Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SXSW: White Sea

In my running around at SXSW, my initial strategy was to use this massive spreadsheet I'd created with all the bands and parties I was hoping to see. Fat chance of that happening. Later, my strategy was to text friends, see where and when they were playing, and if I heard back, attempt to see them. On Friday morning, I text messaged Steve Poltz and lo and behold, he was playing at noon, so I decided to make his show my first stop of the day, and kill two birds with one stone since he was also playing at the Sea Shepherd (i.e. Whale Wars) party that Indigenous was behind. Unfortunately, I didn't realize just how far of hike it was from where I was staying, so I arrived for just his last two songs. On the positive, White Sea was playing after him, so I got to catch up with Ray Suen and catch he and Morgan playing a short set. This is "Cannibal Love".

Yesterday I got a press release that theire first music video was launching on MTVu, so here's that one, too.

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