Sunday, March 20, 2011

Safety Warning: University Heights

Dynamite Walls, Rowley and I all got back to San Diego safely and naturally we had to stop for California Burritos and other delicious grub at El Zarape. As we left back to the van where we were planning on moving gear from the trailer into the van, we were walking down Park about to turn the corner, hoodies up because it was starting to rain, a man got off the bus and started following us. He was gay bashing, loud enough and close enough to us that we knew he was threatening us. "The thing I hate about San Diego is all the F-ing faggots. I'll slice their f-ing throats..." and continued in a mumbly rant. I turned around. Maybe because he realized I'm a chick or maybe because we weren't going to confront him, I don't know, but I made eye contact with him and he changed direction, crossed the street and went on his way. Who knows what state of mind he's in and what can happen, but just always be cautious of your surroundings. It's easy to feel so safe in our cute little neighborhoods. The dude was average height, about 5'10", slightly buff, flannel shirt, hair shaved close to his head. Possibly Aryan Nation, couldn't really tell but definitely had the look and the rage.

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