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Show in Hamburg - Dock's. Very cool venue tucked away in the red light district. Unfortunately we arrived late, so we were unable to tour the city. The show went well, especially given we had to be on stage at 6:30pm! The audience was energetic and responsive, and everyone we met after the show was warm and friendly. I had the pleasure of speaking with a very drunk German woman who offered to trade me her half-eaten bag of gummy bears for a CD. Sorry ma'am, I can only accept half-eaten Mars bars or Biscuit Boosts as currency. Bizarre (and a bit awkward), but friendly nonetheless.

SCANDANAVIA = Long Drives and cold feets…

Caught the ferry over the water with the Crocs.


The drive to Oslo was cold, man. COLD. Grown men huddled under blankets in the vansion, heater blowing full blast, and STILL our toes are frozen! Beautiful countryside, however; definitely a winter wonderland. We arrived at the venue and piled out into the snow to load in our gear and check out the surroundings. We had to do our best to be speedy as we were a little behind the clock due to a long ass drive. Show was good… aside from some technical difficulties we pulled through well and got a warm reception. After the show we blew off some steam by having a spontaneous yet vicious snow-fight in the parking lot of the hostel where we were staying. Let's just say at that point of our collective inebriation, none of us minded being slightly wet and banged up - good times!

On to Stockholm - another long drive through the frigid Nordic countryside. Toes numb, but I don't mind… this place is amazing. Driving into Stockholm is an awesome experience - frozen rivers, buildings built into granite cliffs, blanketed with snow.

Photobucket Photobucket

The venue, Cirkus, is an amazing theater… gorgeous! Fortunately for us, our man Cooker is on hand so he was able to capture some really nice shots. The show was great, and the crowd response was even better. Met some really cool locals after the show, and we learned some very useful Swedish phrases. We did a bit of sightseeing the next morning, but had be on the road somewhat early as we were heading back to Copenhagen. Stockholm is such a beautiful city, we will definitely return…hopefully when it's warmer!

Ferry back to Copenhagen.


Copenhagen - Sometimes your experience with a city can depend entirely on the locals who open their homes to you and act as a tour guide; lucky for us we met some amazing people in Copenhagen who put us up and showed us a truly memorable time. Johan, local music producer and drummer from The Good The Bad, let us crash at his pad for a couple nights. A very warm person and a gracious host, we feel indebted to his hospitality. Even Andy, or as we refer to his alter ego, Ron Ridley, the regional director of Food and Hospitality, was impressed with Johan's kindness. Not to mention how good his band is… CHECK IT OUT

Michelle, another Copenhagen local and a close friend of our Tour Manager, bravely volunteered to guide us around Copenhagen for the day. What an experience. We filmed a live acoustic performance walking down the oldest street in the city, went through the city center market place, had an amazing lunch at a local favorite cafe, walked through Christiana (famous counter-culture commune), had a private viewing of one of the oldest churches in Copenhagen, and finished the night in one of the coolest piano bars I've ever been to.






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