Saturday, January 29, 2022

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A Skyfari Gondola at San Diego Zoo (Taken 9.12.21)

I skipped a Friday post because things got a little weird. Nova had been having issues at school because the new semester started. She was super stoked about getting to do band, only to find out the school has a long-term sub who doesn't do music. After psyching her up to speak to her counselor and getting some push-back on switching classes, she got transferred into "construction arts" which is basically woodshop, only to go to class and have the teacher pop in a DVD for the duration of class. I complained on Twitter about the situation and then got a really, really nice call from the school principal, who looked me up by my profile and linked me to Nova, and he was super understanding and said the wood shop teacher was just a sub and so I feel a little better about her situation. 

But we were trying to take her mind off a shitty week at school and go to Sea World. We're trying to get through the gate enough times to be invited to the preview of the new rollercoaster. Only I'm an idiot and looked at the hours for Orlando and not San Diego and the park was closing by the time we arrived. So then we went to La Jolla Cove and walked the Coast Trail in the dark, down the Cove, and watched the Sea Lions for awhile before going up the secret stairs at La Valencia and walking Prospect back to the car. I think I saw Jared Leto at a sidewalk cafe because when my eyes met his it was instant "Jordan Catalano" vibes, but I can't be sure now. 

We decided to call in a dinner order at Volare, but they had nearly an hour wait, so we killed time driving down La Jolla Blvd, stopping at Windansea, then taking Mission Blvd all the way to the rollercoaster until we rejoined Ingraham and Sports Arena Drive. I will give a *pro-tip* here and say we gassed up at the Auto Bistro, the gas station in the Sports Arena parking lot, and it was $3.99 a gallon cash price!! We live by the USA Gas on El Cajon Blvd which is usually pretty cheap, but even they're $3.29 cash price right now so that was a welcome bargain. Also turns out Jose, who works at the Arco across the street from me works there on weekends. 

Anyway, our food still wasn't ready so we did a little grocery run and then finally got the food and came home and ate and I didn't have it in me to do a post or read email, especially since the numbers stay the same on weekends anyway. I did, however, binge "The Woman in The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window" on Netflix, and if you like dark comedy, murder shows, and Kristen Bell, this one is for you. So today was chill and  I did write my extra-long email to the principal, enjoyed some leftover Italian, finished reading my book and started another, got through my email, talked to my sister and my mom on the phone, and am now watching Getting Curious on Netflix with a margarita telling me via condensation that it is time to put my laptop away. 

Before I do, I want to say that I hope those four idiots who were arrested today at the San Diego Zoo for felony vandalism for rocking their gondola on Skyfari, resulting in the whole thing being shut down for over an hour as they rescued people, get the full extent of the law thrown at them. I hope they are in jail through the weekend, and that Summer Stephan presses full charges. Rocking a gondola can have really deadly results and there is nothing funny or cute or excusable about the situation. I'll probably go by tomorrow while all of California watches the Rams vs 49ers, but maybe I'll cool it on Skyfari when it's busy with monsters like that. 

Stay safe out there.  

Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Funani and Amahle (Taken 1.27.22)

My street has regular street-sweeping, on the east side of the street on Mondays and the west side on Thursdays. Obviously this is a major pain in the ass...few homes on my street have off-street parking, and there's a church that is active multiple times of the week until after 9pm, so hunting for parking is rarely easy. We understand it's part of living here and can manage. 

But today we woke up and Darren was like, "just to warn you, when I fell asleep early last night, I forgot it was Thursday and forgot to move the van, so we probably have another ticket."  I don't think I'm alone that parking tickets will ruin your whole day. I don't work to just hand over $52.50 to the City of San Diego. It's even more frustrating when they send the parking enforcement officer around but the sweeper never shows up. It makes me crazy. 

Fortunately, Darren forgot I'd used the van earlier in the week and it was on the correct side so there was no ticket. But just the thought of a ticket, kinda made me grumpy the whole damn day. So naturally to get out of my funk, after knocking out my work, I went to the San Diego Zoo for my afternoon steps and sunshine, but it got cut to just an hour when I found out my niece was playing soccer at Nova's school. So around 4, we called in some tacos to El Panson, and feasted while High Tech High beat Hoover High girls in soccer. I'm not gonna lie, it was hard to watch because Nova is a super good soccer player but she's lazy and unmotivated and didn't want to try out because she didn't want to have to practice every day, clearly missing that making friends and bonding with other people is the whole point of the deal. Lacrosse is coming soon and she makes a million excuses not to try out. I'm trying to let her have her high school experience on her own terms, but she is flailing and miserable and not bonding or making friends and it super duper sucks for her and for us.  

After the game, Nova went to piano and I'm trying to blaze through this post because we still have to run to Chula Vista to help my dad, pop by the Casbah, and then I have to create two newsletters to schedule for the morning and I could really use a cocktail or four tonight. 

Stay safe out there.   

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Utama, 27, The Oldest Rhino at  San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 1.26.22)

I woke up all sparkly and perky today, so after getting some work done and having some tacos from Pancho Villa for lunch, Darren and I headed back to San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I was a little bummed on my Sunday trip, surprised at how crowded it was and didn't get my usual rhino time at Kilima Point because all the juveniles were frolicking in the mud stream in the valley of their habitat, so I wanted to go back when it wasn't so busy. 

And let me tell you, we picked the perfect day. The weather was amazing, the crowd wasn't too bad, the tigers were more active than I've seen them in ages, and we got to ride the tram with no wait and we got to sit alone in the front car, so no screaming and coughing children or old ladies wearing too much perfume, both situations which made us disembark in previous attempts to ride before the tram even got moving. After the tram, I closed out the afternoon waiting for rhinos, and while 5 month old Kamaria and her mom, Kianga, stayed down in the valley once again, I was the only one up top when Utama came by. The animal specialist was driving the truck around -- she was the one who told me the rhinos name and age -- and then asked if I wanted her closer and thus gave her the "yummy treat" hay right in front so I could spend some time with her. It was pretty magical, there is something about being so close to the big animals -- the rhinos, hippos, elephants--that just kinda make you forget about all the other shit in the world, even if for just a moment as the hill gets quiet and you hear the rhinoceros snarfing up their food, making a noise somewhere between a cow, a hog, and a big sweet puppy. 

And then we got this amazing sunset on the way home. 

Stay safe out there. 

Things To Do In San Diego: Wednesday, January 26-Tuesday, February 1, 2022: Robert Delong | Casbah 33rd Anniversary with Starcrawler | Sabbat | The Spits | Grizfolk |

It turns out I had a couple episodes of Real Housewives to catch up on and it turns out that a ton of shows have been postponed or canceled, so listings weren't too time intensive, so I updated them through next Tuesday, which means maybe I can get back on track to have them publishing on Mondays or Tuesdays again on the regular. Things are changing quickly, in fact I just found out that the Casbah's sold out Earthless show was postponed to February, which came quick because just last week they sent out a release that their tour dates were moving but that the California dates would remain intact. 

So take all of these listings with a major asterisk and check the venue socials or website the day of any event you want to hit because everything is changing all the time. 

Stay safe out there. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

CoViD-19: Omicron Deaths Surpass Delta Peaks: Not So Mild For Unvaxxed | Scientists Rush To Understand BA.2 | California Moves to Extend Sick Leave | Avian Flu Returns To US |


Aisha the Orangutan Sayin' Hi (Taken 1.24.22)

Today was one of those days where all I wanted to do was chill, and Darren woke up inspired and cleaned the entire house top to bottom -- sorting laundry, mopping the kitchen and bathroom, cleaning counters and mirrors, doing dishes, reorganizing our pet food situation. Meanwhile I did some work, watched some news, watch the Psaki media briefing and around 3 I realized if I was gonna hit the zoo, that was the time to go, and instead laid down and took a long, and apparently much-needed nap. Even when I sleep around here, there's so much noise and the pets interrupt and there's always something, so the afternoon nap is the best uninterrupted time I ever get. So I guess I'll do the zoo or Safari Park on Wednesday. In the meantime, I've got nothing else exciting or interesting to report...just waiting for my next Wordle. Listings will come, but not tonight. 

Stay safe out there. 

CoViD-19: Scientists Work To Improve Antigen Testing | Vaccinated Should Be "Up-To-Date" | Biden Disses Doocy |


Mawe Is Almost 2 Months Old at San Diego Zoo (Taken 1.24.22)

I went to the San Diego Zoo for a short visit on Monday but I guess I wore the wrong shoes because I was wiped out when I got home. My inbox didn't seem super pressing so I did part of this post and decided I'd just finish it this morning after I'd had a chance to get a full night's sleep. Plus we stopped at H-Mart on our way home from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Sunday and made a massive Korean dinner with all the yummy sides and perfectly marinated chicken. 

It seems the more real-threat craziness going on in the world, the more distracting silliness we get along with it. The Russia-Ukraine situation continues to heat up, populist leaders and movements are picking up steam all over the globe, and the pandemic continues to rage out of control as we just all seem to carry on with our lives as if everything is totally fine. And then I see there's a petition to keep the green M&M sexy because lesbians are offended that she's being "straight-washed" and what are we even talking about anymore? Have we all lost our fucking minds? And of course, Biden was caught on a hot mic calling Peter Doocy a "stupid son of a bitch" and while he's not wrong, the pearl-clutching on the right has been hilarious. I actually sat through a Hannity segment last night and my eyes nearly rolled out of the back of my head. And, for the record, the president wasn't taking questions when Doocy asked his dumb question about inflation and Biden was commenting that he was asking an idiotic rhetorical question. He may has well have said, "as if."

I'll get a full post in today, but it won't come until later tonight. I'm going to try to update listings, too, so I'm not stuck doing them on the weekend. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great day. 

Stay safe out there.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Lesser Flamingo at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 1.23.22)

All weekend I was bookmarking and tagging things to put into a weekend post, but they all feel kinda unimportant now, as I'm sure they'll all be rewritten about in a day or two anyway. All you need to know is that there are still 3/4 of a million cases a day on average, and even if we're coming down, that is A LOT. So keep being safe out there. The weekend data is pretty useless at this point since so many jurisdictions don't report, so I'll just leave that for weekdays. 

We had a great weekend, or exactly what I wanted. It was relaxing, I slept in, I finished one book and started another, sat in the yard now that our fence is fully installed, had some good time with the menacing kittens, we visited my parents to help my dad in and out of his bed with the lift, watched some football, and spent this afternoon at San Diego Zoo Safari Park obsessing over rhinos and birds to avoid the big crowds in more popular areas. As I said on Twitter, I still really hate the NFL as an organization and I cringe seeing the crowds, but the games themselves were pretty fun to watch, especially seeing some overhyped quarterbacks knocked back down a couple rungs. 

I'm hoping this week is a little smoother than last. We're still getting random maintenance around the pad -- now that we have new neighbors the property management has to make sure things that have fallen by the wayside are up to snuff, but hopefully it will be less disruptive and I can get my rituals of Zoo time, work time, and home time back in some balance. For now though, I shall shut this laptop down and put my head in a space that prepares me for whatever the week may bring. 

Stay safe out there. 

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Things To Do In San Diego: Saturday, January 22-Thursday, January 27, 2022: Guttermouth | Joan Osborne & The Weepies | Augustana | Robert Delong | Casbah 33rd with Starcrawler |

Sold Out Crowd at Current Joys (Taken 1.19.22)

I was hoping to get these done much sooner today, but it is what it is. I'll try to get back on track for doing them Monday or Tuesday so that I don't have to waste my weekend doing them. The end of January was supposed to have some amazing shows, and while there's still lots of good stuff, there are definitely a lot more cancellations and postponements that weren't there just a week or two ago. But if you look at the photo above, it isn't hard to see what is going on. People aren't getting boosted, and they're only wearing masks when asked or when someone has to tell them, standing in crowded spaces with poor air exchange and ventilation. I should've spent the pandemic building Corsi-Rosenthal boxes and sold them to venues. Darren worked another packed night last night at the Casbah and at least he has the benefit of going outside frequently and not having to really be in the same spot for too long, but I'm still gonna make him test again in a day or two. I was actually starting to look forward to Son Volt and dipping my toe back into show action after relaxing a little after working on Tuesday, but of course, they have their own outbreak among their band and crew, so I'll consider it a bullet dodged. 

Stay safe out there. 

Friday, January 21, 2022

CoVID-19: 2,621 US Daily Deaths Say Pandemic Isn't Over | TFG-Appointed Judge Blocks Federal Employee Vaccine Mandate | Celebrate Roe. Fight Stigma. Say Abortion. | Governor Addresses Rail Theft |


My Favorite Mandrill (Taken 1.21.22)

I'm gonna keep it short because I already got that post in this morning. After doing my post and the brief listings, Nova was home early because of finals so she and I went to the San Diego Zoo while Darren rested since he's working late tonight at the Casbah for Emo Nite. It was such a pretty day and while more crowded than Thursday, was still a pretty chill as far as crowds go, and less mommy militia stroller army to dodge. We stayed till closing, picked up some fries and wings from Canada Steak Burger and came home to yummy burgers that Darren cooked up. Now he's working and Nova and I are watching The Hate U Give because her class is reading it at school. Of course she read ahead and finished it -- I would never let her watch the movie before finishing an assigned book.'s super intense so I'm gonna cut out. Not sure when I'll get to the rest of my listings but I'll do my best to have them in time for Saturday night. I found out today that Son Volt has canceled for Sunday because members of their touring party tested positive and while that really sucks, I'm also glad I don't have to put myself in a crowd again before I'm ready again. 

Stay safe out there. 

Things To Do in San Diego: Friday, January 21, 2022: Emo Nite | The English Beat | Quel Bordel | Shiner | + Music News: Head & The Heart, Trombone Shorty, Punk In Drublic |


Current Joys at Music Box (taken 1.19.22)

I really need to get out of the house and get some sunshine today, so I only did Friday listings. I'll get to the rest of the week later tonight or this weekend. Shows are in full swing, and you need to be safe. I was both impressed by how many people at Music Box with how many people were wearing face coverings but also dismayed at how many people wear gaiters or loose masks or wear them under the nose. Get it right, Kids! You're not protected if you nose is out or if your mask is sagging around your face. I took my CO2 monitor and it was wildly moving, when the a/c is on to when it clicks off periodically when it achieves peak temperature. Ventilation is key in all our venues and everyone should be monitoring this information to prevent outbreaks. Mostly, keep that KN95 on when you're not drinking. Yes, that means between sips for maximum protection. 

Stay safe out there.  

CoVID-19: Record Americans Out Sick | When To Take PCR vs Antigen | US Requiring Full Vaccination For Entry At Ports of Entry, Ferries | 2022: The End of Roe? | VOSD Digs Into Trash Strike |

Wolf's Monkey Caught In A Big Yawn (Taken 1.20.22)

On Thursday I told you I'd get a second post in, but after 3 hours at the San Diego Zoo, taxiing Nova to and from piano, and then going to the second half of my niece's soccer game, I was pretty beat. I did some of this post but couldn't keep my eyes open, so I went to bed by 10:30 and set an alarm to wake up to work at 2am but blew that off until finally getting up at 7 so I could get the work newsletter out (officially 3 minutes late.) So here's yesterday's news, I guess, and I'll again try for a second post tonight, but I feel like I also have to do listings today, so we'll see how much staring at my laptop my eyeballs can handle today, not to mention how much ass-on-couch time. Ideally I do all of that, and still get in a Zoo trip and a last call (7:45-8:30 is peak) Costco trip later tonight.  

Saba & Mawe (Taken 1.20.22)

It's kinda funny how when I was only posting about music on this site how much hot goss I could catch just going out for a night of shows. And I suppose that is still the case, though I may be a little more out of touch than back in the day. But now it's true at the Zoo, too. Like yesterday, I learned that while Indah, the female orangutan that had a baby boy on January 4th is out in her habitat, the baby is not and is under veterinary care until she is healed enough to be reintroduced and care for him. I haven't heard what complications she had, but it sounds like it got pretty scary. I can't imagine if they lost her so soon after losing Satu just before Christmas. I also learned that the male baby Masai giraffe born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on what would've been Betty White's 100th birthday had to be euthanized as he wasn't meeting the markers - standing up, nursing - required for survival and couldn't be helped with medical interventions.  This was sad news as I heard it while admiring baby giraffe Mawe, born 11.29.21. I think she knows the sound of my camera since I was there the day she was born because she makes the goofiest faces at me. 

I also learned that the maned "wolf" has a partner! I've only ever seen one at a time in the habitat and yesterday there was a pair, so it's possible they're hoping for some puppies if these two can make the magic happen. 

The Zoo is possibly in their dead season right now, which makes it an amazing time to renew your membership and spend some time there. Even for as much as I've been going the past several years, there are always new things to see and discover. Like yesterday the Wolf's Monkeys were "talking" to me and I'd never really spent more than a moment with them, so that was super cute. They sound like those little plastic whistle with a little tiny fan in them when they squeak and it is the cutest thing ever.   

There's a lot of talk about the US peaking or plateauing with the current omicron variant, but just remember that isn't a cliff, and we'll likely continue to see as many cases on the fall as we saw on the rise. Yesterday there were more than 2500 deaths in the US. "Mild" should've never been used, and there's still huge differences in outcomes for vaccinated/boosted vs. unvaccinated people. At the current rate, we'd hit 1M American deaths by March. Even if the rates come down sharply and we can have a relatively normal spring/summer, it's not long for the next variant or waning vaccine immunity, or whatever the next thing is, to knock us back on our knees. So be vigilant in your risk assessment and mask wearing and all the things. 

Stay safe out there. 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

CoViD-19: San Diego Stalls at 75% Vaccinated | Biden Holds Press Conference; Touts First Year Accomplishments. Media Cries "Too Long" | Manchin & Sinema Prove To Be Sellout Corporate Shill Cowards |

Fishing Cat At San Diego Zoo (Taken 1.14.22)

I was startled awake around 5 in the morning because of a circling helicopter and I never really, truly fell back asleep. It's all good though because I was able to work through most of the email and articles I missed yesterday as I watch Biden's press conference and as this nice man is in my house fixing the holes in our walls that were the result of upgrading our electrical something or other. Which also means I think I'm gonna call it a day here so I can try to go see the baby orang at the San Diego Zoo. I will do another post later tonight with today's news. 

Stay safe out there. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

CoViD-19: Sign Up Open For Free Tests (Biden Did THAT!) | Omicron Death Wave Still To Come | San Diego Zoo Announces Zooborn Orangutan | County's New Districts In Effect | Support Humane Society Registries |


Karen and Aisha, 10 days after the baby boy was born  (Taken 1.14.22)

So we did it. We worked at Music Box on Tuesday night and we'll be doing it again on Wednesday night. Current Joys and Dark Tea were good and their fans are obsessed. Because most of the crowd were minors, there wasn't a lot of booze flowing so I felt pretty good with everyone wearing masks, but we'll still probably do tests on Friday or Saturday before we visit my parents again. It was a long shift, however, so I don't really have anything else to say other than it is margarita time and my Wednesday post may not come until Thursday since it will be a big data day but it doesn't generally post until late afternoon. Plus we have to be up early Thursday because our management company is coming to repair some holes in the walls that they had to cut out months ago when they updated our electrical boxes. So yeah. I hope everyone is able to go onto the government site to register for free COVID tests. 

Stay safe out there. 

Monday, January 17, 2022

CoViD-19: With Or For Can Be Medical Tipping Point | MLK Day | San Diego Unified Updates Decision Tree | Tongan Volcano Energy Reached West Coast | Trash Strike Ends |


Mama and joey at San Diego Zoo (Taken 1.14.22)

Well, it had to happen. Just when San Diego is completely spiking with cases, I had to accept work. Darren and I will be working at the Music Box on Tuesday and Wednesday for two sold out shows with Current Joys. I know that the Music Box has taken COVID protocols seriously so there is some comfort in that. But the Biden Bucks are mostly gone and we aren't really in a position to turn down work anymore; my salary is not enough to cover all of us, so it has to happen. And of course we'll be masked and hopefully the crowd is compliant in that respect, but I just have to overcome the anxiety of subjecting myself to a sold out, indoor, partially maskless crowd. It's too bad we can't just set the merch up outside on the balcony. I might have to bring my air purifier...though I know it would do nothing in that massive room, it could be like a security blanket at least; some comfort even if it does nothing. We have enough rapid tests at the moment to test before we have to help my dad again. 

We had a completely uneventful weekend which was exactly as I wanted. I read an actual's been a while since in November all library cards expired and you had to go in person to renew, which we finally did when we picked up the free COVID tests. [By the way, if anyone is still looking for rapid tests, I've had good experiences with this website for other things, though I don't know how long delivery will take. You'd also have to find out from your insurance how they're handling reimbursement (which only covers $12/test)] We also have been going back and forth to my parents a lot because we have to help use the lift to get my dad from bed to chair and then go back at night to move him from the chair back to the bed. It's a pain in the ass, but it sounds like my Godsister has recovered from her bout with COVID so hopefully she can resume her assistance soon, though I think my dad appreciated having someone over to watch football with him. And they had us pick up a Lefty's stuffed pizza, so I cannot complain about that at all. 

Nova will return to school tomorrow and hopefully her teachers are all recovered and done with quarantines and isolation. Last week I wrote about why guidance for isolation and quarantine is so challenging, because the rules are different if your vaccinated, boosted, or unvaccinated and whether you're symptomatic or not, and its good that San Diego Unified is working with the best scientists from UCSD to revise their decision tree, which I've shared at the end of this post. Fingers crossed that when data resumes tomorrow we get some reprieve from the massive numbers we've seen. I doubt it, but maybe this shit has burned through everyone it can. 

Stay safe out there.  

Friday, January 14, 2022

CoViD-19: CDC Finally Updates Mask Guidance | Cal/Osha Update Requires No Symptoms + Negative Test For Return To Work | Russia "Prepping Pretext" For Invading Ukraine |


Baby Tapir's Not So Little Anymore. Look At That Face!! (Taken 1.14.22)

I feel like there was a lot more news today, but I'm super tired and we still have to go to Chula Vista to help my mom with my dad's transfer from chair to bed, so if there's anything that was super pressing that I didn't link, I'll maybe do a weekend post. Just know that there won't be new data until Tuesday and then that will be all backed up and meanwhile the Blood Bank is in crisis, hospitals are spilling out, and you're best off just minimizing your time in public as much as you're able. 

I would take my own advice, but we are due for a Costco run, and I needed to have an afternoon where my ass wasn't planted on the couch with this laptop on it, so I went back to the San Diego Zoo today. It didn't feel as crowded as it had on Tuesday, thankfully, and I noticed far more people in masks --- good masks at that --- so apparently the messaging is getting through, at least a little more than before. I'll probably wait out the Costco run as long as I can and definitely not do it this weekend. 

I'm looking forward to a very chill weekend and lots of catching up on sleep since the little demons woke me up after 3 hours of sleep to let me know it was time to eat and I never quite got back to sleep from that. I think there are a lot of new shows and movies rolling out on streaming so maybe I'll fire up the popcorn machine and have myself some movie nights. Or maybe I'll finish reading future apocalyptic war stories about US vs China vs Russia in 2034: A Novel of the Next World War. Or maybe I'll just do nothing and totally enjoy it all. 

Stay safe out there. 

Things To Do In San Diego: Friday, January 14-Thursday, January 20, 2022 | Supersuckers | LA Witch | Shane Hall Residency | Jamestown Revival with MIPSO & Robert Ellis | TOOL | Mariachi El Bronx |

Robert Ellis (Taken 5.11.2019)

I don't often get comments on my site, but yesterday someone asked where my "Things To Do" Listings were and I felt bad that I put them on pause. Life is going on whether or not I'm currently going to shows and there's an entire economy that survives off of live music, including my paycheck, so here are this week's listings from Friday through Thursday. Please note that all of these are subject to change, I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the postponed shows and cancelations, so always check before you head out for the night that your show is still happening. You should also note that if you're going to see TOOL (as of today it appears to still be scheduled), they have a super strict camera policy -- no photos or videos, even on your phone, and they'll eject you without a refund if you get caught. MJK is a weirdo, but I guess that's why we love him, right? Anyway, be safe out there. If you are going to shows, note that California requires masks indoors at all time when not actively eating or drinking, and for your own safety, you should pick up some high quality N95s, KN95s, N94s or the like. Your gaiter or bandanna is not adequate for your protection and for that of people around you. And obviously, if you have ANY symptoms you should stay home and test, and if you've tested positive, even if asymptomatic, you should observe the appropriate isolation and quarantine and test negative on an antigen before you emerge into the world to head to a crowded bar or venue. 

Stay safe out there.  

Thursday, January 13, 2022

CoViD-19: Omicron Is Everywhere | WHO:"Toxic" Hurdles Hampered Global Response | Domestic Terrorists Arrested | "Pro-Life" SCOTUS Is Cool If You Die As Cost of Doing Business |


Fennec Fox at San Diego Zoo (Taken 1.11.22)

Sometimes I have to remember that living in San Diego, the 8th largest city in the country, in California, the most populous state of the union, is vastly different than other places in the country. I haven't seen empty shelves. We didn't struggle to get tested when we wanted, or to get boosters when we were eligible. That is different now, but I've got my little stock of rapids when we need to test Nova after she goes back to school next week. She took us up on our offer of doing school from home until after MLK day. That decision doesn't come lightly - we know this comes with huge amount of privilege and isn't something everyone can do and we know that school funding relies on attendance, but perhaps keeping her home lightens the load on staff. And she's not a slacker; today she and Darren went to the library and she brought home a stack of 8 books. In the time it took for her class to read one chapter of "The Hate U Give," she had already read an entire book. You can read Matt Hall's twitter thread on the latest from San Diego Unified, which I'm sure we'll hear more about on Friday. 

I don't really have anything else to report. As much as I miss going to the San Diego Zoo a couple times a week, my one trip this week was enough for me to sit it out a few more days or to less busy times. I'd be down for a universal mask mandate, even outside, just thinking about how many kids I saw the other day who were obviously sick and coughing and crowding into tight spaces like the viewing glass by the tigers or hippos, but I know there's no political will for more requirements or protections. The global undertone is to just let it rip and see where we land after everyone has been affected. Hopefully it's a nice weekend and we can at least go for a hike or a drive or even just hang in the yard. It feels like a lot of just waiting around for this wave to pass, and I guess I just have to be okay with that. Last night I spent four hours trying to find my photos from the Ronnie Spector show at the North Park Theatre from 2014 and was unsuccessful. Maybe it's time for some organizing.

Stay safe out there.  

CoViD-19: Omicron Slams All Sectors, Supply Chain, Schools | Gloria Delivers State of the City | TFG Throws Tantrum on NPR | Coachella Lineup Announced |

Mama Mandrill Cups Her Pregnant Belly (Taken 1.12.22)

I wrote quite an angry rant earlier today, but now that time has passed, I've deleted it and want to start fresh, though today's numbers are still pretty bad. It's gonna be like this for awhile. Testing is hard to come by, but San Diego County is doing nearly 45,000 tests a day, which is more than double what they had in December, and more than four times what they had last summer. If we all had been testing weekly like we should've been, perhaps they would've ramped it up sooner. Lots of coulda, woulda, shouldas with planning across all government, but it's super easy to be a Monday morning quarterback. Since we can't currently get Nova tested at school and all four of her teachers are out sick, we've given her the option of staying home for the rest of the week. Despite the messaging, there is no learning happening at schools right now and students are being asked to swim in a pool of virus, especially when they have to combine cohorts for lack of staffing. She's vaxxed and now boosted, but the same isn't true for many of the kids her age, so why just waft in virus when she can be home and do her work in Google classroom and let some days pass since they have Monday off anyway? 

Besides all that, I did nothing today because Tuesday was a pretty late night around here. Darren and I have been watching The Silent Sea so I'm gonna get back to it.   

Stay safe out there. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

CoViD-19: US Exceeds 1.4M Daily Cases | President Biden Pushes Voting Bills | Governor Newsom Addresses School Staffing Shortages with Executive Order | DOJ To Create Domestic Terror Unit |


Denny The Gorilla at San Diego Zoo (Taken 1.11.22)

What a difference a day makes. 

Last night I popped some melatonin and crawled into bed before midnight. My cat soon found my lap and we slept mostly through the night except when I had to adjust and she got mad at having to counter-adjust. But I woke up bright and shiny in the morning to the sound of the next door construction excitedly pouring concrete as if this was their lifelong dream as 5 year olds, and decided to go on the hunt for rapid tests. I was able to procure a couple at CVS Banker's Hill, again, so I guess that's a good go-to, at least for Tuesday mornings, though I don't know if we're wasting tests when none of us have symptoms. It was around 10 am and it was so nice out and the streets were empty and I drove through Balboa Park (I was coming from the North Park CVS via Upas), got to admire the new 4th and 5th Avenue Bikeways, and after the stop I called Darren to see if he wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo. 

But by the time we called my parents and they requested our assistance a little later. My god-sister, who works in a salon, turned up positive from COVID, so she's isolating at her boyfriend's house and hasn't been able to help my parents. My dad has an electric Hoyer lift that helps him from bed to chair and chair to bed, but it requires more than one person to do it. So we went down in the afternoon, helped him, then went to the Zoo and I was so in my happy space. The mandrills, the gorillas, the hippos, the elephants, and the giraffes all gave me special love. But I do have to say, we kept our KN95s on all day, and the amount of parents with clearly ill small children who are probably completely unaware that their kids likely have COVID is really unfortunate. It would suck for the Zoo, but I wouldn't be against them bringing back the health screening to get in, or a big giant sign that says "DO NOT COME TO THE ZOO IF YOU HAVE TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID IN THE PAST 5 DAYS, OR IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE SYMPTOMS: HEADACHE, SORE THROAT, UNUSUAL BACK PAIN, COUGH, RUNNY NOSE OR OTHER COVID SYMPTOMS." 

All this to say, I had a good day. And I worked in between, but I haven't quite made it through all of my email. But if I push myself to get through all of it tonight, I might go crazy. So trust that I'll probably have another post in the morning or a mega-post tomorrow night, but it sounds like we're going to be back and forth between Chula Vista a lot this week so my days may be a little bit interrupted.  

Stay safe out there. 

Monday, January 10, 2022

CoViD-19: San Diego Surpasses 5M Total Cases, Nearly 50K Weekend Cases | Working While Sars-CoV-2+ | Newsom Releases Proposed Budget Blueprint | Cops Continue To Refuse Vax | A Birder's Big Year |

After essentially losing our backyard for a year due to construction next door, we finally have a fence again, a step toward normality. (Taken 1.9.22)

I would say that in general, I've been okay throughout this pandemic. I've long been a work-from-home employee, so that wasn't so different for me, and we've visited with family and had birthdays and holidays and shopping and trips to the Zoo and walks and hikes and all that kinda stuff, but I have to say that isolation is really isolating. I'm totally fine and have had three negative rapid tests since my positive PCR back in December, but there's this awful guilt that I could have spread it because I was completely asymptomatic and didn't actually know my result until 11 days later. We've been mostly laying low, but Nova's in school and resumed derby today after a holiday break, and whereas she was getting free weekly tests at school since the beginning of the school year, now we can no longer get her an appointment on campus. I'm seriously considering buying a pack of 25 home tests, but they'd set me back about $375 and that seems insane -- I feel like with toilet paper, the supply will level out in a few weeks, between the insurance reimbursements and the free tests from the Federal government and hopefully some ramped up distribution by the State, at least to schools, but then at that point, have we all already been infected? 

But all that to say that this still really sucks. I was looking through upcoming Casbah shows and we have amazing artists coming through. I haven't been to the San Diego Zoo or Safari Park yet this year. Then there's guilt about COVID, a middle aged woman's menstrual cycle, dashes of seasonal affective disorder, watching far too much news, and then just Mondays in general and today was a whole lot of ho-hum. 

And it is infuriating. If you're going to let nurses nurse while positive but asymptomatic, then say it's because we will cripple our health care systems if we don't. If you want kids in school because funding counts on it or because people can't work if they don't have free day care, say so, but please stop saying "schools are safe" when districts blew pandemic money on football fields and salaries instead of upgrading ventilation, procuring weekly tests for all, and not being able to truly and universally mandate vaccinations for all students and staff where it is authorized under EUA. In many ways, 2020 was the easiest year of the pandemic because while there was derision and divisiveness, you knew where everyone stood and we were all on the same boat with no vaccines. Now you have vaccinated, boosted, unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, previously infected, medically exempted and a host of other combinations and each should be following nuanced guidance. 

I promise I won't be so grumpy tomorrow. We're going to help my mom with my dad so he can get out of the bed and into his chair. In an ideal world it would be amazing to have been able to test daily, to have verified my PCR since my test was lost, to test for anti-bodies and t-cells and all that, but I'm just going to have to trust that 18 days after a positive has me in the clear and that I can protect everyone with an N-95. Then maybe I'll go to the San Diego Zoo. Because this couch life ain't doing it for me no more. Though on a bright note, over the weekend the next door project finally replaced our fence, so we have our yard and some privacy again, something we haven't had in a year. I can't wait to expand the garden. 

Stay safe out there.           

Saturday, January 08, 2022

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A Subadult Sea Lion at La Jolla Cove (Taken 6.15.202)

Last night I reached out to Sea World asking about the condition of the sea lion who was rescued off the 94 freeway yesterday and I got a response. "As of today, Saturday at noon PST, the sea lion has been eating, active and is exhibiting normal sea lion behavior. SeaWorld’s veterinarians will assess the animal and continue to give it the rehabilitation it needs." They also wanted to note that in Sea World's 50 year history, they have rescued, rehabilitated and released healthy animals back to the wild. I've had to call their line a few times because of sea lions with fish hooks, fishing line around necks or flippers, and shark bites and know that this is meaningful work that Sea World does. 

I didn't really expect to do a post today but there was still a lot I missed yesterday and what else am I gonna do as we maintain a self-imposed somewhat quarantine because COVID is crazy out here? I mean, I guess I could go through the bags and boxes of stuff I've been meaning to donate for months, or match up unmatched and missing socks, but this is my therapy, I guess. I posted a bunch of opinion pieces today, but hopefully you'll take the time to read beyond the headlines, because there are some useful points being made. Though I also have to say that there's a lot of finger pointing accelerating at this stage of the pandemic and it's getting a little old. Besides just the political divide and being in a pandemic for almost a full year under TFG, the reason everything is so complicated or "confusing" is because there are so many variables: the recommendations for unvaccinated SHOULD be different than it is for vaccinated and different than for people who are boosted while also weighing in resolving symptoms vs asymptomatic, age, health, comorbidities, access to health care, and more. And the simple fact that some people will do, or try to do the right thing, while a solid third to half of the country will continue to be fucking assholes until the day they die keeps everything complicated. The most important lesson from high school is that we all have to pay for the worst student's behavior. Nothing has changed about that. 

Stay safe out there. 

CoVID-19: Kids Scared, Frustrated At School Amid Surge | Omicron Symptoms | Saturday: Donate Used Bikes For Kids |

Sea Lion at La Jolla Cove (Taken 6.15.2020)

 My Friday email was so cumbersome that when I finished last night's post, I still had a ton of unread email, so after getting through them all, I am sharing some of the more interesting reads. But I especially wanted to share that there's a bike donation thing happening at 5 regional Trek shops on Saturday from 10am-3pm. If you have used kids bikes that your kids have outgrown, in any condition, you can drop them off, they'll be serviced and refurbished, and then donated to kids in need. Pretty cool. 

I also wanted to appreciate that after sending my work newsletter on Friday, I got zero responses complaining about our COVID-19 policies, but in fact asking that we get stricter and require booster shots to be considered "fully vaccinated." I would love to set that kind of restriction universally, but it's just not realistic or feasible at this time, though San Diego has a pretty good booster rate, it's not enough yet.

And let's be honest, I'll use any excuse to post more pictures of a sea lion because it's still on the brain. I reached out to Sea World's media department to ask for updates on the 94-crossing sea lion's condition, so we'll see if they respond. 

Stay safe out there. 

Friday, January 07, 2022

CoViD-19: US Sets Case Record | Beware Scam Testing Sites | CA Deploys National Guard To Assist Test Sites | Arbery Murderers Sentenced To Life+ | Sea Lion Rescued After Crossing The 94! |

Sea Lions At The Beach - Where They Belong (Taken 5.3.2021)

I was gonna skip a post today since the data will be the same tomorrow with no updates, but today the US set the world record for most single day cases. And that doesn't count people testing positive on home antigen tests who don't report their cases to their counties. That is bad. If you didn't believe that COVID is airborne before, I don't know what to tell you. I've been running my air purifier when it's too cold to open windows and I finally ordered a CO2 monitor. I'm officially out of isolation if going by the County's date of telling me I was positive and 15 days out from the actual test date. I'm still laying low, though I did ride along (and to give directions) to take Nova to get her booster at the Jacobs Center off Euclid and Market.  

NBC did a great story about potentially fake or scam testing sites, and I would add that this pandemic had brought out the best in some and the worst in others. Sometimes it's hard to reconcile that we have a legitimate problem in this country with far too many people incarcerated and yet I wouldn't mind locking up anyone who has taken advantage of people in this pandemic, like people who have collected free COVID-19 take-home tests from places like libraries or school district lines and then are reselling them to desperate people at insane prices. When the free federal program rolls out, it feels like it will be worse than Ticketmaster with the bots and the fraud and the scammers. Don't buy from these people. If you're feeling symptomatic, assume you have COVID and follow the protocols. If you can go get a free legit test, that's okay, but don't give these assholes one single dime. The Department of Defense just signed two contracts for free rapid tests so they should roll out soon. 

There was some good news today. There will never be true justice for Ahmaud Arbery, but today the three murderers were given life sentences. It is still unforgivable that they were never going to be charged in the first place, but that DA was indicted for obstruction in November.

And completely unrelated, there was the story about the sea lion who crossed the 94 and was found all they way by the 94/15/805 interchanges. That is insane! There is speculation he maybe came up the Chollas Creek watershed, but hopefully besides being tired and hungry, he isn't super sick and can be safely released someplace where he won't end up back on the freeway, or Harbor Drive, or the Mission Beach Boardwalk, all places this very animal has been found before. Looking back on 2021, I only went to the Cove once during the whole year after going nearly weekly when Nova still played soccer and I miss it so. I think I know where I'll go when some of this current wave of omicron tamps back down, perhaps by Valentine's Day, but who can really say?    

Stay safe out there.

Thursday, January 06, 2022

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Cheetah at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 12.5.21)

One of my duties for my job is to send out a newsletter with upcoming events. It has also forced me to have to delicately write about our COVID-19 masks, vaccine, and other protocols. So every week for nearly two years I've sent a blast, and since reopening I'll get one or two responses back about how we're not punk rock, that we're sheep, that we're buying into this pandemic nonsense for something no more deadly than a cold. Last I checked 800,000 Americans haven't died of a cold or flu in the past two years. 37,600 Americans have died in the past 28 days. That is not normal. 

But it's my job, right? So I can't be a sassy dick and respond, I usually just file it away or if I'm feeling extra nice, I'll unsubscribe them. But now I'm just irritated that they're too dumb to just click unsubscribe without having to send me some temper tantrum rant about us violating HIPAA or selling out or whatever. The other night, I decided to respond to one such email, "There's an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. Peace Out." Of course he couldn't not have the last word and wrote back how he's been a Casbah patron for decades and was the original drummer in a quasi-famous band and it's bad enough we don't allow reggae bands but requiring vaccines or testing is just the worst and the Belly Up doesn't check and he'll never step foot in the venue again. 


So today I wanted to let you know that over the holidays, California changed their definition of "mega events" down from 1000 people to 500 people indoors. I love Pete and Chris and Brit and all my Belly Up peeps, but I've not been there since the pandemic and I don't know what protocols they are following, but what I do know is that after January 15, any event with over 500 attendees is required to verify a one day antigen or a two day PCR test or proof of full vaccination as it is currently defined. I don't know if the original drummer of Moderately Stupid is gonna like that but he is clearly the arbiter of what is 'punk'.

Today was the anniversary of the riots, insurrection, attack, attempted coup, call it what you will on the Capitol. I remember not sleeping a wink on January 5, 2021 because somehow I was getting spam email from Roger Stone and knew things were going to get out of hand, and I just remember watching it all unfold while having my tweetdeck open and seeing thousands of tweets flood my feeds. I guess in anticipation I once again didn't sleep until after Biden gave his speech and I saw that there was no new chaos. 2022 is going to be a crazy fucking year. Buckle up and booster up. 

Stay safe out there. 

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

CoViD-19: Mask Mandate Extended | Public Services Crushed By Sickness | Boo-Hoo, Djokovic | KUSI Sucks | SDPD Lobbies For Reactivating Street Cams |

Ramil The Snow Leopard (Taken 11.30.21)

Today was one of those days when literally everything I read or saw on the news pissed me off. I wrote a big long rant about it all but now it's so late and I'm so tired that it's not really worth being so pissed off about and I just deleted all of it. I already starting a Twitter fight with KUSI for their dumbass posts and it ends up being more exhausting for me because whomever is doing their social media is clearly without a conscience and they just don't get so affected, so I just need to pump the brakes on the negative energy. 

There was a lot of news today. As I predicted yesterday, the indoor mask mandate for California was extended another month, cases are crazy and all those anti-mandate sectors are now seeing massive staff shortages as everyone gets infected and has to go into isolation or quarantine, which lasts much longer if you're symptomatic and unvaccinated, by the way. Nova's teachers are telling the students to prepare for the possibility of online school because there aren't enough staff or substitutes. So yeah, super fun stuff. Obviously I didn't do anything or go anywhere today so besides the news, I've got nothing. Maybe I'll add some excitement to my night and do some online shopping. Yay me.  

Stay safe out there. 

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

CoViD-19: Busting Back Into The World (Kinda) | 1,000,000+ Cases, But Now Cases Don't Matter? | California Stands Alone: Mask, Isolation, Hospital & Care Facility Visitor Guidance Updates |

Jax and Mags (Taken 1.4.22)

I've been trying to be as real and honest with you guys as I can while trying to maintain a shred of privacy when necessary, so I'm gonna be straight with you. 

Today I broke out of isolation. 

If you've been paying attention, I have the weird circumstance of a negative PCR on 12/18, a positive PCR on 12/23 but didn't know my result until 1/2, and two negative OTC antigen tests on 12/25 and 12/28. By the time I found out my result from 12/23, I had a slight cold and figured it was because Nova had one the week before and Darren the week before that. And they were both negative on every test they've taken at similar intervals as me. But the nurse practitioner said I should count Sunday as my Day 1 of isolation. 

And I thought I could do it. 

But the math was still tripping me out, I was asymptomatic all the way up until 1/1 and let's be honest...many vices were consumed on NYE. And a few day before that. And on Christmas. And I know there are a ton of experts, virologists, and the like to weed through and I read a lot of them, I see them all on TV. I know, for example, that people think Dr. Hashish Jha, MD,MPH, Dean of Brown School of Health is too lenient, too optimistic, has too much faith that Americans will do the right thing -- or conversely maybe just knows we won't -- but I saw his tweet today. 
What would ideal COVID Isolation guidance be?
Once rapid antigen tests are cheap & ubiquitous
1. Isolate for first 5 days
2. Then test daily
3. Negative X 2 days? End isolation. Good to go
4. Positive? Remain in isolation until 2 negs or 10 days
I think its that simple
And this is where it's easy to bend the "rules" to what you want them to be. If I'm to ignore my sniffle and go back to my PCR positive test (with a questionable result in the first place since it doesn't have my proper DOB and had been lost for 11 days), then I'm already in the clear. If we count the sniffle, sure. I should be on Day 3 of isolation. 

But then Darren got his and Nova's PCR results from Monday -- both negative -- and I had enough. He and I drove to Target to pick up a touchless transaction I'd made -- a new air purifier, picked up Nova from school, and then went for a little walk at the very secluded and mostly unknown San Diego River Garden. 

I'm calling it "soft isolation." For the rest of the original period, I still won't go inside any stores. I'll skip the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park and Sea World this week. I won't visit with my parents or sister. But I'm sleeping in my own bed, damn it. 

Upon making my decision, I was feeling great, but then also a little guilty. Should I still be masking in my own house? Should I suck it up and sleep on the couch two more nights? For this I decided it isn't actually "wasting" a rapid test. So I took one. And I'm negative. For the third time since my (supposedly, lost, misidentified birthday) positive PCR on 12/23. I think I'm in the clear. 

The question remains if/when I should PCR test again --- some say after 10 days, the nurse practitioner said not for 90 days, because the protein can still be detected for that long. A problem to solve on another day, but I'm gonna act like I never had the positive in the first place so that my behavior stays just as cautious and careful as I have been (or in some cases, should've been) in the first place. 

I'm gonna drink to that. 

Stay safe out there. 

Monday, January 03, 2022

CoViD-19: I'm Fine. Everything's Fine. | San Diego Adds 23K Cases Over New Year Weekend; CDC Takes The Day Off | Gonzalez Leaves Assembly For Labor |

Somali Wild Ass (Taken 11.17.21)

I wrote a bunch earlier, but I'll leave that for after the jump. I wish I had more to report, but honestly I'm just desperately trying to find new-to-me movies and shows on my streaming services. I will take any recommendations under consideration. We have Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Disney+, and Paramount+. We do not have HBOMax. Today I watched a news/doc series called The Con narrated by Whoopi Goldberg that covers these audacious crooks and it was fascinating. I also watched an old episodic documentary about the Bill Clinton impeachment. So weird to reevaluate that with adult eyes in a different era. 

Anyway, things are going fine over here. My sniffles/congestion is gone. Everything else is normal except for my anxiety because I'd rather not be in this position in the first place. It's easy to see how people deny their don't want to think it can happen to you, to think about the 827,000+ Americans who didn't recover, that long-COVID is always a looming issue, and that we are only hearing about the so-called mildness of omicron in the media when the actual local counts, though only a small amount are sequenced and there's a delay, represent that we're still dealing with delta. It is yuck. But I am fine. 

Stay safe out there. 

Sunday, January 02, 2022

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Bonobos at San Diego Zoo (Taken 11.23.21)

Around 5pm today I finally got a call from the San Diego County Department of Health about my inquiries about my test results from December 23rd, and apparently I did, in fact, test positive. Even though I've done two antigen tests since then, one on December 25 and the other on December 30th, and both were negative. I started feeling a sniffle last night, so when two different nurses called me today, I had to reveal that, so even though it has been 10 days since the test, they are considering yesterday as my "illness onset" and I have five days of isolation ahead of me, today being day one. 

And it fucking blows, I'm not gonna lie. One, because I was with my entire family on Christmas, maskless because we thought we were all in the clear. Hopefully they can all be tested, but my sister and her kids just did a week long trip to Albuquerque to see my brother's family so now they could all be indirectly exposed, too. And I don't even know if the in-home care my dad is getting will be able to test him. 

But the other thing that is so frustrating is wondering how I could've gotten it?? Was it the nose-picking and coughing kids from Safari Park? Was it the clerk at CVS who TOOK OFF HIS MASK while he was doing my transaction because "it gets so hot with this thing" or was it from any of the Costco/CVS/Grocery Outlet trips I've made? I had two friends that week notify me of possible exposures but they both tested negative before I even got tested. Is careful not careful enough? Obviously not. And it was such a small window from my negative PCR test on December 18 to a positive one on December 23rd. Which also means that if you get that CDPH CA Notify text, you tested positive even if you haven't actually received your results, even though it doesn't clearly state that and is written in the most unclear way possible. I decided to check my bank account because where I caught it is driving me crazy. These are the places I went between my negative PCR test on December 18 to my positive test: Bates Nut Farm, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, friend came over for drinks in the speakeasy - tested negative 3 days later, another friend came over to hang out in the backyard - tested that same day with negative result the following day, CVS (three stores before finding rapid tests- North Park, Mission Hills, Banker's Hill), Grocery Outlet (downtown location), San Diego Zoo. And of course, we did Christmas, while I freaked out about the CDPH text for a few days, before getting Nova and Darren's negatives and loosening up and going back to normal life, even though I now know I should not have.  

The reality is, I will never know where I got it. But I'll try to keep doing the right thing and honor the isolation and letting anyone who was around me the past two weeks know. I'll also try to stave off the negative self-talk and blame. Could I have done things differently? Sure, more than a few things. But I can't go back now and wallowing isn't going to make this go away any faster. At least I got my signup for Covered California application in last week so I'm covered for 2022. Still, what a dumb way to start the year - alone in my bedroom, under the influence of nasty tasting cold medicine, listening to podcasts, using the thermometer and pulse oximeter way more than I need to, working my way through a box of Kleenex. "Mild" fucking sucks, but it also beats the alternative. So glad to be three shots in with Pfizer plus a flu shot for good measure. 

I think I'm gonna suspend listings for now. Sorry, but I just can't endorse congregating at this moment in time. You'll figure it out if you really need to. 

Stay safe out there.