice", we called it a day. If you have some time off, I'd recommend the say trip out to the park. (The winery closes at 6pm, FYI, so keep that in mind if you opt to make the stop.) You can see my full photo slide show if you click 'keep on reading' at the bottom of this post.

Tonight at the Casbah: Fake Problems & Pomegranates

As I said in the listings, I love the bands playing tonight at the Casbah. Here are a couple videos from past performances of Fake Problems and Pomegranates. I've got a whole bunch more on my YouTube channel if you wanna check them out.

Things To Do In San Diego: April 20, 2011

Woot! Tonight Fake Problems and Pomegranates return to the Casbah. I love both bands, so naturally I'm excited for the night. Before that I have SOOO much to tell you guys, so I might be a little blogger whore tonight.

Wednesday April 20, 2011:
  • Fake Problems, Pomegranates, Laura Stevenson and The Cans @ Casbah
  • Lost In The Trees, Sean Rowe @ The Loft
  • Rachael Cantu, fun. @ Porter's Pub
  • Cantua, Todo Mundo, Jesse Johnson Trio @ Soda Bar
  • The Dabbers, Tartufi @ Bar Pink
  • Gypsy waterbird, The Girls In Trouble, Seawall @ Tin Can
  • BFD Presents: Madhose 420 w/ Inspired Flight, DJ ManCat, Flying Laura, CRMNL, Gaux Nu Vaux, Mark Jesinoski, DJ Leif @ Belly Up
  • Chrisette Michele @ Anthology
  • J Majors Presents: Transidental Fury, Hendrix Lives @ Brick By Brick
  • Rock Hill Presents: Snoop Dogg, Seedless 420 @ 4th & B
  • Comedy w/ Dylan Boisvert @ Eleven
  • Tipper, David Starfire, Osal8 @ Spin
  • DJ Artistic Presents @ Ruby Room
  • Marie Haddad, Sinem Sanive, The Dane Drewis band @ Lestat's
  • Scott Carter & New Breed @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • Urban Underground @ Kava Lounge
  • Club Kingston w/ The Dub Lounge, Tommy Dubs DJ Carlos Culture @ Winston's
  • 145th Street @ Patrick's II
  • Cannonball @ Tiki House
  • Acoustic Fooks @ Dublin Square
  • Frankie Dee & The Funk Natra Band @ The Kraken
  • Mystique Element of Soul, DJ Paul D @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • Gilbert Castellanos w/ The New Latin Jazz Quintet @ El Camino
  • Wednesday Night Shakedown @ Henry's Pub
  • Evolution @ Club Kadan
  • Safety Orange @ Typhoon Saloon
  • Fuzzy @ Croce's
  • Live Music Showcase @ O'Connell's
  • Smokey Hoof @ Stage Saloon
  • Manwhore Night @ Ken Club
  • Firehouse Swing Night @ Queen Bee's
  • Taryn Donath @ Marble Room
  • Karaoke @ Chico Club
  • Eastbourne @ The V Lounge Viejas Casino
  • Now.Hear.This! @ Whistle Stop
  • Laguna @ McP's Irish Pub & Grill
  • Jesus Christ vs The World @ Second Wind Santee
  • Mean Dinosaur, Munson Keef, Reason to Rebel, Train Wreck @ The Jumping Turtle

FM 94/9 & The Casbah Announce Indie Jam Lineup

This morning FM 94/9 announced the Indie Jam lineup and I cannot tell you how excited I am. This might actually call for a post of the rad interview I did with Surfer Blood but never posted. Guess I'll have to give them boys a call to make sure it's cool. Anyway, here's all the info you need to know:

Independence Jam Coastal Invasion 2011
June 5, 2011
Oceanside Pier

Cold War Kids
Lykke Li
Peter Bjorn & John
Band of Skulls

Casbah Stage:
The Silent Comedy
Surfer Blood
The Soft Pack
Heavy Hawaii

As a bonus, Low Volts will be performing upstairs as you enter the gates.

Tickets are $35 with $1 going to the About The Music Fund
Tickets go onsale Monday, April 25. Buy them HERE.

Here's a video from The Silent Comedy's performance last year:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things To Do In San Diego: April 19, 2011

I've been so busy entertaining my cousin this week (gladly, I will add), that I haven't been on a normal interwebs schedule. I hope to get back in the groove and catch up tons of loose ends (though they never seem to stop), but I'll see you at the Casbah tonight and I'm ready to unleash the beast a bit. Lots to look forward to this week, too, and by Thursday your head should be spinning as to which option to choose. I think that's a good problem to have.

Tuesday April 19, 2011:
  • The New Regime, Love Grenades, The Tender Box, Scott Mellis @ Casbah
  • Space Nature, Acrylic Zoo, Arms Entwined @ Soda Bar
  • Ada Jane, Great Power, tbd @ Tin Can
  • 45s Night w/Beatnick, Charlie Rock, @ El Dorado
  • Anthology House Band @ Anthology
  • San Deviants, Young Turks, tba @ Ruby Room
  • Capillary Action, The Innerds, Dead Animal Mod @ Che Cafe
  • Tiki Tuesday feat. Bad Andy as "The DJ" @ Bar Pink
  • Local Brews Local Grooves: Brad Perry, Scott West, Robin Wilbanks Band, Scott Wilson & Tumbleweeds @ House of Blues
  • The White Woods @ The Shakedown Bar
  • Darkwave Garden @ Club Kadan
  • Nena Anderson @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Michele Lundeen @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • Nathan James @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Train of Thought @ Queen Bee's
  • Comedy Night @ Lestat's
  • Bayou Brothers @ Patrick's ll
  • Toothless George, JJCNV @ Eleven
  • Dave Booda Acoustic @ Tiki House
  • Tomcat Courtney @ La Gran Tapa
  • Tommy Price & The Stilettos @ Henry's Pub
  • Doug Allen, Suzy Bongo @ The Kraken
  • Habitat, Rock Paper Tiger @ Winston's
  • Friends Chill @ Whistle Stop
  • Karaoke @ Kensington Club
  • Stress Free Standup Comedy @ U-31
  • 2 Guys Will Move You @ McP's Irish Pub & Grill

Tonight: Win Tickets To The New Regime & Love Grenades at the Casbah

You might imagine that the printed Casbah calendars hanging around the bar get printed at the end of the previous month, and we hate having to print empty days...they just don't happen very often. Fortunately we have Tim Pyles to lean on to pull together a killer lineup. Tonight he was able to bring together The New Regime feat. Ilan Rubin, our local boy done good who toured as a member of Nine Inch Nails and Love Grenades, an LA band with dance beats and a sultry female vocalist. The Tender Box and Scott Mellis round out the bill.

The New Regime is offering up a spot on their list (with your guest, of course), and since I've been up all night clearing email, today you can enter the contest by leaving a comment on my Facebook Page Wall that you want to go to the show. I'll pick a random winner this afternoon.

Ringside & Dynamite Walls at the Roxy 3/31/2011

A bit of a blog rewind for a second. I am really behind in posting about some of the fun things I've been doing lately, and I don't really have any motivation to go back in any chronological order. The shows keep going into my memory bank, but I feel like I've been away from my laptop, so tonight I'll rewind to March 31. Actually, going a little further, I rode home from SXSW with Dynamite Walls and for me it was such a fun trip to get a little deeper window on the band's dynamics. I've known the band for years now, they were one of the early bands I covered here on sd:dialedin, but outside of shows, we never spent much time together. Time running around Austin and 23 hours of driving home from Texas and I feel closer to them than ever. So when they were playing a KROQ showcase in LA and had room for me in their van, I made sure to tag along. The bonus of traveling with them was that Ringside was also on the bill. To read all about it, see more videos, and see the full photo slideshow, click 'keep on reading' at the bottom of this post.

"Stay Awake"

"Tired of Being Sorry"

"This Time"

I almost missed the opportunity to go with the band because since I don't drive, I'm a giant pain in the ass, but Paul picked me up and we headed to Carlsbad while everyone tagging along arrived. Tom and Allen were already in LA. I think this was my first time at the Roxy. (I'm not 100% positive because there were a couple years in my early twenties where I was going to LA a lot with a friend who was dating a musician that played all over the Strip). But for all intents and purposes, this was my first time there. As we arrived, I heard Ringside soundchecking and got super giddy. I've been a fan of Scott Thomas since I'd heard Ringside on a Landmark Theatres/Filter/KCRW sampler that came out in late summer 2004, but since they'd never done a proper tour (as far as I know), I had never seen him/them live.

Since we had a lot of time to kill between their quick soundcheck and the show, we found our way to Rainbow (adjacent to The Roxy for n00bs like me). We had pizza and beers and then my night slowly devolved into an overindulgence of jager. I won't really say much more about that. (dumb) But the show itself was rad. Dynamite Walls played a great set, and then I pulled supergroupie and was hanging out in their shared dressing room with Ringside and ended up jabbering about who knows what and trying to give Scott the basics of Twitter, which he uses infrequently. I'm pretty sure I was not supposed to be filming at the Roxy, but the bands were cool with it so I just did my thing, and below are the videos.

After the show we wandered to some party and I was supposed to stay with Josh but ended up crashing at my friend Bill's pad. His place was around the corner from Hollywood Blvd, so the next day we had lunch at Musso & Frank Grill, then he drove me to Los Feliz to meet up with Josh, who was driving to San Diego to play that night with Ari Hest. (josh was rightfully pissed that he'd waited up for me and I never showed up, but I think I redeemed myself by walking to Lestat's at 3 am when he forgot his guitar later that night)

It was a fun little road trip (despite my stupid overindulgence) and hopefully I didn't do anything too embarrassing that would prevent future roadtrip invitations.




Monday, April 18, 2011

Mike’s Weekly Pick: Those Darlins @ Soda Bar Monday April 18, 2011

Look at the calendar. April is a HUGE month for concerts and shows, with great acts all over town. Seriously, I could do two or three weekly picks each week all month long. With so many choices it might be easy to overlook Those Darlins coming up on Tonight at the Soda Bar. Sure, it is a Monday, but please don’t let that put you off. This promises to be a great night of music.

I first heard the band thanks primarily to some enthusiastic yet relentless promotion from the Old 97’s Rhett Miller on the twitter. I finally gave a listen and OH MY GAWD. So, so good. Comprised of Jessi, Nikki and Kelly Darlin, college friends from Murfreesboro, TN, Those Darlins are now touring in support of their second album release, Screws Get Loose. What some might call a “chick band” I call simply an awesome rockband. Gender specific labels need not apply here. An NPR review calls them “country-tinged pop-punk” which I guess is accurate. Also accurate? Kick-ass, straight on rock and roll. Screws Get Loose is quite possibly my favorite record so far this year. Catch the video for “Be Your Bro” below.

San Diego’s own Gun Runner and LA’s electronica/low-fi act White Arrows will kick it all off. Who says Mondays don’t rock?

Things To Do In San Diego: April 18, 2011

While many of my friends spent the weekend at Coachella, I was comfortably enjoying my weekend at home. Friday I had a great time seeing D/Wolves at the Casbah and then spending the rest of the night watching Jesse LaMonaca and the Dime Novels over at Marble Room. (It was my first time there and I totally dug it, by the way). Saturday I sold merch for Ellie Goulding and I had a fun time hanging with Frank, the artist rep from Interscope, though let's just say the Casbah had an "incident" so technically it was a bit of a nightmare. I caught last call at the Ken Club, though, so it wasn't a total wash. (Nice meeting you, Scott!) Finally I spent Sunday with my family. My cousin is still here before her move from Philly to NYC, so we decided to slumber party with my nieces. A Sunday of Sloppy Joe's, Toy Story 3 & The Wizard of Oz, and some Pacificos for the adults. I'm laying on the sofa bed watching Elmo and I'm only in PB but I feel like I'm on vacation. Still, there's work to do, so here are your listings for the week.

Monday April 18, 2011:
  • Anti-Monday League Presents: The Daylights, Andrew Ripp, Ives The Band @ Casbah
  • Those Darlins, White Arrows, Gun Runner @ Soda Bar
  • An Evening w/ Victor Wooten @ Belly Up
  • Make Believe Monday w/ Stevie & The Hi-Stax @ Bar Pink
  • April Ventura @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Pyrate Punx Present: Vultures 2012, more @ Ruby Room
  • Trent Hancock @ Tiki House
  • Chet Cannon @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Open Mic @ Lestat's
  • Club MAW @ Henry's Pub
  • Doug Allen, Susie Bongo @ The Kraken
  • Jeff Moore's Witchdoctors @ Patrick's II
  • Wyn Wilson & Billy Wolfe @ Athenaeum Music & Arts Library noon
  • Three Chord Justice @ Bar Leucadian
  • Electric Waste Band @ Winston's
  • Pro-Invitational Blues Jam Hosted by Mystery Train @ O'Connell's
  • Monday Night Mic @ Club Kadan
  • Mellow Mondays @ House of Blues Voodoo Stage
  • Dave Scott @ Croce's
  • Karaoke @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • The Lazy Boys @ Hennessey's Carlsbad
  • Electro Mondayz @ 710 Beach Club
  • Trivia Night @ Whistle Stop

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Record Store Day 2011

Today, Saturday, marks another installment in the ever growing Record Store Day, an annual event specifically set aside to both honor and, more importantly, patronize one of our most important American institutions: the independent record store. As their official website proclaims, “This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music.”

Record Store Day is a special day for music and music lovers around the country. Musicians rally to the cause of a sadly dying segment of our economy, providing limited edition vinyl pressings and special in-store appearances and performances, all in an attempt to turn the spotlight back on one the just 700 or so remaining independent shops we have left. Surely you’re already familiar with some of the larger indie shops still in existence (Rasputin’s and Amoeba come to mind first) but here in the San Diego are we are lucky to have a few of our own. This Record Store Day, and beyond, I urge you to frequent shops like M-Theory in Mission Hills and Lou’s Records in Encinitas as much as possible, learn something new from the knowledgable clerks and of course grab some great new music.

In an effort to entice us, the Record Store Day people have once again garnered support from a wide range of artists providing exclusive vinyl pressings and a few special CD releases as well. There is a TON of great looking stuff on the official release list ( that caught my eye; with great acts and artists like R.E.M., Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Fleet Foxes, Pearl Jam, The Flaming Lips, Beastie Boys and Regina Spektor among many, many others offering special releases available ONLY on this day and ONLY in your local independent record store. Record Store Day is your best chance to grab some truly special music and support important local businesses all at once, not to mention the chance to possibly catch some special, intimate in-store performances from some of your favorite musicians as well. So be sure to get down to your local music shop asap, places like M-Theory and Lou’s Records and support these wonderful and important places, and of course cop some great new music too.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Things To Do In San Diego: April 15-17, 2011

It's the weekend and your listings are complete, though I have to say I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap (I'm lucky I didn't catch on fire). I'm in the #noachella club this weekend, so I'll be hanging around getting myself in trouble around SD this weekend. Oh, and sleeping. A lot of sleeping. I deserve it. Saturday and Sunday listings are after the jump, click 'keep on reading' to find them.

Friday, April 15, 2011 (Happy Birthday, Christy!):

  • Steve Poltz @ Lestat's
  • Yuck, Porcelain Raft, D/Wolves @ Casbah
  • Casbah presents The Kills, Foals, The Naked & Famous @ House of Blues (Sold Out)
  • Boogie nights presents 80s Fever feat. Metro, Talk Dirty, DJ Tommy Coxx @ Belly Up
  • Wild Nights @ Belly Up (Happy Hour, 5:30 pm)
  • Catwalk, TV Girl, Tape Deck Mountain @ Soda Bar
  • The Styletones @ Bar Pink
  • Rob Moran's F#cking in the Bushes @ Whistle Stop
  • Scheisse Minelli, El Nada, D.P.I. @ The Shakedown
  • Blackfeet Braves, PC Worship, The Lumps, Nora and the Brights @ Tin Can
  • League of Lions, Dapper Dans, Canyon Sets, Telefunk @ Til Two Club
  • Kavena, Red Hand, The Dirty Legs, Deaf Zero @ Ruby Room
  • The Temptations @ Copley Symphony Hall
  • Unruly Bangs, Ronni No Good, The Young Bloods @ Eleven
  • Here We Go Magic, Cuckoo Chaos @ The Loft, UCSD
  • Feel The Noise Electro Dance w/DJs Gabe Vega & Friends @ U-31
  • Foo U, Lixx (Steve Miller Tribute band) @ O'Connell's
  • Home Sweet Psychedelic, Subsurfer @ Brick By Brick
  • Psydecar, Ablaze @ Winston's
  • Skandar, Johnny Quest, Ghost MD, Austin Speed, Ubiquitous, Puppy Kicker, Esh One @ Kava Lounge
  • BoomSnap, Heatbox @ 710 Beach Club
  • Epicentre Venue Council Presents: A Benefit Relay for Life @ Epicentre
  • Anchors Above, Terra Firma, Burden of Truth, Cardio Kazan, Our Reflections @ Soma
  • Mikan Zlatkovich feat Brian Levy, Russell Bizzett, Cecil McBee @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • Sister Speak @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (5-7 pm)
  • Jesse LaMonaca & The Dime Novels @ The Marble Room
  • Detroit Underground @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (9 pm)
  • Little Texas, Danielle Tucker, Clay Colton Band @ Ramona Mainstage
  • Guava Belly @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • Sidekicks Duo @ Donovan's Circle of Fifths
  • Lil Flip, Skatterman @ 4th & B
  • Floyd FX @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm, Late Show 9:30 pm)
  • Kurt Young, Celia St Cruix @ Portugalia
  • The Lifters, DJ R2 @ Gallagher's
  • Moonshake with Mark E Quark @ Kadan
  • Mr White, Jay Idol @ Voyeur
  • Zenbu Fridays with DJ Leif @ Zenbu Cardiff
  • Senegal Independence Celebration feat. Mbalax, African DJs @ World Beat Center
  • Junior the DiscoPUNK, DJ Murdock @ AC Lounge
  • Cosmic Dan, Saul Q, Kid Wonder @ El Dorado
  • Faux-chella feat. Digitalife, Drew Diddles, Aphter and more @ Spin
  • Fluxx*adelic with DJ Melo D @ Fluxx
Saturday, April 16, 2011:
  • Dirty Gold (EP Release), So Many Wizards @ The Loft, UCSD
  • Ellie Goulding, The Knocks @ Casbah (Sold Out)
  • Greg Gibson, The Welcome Matt, Drew Andrews @ Tin Can
  • Rolling The Stones with 6one9 "80s Party Rock and More" @ Belly Up
  • Gator By The Bay presents The Bayou Brothers Zydeco Matinee @ Belly Up (4:15 pm)
  • Neon Beat feat. Junior the discoPunk, Mr. Vaughn Avakian @ Bar Pink
  • Northern Tigers, The Last Years, Shiva Trash @ Til Two Club
  • Hocus, Privatized Air @ Eleven
  • Barb Wire Dolls, Jet Kill Radio, Rabid Deception @ The Shakedown
  • 80s vs 90s Gabe Vega vs Saul @ Whistle Stop
  • SD Union @ Ruby Room
  • Silian Rail, Weatherbox, Housewives, Seanceinthesun @ Soda Bar
  • Hard Fall Hearts, The Gore Horsemen, Red Devil Squadron @ Tower Bar
  • The Temptations @ Copley Symphony Hall
  • Tribal Seeds, The Divine Crime, Through The Roots @ Soundwave
  • Heavy Metal Parking Lot feat. Jeremy & Nolan (Despite The Wolves), Darren, Cyle, Dante (One Theory), Mike & Jason (Aghori), Joe La (Silence Betrayed), Brianna Thompson and more @ O'Connell's
  • The Burnsville Band @ House of Blues (Voodoo Lounge, free)
  • Caliente Club & Resorts present Party Erotique @ House of Blues
  • Alison Lonsdale @ Lestat's (6-8 pm)
  • Gayle Skidmore, Jonathan Jones, Justin Linn, Kevin Martin @ Lestat's
  • Imbalanced, Moment of Silence, Hammermill, Metatonic, Wither @ Brick By Brick
  • Subwise (dubstep DJs) @ Winston's
  • Back2Black, Red Not Chili Peppers @ 710 Beach Club
  • Forever Ends Now (CD Release), Destruction of a King, For The Win, Thy Kingdom Come, Jeremiah Johnson, Days of Struggle @ Soma
  • Ska ShowBBQ Extravaganza feat The Amalgamated, Fabulous Rudies, Shame and Skandal, The Skains, Ottley Mercer @ Queen Bee's
  • Elephant Revival @ AMSD (Acoustic Music San Diego)
  • Scream it Louder Fest: Casino Madrid, At The Skylines, Secrets, Southern Lights, As We Prevail, Lorraine (CD Release), Illusions, Saints, Florentine Camerata @ Epicentre
  • Clay Davis Trio @ Marble Room
  • Gonzalo Bergara & his Quartet @ Dizzy's (San Diego Wine & Culinary Center)
  • Greenlight Trio @ Donovan's Circle of Fifths
  • Regina Leonard @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (5-7 pm)
  • Crossfire @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (9:30 pm)
  • The Kevin McCarty Concept @ Hensley's Flying Elephant
  • A Dipset Reunion feat Jim Jone, Juelz Santana @ 4th & B
  • Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band @ Anthology (Early Show 7:30pm, Late Show 9:30 pm)
  • Fusion feat. High Roller, Mike Primal, Antwantic, Calypso, Murdaa, MC Tripeye @ Kava Lounge
  • Bump'n Uglys @ El Cajon Grand
  • Ambrosia, Candice Graham @ Ramona Mainstage
  • Cash'd Out, DJ Chelu @ Gallagher's
  • TRC Sound System @ Portugalia
  • Richard Oh vs Saul Q @ El Dorado
  • Steve Duda @ Voyeur
  • Funk Deluxe with DJs Danny Massure, Jon Wesley, Colagey @ Kadan
  • Jock Ball- Farewell to Gay @ Spin
  • Fluxxx*adelic with Sid Vicious @ Fluxx

Sunday, April 17, 2011:

  • Matt Wertz, Ben Rector @ Anthology (Late Show 9:30 pm)
  • Agua Dulce, Sonida de la Frontera, Israel Maldonado, Afrojazziacs @ Casbah
  • Son Cubano Night with Combo Libertad @ Belly Up (7:30 pm)
  • Pete Johnson "Jus Blues Baby" @ Belly Up (2:30 pm)
  • David's Pegasus, Salamander Leviathin @ Tin Can
  • Midnight Eagle, The Tower of Dudes, Roxy Jones, Tron Wayne @ Soundwave
  • Hardcore Matinee feat. The Meatmen, Against The Grain, River Bottom Nightmare, Death Crisis @ Til Two Club (4-7 pm)
  • Trivia/Pants Karaoke @ Eleven
  • Tori Roze and the Hot Mess @ Ruby Room
  • Lightning Train @ O'Connell's
  • The Robin Henkel Band @ Lestat's
  • Jose Sinatra's OB-O-ke @ Winston's
  • Karaoke with Daryl Johnson @ Soda Bar
  • Tribe of Kings/Reggae Vibes @ U-31
  • Stelita @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge Brunch (10a-2p)
  • Dave Humphries @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge (3-7 pm)
  • Dave Humphries & Friends @ Humphrey's Backstage Lounge
  • 2011 Celebration of Hope Gala Dinner & Auction feat Eve Selis @ Anthology (Early Show 4:30pm)
  • Reggae Sundays @ Spin

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Video: O.M.D. at 4th & B, March 26, 2011

A couple weeks ago I was passed out on my bed after a day spent at The Handlery Hotel for their Suds For Surgery beer festival when I awoke to Robin Roth banging on my door. "ROSEY!!! WAKE UP!! Are we going to O.M.D. or what??!!" I wiped the drool off my face and we headed to the sold out show at 4th & B. I don't really listen to much from the 80s, but in tth grade I had a crush on a friend's older brothers and I thought my way to his heart was by becoming well versed in his favorite band which happened to be O.M.D. Though I don't think I've listened to them since then, it was great catching them live, especially because their tour was so limited. Check out "Electricity" below and another video after the jump (click keep on reading). I have a ton of recent videos posted on my YouTube channel if you feel like perusing (sort by date added).

Things To Do In San Diego: April 13-14, 2011

Yesterday at the San Diego Zoo Safari park was a ton of fun, and also a test to see just how much I can do from my phone while chasing around my nieces. There are still limitations which is why you haven't seen many posts from me this week (cousin is in town) but still, I'm amazed at the technology literally at our fingertips. Thanks to everyone for entering the Ellie Goulding contest, and congrats to Vince S. who won the tickets. I guess the contest made me realize that there really aren't that many wild animals in the UK? After the Safari Park, we also stopped at Orfila Winery which was absolutely beautiful. If you haven't been up to San Pasqual/Escondido/Valley Center in a while, it's a great way to spend the day (just take it easy on the wine if you're gonna drive). The weather was absolutely perfect, too, so hit it before we get our gloomy and blazing months.

Anyway, here are your listings (Thursday is after the jump, click 'keep on reading' at the bottom of the post.

Wednesday April 13, 2011:
  • Moon Duo, Ale Mania, Trap Gold @ Casbah
  • Mike Wojniak, Michael McGraw, The Displaced @ Soda Bar
  • Wendy Bailey & The True Stories, The Midwinters, Chris Hall @ Tin Can
  • The Laughing Stock Presents: Belly Laughs Comedy Show w/ Skyler Stone, Theo Von, Vanessa Graddick, Hosted by Amir K @ Belly Up
  • Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio @ Anthology
  • Hemlock, Drop The Gloves @ Brick By Brick
  • LetLive, City Delivered, Life Withheld, Fall From Vengeance, I Am the Ocean @ Soma
  • Lionel Loueke @ The Loft
  • Kevin Martin and Lauren Scheff @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Sezio Wednesday @ Starlite Lounge
  • Sara Petite @ Bar Pink
  • Comedy w/ Dylan Boisvert @ Eleven
  • Rod & Bike Night @ The Shakedown Bar
  • Terry Matsuoka, Operation Project One, Misc. Ailments, Children of Nova @ The Office
  • Spinn Cycle @ Ruby Room
  • A Night of Belly Dancers and Music @ Lestat's
  • Dub Dorado Presents: Deathface, Mr. Biggs, Headshake, Austin Speed @ El Dorado
  • Mystique @ Humphreys Backstage Live
  • Tragedy Khadafi, Orko the Sycotic Alien, Broken Dreams, Mag Flux, Matty Hemmz, The West Indies, Parker & The Numberman @ Kava Lounge
  • Club Kingston w/ Shoreline Rootz, DJ Carlos Culture @ Winston's
  • Road Dogs @ Patrick's II
  • Cannonball @ Tiki House
  • Acoustic Fooks @ Dublin Square
  • Jeff Moore & The Witchdoctors @ The Kraken
  • Boneyard @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • Gilbert Castellanos w/ The New Latin Jazz Quintet @ El Camino
  • Wednesday Night Shakedown @ Henry's Pub
  • Evolution @ Club Kadan
  • Safety Orange @ Hennessey's Gaslamp
  • Sue Palmer @ Croce's
  • Knockout Bell & Friends @ O'Connell's
  • Unparalleled Addiction, Benjamin Dunn, Sweet Joyce Ann @ Portugalia
  • Manwhore Night @ Ken Club
  • Firehouse Swing Night @ Queen Bee's
  • Taryn Donath @ Marble Room
  • Karaoke @ Chico Club
  • Breez'n @ The V Lounge Viejas Casino
  • Sleepwalking w/ DJs Jeff & Michelle @ Whistle Stop
  • Rick Remender @ McP's Irish Pub & Grill
Thursday April 14, 2011:
  • Chris Robinson Brotherhood @ Casbah (sold out)
  • Jesse LaMonaca @ West Coast Tavern
  • 91X Presents: Brandon Flowers, Nervous Wreckords @ House of Blues
  • FM 94.9 Presents: Biffy Clyro, Dynamite Walls @ Belly Up
  • Greg Laswell & Lenka @ Anthology (sold out)
  • Maserati, Kenseth Thibideau, The Devfits @ Soda Bar
  • The Heartbeat Trail, Mad Traffic, China Clippers @ Tin Can
  • George Thorogood and The Destroyers @ Dreamcatcher Viejas (sold out)
  • Bella Novella, Iron Outlaws @ Eleven
  • The Bloodflowers, Skyline Union @ Bar Pink
  • Blackout Thursday w/ Pamt Hoots, The Embers, DJ Blackie @ The Shakedown Bar
  • Sly Cabrillo @ Brick By Brick
  • Missy Andersen @ Marble Room
  • David Choi, Jane Lui @ Lestat's
  • Old Tiger @ Riviera Supper Club
  • Ghetto Blaster, Smooth Sailing, Bad Dad, @ Ruby Room
  • Lindsey Yung, Duke Ventra, Wendy Bailey, Scott Wilson & The Contradictions @ Claire de Lune
  • Stoney B. Blues @ Patrick's II
  • Jimmy Lewis @ Tiki House
  • En Young & Roots Musician Band @ Coyote Bar & Grill
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ El Dorado
  • Moonlight Serenade Orchestra @ The Lucky Star Restaurant (54th & University)
  • Metro @ Humphrey's Backstage Live
  • Altruism @ Kava Lounge
  • L.E.D. Presents: Kill The Noise @ Voyeur
  • Gilbert Castellanos and The New Latin Jazz Quintet @ Croce's
  • The Flock of 80's @ Henry's Pub
  • Club 80's @ Club Kadan
  • Karaoke @ O'Connell's
  • Craig of Suede, Brian Bosen @ Hennessey's PB
  • Hard Fall Hearts, Zombie Cartel @ Boar Cross'n
  • Generations Party @ U-31
  • Safety Orange @ Hennessey's Gaslamp
  • The Chi Club @ Winston's
  • Dan & Steve @ Davina's Cabo Grill
  • Natural Heights @ Hennessey's Carlsbad
  • Off The Wagon @ Second Wind Navajo
  • Stepping Feet @ RT's Longboard Grill
  • Harmony Road @ McP's Irish Pub & Grill
  • Citizenfest @ Whistle Stop