Saturday, January 08, 2022

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A Subadult Sea Lion at La Jolla Cove (Taken 6.15.202)

Last night I reached out to Sea World asking about the condition of the sea lion who was rescued off the 94 freeway yesterday and I got a response. "As of today, Saturday at noon PST, the sea lion has been eating, active and is exhibiting normal sea lion behavior. SeaWorld’s veterinarians will assess the animal and continue to give it the rehabilitation it needs." They also wanted to note that in Sea World's 50 year history, they have rescued, rehabilitated and released healthy animals back to the wild. I've had to call their line a few times because of sea lions with fish hooks, fishing line around necks or flippers, and shark bites and know that this is meaningful work that Sea World does. 

I didn't really expect to do a post today but there was still a lot I missed yesterday and what else am I gonna do as we maintain a self-imposed somewhat quarantine because COVID is crazy out here? I mean, I guess I could go through the bags and boxes of stuff I've been meaning to donate for months, or match up unmatched and missing socks, but this is my therapy, I guess. I posted a bunch of opinion pieces today, but hopefully you'll take the time to read beyond the headlines, because there are some useful points being made. Though I also have to say that there's a lot of finger pointing accelerating at this stage of the pandemic and it's getting a little old. Besides just the political divide and being in a pandemic for almost a full year under TFG, the reason everything is so complicated or "confusing" is because there are so many variables: the recommendations for unvaccinated SHOULD be different than it is for vaccinated and different than for people who are boosted while also weighing in resolving symptoms vs asymptomatic, age, health, comorbidities, access to health care, and more. And the simple fact that some people will do, or try to do the right thing, while a solid third to half of the country will continue to be fucking assholes until the day they die keeps everything complicated. The most important lesson from high school is that we all have to pay for the worst student's behavior. Nothing has changed about that. 

Stay safe out there. 

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