Sunday, April 03, 2011

Jeff's Weekly Pick: British Sea Power @ The Casbah Friday April 8, 2011

This Friday marks the return of Brighton England's indie quartet British Sea Power to San Diego. The band has recently released its fourth full length, Valhalla Dancehall, to mostly favorable reviews. Like their previous albums, it is a mixed bag of post rock songs which continue to hone their unique sound. When I last saw them at The Casbah I noticed how involved the band was with birds and nature, adorning the mic stands with branches and leaves. Putting that aside, the music clearly stands out as the group definitely enjoys the live setting, with anthemic as well as softer songs creating a fine balance for the listener (viewer). The band also recorded the instrumental soundtrack to Man of Aran a few years ago. British Sea Power is comprised of two brothers, Yan and Hamilton, along with Noble and Wood. While the band is gearing up for the summer European festivals, the opportunity to see them perform in the intimate confines of the Middletown venue should be memorable. Don't miss out on seeing one of indie rock's most interesting bands.

A Classic Education and Republic of Letters set the stage.

Watch a video of Living Is So Easy below.

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`A Mes Yeux said...

You forgot Abi and Phil, who are now an integral part of the group, bringing to life (live) their already epic sound. They were part of their last tour (here also at the Casbah) in '08 promoting "Do You Like Rock Music?" (where the foliage was replaced by flags).