Sunday, March 06, 2011

Brazilian Carnivale at 4th&B, March 5, 2011

I got such a huge response to my Tijuana adventure that I am just gonna tell you right now, I don't have any crazy epic tales to tell from last night. In fact, quite the opposite. After finally going to sleep around 7 am, I got some sleep in and then pretty much stayed in my pajamas all day as I tried to wrestle my inbox down to manageable. As a result, I missed Greg Gerding's book release. Sorry, Greg. You know I love you.

By the time all was said and done, me, Mike, and Nima set off to downtown around 9:30. I had been guaranteed 2 passes, so we were gonna try and find a contact who might be able to hook us up. We parked (two cars, because Nima had other plans) and as we were walking toward 4th & B, my friend Joe came up behind me. He promotes and produces shows around town on occasion, including 4th&B, and though this wasn't his event, I explained our predicament. He said he'd see what he could do. When we got to ticketing, I wasn't on any list, then realized the event coordinator had asked for my address but I hadn't received anything in the mail. Long story short, no tickets for me, but Joe talked to Vince, the owner, and he's super chill and he let us to walk in. Awesome.

I should rewind a little and say I was apprehensive about going to the event for pretty random reasons. The last time I attended the Carnivale event, I randomly saw a friend from college who told me that one of my dear friends had died from cancer. It was quick, like 6 months from diagnosis to death, so not many people even knew Mikey was sick. Anyway, that lingering memory was all that I can think of when I think of Carnivale.

Fortunately, Brazilians are a beautiful and vibrant culture, so upon entering the doors, you're instantly transported elsewhere and it is a really fun time. Unless you're Seth Combs and lived in Brazil for a year and scoff at such events as "generic". To you, well, thanks for not being there, because for what I'd guess were about 900 people, there were nothing but smiles and nobody needs you pissing on your difference of opinion about what constitutes "fun".

I found myself a pricey capirinha and proceeded to attempt to shoot some photos. There was so much going on, with all the dancing, the lights, the pom poms, and Sol e Mar performing, I just wasn't very successful. So, sorry Brittany. I'm sure the other photogs got some shots for you. These are the best I could/was motivated do (when I wasn't dancing).

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