Saturday, April 02, 2011

What A Month!

I feel like I've been neglecting my site, and sometimes I don't even wanna look at a computer. Today isn't one of those days, but as I'm trying to head to the Casbah for the early show, I don't have much time to write. I hope you'll stick around though because I've got so much to tell you as I try to catch up this week! I think I left off in SXSW, so I still wanna tell you about some of the other bands I saw and our adventures on the 23 hour drive back to San Diego. That week back was busy, too...

That Monday, I saw The Soundtrack of Our Lives at the Belly Up and Boats at Soda Bar, and had the band stay with me in my tiny apartment. Tuesday night was Foster The People at the Belly Up and O'Death at the Tin Can, then Wednesday was Dom at the Soda Bar. I didn't slow down at all that week, because Thursday was Jesse at West Coast and CHAPPO at Bar Pink, and then did the crazy overnight trip to Vegas with Transfer, and we came straight back from Vegas and caught d/wolves and Milagres at Tin. Sunday was that awesomely gluttonous beer festival at the Handlery with Jesse LaMonaca, which means I probably should've skipped OMD that night at 4th and B but went anyway. I finally took a night off on Monday, but this week was Fitz at the Belly Up on Tuesday, The Baseball Project at the Casbah on Wednesday, and then Thursday and Friday I was in LA for Dynamite Walls which I cannot wait to talk about, coming back with Josh Damigo to catch his show with Ari Hest at Lestat's last night. Good lord. I'm not even kidding, I didn't drink a single adult beverage last night, but I feel hungover anyway. Time to get ready for Black Heart Procession. Expect tons of video and photos from all of these shows soon.

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