Thursday, March 17, 2011

SXSW: Meet CHAPPO, Your New Favorite Band

Remember the first time you heard MGMT and you got all excited because it was new and different and fun and amazing and unlike what anyone else was really doing at the time? Meet CHAPPO. They're from Brooklyn and playing as I type this excitedly from my phone. Mark your calendars because they're playing a FREE show at Bar Pink on April 24, which is one week from today. Bring your dancing shoes.
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Unknown said...

By April 24th, you really mean March 24th right? :)

Kevin Corcoran Jr said...

this band is definitely on the rising. a couple of my friends were talking about them the other day and i was told if i like black keys that i would love this band... and I do! Can't wait for their new album in two weeks... AHHHH the suspense is killing me