Monday, April 25, 2011

The Head and the Heart & The Devil Whale at the Casbah, 4.24.2010

This weekend I had a conversation with Mike Beebe about the value of music blogging. He was suggesting that most music blogs suck because they just post photos and videos from shows after it's happened, along with it bragging about how cool they are while making the reader feel bad for missing out. He said there's more value in previewing shows, so people know what the cool shows are gonna be. I think both are valid and I hope I don't ever come off as bragging or condescending to people who miss shows. I mean, I tend to not write about the bummer shows so I understand that not every show is going to blow your minds. Last night however, my mind was blown. The Head and the Heart and the Devil Whale both gave commanding performances and I really hope they'll play the Casbah once more before stepping up to bigger venues though from the looks of things, their trajectory will have them in large venues soon. The show was sold out, so thanks to Nate and Natalie for holding a spot for me when I was running around doing my thing. I was waiting to hear back from their tour manager before posting these, but he hasn't responded, so I'm just gonna go with it and pull them later if I have to. Nate said he'll post photos tomorrow, so check back in.

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