Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dynamite Walls "Sing Out Loud"

I'm not really sure when exactly I first made contact with Dynamite Walls. I remember seeing the band, maybe at the Beauty Bar, and them reaching out to me from the early days of this site. Over the years, I've seen the bands dozens of times and have developed close ties to the band, especially with the bond that develops when you drive 24 hours in a van straight home from Austin, Texas, as we did last month. It has been really incredible to be a part of the inner circle and share the trajectory of the band as they've grown and evolved and set their own musical journey.

When Dynamite Walls was able to connect with Eric from SoundDiego, it was pretty exciting to not only hear them agree to a SoundDiego Live show, but to connect with The Saloon (HUGE thanks to and make the event a successful video release party punctuated by an energetic live set. If you weren't able to make the party on Thursday night, you can see SoundDiego's photos here and video coverage here. More importantly, the new video is available for everyone to see. I'm making it my personal mission to share this video with the world because it not only highlights the band, but the essence of life in Southern California. The guys are in Dallas at the moment, preparing to play Edgefest. Apparently they just couldn't get enough of Texas in March.

Check out their website, Like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, and share their new video with everyone you know.

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