Friday, January 07, 2022

CoViD-19: US Sets Case Record | Beware Scam Testing Sites | CA Deploys National Guard To Assist Test Sites | Arbery Murderers Sentenced To Life+ | Sea Lion Rescued After Crossing The 94! |

Sea Lions At The Beach - Where They Belong (Taken 5.3.2021)

I was gonna skip a post today since the data will be the same tomorrow with no updates, but today the US set the world record for most single day cases. And that doesn't count people testing positive on home antigen tests who don't report their cases to their counties. That is bad. If you didn't believe that COVID is airborne before, I don't know what to tell you. I've been running my air purifier when it's too cold to open windows and I finally ordered a CO2 monitor. I'm officially out of isolation if going by the County's date of telling me I was positive and 15 days out from the actual test date. I'm still laying low, though I did ride along (and to give directions) to take Nova to get her booster at the Jacobs Center off Euclid and Market.  

NBC did a great story about potentially fake or scam testing sites, and I would add that this pandemic had brought out the best in some and the worst in others. Sometimes it's hard to reconcile that we have a legitimate problem in this country with far too many people incarcerated and yet I wouldn't mind locking up anyone who has taken advantage of people in this pandemic, like people who have collected free COVID-19 take-home tests from places like libraries or school district lines and then are reselling them to desperate people at insane prices. When the free federal program rolls out, it feels like it will be worse than Ticketmaster with the bots and the fraud and the scammers. Don't buy from these people. If you're feeling symptomatic, assume you have COVID and follow the protocols. If you can go get a free legit test, that's okay, but don't give these assholes one single dime. The Department of Defense just signed two contracts for free rapid tests so they should roll out soon. 

There was some good news today. There will never be true justice for Ahmaud Arbery, but today the three murderers were given life sentences. It is still unforgivable that they were never going to be charged in the first place, but that DA was indicted for obstruction in November.

And completely unrelated, there was the story about the sea lion who crossed the 94 and was found all they way by the 94/15/805 interchanges. That is insane! There is speculation he maybe came up the Chollas Creek watershed, but hopefully besides being tired and hungry, he isn't super sick and can be safely released someplace where he won't end up back on the freeway, or Harbor Drive, or the Mission Beach Boardwalk, all places this very animal has been found before. Looking back on 2021, I only went to the Cove once during the whole year after going nearly weekly when Nova still played soccer and I miss it so. I think I know where I'll go when some of this current wave of omicron tamps back down, perhaps by Valentine's Day, but who can really say?    

Stay safe out there.

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